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Subject: E! True Hollywood Stories

E! True Hollywood Stories
 Tuesday, 28-Dec-1999 09:01:46 

      Awhile back I remember someone posting something about the shoe "True Hollywood Stories", and
      the possiblity of them doing a story on EIE. I was watching it the other night and I agree
      that EiE would make a great topic. I visited the eonline.com web site, but couldn't find an
      avenue to leave a suggestion or message. Has anyone else tried to do this?
      The show I watched was about Gilligan's Island and, ironically, the narrator was Dick Van Patten.

Re: E! True Hollywood Stories
 Wednesday, 29-Dec-1999 03:30:40 

      Dear Elle:
      The E! True Hollywood Story IS very interested in doing a story on EIE. I spoke to an associate
      producer at the network about 3 weeks ago and she is compiling data on the cast in order to
      approach the executive producer of True Hollywood Story with the idea. She told me that the
      recent "documentaries" on Gilligans Island and other 1970s shows have been big ratings
      winners, and she believes a 2-hour program on EIE would definitely "work". Susan is interested
      in participating in the program, but I don't know if any of the other cast members have been
      approached yet. If I hear any more, I will let the EIE messageboard know.

Re: Re: E! True Hollywood Stories
 Wednesday, 29-Dec-1999 19:30:32 

      I would love to see a True Hollywood Stories done about EIE (I'm sure we all would) I'd love
      to hear the whole story and a 2 hour show would allow a lot to be told.

      Now my next comments are not meant to hurt or cause a fight. I'd love to see Susan on the
      show but...(I hate when someone says but, sorry) first Susan needs to deal with her issues,
      this erratic, insane-like (I'm not saying she's insane just that she seems to act like it)
      way of projecting herself will only embarrass her, her family, friends, ex-castmates and
      fans. Like her story of being kidnapped and an attempt being made on her life has no place
      in the story about EIE, it happened after the show was over and no one from EIE was
      involved. Her story of having God talk to her or being Jesuses sister or whatever that
      story was (I have never read those gossip rag articles, just seen the posts on here) has
      no place on the show either. I would love to hear Susan's stories of being on EIE, along
      with everyone elses though I know I for one if I get to see the show don't want to hear
      those "poor Susan, pity me" stories, when appropriate I'd like to hear what has been going
      on in her life post-EIE, as well as everyone elses lives but I hope she doesn't try and
      make it a forum for spreading her stories. A lot of good has happened to the cast as well
      as some hard times and everyone should get their airtime.


Latest Update on The E! TRUE HOLLYWOOD STORY 
 Friday, 14-Jan-2000 09:52:37 

      Now there's talk of doing 2 shows...one on the whole cast of EIE, and a separate one on
      Susan alone! A producer from E! contacted me yesterday to get the word to Susan, and when
      I called her, she told me that she is DEFINITELY interested in his proposal. She wants me
      to let everyone know that she wishes everyone a Happy New Year and that she's enjoying her
      new job at the retirement home. She assists in the patient's nursing and personal care,
      and even sings and plays piano for them in the recreation center! She sounded happy on
      the phone and told me she is very pleased and satisfied with her new job and grateful to
      be doing something positive for other people. I'll be calling the producer at E! back
      today(Friday) with Susan's "guidelines" and they'll hopefully take it from there. She's
      living with her brother in PA and hopes that E! would come East to do the interview. Susan
      is concerned that they work it out where she won't have to take a day off from work, as she
      just started the job a few weeks ago, and she doesn't want to jeopardize her position there.
      So, I hope it all works out. Susan has given me permission to share whatever transpires
      with everybody here at the messageboard, so I will keep you posted with the new
      information I receive. Let's hope BOTH shows work out!


Re: Latest Update on The E! TRUE HOLLYWOOD STORY 
 Friday, 14-Jan-2000 12:53:56 

      Alright John! That is two good news in one day. Let's hope Nancy B.'s interview goes smoothly.

      Congratulations on Susan for her new job for the new millenium! :-)

      I do second your suggestion for you to do an autobiography about Susan's life. With all she's
      been through, there's enough topics to make it a page turner.

      Good luck.

Re: Latest Update on The E! TRUE HOLLYWOOD STORY 
 Monday, 17-Jan-2000 21:29:30 

      Please warn Susan that shows like "The E! True Hollywood Story" tend to drag people through
      the mud. She's a prime target for a show like that. As has been the case in the past, she
      may do an interview that she feels is perfectly "normal," but inevitably the show will focus
      on the negatives. It's not known for telling uplifting, happy ending tales.... I
      hope her terms with them involve maintaining her dignity.


Re: Latest Update on The E! TRUE HOLLYWOOD STORY 
 Tuesday, 18-Jan-2000 07:38:38 

      I'm so glad to hear that Susan has started her new job and is doing well. Praise the Lord!

      Just out of curiosity, where in Pennsylvania is she living? I live in Pennsylvania too,
      just north of Philadelphia.

      By the way, is this E! show on cable?


Re: Re: Latest Update on The E! TRUE HOLLYWOOD STORY 
 Wednesday, 19-Jan-2000 07:11:51 

      Hi, Missy
      Susan lives in southeastern PA. (I'm a neighbor to both of you...I'm in NJ, about 2 hours away
      from Susan's home). E! is a cable channel. I think most every cable company carries it, but I
      don't know for sure. The show will probably take months to put together and several more
      months before it airs! I was told that things move very slowly in the world of "show biz",
      so we'll all have to be patient, I guess! Hope you and yours are well.
      Take it easy,


Re: Re: Re: Latest Update on The E! TRUE HOLLYWOOD STORY 
 Thursday, 20-Jan-2000 22:24:12 

      John, Nathan does bring up a good point after the horrific way she had been depicted by the
      tabloids let's hope this one by "E" entertainment channel does her justice. I'm not surprised
      that it may take months but maybe by the summer of 2000 we will get to see the finished
      product which I hope Susan and you are pleased with. Hope you have a great weekend!
      Your friend, Nancy

      P:S I really do appreciate your constant words
      of support and I promise to keep in touch :)

      Nancy B. 

Susan and EIE True Holalywood Story
 Monday, 17-Jan-2000 20:27:48 

      I spoke with Susan by phone today. Susan is happy and says that she is doing great. She
      would also like to inform her fans that she will be doing an EIE True Story. She will be
      talking about her life including her beliefs. She will let me know when it will air, and
      I will be posting it for all of you. So keep an eye on the EIe messageboard.

      Christine Lewis 

Re: Susan and EIE True Hollywood Story
 Thursday, 20-Jan-2000 08:15:35 

      Hi, Christine. I'm so glad Susan is doing well. I could have sworn I posted a response to
      this message a few days ago, but it must have gotten lost. I noticed another post I did
      is there, but I don't know what happened to the other one. Oh, well..... I was just
      wondering, is the show Susan is going to do on cable or the regular networks? And what day
      and time is it on?


Re: Re: Susan and EIE True Hollywood Story
 Tuesday, 25-Jan-2000 00:08:46 

      Thank you for asking Missy. Susan wasn't sure of when the show would air. I am assuming
      that it would be on cable. She said it would be on E-TV.
      I will post the time and place as soon as I hear back from Susan.

      Christine Lewis 

Re: Re: Re: Susan and EIE True Hollywood Story
 Tuesday, 25-Jan-2000 16:59:56 

      Thanks for both you and John for keeping us eie fans of Susan up to date. WE will all be
      anxiously awaiting for it to air on the E channel.

      Nancy B.

Re: A Change of Plans for The E! TRUE HOLLYWOOD STORY
 Friday, 28-Jan-2000 16:21:04 

      Hi, everybody, I spoke to Gary Simson this morning, the producer from E! who was planning
      on doing the one-hour show on Susan, and there's been a change in plans. Susan's show has
      been shelved in favor of the 2-hour episode devoted to the entire cast of EIE (which was
      already planned). It seems that both Gary Simson and the executive producer at E! finally
      decided that it would be best to integrate Susan's story with the other cast member's stories.
      They realize she went through a lot of crap with EXTRA and INSIDE EDITION and they don't want
      to take a chance that by isolating her story the intent of the one-hour show would be
      misunderstood. Gary said that E! promises not to photograph Susan (or anyone else) in
      "blue lighting" like EXTRA did, and there will also be no weird computer graphics of space
      ships or satellites! He will make the process easy and comfortable for any of the cast who
      agree to take part in it.

      I am calling Susan tonight with the news, and I hope that hearing it will make her happy.
      I spoke to her on Wednesday night and she was very upset and concerned that E! was going
      to do a "hatchet job" on her like she felt EXTRA did. She loves her new job at the nursing
      home and doesn't want to jeopardize her position there with anything that puts her in a
      bad light.

      Gary Simson doesn't think Betty Buckley will participate in the EIE show, but I told him
      that Dick, Grant, Connie, Dianne, and Laurie all took part (live) on INSIDE EDITION and
      he is going to get a copy of the tape soon so he can see the interview. He does plan on
      approaching ALL of the former cast members of EIE to invite them to participate in
      the show. I, for one, hope they all agree.

      I did an interview for E! last April, for Mysteries & Scandals (on my book subject,
      Barbara Payton) and couldn't have had a better day. Michael Danahy, the producer who
      interviewed me for the show, is a very nice guy, and E! not only paid for my lunch,
      they sprung for my hotel room, as well. Susan needn't worry, they seem to be a very reputable
      group of people over there at E! I hope the EIE show comes together soon and that it turns
      out great! As I get more news, I'll share it with everybody here at the messageboard. Have
      a good weekend everybody.


Re: Re: A Change of Plans for The E! TRUE HOLLYWOOD STORY
 Saturday, 29-Jan-2000 10:26:01 

      I got disconnected right after I pushed "send" on my last message so I'm retyping it, if
      you get 2 copies...oh well! :-)

      I doubt Betty Buckley will participate either, too bad. But at least on this show her
      name will be mentioned, how can you do a 2 hour special on EIE and not mention her name?
      (I still can't believe on the Inside Edition show they never once mentioned her name).


Re: Re: Re: A Change of Plans for The E! TRUE HOLLYWOOD STORY
 Saturday, 29-Jan-2000 19:47:14 

      Maybe they can use pictures of her various Broadway roles underscored by music from her
      CDs if she doesn't wish to be interviewed.


Re: Re: Re: A Change of Plans for The E! TRUE HOLLYWOOD STORY
 Sunday, 30-Jan-2000 00:29:21 

      I have heard many times that she hated doing Eight Is Enough. I have also heard her say
      that she really doesn't want anything to do with the show anymore. So I don't really
      think that it bothered her when they didn't mention her name.


Re: Re: Re: Re: A Change of Plans for The E! TRUE HOLLYWOOD STORY
 Sunday, 30-Jan-2000 13:11:35 

      Actually if you talk to Betty herself (instead of relying on the press to quote her, we
      all know how great the press is) about EIE, she doesn't say anything bad about the show
      or the overall experience. She just wanted to be singing, music is her first love and she
      didn't have that opportunity while on EIE very often, once every 4-6 weeks she'd fly home to
      nyc for a voice lesson and that was the extent of her singing for most of the 4 years she
      was on EIE. She has many great things to say about EIE, very few bad things (and those few
      aren't about the show but it's producers). Betty has said that doing EIE was like being
      sent to graduate school on scholarship to really learn how to act. I think the few bad
      comments you've read as being attributed to Betty all stem from the fact that Betty was
      (and still is) very opinionated and it took her a while to learn to "play the game" in
      Hollywood, ie: kiss butt.


Re: Re: A Change of Plans for The E! TRUE HOLLYWOOD STORY
 Sunday, 30-Jan-2000 00:26:47 

      Thank you for posting this 411 for the fans. As I said earlier, I would still like to
      see Susan have the support from her fans. She is very happy with her life now. I, as a
      close friend of Susan's, would not like them to see them do another hatchet job on her
      story. The press will release anything as long as they have the readers and the viewers.
      Please continue to support Susan. She just wants to live her life like anyone else.


Re: Re: A Change of Plans for The E! TRUE HOLLYWOOD STORY
 Sunday, 30-Jan-2000 05:03:28 

      Dear John:

      Thank you for the good news. I do watch E! News Daily and the reporters present the 
      entertainment news in a professional manner, although they've been around only ten years.
      Integrating Susan's story into a single show with the rest of the cast sounds like a better
      idea than the former solo hour. I guess the people at E! are carefully thinking these True
      Stories out before they produce the show.


Re: Re: A Change of Plans for The E! TRUE HOLLYWOOD STORY
 Sunday, 13-Feb-2000 23:11:45 

      My name is Brooke Gardner and I work with Gary Simson at E! and we are looking for any
      photos or memorabilia from the show. Please let me know if any of you guys can help us out.

      Thank you,

 Monday, 27-Mar-2000 21:24:11 

      We are still working on the show but I have been told that the air date will be August 6,
      2000. This is subject to change but as of now this is the official air date. So be sure
      to tune in.

      Moderator's Note: August is the eighth month of the year. :-)


 Tuesday, 28-Mar-2000 09:44:20 

      Will there be any involvement from Betty Buckley? Please tell me they'll at least mention
      her name! lol (I still can't believe that Inside Edition thing never even mentioned her


 Wednesday, 29-Mar-2000 17:14:57 

      Betty was interviewed and will be a part of the show.


 Tuesday, 28-Mar-2000 12:32:09 


      Thanks for the update on the E! True Hollywood Story. Can you give us any insight on the
      Eie story? I.e. who from the show will participate? Is it one hour or two?

      Just Curious.


 Wednesday, 29-Mar-2000 17:16:06 

      It will be a one hour and 95% of the cast participated.

 Wednesday, 29-Mar-2000 00:53:18 

      Thanks foe the update, I have it already marked on my calendar for that date August 6th.
      I will be waiting with much anticipation and hope that it is done well and everyone
      including the cast of eie, fans and friends are pleased. 

      P:S D.T, by the way yes I am up very late sleepless night, way past my bedtime but I
      overloaded on caffeine and am wired so thanks for letting me ramble and I hope to catch
      a few winks b4 the alarm clock goes off for work. Goodnite, 


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