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The Flintstones Episode Guide Season 4

89. Ann-Margrock Presents - I just want to start by saying this is my favorite episode and made me fall in love with guest star Ann-Margret (why couldn't she be my babysitter?). Ann-Margrock is in town to open the Bedrock Bowl but she needs to escape the fans. Fred and Barney want to try out for the show but have to baby-sit. A-M's car breaks down in front of Fred's house. The gang don't recognize her and offer her shelter if she baby-sits Pebbles. Ann-Margret sings "The Little Lamb Song".

90. Groom Gloom - Fred's frustration with Arnold the paper boy continues and dreams that Arnold marries Pebbles (Fred don't worry her dream boy arrives next episode.)

91. Little Bamm Bamm - The Rubbles wish on a falling star for a baby and the next morning they find Bamm Bamm on the front door step. They want to adopt him but find out that a millionaire has a prior claim for the next boy adoptee. In the end, the Rubbles get Bamm Bamm.

92. Dino Disappears - Fred is giving all is attention to Pebbles and Dino gets jealous and runs away.

93. Fred's Monkeyshines - Fred doesn't think he needs to get his eyes checked until he sees a monkey in Pebble's crib. Then he gets the wrong glasses. This is a Mr. Magoo like episode with Fred at the Circus.

94. The Flintstone Canaries - A TV show is holding a Barber Shop Quartet contest and Fred decides to enter. (Check out the TV's rabbit ears) Of course Fred cannot sing and Barney can only sing in the bath tub.

95. Glue for Two - Soft drink #375 turns out to be a super glue. And you guessed it, the guys get stuck to each other.

96. Big League Freddie - The company baseball game is coming and Fred has delusions of becoming a Big League Baseball star. The game takes place at Candlestone Park.

97. Old Lady Betty - Betty is looking for a part time job to earn money to buy Barney a rocking chair. The perfect job is requires a little old lady, so Betty dresses up to get the job. The only problem is that her employers are counterfeiters.

98. Sleep on, Sweet Fred - Wilma and Betty use sleep teaching to adjust Fred and Barney's behavior. But the boys find out and try to teach the girls a lesson.

99. Kleptomaniac Pebbles - Bamm Bamm finally returns. He first appears in episode 3 but is not seen, heard or even mentioned of until this episode. But it's only in the preview. Pebbles has a habit of picking up things at the store. A jewel thief uses Pebble's pram to hide a diamond bracelet but Fred and Wilma think that Pebbles stole it.

100. Daddy's Little Beauty - Everyone tells Fred how pretty Pebbles is so he enters her in a beauty contest. The only problem is its not for babies.

101. Daddies Anonymous - Fred and Barney join a daddies club to get out of gardening.

102. Peek-a-Boo Camera - Fred cancels his anniversary plans to attend a stag party which gets filmed for a candid camera show.

103. Once Upon a Coward - Fred is held up and tries to prove to Wilma he is not a coward.

104. Ten Little Flintstones - An alien clones ten Freds to gather information for an Earth invasion but all they do is get Fred in trouble with everyone.

105. Fred El Terrifico - The Flintstones and the Rubbles go on vacation to Rockapulco. Fred of course gets into constant trouble including with jewel theifs.

106. Bedrock Hillbillies - Fred inherits an Uncle's home and the feuding neighbors.

107. Flintstone and the Lion - Fred and Barney find a stray "kitten" and Fred takes it home. But it turns out that it's a lion.

108. Cave Scout Jamboree - Fred and Barney decide to take the family camping for their vacation. But the camp site they chose is hosting the Boys Scout Jamboree.

109. Room for Two - Fred builds an addition to his house but it turns out that half of it is on Barney's property. When Fred and Barney have a fight, the war continues in the new room.

110. Ladies Night at the Lodge - Wilma and Betty want to attend the boys' lodge meeting. When it is voted down, the girls take things into their own hands.

111. Reel Trouble - Fred buys a movie camera to make home films of Pebbles and bore everyone with them. So he decides to film Pebbles at public locations and catches art thieves on film.

112. Son of Rockzilla - Fred is hired for a publicity stunt to scare Bedrock but can't even scare Dino.

113. Bachelor Daze - The hotel were the four met is being torn down and they reminisce on how they met.

114. Operator Switchover - Quite often episodes of The Flintstones resembled episodes of I Love Lucy. This actually resembles two - Job Switching and Men are Messy. The beginning has Fred and Wilma switching jobs for a day - but Wilma goes to the gravel pit not a candy factory. The second has Fred having the lodge brothers coming over for a poker night. When a magazine comes over to award Wilma Housemaker of the Year, Fred "cleans-up" and poses a Wilma to accept the award. The end is somewhat the same as Lucy.

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