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The Flintstones Episode Guide Season 5

115. "Hop Happy"- Not to be out done the Rubbles get a pet of their own, a Hoparoo named Hoppy. Dino & Hoppy save their owners during a picnic.

116. "Monster Fred"- Fred has a bowling bowl bounce off his head & he reverts to a baby.

117. "Itty Bitty Fred"- Fred tries to invent a new soft drink but it's a shrinking formula instead. Fred & Barney decide to do a ventriliquist act with Fred as the dummy. They go on the Ed Sullyrock show but Fred's formula wears off at the wrong time.

118. "Pebbles' Birthday Party"- Fred tries to organize two parties at the same time: One for his daughter & one for his Lodge. Of course, each party arrives at the wrong place.

119. "Bedrock Rodeo Round-Up"- Bony Hurdle, a rodeo star & ex-beau of Wilma, arrives in town. Bony gets Pebbles attention to such a degree that Fred joins the rodeo competition in order to winn his daughter's affection back. This episode was a take off on the Stony Burke series.

120. "Cinderellastone"- Another take off, this time from the fairy tale, Cinderella.

121. "A Haunted House Is Not a Home"- This is another take off: Fred must spend the night in his uncle's home in order to inherit a fortune.

122. "Dr. Sinister"- This one is parody of the James Bond films. A mysterios stranger passes Fred & Barney an envelope. Dr. Sinister is the villain who wants world domination & Madame Yes who keeps spoiling all their plans & disappearing.

123. "The Gruesomes"- The Gruesomes move into Tombstone Manor which is next door to the Flintstones. T he Gruesomes were a take-off on The Addams Family & THe Munsters.

124. "The Most Beautiful Baby in Bedrock"- The Water Buffalo Lodge has a baby contest in which Fred & Barney enter Pebbles & Bamm Bamm. This causes a conflict between Fred & Barney. The babys run away causing Fred & Barney to mend their friendship.

125. "Dino & Juliet"- the title nearly tells it all. Mr. Loudrock is the Flintstones' new neighbor. Fred can't stand him but Dino falls in love with Loudrock's pet.

126. "King for a Night"- This story line has been done by nearly every show on television that goes beyond a season. Fred & the King of Spotsylvania are exact doubles. When the King sneaks out his ministers find Fred to impersonate the lost King. At stake is a multi-million dollar loan for the Kingdom.

127. "Indianrockolis 500"- Fred becomes a race car driver in the Stone Age's most famous car race.

128. "Adobe Dick"- This one is a parody on the Moby Dick story.

129. "Christmas Flintstone"- Fred needs extra cash for Christmas so he takes on a job at a department store. That doesn't work out but the manager desperately needs a Santa Claus so Fred gets that job with very positive results. Fred is so good, in fact, that the real Santa Claus asks Fred to deliver the Christmas presents in his sleigh.

130. "Fred's Flying Lesson"- Fred wins flying lessons at a Lodge raffle. He thinks he'll be able to turn this into a lucrative career.

131. "Fred's Second Car"- Fred buys a second car at a police auction, unaware that the vehicle is also being sought by a gang of jewel thieves, who think stolen jewels are hidden inside.

132. "Time Machine"- The Flintstones & Rubbles enter a time machine at the World's Fair that sends them on various adventures in the future.

133. "The Hatrocks & the Gruesomes"- The hatrocks are back! The Hatrocks are on their way to the World's Fair & stop off in Bedrock. Fred inadvertently tells them they can stay over for a while. When they don't leave Fred tries to use the Gruesomes to scare them away.

134. "Moonlight & Maintenance"- Fred gets a second jod at a high rise apartment. One of the amenities is a rent-free apartment but Fred isn't a maintenance man wonder.

135. "Sheriff for a Day"- This one is a parody on Bonanza. Fred & Barney are searching for uranium out west. They're hired as Marshall & Deputy to protect the town from a gang of outlaws bent on revenge against the town. Finally, the Catrocks show up to save the day.

136. "Deep in the Heart of Texarock"- Fred & Barney dress up as a cowasaurus in order to catch rustlers at his rich uncle's ranch.

137. "The Rolls Rock Caper"- This episode is a parody on the Amos Burke series. Fred & Barney are hired as assistants by Aaron Boulder. Unfortunately for the boys, they're chasing the criminals while Boulder chases the women.

138. "Superstone"- Fred is hired to take the place of a television super hero who won't make a personal appearance.

139. "Fred Meets Hercurock"- Fred is hired to portray the new Hercurock in a movie.

140. "Surfin' Fred"- This episode is similar in approach as the Ann-Margrock episode. The Flintstone & Rubbles go on vacation at a beach. Unfortunately, Spring Break is about to happen & the beach will become inundated with teenagers. James Darren is the featured vouce who's doing a take off on Bobby Darin. Though the songs aren't by the Beach Boys, you'd swear they were.

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