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The Flintstones Episode Guide Season 3

61. (Dino Goes Hollyrock) - Dino becomes a star on the TV Show, "Sassie" while Fred is hoping to cash in on his pet's success.

62. (Fred's New Boss) - Barney gets laid off and Fred gets him a job at the quarry. Barney then gets promoted to Fred's boss. Barney returns to his old job when he gets called back. Note: This was the last episode to use the "Rise and Shine" openings and end credits.

63. (Invisible Barney) - Fred is back to making inventions in his garage and when he tries to cure Barney's hiccups with a potion, Barney loses his hiccups but becomes invisible instead! Disaster ensues. Note: This is the first episode to originally employ the familiar "Flintstones Meet The Flintstones" theme song opening and end credits.

64. (Bowling Ballet) - Fred has a problem with bowling and takes ballet lessons to regain his skills for a big tournament.

65. (The Twitch) - Fred tries to get big star "Rock Roll" to perform at Wilma's women's club function and when Rock Roll is unable to do it Fred dresses up as him and lip syncs to his records.

66. (Here's Snow in Your Eyes) - Fred and Barney go on a ski trip and tell Wilma and Betty to stay home. Jealous, Wilma and Betty secretly follow them on their trip, during which the two men inadvertently catch a trio of jewel thieves.

67. (The Buffalo Convention) - Fred, Barney and the other Buffalos are sent to Frantic City for convention for three days without wives. Meanwhile, Fred buys for Wilma the talking dodo and calls it Doozy.

68. (The Little Stranger) - Fred overhears portions of a conversation that Wilma and Betty have about taking in a little visitor and stranger and Fred thinks Wilma is having a baby. He asks his mother-in-law to come down and stay to help Wilma with the arrival of their baby. Actually the little visitor is Arnold the paperboy, whom Fred dislikes intensely

69. (Baby Barney) - Fred's Uncle Tex is coming for a visit. He told Tex he had a baby boy. So in order to produce his child, he has Barney dress up as a giant baby.

70. (Hawaiian Escapade) - Fred wins a contest to go to Hawaii to be in a movie. He is given a role as a stunt double for "Larry Lava" and flops while Wilma becomes the star

71. (Ladies Day) - Fred dresses up as a woman just to see a baseball game with Barney due to the lack of money.

72. (Nuttin' but the Tooth) - Barney has a toothache so in order to have enough money for a ballgame, Fred takes Barney to a dinosaur dentist instead of a human one.

73. (High School Fred) - In order to keep his job, Fred must return to High School in order to earn his diploma he was unable to earn years before and winds up making friends with the kids in the school.

74. (Dial S for Suspicion) - A spoof of the novel and movie "Dial M For Murder". When Fred sees Wilma reading a novel, he worries that she is planning on murdering him to collect life insurance money after a few near accidents.

75. (Flash Gun Freddie) - Fred and Barney take up photography as a hobby during their vacation from work.

76. (The Kissing Burglar) - A romantic burglar is targeting Fred's neighborhood and befriends Wilma before getting caught.

77. (Wilma, the Maid) - In order to impress his boss, Fred bites the bullet and decides to hire a maid in order to make his boss a nice dinner. Only the maid quits and Wilma poses as the maid in disguise.

78. (The Hero) - Barney saves a baby's life when a runaway carriage rides by, but when he hands Fred the baby before the newspaper reporters and police arrive, Fred takes the credit.

79. (The Surprise) - Fred resents Barney spending so much time taking care of his nephew to the point their friendship nearly ends a few times.

80. (Mother-In-Law's Visit) - Mother-in-law visits to help get Wilma ready for the new baby and Fred is miserable.

81. (Foxy Grandma) - After his mother-in-law leaves, Fred goes through three housekeepers and finally finds an elderly lady that he is happy with.

82. (Fred's New Job) - Fred needs a raise in order to pay the expenses related to having a new baby arrive.

83. (The Blessed Event) - In order to prepare for the new baby, Fred and Barney rehearse taking Wilma to the hospital.

84. (Carry On, Nurse Fred) - Fred has a tough time with the nurse that his mother-in-law sends (and resembles Mother In Law) to help Wilma with caring for the newborn baby, Pebbles.

85. (Ventriloquist Barney) - Fred gets mad with Barney's ventriloquist jokes. Meanwhile, Fred and Barney sneak off with Pebbles to a wrestling match that Wilma and Betty are watching on television.

86. (The Big Move) - Fred moves the family to an upper class neighborhood to improve Pebbles' life.

87. (Swedish Visitors) - Wilma borrows money from a bank account and in order to get it back, she rents the Flintstones' house to some Swedish Musicians without Fred's knowledge while they take a camping trip

88. (The Birthday Party) - Fred says that "doesn't want a birthday surprise party", though he really does. Barney's duty is to get him away of the real surprise party until everything is ready to occur.

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