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Subject: Let's Get to Know Each Other

Let's Get To Know Each Other More (no EiE)
 Thursday, 28-Oct-1999 22:55:09 writes:

      Hello friends:

      Someone brought up something about to generalize being known for our work only,
      yet, on a personal level, they're still a stranger.

      I guess it's about time we got to know each other better. Let's take a break from
      the EiE subjects and talk about ourselves.

      I'm David Tanny, 39, live in San Diego, whether I like it or not. I am a delivery
      person delivering pizzas for a living. I thought that high school pretty much stunk
      since nobody I knew liked to watch TV in the late 70's such as sitcoms, game shows,
      variety, Sat Morn live action shows, and fast crime dramas with disco music as chase
      music (swat, Starsky, etc.)

      I've been a webmaster since September 1995 when I first began a webpage for the
      San Diego Radio and TV Page where I do a radio news column twice a week as I
      document the crazy and demented world of local radio. (Susan, please let me know
      if you're going to be on San Diego radio with Jeff and Jer, but avoid Dave, Shelly
      and Chainsaw  since Dave Rickards is an a--hole in my humble opinion.)

      I also document a Dr. Demento page where I document the music made famous by Barret
      E. Hansen, aka Dr. Demento (no relation to the Hansen boys), as he plays mad music
      and crazy comedy, off the wall humor and outrageous records, and as you can see from
      the opening EiE page, I'm still trying to ask the fans to write the local radio
      stations to get Dr. Demento back on their local radio station.
      I have been a long time documenter of Celebrity Birthdays as well as Today in History.
      I have been collecting celebrity birthdays about since Susan's daughter, Sarah, was
      born, in fact, Sarah was the first birth I noted, and with the World Almanac, I found
      more celebrity birthdays, I computerized the whole thing with the greatest of
      difficulty, and the rest is history.

      I took classes in radio, computer programming, electronics, drafting, and a lot of
      others, but I never became college material as I had to work part time to make money
      while college sagged to a point where I couldn't get a decent degree.
      If my parents haven't divorced so soon, and my eldest sister wasn't a homophobic
      greedy snob...My current TV faves are Ally McBeal, Charmed, Drew Carey, South Park
      (wonder if Susan will appear in the show as Jesus's sister, that would be interesting),
      Saturday Night Live, Sabrina, That 70's Show, AMC, and whatever I haven't discovered
      yet due to tight time constraints.

      My other web page subjects include Funny Stuff and Junk, my own Stupid Audio,
      Wacky Packages, Valerie Bertinelli, Finola Hughes, and Weird Al Yankovic.
      My favorite video game system: the old Atari 2600.

      that's it for now.


      My name is Crystal, I'm 17,and I live in Riverside,CA. My life is consists of going
      online, watching TV, and playing video games. I'm starting college in January, and
      I'm going to get a degree in telecommunications.bye!


      hello fellow eie dorks! my name is johnny racecar,i live in SoCal as a postal
      employee. i am pretty much a big old punk junky in that mainly i listen to punk
      rock and i go to see punk rock bands live. i also listen to such non-punk bands as
      motley crue, abba,and meatloaf. i am comfortable saying that here because i am sure
      no one i know goes to this messageboard. some of my favorite punk bands are the germs,
      the simpletones,the misfits and the adolescents. coincidently i am also a huge video
      game player. mainly classic gaming emulation,but the dreamcast rocks. i am a
      regular poster at emux.com and i've been a somewhat regular poster here since march
      of this year. my favorite shows are the simpsons, mst3k, freaks&geeks, buffy the
      vampire slayer and eastenders. i've been watching eie since december 1997.
      my favorite actor on the show is dianne kay. i am an aries and i also like long
      walks on the beach and quiet dinners at home.

      Johnny Racecar 

      Hi, this is Sarah, 19 year old daughter of Susan Richardson. I am a sophomore in
      college double majoring in Information Technology and Business. I am engaged to
      my hot sailor, Ben, I love playing tennis, working out, tirimisu, weddings and sushi. 

      I grew up on the set of 8 is enough. I knew the cast members as my family. They are
      the nicest people in the world. I have seen just about every episode. My favorite of
      course, is the baby episode. And the one when my mom meets Merle. She was so cute
      in that one! 

      Well, thanks for being such great fans. She loves you all. 
      See ya later on the board!


      Moderator's Note: The date of the episode where Susan gave birth to Sandra Sue
      was Oct 29, 1980.
      Yea, Susan does have some smile there.

      Hey Everyone, 
      My name is Benj, 21, and I am originally from outside of Philadelphia. I am currently
      serving in the Navy and I am on temporary duty in Memphis awaiting a class up date
      for special forces training in San Diego, Ca. 
      I guess what got me into Eight is Enough is that I have been dating Sarah, Susan's
      daughter for the last four and a half years. We are now engaged and will be married
      when I am all settled in with my boat unit. 
      I do not watch that much telivision but I do try to catch EIE whenever I can fit
      it into my busy schedule. I had never seen it before I met Susan and it is kinda
      funny seeing her a lot younger on t.v. 
      I am not into video games or anything like that. I like to read and work out.
      I like any music that is motivating enough for a good workout except rap. 

      I love to eat. In fact, I was nicknamed worm when I got to this command. They say
      I eat so much without gaining weight that I must have a tapeworm. 

      Well take it easy and keep the messages positive. 

      Benj Hartwell 

      Moderator's Note: Sure thing. Good luck on getting a class in my hometown. I might
      deliver a pizza to your house if I'm lucky.

      I wish you and Sarah well in your upcoming marriage.

      Speaking of Susan at her younger age, rent the American Graffitti video and watch
      for a 21-year-old Susan in it. 


      My name is Mary. My husband is a sailor btw. I lived in San Diego in the mid 80's.
      I loved to watch EIE . I thought of the san diego episode while I was there.
      I am 38 years old. I live in Virginia. I am a housewife and mother. Boring !



      Hi my name is Lori. I*m happily single & I celebrated my 40th birthday in April
      and I live in the San Francisco Bay Area.
      I have always enjoyed watching Eight is Enough and after meeting Grant Goodeve at
      my church a few years ago, I started watching again although the channel that the
      show was on wasn*t shown on my cable so I would check around with relatives in areas
      where they did receive the channel & would have them tape an episode or two. I don*t
      care for too much for today's television but I occasionally catch an episode of
      Touched By An Angel, Little Men and Early Edition.


      I am 29, I first started watching EIE when I was in grade school. I like seeing the
      reruns on PAX & when it was on FX because I wasn't old enough to stay up to watch
      the earlier episodes. My favorite cast member was Elizabeth, because I always thought
      she was the prettiest.;


      Just adding a little more to my earlier message. I also enjoy listening to music.
      My favorite types of music includes Contemporary Christian, country and some rock
      n roll oldies from the 60's and 70's. I enjoy working on web pages and surfing. I
      have a Webtv internet unit which hooks up to my TV and phone line which is good
      for many things. But it is limited like I can't use java supported places like
      most chatrooms and I can't download programs. But until I get a real 'puter it will
      do for now. I am presently unemployed but have many activities to keep me busy.

      I also enjoy being out doors as much as possible and living in Northern California
      has many outdoor places to visit even at this time of the year.
      Well thats all from me for now. Peace.


      I'm over 40, I'm a Christian, I live in Eastern Pennsylvania and have been married
      21 years, no kids, 1 cat. I do data-entry type work for a large company in New
      Jersey. I like just about all music except rap and acid rock. I enjoy listening to
      music, taking long walks, doing things with friends and church-related things.
      I watched EiE sporadically the first couple seasons it was on, then I started
      watching it regularly in 1979 and got hooked. Other shows I enjoy are Diagnosis
      Murder, Touched by an Angel, and Everybody Loves Raymond.


      Hi my name is Nancy, I work a full time job and go to college part-time working on
      a degree in Elementary Ed.
      I've always wanted to teach so better late than never. I guess the reason why I
      like eie is because I can really relate. I come from a big family. I have five
      brothers and two sisters. The ages ranging from 32 to 11.

      My brother Brian is the oldest and we are only 15 months apart. The youngest is my
      sister Cheryl and she is spoiled rotten cause she is the baby. Yes, I do go broke
      around the holidays!
      My fav singer is Celine Dion. I think she is truly awesome and got the chance to
      see her in concert this year. Well gotta go and do some studying. Bye for now.

      Isn't that funny. I didn't even think to mention it at first, But I am also one of
      eight. I have four brothers and three sisters. I am the fourth kid and the ages run
      from 30-12. The youngest is also spoiled rotten, which is so annoying.


      Hello! my name is Tina and I'm 33 years old.
      And I'm a singer in a rock bamd called the killers.
      I love to go hiking and rock climbing and camping. My favorite place to go camping
      is lava beds national monument and Yellowstone.

      bye for now


      Tina Fraga 


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