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The Flintstones Episode Guide Season 6

141. No Biz Like Show Biz - Fred is tired of so many teen stars on television after a football game does not come on. Then he dreams that Pebbles and Bamm Bamm become singing stars, causing more havoc.

142. The House That Fred Built - Fred's mother-in-law writes a letter saying that she is staying with her favorite son-in-law and his wife and would be seeing them next week. Fred then attempts to fix an old hut for his mother-in-law and move it to his back yard.

143. The Return of Stony Curtis - Wilma wins a contest to have Stony Curtis come over for a day to be her slave.

144. Disorder in the Court - Fred and Barney are on jury duty and the jury convicts "the Mangler" of robbery. After his conviction, The Mangler vows to get even with the foreman of the jury, Fred.

145. Circus Business - The Flintstones and Rubbles visit a financially shaky carnival. Fred decides to buy the carnival unaware of the problems it has.

146. Samantha - Elizabeth Montgomery and Dick York guest star as new neighbors, Samantha and Darin (from Bewitched), who move next door to the Flintstones. Fred and Barney take a camping trip without Wilma and Betty

147. The Great Gazoo - Wilma and Betty want to go out to eat and drink at a very expensive restaurant, while Fred and Barney claim they cannot afford it. Soon after a little green man from space lands on earth, while Fred and Barney find him. The name of the space man is the Great Gazoo and he vows to serve Fred and Barney until he could be brought back to his planet.

148. Rip Van Flintstone - Fred is dragged to a company picnic where he is very bored and annoyed. He falls asleep and dreams he wakes up 20 years later.

149. The Gravelberry Pie King - After Gazoo gets Fred to see his boss for a list of demands from him and his co-workers, Boss Slate fires Fred to meet the demands of the other workers.

150. The Stonefinger Caper - Barney is mistaken for a scientist by some shady people. Gazoo, meanwhile, gives Fred a luxury car and this causes more problems, including the shady people accelerating the quest to get a secret formula from Barney, who they think is scientist Rockinghimer.

151. The Masquerade Party - Fred and Barney enter a costume contest both dressed as devils. Meanwhile, Bedrock is invaded by "the Way-Outs", the teen pop sensations.

152. Shinrock-A-Go-Go - Fred is entered in a teen dance contest against his will on the Shinrock show. Every one of Fred's mishaps becomes a new dance. The Beau Brummelstones sing their song "Laugh, Laugh."

153. Royal Rubble - Its believed by a royal tribe that Barney is their king due to the resemblence of his height and face. Barney goes along with this and fills in as their king. Fred then tries to rescue Barney.

154. Seeing Doubles - Fred and Barney have a bowling game on Friday night, the night that they are to take Wilma and Betty out to dinner.

155. How to Pick a Fight with Your Wife Without Really Trying - Fred and Barney try to prove that men have the superior minds and that women act childish while Wilma and Betty are trying to prove the same thing.

156. Fred Goes Ape - With three television sets in the Flintstones' house things seem to be perfect until Fred's allergies cause him to sneeze a hole in his television set, breaking the picture tube.

157. The Long, Long, Long Weekend - After Fred criticizes a novel about the future that Barney is reading, The Great Gazoo sends Fred, Barney, Betty, and Wilma into the 21st Century (Wilma and Betty will remember nothing when getting back).

158. Two Men on a Dinosaur - The Great Gazoo uses Fred's television to contact his home planet about returning there and is told no way. In order to show he is worthy of returning home, decides to teach gamblers Fred and Barney a lesson by magically fixing the results of a dinosaur race at the race track.

159. The Treasure of Sierra Madrock - Finding "treasure" on the way home from Rock Vegas tests Fred and Barney's friendship.

160. Curtain Call at Bedrock - Fred, Wilma, Barney, and Betty put on the play Romeo Rock & Juliet Stone with funny results.

161. Boss for a Day - After complaining about having to work so hard on his job, the Great Gazoo magically makes Fred boss for a day. Fred then discovers being a boss is not all its cracked up to be.

162. Fred's Island - After being conned into painting his boss's huge yacht, the boat drifts away from the dock and they drift on what Fred thinks is an unexplored island, but its actually part of a theme park.

163. Jealousy - Wilma's childhood friend comes to town making Fred very jealous.

164. Dripper - Dripper the seal follows the Flintstones home while Dripper's trainer is attempting to steal him.

165. My Fair Freddy - Fred and Wilma get accepted into a Country Club with rich socialites, based on a conversation Wilma was having about their pet Dino. Fred then tries to learn manners in order to fit in.

166. The Story of Rocky's Raiders - Fred's grandfather comes for a visit and while waiting, Fred and Barney reminisce Grandpa Flintstone's army days.

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