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Subject: Susan Richardson on Extra

Just saw Extra, what do you think?
Wednesday, 10-Nov-1999 19:46:07 

      I just watched Susan on Extra. I was wondering what you all thought. Now, I am a
      really big Eight is Enough fan, so don't take this personal, but I think she is
      crazy. I am also a Christian. I was hoping that they had an interview with
      Willie because I would like to see what he thinks about all of this since he does
      the Bibleman show. If anyone knows, please, let the rest of us know too. Post
      what you thought of the show!

      Peace and Love,

      I don't know what to think. It was very bizarre and unsettling to see her like that.
      The therapist who Extra! had on there said she was suffering from paranoid
      schziphriena, {wrong spelling}. I don't know what's wrong with her, but God bless
      her. We all have our problems and demons, God knows I do also, so I hope she finds
      peace or whatever she needs!


      If you watched Extra on November 10th You Susan Richardson who played Susan has
      some real serious mental problems and seems to have lost touched with reality.
      She now lives in a trailer in Pennsylvania. Not only does she believe she is the
      daughter of God she also believes she was murdered and has come back to life.
      She also believes a UFO is buried in her backyard and that the end of the world
      is near. The Extra people shoed the video of the interview to a psychiatrist as
      the Doctor said se showed classic signs of being a paranoid skidsofrenic and needed
      immediate treatment.


      she also didn't sound very good, her voice sounded like she was out of it, or maybe
      on something. How can she have been murdered and then come back to life. She also
      said John Kennedy Jr was John the Baptist. Makes no sense to me.


      Something tells me that I haven't gotten the complete story Susan was trying to
      tell us.

      The whole story went so fast they didn't go into any depth of the details about
      Susan's beliefs, nor let her expand on any of those claims, instead, we get the
      Reader's Digest condensed version while the journalists make it look like she is
      the one who needs to be institutionalized.

      This is shallow journalism, fair and square. This doesn't tell me anything about
      the complete details on what Susan is trying to share. 

      However, I do believe Susan is getting something mixed up in the claim of being
      THE daughter of God, as we ALL are sons and daughters of God in my belief, and God
      is thy Father of mine and yours, if you do belive in God like I do.

      I heard mention that she was going to do a final battle with Satan. Where did I
      see this recently? Oh yes, a South Park episode where Jesus does battle with Satan
      in a PPV bout.

      Do the South Park folks call Jesus nuts in the shows? No. But if anyone says they
      are a kin of Jesus or another incarnation of Jesus, I would like to be enriched
      with the knowledge instead of having the journalists tell me what to
      think about the person they're riduculing.

      D.T., where the @#$# are you! You need to quit some jobs.


      Susan invited Extra! into her home, and into her church and seemed all too willing
      to talk about what she is going through. Extra! just let Susan do the talking, they
      didn't seem to color the story to me. And her boyfriend even spoke, so what exactly
      is wrong with their journalism?


      that interview was just too weird for me. i was just about to leave my house but i
      decided to channel surf for 5 more minutes. luckily,i caught it at the beginning
      when they were hyping it. first off, while she looked a little haggard, she
      certainly didn't seem as bad as some people had described her in the recent past.
      second,yeah shes got issues, but extra sure as hell wasn't looking out for her at
      all. wam, bam, thank you ma'am. its like they were patronizing her during the
      whole "interview". i don't care who you are,but thats never a good thing. then the
      music--they were playing totally dumb alien encounter type-music. for her sake,
      I hope they payed her well.

      Johnny Racecar 

      OK. I had some problems of my own I had to deal with for a while, but I'm back.
      My computer hiccupped while I was doing the weekly Datebook mailings all night. %-{

      Let me explain a few facts first about living in a trailer park...there is nothing
      wrong with that. My father and stepmother live in one and my dad worked his
      you-know-what off to make it look decent and livable for his retirement years. He
      isn't a rich man either, and I'm a low-wage earner living at my mother and stepdad's
      house paying rent, but it's better than nothing.

      As for the stories you see on TV and read in the newspapers, tabloids, etc. I am a
      writer of radio (unpaid of course), and I know how journalists can take a thread of
      truth, twist it up, add some sensationlism, and make it look so biased that it leads
      the reader into drawing a negative conclusion about the subject being written about.
      Take a course in journalism and have an instructor give you a lesson to show you how
      it's done.

      The tabloid-journalism shows, Extra, etc., have only one goal: TO GET RATINGS!!!
      That's why they have to do these type of exploitative stories on celebrities of
      today and the past in order to get eyeballs glued to the TV sets. They don't give
      a s--- about the people!

      The way they treated Susan in the presentation I just saw just leaves me with a sick
      feeling about the so-called journalists who have no morals or compassion towards the
      people they are writing about. Where did these journalist bastards graduate from? 

      OK, I have seen Susan make claims on TV about this and that, but I'm not going to
      quote them out of context here. The wizards make it look like a sensationalized doom
      piece rather than an accurate look at what causes Susan is trying to convey to the

      Religion is none of my business, but I do belive in God, Jesus, and the Holy Ghost.
      If you are an athiest, Jew, wiccan, etc, you still have my respect as our thoughts
      differ on religion, but I am not going to make a conclusion about someone's religious
      beliefs that seem so bizarre to other people, but may be normal to the rest of us
      depending on the claim. Some believe Jesus is returning, some believe he already has,
      some don't believe in him at all. What is important is what you believe in religion,
      not what other people think about it.

      Susan's claim that she died and came back defies scientific explanation, as does
      anything of a supernatural event of any degree. I wish she would explain this fully.
      Did she accept Jesus Christ as her savior, then he saved her, and she was a born
      again Christian? That's what happened to my sister in Texas, but my sister didn't
      die, but says we all are dead until we accept Jesus as our savior. I'm going to
      stop on this point for now and let the Christian experts take over and expand on that.

      I deprogrammed Extra from my VCR settings. After two weeks of watching it, my time
      is better spent watching Pokemon cartoons on the WB!

      As for the folks who watched the tabloid shows on TV or read them in the rags,
      please bear in mind that what you read or see is not the complete story; it rarely
      is. You should read more publications on the same subject by different
      publishers and viewpoints so you can pick up some points not written on others.

      As for stories about Susan Richardson, sadly, you don't have that option to seek out
      different viewpoints, I do, however, have webspace to share with Susan and her folks
      for immediate use as I do wish to get the complete story by her for uploading for
      the readers to see her view directly from the source without any editorializing,
      bias, or sensationlism added by the so-called chop shop journalists. Please e-mail me
      directly as soon as possible so I can give the readers the point of view the other
      guys are not reporting.

      to Wayne: thanks for wondering where the @#$# I was, but I have been approving the
      posts as fast as I could get a chance to do so. Thanks for bringing up the South
      Park angle, an interesting point to consider that nobody in the small town seems to
      care whether he is Jesus or not, but they do accept him as he is (son of God, etc.)

      I gotta run for now, but I'll be updating the webpages as soon as I receive any
      official words. Good thing I don't have any kids or else I would have been stuck
      watching Pokemon in a theater all night if they had it
      their way.



Update Dec 7

      Susan lives in PA and is now living with her brother and is currently looking into
      working with children in some capacity.
      Despite what the tabloids say, she doesn't "talk to her dolls"... she collects dolls
      and teddy bears (and has, in the past, with her good friend, Christine, distributed
      them to sick and needy children in area hospitals).

      Susan HAS witnessed some "paranormal" activity around her former home over the last
      few months, and has documented it, but believe me, she's never said that space ships
      are going to take her away! That's just the tabloids again, spinning out the
      exploitative garbage they excel in!
      Thanks for caring about what's happening to Susan...she's a sweet and kind person
      (with a heart as big as all outdoors) and I know she really appreciates everyone's

      I think I can speak for some of her other friends when I say that we all hope the
      New Year will be a little easier on her and that she will stop being the subject
      of negative and one-sided tabloid articles!

      Take care,

      John O'Dowd
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