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Subject: Fans and Friends of Susan

 Friday, 12-Nov-1999 05:22:25 writes:

      Dear readers:

      I hope you have read the postings my Christine and John on this messageboard.
      I thank them for giving us some of the facts and observations you're not going to
      see on Star or Extra.

      All this defamating cheap journalism I witnessed on Extra on tape today confirms to
      me that its an artwork of taking sentences and scenes out of context and piecemealing
      them into a story that makes the viewer suggest a darker side.

      I smell a lawsuit coming. Who wants to be a millionaire?

      Instead of jumping to conclusions based on what you saw on Extra, you should instead
      be reading what the friends and family close to Susan have to say about what's
      important in her life today as well as getting the rest of the story you're
      not seeing.

      I really feel sad for Susan and her close folks and it's high time we the posters
      and fans all got together and rallied for her. You have read about Susan giving money
      to a homeless man and her cause of helping to give teddy bears to sick
      children. Why isn't that worthy of print?

      I also seen Inside Edition and I got the feeling that Susan hasn't seen most of the
      former cast of Eight is Enough since the last reunion, except for Dick Van Patten.
      The telephone conference set up by the show was innovative and got everyone chatting
      with each other; long distance is the next best thing of being there.
      Susan looked like she was going to burst out crying a few times, but from what she's
      been through from what I have been hearing, her problems she survived through must have
      been that traumatic, and those are very difficult to ever get over in your lifetime.
      She is no different than anybody. Have you ever had a severe traumatic experience in
      your life you had trouble ever getting over? Think about it readers. I have as well.
      Give Susan credit for being a survivor at least.

      Things Susan should be thankful for are her fiancee Don, her daughter Sarah, her
      godfather Dick who helped her out when she needed it, her close friends John and
      Christine, the fans who show compassion, and some college-dropout who works at a
      pizza place depending on tips for a living but somehow has put together a website
      about a past TV show for all the people to read and inform (i.e.: me).

      The Inside Edition piece was more humane in my humble opinion. I wish someone handy
      with a TV capture device for a computer could possibly copy some of the pictures if
      you happened to tape the show and convert them to GIFs or JPEGs and upload them to
      a website sometime. I tried most of them for my computer and they all suck.

      I could at least do the sound portion and upload it.

      In college, I took several computer courses in programming and some operating a
      mainframe, but hit a roadblock when the subjects got too advanced for me to
      comprehend and I dropped out of the major. Nobody's perfect. Oddly enough, fall
      1979 was the time I first took a computer programming course, and the textbook
      was authored by a Merle and dedicated to a Susan. Coincidence? Later that month,
      a Merle wed Susan on EiE! Was this an omen or something?

      I always did like Susan while she was playing her role on the show as well as
      numerous appearrances on the game show circuit. She sounds like a sweet charming
      woman. I always thought of Susan as so energetic from the old reruns.
      From the videos I have been viewing on TV, she held up well.
      After all these years of hard times, it's time we give Susan love and all the
      emotional healing support she needs right now. Let's use this website as a tool
      for showing the tabloid journalists what irresponsible fools they are by allowing the
      truth to be told right here.

      Let's find the good in someone and praise it for a change. Right?


      Dear D.t, I couldn't have said it any better!

      Looks like I've missed a lot since I last checked the board. I missed the segment
      of Inside Edition. I would really love it if there was a transcript of it that could
      be posted on your site. It would have been great to see the cast and hear what
      they were all doing. I didn't catch Extra either but it looks like there are alot
      of strong opinions. I used to love watching eie b4 heading for nite classes. I do
      miss it. Well keep up the great work and thanks so much for creating this site. 

      bye for now,


      d.t.-if you were serious about that textbook,thats a pretty amazing coincidence!
      and that fact that you're a big eie fan and RUN an eie fan site,wow!

      J. Racecar 

      I just read your message. I totally agree with you in terms of the media
      capitalizing on the negative and not providing all the facts. I do feel sorry for
      Susan and I pray that she is able to pick herself up and turn her life around.

      I also dont understand why there are people out there who enjoy seeing other people go
      through some rough times. Remember Farrah Fawcett? She seemed to be going through
      rough times the past couple years and people made fun of her instead of giving support
      and sympathy. Now she is getting back on track. Like anybody who is going through
      tough times, Susan needs support and will also bounce back.


Thank You
Friday, 12-Nov-1999 21:44:14 

      I want to thank everyone for showing thier support for Susan. She doesn't need our
      harsh words, she needs our love and continued support. I give Susan credit for even
      giving interviews after everything she has been through.

      Thank you again. Susan would like too say hello to all her fans.

      Christine Lewis 

Saturday, 13-Nov-1999 01:52:38 

      Might as well become that as this rate.

      Susan Susan Susan

      As long as we're at it, with shows like Once and Again and Judging Amy and all
      those adult shows getting popular, Susan could easily do a guest spot on some of
      the shows. It would be good exercise for her. 

      Or Susan could do some commercials such as mop and glow and tide detergent or
      something like that.

      She still looks youthful. I really thought she was six years younger when the
      show debut, kind of like those 90210 kids when we learned they were middleaged or


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