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Susan in Star Oct 26

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Subject: Susan in Star Oct 26

Susan in Star Oct 26
Monday, 18-Oct-1999 23:44:26 

      I don't wish to discuss the topic here, but I'm going to ask the readers to just
      pick up this week's Star magazine (Oct 26) edition. See pages 6-8. You can just
      scan it and put it back on the newsstand. 

      I hope none of this disturbing story is true. Why do tabloids get off on doing
      stories like this?

      That's all I want to say about that.

      I do wish Susan all the best on behalf of all the readers of this board and fans
      of the show.

      If you need a friend, just write me. 



      I saw the blurb on the cover, but didn't buy it or scan through it, as I was in
      the line at the store and didn't get the chance. But I will now!


      Thanks for the warning about the article in the Star tabloid. All I can say
      is that I will continue to love EIE and Susan.I too found the 
      article really upsetting! I hope Susan's daughter Sarah, if you are reading this
      would please shed some light on this bizarre story. 

      Was is a publicity stunt? Or a total fabrication by the Star. Whatever the case,
      "Susan you have my full support and best wishes. a devoted fan, 

      Nancy Bogan 

      The predictaments of the celebrities reported in tabloids should be taken with
      a grain of salt. There is as much credibility in a tabloid as there are snowballs
      on the sun. That's my opinion. 


      Susan called into several radio stations last week, including WABC-AM (the Rocky
      Allen Show) in New York, and essentially reiterated the story.

      Dick Van Patten's comments were as follows: "She's obviously out of her head."


      HOLD ON!
      I have been receiving some e-mail that will shed some light.

      It's something about Susan on a mission to alert as many people as she can to
      the fact that there are immediate concerns that are present in our current world
      society that desperately need to be acknowledged and addressed, rather
      than resurfacing for publicity.

      More will be revealed later on. That's all I can say for now. I'll let the other
      folks reveal more on their own.


      I'm not sure what the article in Star was about, but I heard her do an interview
      on the radio on Wednesday, and the story she told was VERY bizzare.
      She was extremely paranoid and it sounds like she flipped out. I'm curious to know
      more about the situation.


      I heard Susan this morning ( oct 22 1999 ) on WABC Radio in New York City. Although
      I caught it in the middle of the interview and didn't know it was her ( She sounded
      like a typical "Loonie" ). She said that she died or was killed, and mentioned there
      was proof of her claims in the Bible. Sorry I can't be of more help, but she claims
      it is all true!

      Please keep me advised of any devlopments. 


      OK, you've all got me curious. I've been in Canada the past week, I haven't even
      been in a grocery store where I would see a Star magazine, and I don't know if
      the Oct. 26 edition will still be available if I were to stop in today to
      check it out. What exactly is this Susan story all about?


      I saw her on television, in the interview with Maureen O'boyle she cried and talked
      saying she was a sacrafice and had been murdered by someone or something and the
      bible makes references to her and she is just one messed up chick.
      She has not changed at all, except for a few age lines, she has the identicle
      hairstyle she had in EIE, its creepy.
      The story went on to say she has NOT sought professional help, She lives in a
      tin trailer in Pennsylvania, and has a doofus back woods looking fiance.

Just what IS the story on Susan?
 Tuesday, 26-Oct-1999 08:10:36 writes:

      OK, folks, I'm really curious. I've read several references to this story in the
      Star about Susan Richardson, apparently she'd made some "claims" that sound pretty
      Considering the source of the article, I have no doubt that what they say about her
      is 99% fabrication, but my curiosity has been aroused. Just what claims has she
      supposedly made?

      Yesterday I had to stop at the drug store to pick up a prescription and I looked
      for the Oct. 26 issue of the Star, but all they had was the Oct. 19 issue. I walked
      over to the supermarket next door, and all they had was the Nov. 2 issue, and I don't
      have the time to run all over town looking in every supermarket and drug store for
      that issue!


      Dear Missy, All I can say as a very loyal and devoted fan of EIE and Susan's is
      that the article was very disturbing. The  cover of the Star tabloid shows a pix
      of Susan Richardson with the headline "EIE star's sad fight for sanity". In the
      same issue there is a huge apology statement from the tabloid to Tom and Nicole
      Cruise for false statements that were made about them. Need I say more!!!!
      I only hope that Susan knows that there are fans like myself that really care!!
      All the best to you Susan if you are reading this.


      Star should give a huge apology statement to Susan Richardson for the embarrasing
      way they reported on her.

      Star owes Susan a cash award for the hatchet job they treated her as well as an
      apology. If you agree with me on that, let's write Star and demand they do so.

      Write Star at:
      Your Word
      660 White Plains Rd.
      Tarrytown, N.Y. 10591


      What a great idea about writing to the Star. I for one will be giving them a piece
      of my mind about the awful article.
      And Yes she does deserve a major apology. Come on fans, lets support Susan and take
      the time to write!!!  I for one will be doing it!!!! 

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