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Questions about Betty Buckley/Abby Bradford

A Betty Buckley question!
 Sunday, 23-Jan-2000 10:42:15 

      I have a strange question about Betty Buckley. I heard once that she worked on some sort
      of TV movie with Joan Prather that was about the Barrel Racing circuit. Is this true? Does
      anyone know about where I could find that movie?

      Thanks so much.


Re: A Betty Buckley question!
 Sunday, 23-Jan-2000 22:19:21 

      Years ago, Betty mentioned it in an interview in TV Guide. However, it didn't happen. 
      Betty was a barrel racer in rodeos when she was a child which probably inspired her idea.


Re: Re: A Betty Buckley question!
 Monday, 24-Jan-2000 08:54:48 

      What in the world is barrel racing? I never heard of it.


Re: Re: Re: A Betty Buckley question!
 Monday, 24-Jan-2000 17:06:18 

      Barrel racing is a type of Western horsebackriding competition where the rider tries to 
      gallop around two barrels and back to the other side of the ring in record time. It is 
      big at the rodeos! Betty sure is a Texas girl at heart. :)


Re: Re: Re: A Betty Buckley question!
 Monday, 24-Jan-2000 20:16:12 

      Barrel racing is a rodeo event where a rider maneuvers a horse around a series of barrels 
      in a race against the clock.


Re: Re: Re: A Betty Buckley question!
 Monday, 24-Jan-2000 21:49:07 

      It's a rodeo event where the rider on his or her horse rides as fast as they can from 
      start to finish weaving back and forth between barrels.


Betty's new CD
 Wednesday, 23-Feb-2000 07:20:01 

      Betty will be releasing a new CD on March 28 titled Heart to Heart. Advance copies were 
      sold through Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids, so mine arrived yesterday. It is unlike 
      anything else she has done--quiet, thoughtful pieces with just piano or guitar accompaniment. 


Betty's New CD - AMAZING!
 Friday, 31-Mar-2000 22:59:12 

      For anyone who might be interested, I just got a copy of Betty Buckley's new CD, "Heart
      to Heart." It's amazingly beautiful, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who 
      loves great music!

      Music Lover 

Abby's PHD
 Wednesday, 12-Apr-2000 23:35:34 

      Does anyone remember if Abby got her phd in the ep where she goes to be a counselor at the 
      school in the last season or anytime during the last season.

      Nancy C

Re: Abby's PHD
 Friday, 14-Apr-2000 08:57:44 

      At the beginning of that episode the family toasted her new job, which of course was at 
      the troubled high school. I don't recall any actual mention of her getting her phd, but 
      as of that episode she was referred to as "Dr. Bradford", so I guess it was inferred that
      she had just earned the phd.


Re: Re: Abby's PHD
 Friday, 14-Apr-2000 22:28:33 

      It's Episode #94--Welcome to Memorial, Dr. Bradford. It's in the episode guide in this site.


Subject: Betty Appearred on StarSkates Nov 28
Name: Susan
Date: Sunday, 28-Nov-1999 07:42:10
Betty was on StarSkates on Broadway, Sunday, Nov. 28 on NBC. She sang "Memory" and "As If We Never Said Goodbye" while the skaters perform.
Subject: Betty Buckley Question
Name: Missy
Date: Friday, 19-Nov-1999 07:38:55
Does anybody know if Betty has ever recorded "The Wedding Song"? A couple days ago, I was driving to work and turned on this one radio station and heard someone who sounded an awful lot like Betty singing that song. When it was over, naturally the DJ didn't bother to say who sang it.
Subject: Betty Buckley Concert
Name: Susan
Date: Monday, 15-Nov-1999 21:06:31
On Sunday, the 14th, I had the pleasure of attending Betty's concert in Cincinnati with a few other fans. Her voice was superb as she sang with a full symphony. The program wasn't as long as we would have wished, due to union regulations concerning the length of the concert. She sang her usual repertoire, but added Boulder to Birmingham as an encore. Her ability to sing Amazing Grace, a cappella, and be heard in the upper regions of the hall is phenomenal. If you ever get the opportunity to hear Betty sing, run to the box office for the ticket. You won't be disappointed. Regarding Betty's non-appearance on Inside Edition, I wouldn't have expected her to appear. It was not her favorite part of her career and she has put it behind her. If you haven't seen her lately, she has short gray hair, but otherwise looks the same, just aging like the rest of us: )
Subject: Betty Buckley on Bravo
Name: Susan
Date: Thursday, 04-Nov-1999 22:06:00
Did any of you see Betty on Bravo Profiles Monday night? I have followed her career since EIE and have seen her perform many times. If you haven't seen Betty since EIE and viewed this program, what did you think? I found it very interesting and informative. However, I thought they should have shown the whole documentary, not just the theatrical parts of her career. EIE was barely mentioned.
Subject: Betty Buckley CDs
Name: Susan
Date: Saturday, 04-Sep-1999 09:41:23
Exciting news for all Betty fans. First, Sterling Records is putting out a compilation CD of cuts from previous CDs recorded by Betty as well as additional material from Drood and Sunset Boulevard. This CD will be available Sept. 21 and can be pre-ordered through Amazon.com. Second, Betty is putting out a new CD on her own label sometime this fall. When I hear more details, I'll pass them along. Third, Betty and Mandy Patinkin recorded a Mark Twain piece called "The Diaries of Adam and Eve" which is also coming out this fall. Check your local book stores for this one.
Subject: Betty on PBS and Bravo
Name: Julie
Date: Tuesday, 03-Aug-1999 16:27:42
Betty was in a special airing on PBS in August called "Yours For A Song, The Women Of Tin Pan Alley". Also on November 1st at 10pm on Bravo aired a profile on Betty Buckley that featured some concert footage as well as interviews with Betty and some of her costars and friends in the musical theatre world and movie world.
Subject: Betty at Mann Center
Name: Missy
Date: Wednesday, 28-Jul-1999 08:26:12
I saw Betty Buckley in concert last night at the Mann Center for Performing Arts in Philadelphia. It was a great show! She sang "Some Enchanted Evening", "As Time Goes By," "Laura," "Meadow Lark", a song from the play "The Fantasticks" that I think was called "Much More," "Memory," "Amazing Grace," and many others I can't remember the names of.

Remember the episode where she sang in the telethon? That's nothing compared to how she sounds on stage. Her voice is AWESOME!

She looked really good, she's a little heavier than she was on the show (but then she's 20 years older), her hair is real short and looked kind of blond (of course my husband and I had balcony seats and couldn't see her close up).

It was a terrific show; definitely go see her if she's appearing in your area!!

Subject: Betty Buckley's first film!
Name: Jason Ross
Date: Tuesday, 27-Jul-1999 23:46:20
Betty Buckly only starred in one major motion picture movie called "Carrie" from 1976 based on Stephen King's adaptation novel about a put-upon high school student who telekinetically lashes out at her tormentors. She co-starred with opposites Sissy Spacek, Piper Laurie, Amy Irving, Nancy Allen, William Katt & John Travolta. And the film was directed by Brian De Palma!
Subject: Betty's new audio book
Name: Susan
Date: Thursday, 15-Jul-1999 07:41:31
Betty Buckley reads KILL ME FIRST by Kate Morganroth on Harper Audio Books. Quoting from the tape jacket--"In this white-knuckle ride, KILL ME FIRST brings to life the seductive, ever-shifting balance between good and evil, and our horrified yet mesmerized fascination with violent brutality." Not exactly what one might expect from Abby Bradford! Definitely not for the squeamish.
Subject: Abby's Age
Name: Julie
Date: Tuesday, 25-May-1999 20:48:24
I know it was mentioned on the show how old Abby was but for the life of me I can't remember it. Do any of you remember how old Abby was supposed to be? I'm just wondering how much older Abby was than Tom's children... the menswear salesman's remark today got me thinking about it. BTW... hehe.. notice Abby never corrected him, even after Tom left! :-)
Subject: The Fast Track - Betty Buckley
Name: d.t.
Date: Saturday, 15-May-1999 00:55:30
Fast Track
by Cheryl Lavin
Tribune Media

      Vital statistics on Betty Buckley
      Birthday: July 3, 1947
      Birthplace: Big Spring, Texas
      Occupation: Actress, Singer
      Current Home: Manhattan
      Martial Status: Single
      Car: BMW
      Working on: I'm making my debut at Orchestra Hall on May 3 and I'm
         forming my own production company and record label.
      The last good movie I saw: The Matrix.
      Favorite pig-out food: Mexican food, especially at Joe T. Garcia's in
         Fort Worth.
      Favorite Performers: Singer Michael McDonald and actor Keanu Reeves.
      Prized Possession: My three Shih Tzus and a parrot.
      People always think I'm: a diva.
      Nobody knows I'm: a rodeo rider.
      I'm better than anyone else at: Sleeping late
      If I could do it over: I'd be a martial artist and classical guitarist.
      I'd give anything to meet: Mel Gibson.
      My fantasy is: I'm living on a horse farm.
      The one thing I can't Stand is: Hollywood pomposity and self-importance.
      If I could change one thing about myself: I wouldn't be chronically late.
      Most humbling experience: Working on "Eight is Enough."
      The words that best describe me: Good coffee chum or hangout artist.

Subject: Betty Buckley in Concert
Name: Susan
Date: Wednesday, 05-May-1999 22:56:38
From previous posts, you may have learned that I am a huge Betty Buckley fan. I saw EIE in its original go around and got hooked on her voice. Over the years, I have attended musicals and concerts in which she has performed. Last Monday, the 3rd, I was privileged to hear her perform in Chicago. If any of you have the opportunity, go see her. You won't be disappointed. Her concert schedule can be found at www.playbill.com. Scroll down the left side of the home page to find the link to her site. The little songs she sang on the show do not do justice to her talent. If you don't know, she also has five CDs as well as the Broadway cast recordings of 1776, Cats, The Mystery of Edwin Drood & Triumph of Love. There is also a 4 song recording from Sunset Blvd. which is really hard to find now. If you know all this, please forgive me. If not, find her CDs and enjoy!
Subject: Abby's Car
Name: Julie
Date: Saturday, 03-Apr-99 10:41:13
I have had a fixation with Abby's car for as long as I can remember... But I know nothing about it really. If anyone knows anything about this beautiful car please share! ie: Make, model, year...anything! Thanks!
Subject: Betty's Braces?
Name: Mary
Date: Friday, 16-Apr-1999 20:21:19
Anyone notice in the opening credits ( " There's a magic in the early morning blah blah blah " ) that Betty looks like she has some "clear " braces on her front teeth ? I noticed a while back in one scene it looked like her 2 front teeth were pretty scraggly--maybe she got them fixed ? You'll have to look fast--just like the piece of grass in her teeth in the earlier episodes.
Subject: Betty B 30 yrs old when she started EiE??
Name: Amy
Date: Sunday, 21-Mar-99 21:34:01
If Betty was born in 1947, that makes her 30 when she started the show. She looked a heck of a lot older than 30, I would say more like 40. When you compare her to Laurie Walters , who apparently was also born in 47' she looks way older. I am 3 months from my 30th bd, and I feel no comparison with her, if I was with Tom it would look like I was his daughter, not wife. anybody agree?
Subject: Abby- young and beautiful
Name: Julie
Date: Wednesday, 24-Feb-99 13:10:34
Doesn't Abby (Betty) look great in these early shows? Not that she didn't look fabulous through the entire shows running! But her vibrancy, youth and smile have me really drawn me to her in these early shows! When I've seen her lately she STILL has the vibrancy and smile to make anyone fall for her!
Subject: Second Talent Show Episode
Name: Gwynne
Date: Thursday, 28-Jan-99 23:21:33
I today's episode, Betty Buckley she sung a great song, she was the best in the so called talent show!! Awright, Grant was good too.
Subject: Betty Buckley humming on the show
Name: Susan
Date: Thursday, 03-Dec-98 14:12:52
Now that I know that Betty has such a nice voice, I have noticed that she sang or hummed occasionally on the show. For instance, she sang Happy Birthday to Tom and she hummed on an episode this week where her mother came to visit. Anyone else notice this?
Subject: Suggestion
Name: B.J. Parker
Date: Sunday, 28-Jun-98 23:36:37
Have heard that there are some copies of soundboard recordings of Betty Buckley's songs from the Broadway show Carrie. If anyone can help me locate them, please contact me. Thanks.
Subject: Suggestion
Name: Dana
I wanted to ask you if you could put a .wav of Betty Buckley's song So-La. I really love it and I would REALLY appreciated it if you could add it. Please..... I love your page. I watch Eight is Enough every morning at 7:00 a.m. Thank you.
Subject: Betty Buckley CD
Name: kathyjo@hotmail.com
Date: Monday, 09-Feb-98 03:50:40
If anyone knows where I may purchase Betty Buckley's first solo CD "Betty Buckley" done on Rizzoli Records, please e-mail me. I have been looking everywhere.
Subject: Betty Buckley
Name: Delongpre@aol.com
Date: Wednesday, 08-Apr-98 03:08:25
Look for Betty Buckley in the upcoming "Horsr Whisperer". Betty also has been recording and touring to promote her new CD, and recently appeared on Broadway in "Triumph of Love". For those EIE fans who didn't know, Betty has spent a lot of time on Broadway since the TV show, appearing and winning a Tony for CATS and her fabulous song MEMORY. She also played Norma Desmond in SUNSET BLVD in both London and NY.

She has been one busy gal!

Check out her website for further details! http://www.bettybuckley.com

Subject: Abby's singing
Name: Susan
Date: Friday, 13-Nov-98 20:25:44
I have noticed while watching the show again that Abby hums or sings a little here and there in episodes other than the ones featuring the family talents. She sang "Happy Birthday" to Tom in one episode. The other day, she hummed while talking to Tom about her mother's visit. She sang a little of "What Child is This?" in the Christmas episode. Having followed Betty's career since I first heard her on the show, these little snippets popped out this time around. By the way, I just got my copy of "Triumph of Love", Betty's Broadway show from last year. Any one who likes to hear her sing should get this CD. It was a cute little show.
Subject: Abby's Maiden Name
Name: Nathan
Date: Friday, 06-Nov-98 10:30:49
Abby's maiden name was "Abbott" which is where "Abby" came from. Her real first name is Sandra Sue- the name that Susan & Merle named their daughter in honor of Abby (who almost killed the baby in a car accident- don't ask me why they named the baby after her......).

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