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Questions about EIE Vacation

Subject: EiE Reunion Movie
Name: Susan H.
Date: Wednesday, 27-Oct-1999 16:46:48
There is and always will be only one person who can play Abby, and that is Betty Buckley. If Ms. Buckley is not available for the movie, PLEASE do not cast anyone else in the role! Have Tom be divorced, or re-married. But DON'T try to recast the role of Abby! There is NO ONE who could ever replace Betty Buckley in that role! She was the heart and soul of EIE. And, I know that if Ms. Buckley is available, she would gladly re-create the role of Abby! DO NOT RE-CAST ABBY!!!!!!!
Subject: Eight is Enough Vacation Casting
Name: Mark
Date: Thursday, 23-Jul-98 23:48:37
I think that Betty Buckley should be Abby in the reunion. What about children that some of the adult Bradfords? Surely, most should have a kid by now in high school like Dawson's Creek's kids. It would be fun to see what kind of kids David, Elizabeth, Tommy and the others would be like. Sarah should be college bound though. Maybe Susan be a granny if Sarah has a kid of her own. Just my 8 cents
Subject: Casting Sandra Sue in EiE Vacation
Name: d.t.
Date: Monday, 13-Apr-98 02:38:45
Well, if Sarah isn't interested in acting, that's ok with me. It doesn't matter.

Did anybody catch LeAnn Rimes acting on some CBS movie last year? I'm not sure how well she acted, though she can sing.

I do have one suggestion for who can play Sandra Sue...how about Melissa Joan Hart? She plays a teenager and most people followed her from Clarissa and now she's the star of Sabrina.

She did sing as part of the Straitjackets group some time ago.

Subject: The role of Abby in "An Eight Is Enough Vacation
Name: Christopher Mulcahy
Date: Saturday, 11-Apr-98 21:46:29
Who do you think should play the role of Abby in "An Eight Is Enough Vacation)

Ann Jillian(It's a Living)
Jill Eikenberry(LA Law)
Sandy Duncan(The Hogan Family)
Dian Parkinson(Price Is Right)
Holly Hallstrom(The Price Is Right)
Judith Light(Who's The Boss)
Shelly Long(Cheers)

Let me know your vote for the perfect Abby?

Subject: An Eight Is Enough Vacation
Name: Christopher Mulcahy
Date: Friday, 27-Mar-98 21:23:51
Hey EIE fans, I am working on a possible reunion movie entitled "An Eight Is Enough Vacation". The plot for this reunion movie is about the entire Bradford family traveling to Walt Disney World for the clebration of Sandra Stockwell's 16th birthday. The role of Sandra for this reunion movie will be played by LeAnn Rimes. What would you think about it,let me know your ideas?

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