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D.T.'s May Report

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Subject: D.T.'s May Report

D.T.'s Monthly Report
 Tuesday, 02-May-2000 04:21:54 

      Hi friends:

      I had a cyst removed from the top of my ankle. It was growing for about 10 years. 
      Might cost me about $300-400 for the procedure. I have to use medicine on the stitched up part 
      for about a week or so. I can barely walk and cannot  run. It's numb from the medicine but it 
      will hurt like hell. At least it wasn't deep.

      My birthday last Wednesday was OK. I was just too tired to celebrate it with people...again. 
      Easter at work was a disaster as half the staff couldn't come to work for various 
      reasons and I ended up working about 11 hours and 10 the next day.

      I received a new computer chair for my birthday, a bunch of new socks (I needed them 
      really bad), a Comp USA gift certificate, a wallet, and some shirts. 

      Not much else happening in San Diego except the Padres are on a really bad losing 
      streak. So much for this year. Easter fell on my nephew's birthday. Strange 
      coincidental clash. 

      I also was busy overhauling my websites and what a job it was. Never again!
      Well, that's my monthly happenings.


Re: D.T.'s Monthly Report
 Friday, 05-May-2000 19:53:17 


      So how is the ankle feeling? I was thinking of you when I read the post. 
      I hope you are not in a lot of pain and it heals fast! Well, I am still suffering 
      from the headaches. The Dr.received the report from the cat scan and everything was
      normal. I was relieved but am still frustrated because They are so severe and I just 
      wish I could figure out whats causing them. Oh well, looking forward to my weekend 
      dose of EIE and r/r. The weather today was super, sunny and in the eighties. 
      I hope the weekend is going to be nice. Well my eyes are getting tired of being on 
      the computer and It's almost time for Providence. Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

      Nancy B. 

Re: Re: D.T.'s Monthly Report
 Tuesday, 09-May-2000 09:55:43 

      Hi, Nancy. Sorry to hear about your headaches. I know it can be frustrating when 
      you're having pain and the doctors can't find what it is. I hope it's not migraines, 
      I've never experienced them but have heard they're awful. 
      I had a terrible headache all Saturday afternoon from spending the morning doing yard 
      work in the hot sun. It's too hot for May! I did get a chance to see EiE on 
      Saturday, I hadn't had a chance to watch it in a while. Last weekend, my husband 
      and I and some friends went to Virginia for the weekend. You mentioned 
      "Providence", I love that show too. My favorite character is Joannie. 
      Well, that's enough babbling for now. Take care, and I'll say a prayer for you!



Re: Re: D.T.'s Monthly Report
 Wednesday, 10-May-2000 01:48:34 

      Hi there:

      My ankle is healing ok, but it's mildly painful for now. The cyst turned out to 
      be benign. What a relief. It was the size of a marble belive it or not.

      I had severe headaches last summer that was so bad that I was having trouble 
      sitting or standing or doing anything. I thought I was having a stroke or something.

      I called a nurse and she told me to lay with my face down, put a cold pack of 
      water (not ice) on the back of my head, and lay there for 1-2 hours. Try it and 
      see if it helps, and take aspirin along with it. If the headache is really bad, try 3,
      but ask your nurse before you try this. I can't reccomend that it's for you.

      I gotta get my mom something nice, but my resources are strained. I was thinking of 
      one of those yard-long mothers day cards. 
      Take care.


Re: D.T.'s Monthly Report
 Tuesday, 09-May-2000 10:00:30 

      Hi Dave, and belated Happy Birthday! I hope your ankle is feeling better. 
      The cyst must have been pretty big if it was growing for 10 years. Ouch! I'm glad 
      you got it taken care of, although it's a shame it has to be so expensive!
      How's the weather in San Diego? We're having California type weather here on 
      the East Coast, it's been in the 90's since the weekend. We just got our roof 
      fixed, so now we don't have to panic every time it rains. (It had been leaking
      for several years -- only when it rained of course) Next project is papering 
      the kitchen walls! 

      Last weekend, my hubby and I went to Virginia with some friends for a couple 
      days, we visited Williamsburg, Yorktown, and Jamestown. Very pretty area.
      Bye for now! Have a good week!


Re: Re: D.T.'s Monthly Report
 Wednesday, 10-May-2000 01:50:48 

      Hi there
      We're not exactly having East Coast type weather in San Diego. Cloudy and 
      cold one day, hot and muggy the next day. Just wait until August.


Re: Re: Re: D.T.'s Monthly Report
 Wednesday, 10-May-2000 20:21:18 

      Hi Friends, 
      Well its Wed Nite and the weather is terrible!! We're having a bad thunderstorm 
      right now. Missy, what happened to spring? We went right from a month ago having 
      snow to over 90 degree days. What a change today, its prob only in the high 
      50's. Well its been three days w/o a headache. I don't have clue why but I am 
      grateful for the relief. So glad that the cyst was benign, D.T, sure wish it 
      would heal fast for you. Missy, you mentioned you were in Va. I love it there
      too. If you get the chance, there is a place called the pottery. Its outside 
      of Williamsburg. Its really a neat place with all kinds of outlets. I also 
      love Busch Gardens too in Williamsburg,so much to do but worth the trip. Glad 
      to know that you are also a fan of Providence. I try to catch it as much as 
      I can. I agree with you I do love Joanie's character. I only wish that 
      Doug (the dog Guy) would come back in the picture. Maybe the season finale? 
      Oh well, looks like she is head over heels with the new guy the fireman. oh 
      well I guess we will have to wait and see. Sorry guys for chatting so
      much about Providence when this is really eie messageboard. Only a few 
      more months and then we can all be glued to the E channnel to watch the eie 
      segment. Hope everyone, especially the cast members are pleased. 
      Well, I'm going off line cause just saw a lightening bolt come really close 
      to my window. Bye for now friends. 



Re: Re: Re: Re: D.T.'s Monthly Report
 Friday, 12-May-2000 08:12:27 

      Hi, Nancy. Yeah, I remember Wednesday night. Although we didn't have any 
      really heavy rain in our area, I heard some really LOUD thunder a few times, 
      and it shook the house! At one point I thought we were going to have an
      earthquake! But we had no power outages, flooding, high winds, or anything 
      like that. It was quite a drop in temperature during the day, I nearly froze!

      We didn't make it to the pottery this time when we were in Williamsburg, but 
      we've been there many times. It is a neat place. We went to Busch Gardens 
      once several years ago. I've been wondering what happened to Doug on Providence, 
      too. He seemed to disappear with no explanation. The writers of the show seem 
      to have a habit of doing that. I've also noticed over the past few months that 
      they occasionally stuck a rerun of an older episode in between the ones for 
      this season, which kind of wrecks the continuity. I wouldn't have even been 
      aware that they were reruns, except that I read it on the messageboard on the 
      Providence website. By the way, if you want to check it out, the web address 
      is www.welcometoprovidence.com (I think that's it.)
      We're going to New York City tomorrow, hope the weather is good. 
      Well, enough babbling for now. Have a good weekend.


Re: Re: Re: Re: D.T.'s Monthly Report
 Thursday, 18-May-2000 19:31:40 

      HI Missy,

      Geez, the weekend is pratically here and time seems to be flying. I know its a 
      little late, but how was New York? You certainly had nice weather last weekend. 
      Well I will be glued to the tube tomorrow nite to watch the season finale of
      Providence. Thanks for telling me about the website, I will be checking it out. 
      Did you or anybody else happen to catch the specials that were on about the 
      Brady Bunch and Different Strokes. It was a behind the scenes look at the cast. I
      really thought it was pretty sad the way that they depicted Dana Plato. All for 
      the sake of Ratings!! 

      Well, hope you and everybody here has a great weekend!!

      Hugs, Nancy 

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: D.T.'s Monthly Report
 Friday, 19-May-2000 10:40:52 

      Nope, didn't catch the specials on the Brady Bunch and Different Strokes. 
      We had a blast in New York City. I'd been afraid I wouldn't be able to go, 
      because I sprained my toe the evening before and my foot really hurt, but I 
      got up really early Sat. morning and walked around the house a lot, and it 
      started feeling better. So I limped a lot during the day, but at least I could 
      walk. We went to the Central Park Zoo, FAO Scwartz, Rockefeller Center, St. 
      Patrick's Cathedral, and the Empire State Building (it was starting to get foggy 
      so we couldn't see as far as we'd have liked, but it was still a pretty view, 
      with the lights coming on at dusk).

      Looking forward to the season finale of Providence. Wonder if they're going to 
      leave us hanging all summer wondering if Syd is going to come out of the coma. 

      Have a nice weekend.


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