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Oct 2000 - Feb 2001

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Subject: Oct 2000 - Feb 2001

Anyone know how I can find Susan's Capitol Records singles? 

Posted by Chris on 10/6/2000, 10:04 pm

      I read somewhere that Susan and her country rock band were signed to Capitol Records around
      1981 and that they released a few singles, but the label wound up dropping them. I saw a
      photo of the band and they were dressed like
      cowboys from the 1800s...Susan was dressed like a dance hall girl and her hair was real blonde
      and very long. Does anyone know where I can find these 45s? Thanx! 

      Does anyone know how I can find copies of Susan Richardson's singles she recorded for Capitol
      Records in the late 70s/early 80s? I think she released two of them (but there may have only
      been one) and no album was released. Thanks!!

Posted by Jayson:

      Try the discount bargain bins at the nearest flea market/rummage sale, or the cut-out section
      of the local used record shop. 

Message For Ben

Posted by Christine Lewis on 10/6/2000, 10:13 pm

      I just wondered why it is that you will not let me know about how to contact Susan. if you
      want to contact me, email me. I really need to speak with her about the Teddy Bear Club. 

Posted by Ben:

      hey there. I haven't talked to Susan since the last time I was home on leave. She has a cell
      phone and I do not know the number. Sarah has her address and phone number but the only
      time I get to talk to her I barely have time to tell her I love her. Training here is taking up all of
      my time so just e-mail her and ask her if she will pass your message to Susan. It is finally the
      weekend and all my gear is ready for next week, that is why I am finally able to check my
      e-mail and read the board. Hope I helped you out a little. Take it easy,

Posted by Christine:

      Thank you ben. If you get the address and phone number, please give it to me. 

Posted by John:

      I know exactly how you feel...For some unknown reason, all contact with Susan has been lost!
      It's baffling as she's said time and again that you and I were like family to her. I think we've
      proven our loyalty to her through everything, so I don't know why this has happened. Gee, it's
      enough to give a guy a complex.......Oh well, Susan, if you're out there, we miss ya... "Call

Eight is Enough - An Overlooked Show

Posted by Frank T. Rolapp on 10/6/2000, 10:18 pm

      It amazes me that everyone is still ga-ga over The Brady Bunce while Eight is Enough is more or
      less forgotten. Eight is Enough was reality! People got divorced, people had problems that had
      no EASY answers. Tom Bradford and his
      son Tommy NEVER saw eye-to-eye! Real families have conflicts, deal with adversity, and must
      reluctantly accept defeat,to fight again some other day. The Brady Bunch was "UTOPIA"!
      Everyone gets along, nobody has any issues to deal with. And everything can be resolved with
      Alice's homebaked apple pie? PLEEEZE! The Brady Bunch reminded me of Mayberry. A town
      where everybody knows everybody, where everybody CARES about everybody.Where you're
      welcomed with open arms when you come back, and where everybody says,
      Bye...we'll miss you! when you go.Not only did such a town not exist, it NEVER existed!People
      are human and sometimes they don't know their neighbors, nor do they care to know their
      neighbors.Sad, but true. 

Jackson, Nicholas' friend on EiE in later episodes

Posted by cubmom on 10/6/2000, 10:20 pm

      anyone notice that since they brought in the character Jackson, that Nicholas suddenly is
      acting a bit more hipper and "his age ". He'd act like a dope around Kenny P Landers . Jackson I
      suppose is his same age but is a good head
      taller than Nicholas. 

My Poem

Posted by Christine Lewis on 10/6/2000, 10:23 pm

      I wanted to post the wonderful news. The Poem on the Teddy Bear Club Page will be published
      in a book of poems.
      The book will come out in the Winter of 2001. The book title is Nature's Echoes. I am so pleased
      and happy with this news. I wrote this poem over a year ago about my niece Becca who
      passed away after 19 months of struggles. I hope you all enjoy the poem, and I would love to
      hear your feedback. 


Posted by John on 10/10/2000, 6:02 am, in reply to "My Poem"

      Congratulations, Christine, on your being published! I know what a great feeling that is and your
      poem is well-deserving of this honor. Keep writing and let me know how things are going. I'm
      kind of busy right now with my own writing and am gearing up for my interview with 1970s rock
      singer Cherie Currie on the 27th. Still no word from Susan. Oh, well... Hope she's doing OK

Check out this website

Posted by PCC on 10/27/2000, 6:06 am


PAX Episodes

Posted by chris on 10/28/2000, 6:18 pm

      Does PAX "colorize" (or should I say "re-color"( the EIE episodes to make them look more
      earth-toned and more contemporary? The shows just LOOK different on PAX than they did on
      FX a few years ago. Also, why did PAX change the way the end credits run? You can hardly see
      the end credits now because of the "previews" running in the center of the screen! Why didn't
      PAX just leave the shows the way they originally were??? 

Lani on Inside Edition

Posted by Lisa on 11/3/2000, 3:30 pm

      Hi all. Wow... I just saw Lani on Inside Edition. I really care about this woman and,
      unfortunately she doesn't look well at all.  Does anyone know what is wrong with her? I know
      she has been thru an emotional ordeal... but I am noticing that something physically isn't right
      about her either. I have looked for info on the web and can't find anything. Someone please
      respond. Thanks ~ 

Posted by Daniel (mailto:carsdane@aol.com):

      hi friends, Lani is a friend of mine, yes, she has had a very hard time the past few years.
      the medication the doctor had her on was addictive and not right for her. she is happy that her
      fans still remember her. i want her to return to television, but for the moment she has no plans
      to make a comeback. her voice & face are still very recognizable though, and when out in public
      people still recognize her. 
      i will gladly answer any questions about her as long as they are not too intrusive.

Posted by chris:

      Please describe her situation more...I missed the show.Could it be that she is on medication
      (the same medication Dr. Jensen put her on several years back)? Maybe it is no longer working
      or possibly it needs to be changed. I hope there is nothing more serious to it.

Posted by Lisa:

      This seemed to be more than medication. This seemed to be like as though she has suffered a
      stroke or has something like what Micheal J. Fox has.  Her speech is particulary affected. The
      way her mouth, jaw moves, when she talks. It was very noticable and I am surprised that not
      one mention was made of it, on IE. I hope she is ok. I'd really like to know what has happened. 

Posted by daniel:

      you're correct in your concerns regarding speech. 

Posted by Jayson:

      Don't know what could be wrong with Lanni...she may have had a breakdown or a physical
      problem/did not see the show so i cannot say. we should keep her in our prayers and just hope
      for the best!

Posted by Chloe:

      Why was she on, what was the story about? 

Posted by Lisa:

      She was telling about how she was sexually assaulted by a male nurse at Cedars Sanai (sp?)
      here in Los Angeles, last December. She was there for treatment of chemical dependency. She
      had left her room to go get some coffee.. and a male nurse (someone she says she knew and
      trusted) started groping her. Her case is going to court in a month, I think. So she was on IE
      telling all about this. And I know this has emotionally affected her. But besides this, there have
      been some definite physical signs of either illness or severe stress or, Goddess forbid, a drug
      problem.  I am just really concerned and would like to know what has happened. Maybe the
      stress of what she has gone thru this past year has affected her physically. Also.. this brings
      me to another question: Where is her husband??? Last I heard, she had married her doctor; the
      doctor who treated her for her panic attacks. Did I hear wrong or did they since divorce? Not
      one mention of him in this interview... 

Posted by daniel:

      she was never married to the doctor, and their
      relationship is definitely over. she has cut off all contact with him. 

laugh track?

Posted by Julie on 11/11/2000, 4:41 pm, in reply to "Re: laugh track?"

      Yes, and I thought it was extremely annoying. I dont understand laugh tracks being used on an
      hour long series. We know what we think is funny and I never appreciated being coached into
      laughing at certain parts. But that's just my opinion . 

Betty Buckley's Debut CD

Posted by Jas on 11/19/2000, 6:31 pm

      I was browsing through Betty's CDs at a record store and noticed that her debut CD, which has
      been out of print for a long time, has been re-released. This CD includes mostly songs she
      wrote and includes "So La" which she sang on an episode of "Eight is Enough". Just thought you
      all might like to know.

Posted by Olivia:

      The CD also has "Travellers on a Star" which she sang on an episode. 

Susan and Sarah

Posted by Lynn Tracey on 11/20/2000, 5:05 am

      Hi,Susan and Sarah,
      I miss you guys. I hope everything is going well.
      I am now a grandmother. Jessica had a little girl and her name is Lauren and Susan had a little
      boy and his name is Sebastian. Susan is also due again in January.Everyone says hello. Keep in
      Lynn Tracey
      Coatesville, PA. 

Desperately Seeking Lani O' Grady

Posted by Mary on 11/27/2000, 1:22 pm

      Hi all - I'm really wondering what happened to Lani O'Grady. All this talk about her acting
      strange on Inside Edition has got me worried. The last I had heard before all this was that she
      was married to, and working for, her psychiatrist as a receptionist. I'm really suprised she never
      really continued with acting. Lani's character, Mary, is what got me through high school and
      into college. I loved her determination and the way she crammed for tests. She never really
      took any bull from the rest of the Bradford clan and she always had such insight into
      everything. I always wanted to be like her. Back in the 80's a friend of mine took a class from
      her out in Sylmar in acting for TV commercials. Lani really worked hard with my friend and
      showed her the ropes...enough for her to be successful as an actress on a daytime soap opera.
      Now Lani is having difficulties (assuming all this is true) and I feel bad. I wish there was a way I
      could get in touch with her and give her a hug and tell her everythings going to be alright. If
      anyone has any more information on how she is doing please post. 

Posted by DANIEL:

      Your messege was very touching, and your concerns about Lani are shared. I will print out this
      letter and I'll try to show it to her the next time I see her. If there is ever a way I can put you
      in touch with her with out invading her privacy I will.

Posted by Julie:

      It looks like she's had a stroke. Her speech is slurred and her hands twitch and her tongue keep
      twisting in her mouth. 

Posted by Christine Lewis:

      Does anyone know what happened to Lani? She looked like it was a struggle just for her to talk.
      Is this a result of her drug abuse or did she have a stroke? 

Posted by Julie:

      My family all thought that it might be the result of a stroke, but I also thought that she might
      have Multiple Schlerosis(sp?) She seemed to talk a lot like Annette Funicello did on the movie
      she made a few years ago. But I really don't know much about the disease. It was really nice
      seeing them all again and I send Lani my best wishes - she's always been my favorite Bradford. 

The List is Dumb

      Posted by Peter on 12/1/2000, 11:00 am

      I checked out the List on the cable as someone mentioned here. I can't believe Dianne still
      looks beautiful, and Connie is pretty youthful. The List itself was atypical of the kind of filler TV
      shows we're getting a lot of on these so-called music video stations. What happened to video
      channels that played videos? When I want to see a video now, I want to see it whenever I
      tune in, not tune in to some silly program talking about music. 

Old ABC Promos

      Posted by Crystal on 12/1/2000, 4:27 pm

      I was checking out a website and I found some old ABC promos from the late 70's early 80's
      available for download and they had some cast members from Eight is Enough in them.If you
      want to check them out go to: www.80stvthemes.com then click on the promos button at the
      botom of the screen.Then click on ABC,and then look for the ones from the Eight is enough
      years (76-81)
      Oh,and you have to have Real player G@ or later installed to view these files. 

Who did everyone think was going to be on The List?

      Posted by lisa on 12/4/2000, 6:49 pm

      I was surprised at the choices for panelists on The List. I thought Willie Aames would have been
      on it because of his musical inclinations, as well as Adam Rich, just because he's the youngest
      and more apt to relate to the age of the audience. 

Posted by Susan M.

      I didn't see the show, but if it was filmed in Hollywood, that might explain the choice of actors.
      Willie Aames lives in Kansas, I think. Grant is near Seattle, Susan is in PA and Betty is in New

Merry Christmas Bradfords

Posted by J. Elam on 12/11/2000, 9:30 am

      I would just like to wish the cast of "Eight is Enough" (at least those of you that read this
      messageboard) a very Merry Christmas. Susan, I know times have been tough for you, but hang
      in there. I am looking forward to reading your book. Lani, I hope you're doing ok, you didn't look
      well on "The List", and my heart goes out to you whatever your ailment may be. Adam, I hope
      your career is going well. Dianne, Connie and Joan, you're still beautiful as ever. Laurie, you've
      disappeared and I hope you're doing OK. Dick, you've done a tremendous job supporting your
      fellow castmates over the years. Willie and Grant, best wishes on your new shows. Betty, a
      special Christmas wish to a very talented lady. Brian, you were always a stud and still are.
      Merry Christmas all...and Merry Christmas to all here at the messageboard too. A special thank
      you d.t. for keeping the spirit of the show alive through this website.


      Posted by lisa on 12/15/2000, 6:08 pm

      If Willie Aames's "Bibleman" comes to your town, I would highly reccommend taking your child or
      any young person to go see it. They probably have no idea who Willie Aames is, but he puts on
      a good show with a great message. There's even a few references to Tommy Bradford. He is
      very honest about his past and how he overcame his personal demons, and he has a real
      ministry to kids. 

Merry Christmas

      Posted by David Tanny on 12/23/2000, 10:08 pm

      Hope you all have a much better Christmas than what I'm having in San Diego. The electricity
      crisis is eating me out of house and home. The electricity producers are the real Grinches that
      stole Christmas with their overpriced electricity costs, and that means no Christmas lights for
      me, fewer gifts, etc. etc.
      It doesn't look like it's going to get any better any time soon. The economy here is taking a
      bath with business costs being passed on to consumers locally due to high electric costs.
      Fewer people are shopping for Christmas gifts here. Housing costs are sky high with rental
      shortages and low housing supply. The minimum wage is going up, which should help me a bit,
      but that also means stuff is going to cost more. Gasoline prices here are way out of line with
      nearby Riverside county. 

      In case nobody has been visiting the eightisenough.com website lately, I posted an address
      where you can donate your teddy bears to in the Teddy Bear Club section of the website. I'm
      planning to donate as soon as the busy mailing season subsides in a few weeks. 

      happy holidays 

Posted by Nancy on 12/24/2000, 6:39 pm, in reply to "Merry Christmas"

      Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, and Happy Kwanza everyone. 

Posted by Janeese on 12/26/2000, 7:28 pm, in reply to "Re: Merry Christmas"

      Happy Kwanzaa to All My Fellow EIE Fans of Color and Happy Holidya to ALL!! 

"My name's Nicholas, just like yours !"

Posted by cubmom on 12/24/2000, 10:00 am

      anyone catch the 2 part Xmas 8 ? PAX showed it yesterday...I don't know...really made the
      Brdford family look screwy...Bradfor Family tradition...PUL-LEEZE...and isn't Tommy EVER in a
      good mood ? I really dislike his moodiness.... 

Posted by Samantha:

      David was way out of character bringing his girlfriend over and then dashing off to her house.
      He would never have ditched his family like that. And what's with everyone running off on a
      date like it's the last night on earth? There's plenty of other days in the year. Not to mention
      David and Susan leaving their dates stranded in that room while the family waxed poetic about
      the stolen gifts. The show's writers must have had the week off, being replaced by someone
      who had never seen the show! 

Posted by Missy:

      You know something Samantha, you're right, that story line was kind of lame. I still always got
      a kick out of it, though, because you gotta admit, it WAS funny at the same time! 

Happy New Year

Posted by Beth on 12/31/2000, 11:24 am

      Happy New Year 2001!!!!!!! To all of you EIE fans out there.Hope you have a safe and happy

why were the orginal tommy, nancy and david replaced after appearing in the pilot

Posted by harry jacobs on 1/3/2001, 1:20 pm

      why was the oprignal acotrs who played david, tommy and nancy re-placed after appearing in
      the pilot? 

Posted by lisa:

      The original Nancy was replaced because she was too mature looking for a 17 year-old. In
      reality she was 21. Dianne Kay was chosen because of her youthful, innocent look. In reality
      she was 24. 

Posted by SusanM

      The original David was Mark Hamill. He signed a contract for Star Wars. I can't tell you about
      the others except that there was probably a conflict when the series was picked up. There's
      usually a time delay between the pilot and the beginning of the series. 

Posted by Geoff

      The original Tommy in the pilot episode was Chris English and the original Nancy was Kimberly
      Beck, actress daughter of the late Singer Tommy Leonnetti. I think you'll all agree that Willie
      and Dianne were much better replacements.
      Hope this information helps! 

pilot and first 4 eposide of eight is enough

Posted by Jake (jakejacobs@usa.com) on 10/6/2000, 10:22 pm

      any-one know where i can get the pilot with the first i think 5 showa with diana plus the
      eposide that dealt with her death if so email me jakejacobs@usa.com thnaks 

Repost: Nancy B.'s 1st Anniversary on the Job

      Posted by david tanny on 1/21/2001, 12:31 am

      Dear Readers:

      I have removed the tabloid thread as requested, but I saved part of one post by Nancy B. in
      case you wish to reply to her. Happy anniversary, Nancy B. Hope your natural gas and electric
      bill is still in
      the double digits ($365 for MY bill?!?!? Good grief!)

      From Nancy B:
      To all my eie buddies, hope your New year is going well and guess what? Nex month, I celebrate
      my 1st anniversary at my job!!! Time does fly but I sure owe you guys, many thanks for your

      Enjoy the weekend, 

      Love, Nancy B.

Posted by Nancy B. on 1/24/2001, 8:54 pm, in reply to "Repost: Nancy B.'s 1st Anniversary on the Job"

      Hi D.T and John, 

      You guys are totally awesome!! If you only knew how much it meant to read your posts. D.T,
      you truly amaze me! You put in so many hours at the job then the time you devote to
      maintaining this site and all the other responsibilities that you have. I really hope that you get a
      vacation soon, you deserve it and I hope with all my heart that there is some relief in site with
      the gas and electric prices, its totally outrageous!!! 
      I will keep you in my thoughts. 

      John, Thanks for sharing the things that are going on in your life. I too, am experiencing the
      snow and bitter cold on the east coast. Just had a 2nd snowstorm this past weekend. I am
      about 45 minutes from Phila. Can't wait till the weather breaks and we get into the warmer
      months. In the meantime, I just bought exercise equipment so I have no excuses not to work
      out! The best part was that I was reimbursed by my employer as part of their wellness benefits.
      Thanks for asking about my Mom and yes she is doing well, just got off the phone with her
      earlier this evening. Wow, its almost midnite and I have to get some sleep, b4 I know it it will
      be 6 am and time to get up for work. Oh well, sorry if I am rambling, take care and I will keep in

      Thanks again and Hugs, 

      Nancy B. 

Posted by Missy on 1/29/2001, 8:25 am, in reply to "Re: Repost: Nancy B.'s 1st Anniversary on the Job"

      Hi, Nancy. Happy 1st anniversary! Glad to hear your mom is doing well, too. Yes, I too and
      getting tired of the cold weather. I've really minded winter a lot more this year than in past
      years. I'm ready for spring. My husband and I are going to sunny Mexico the first week in April.
      Can't wait! 

Posted by Nancy B. on 1/29/2001, 10:17 pm, in reply to "Re: Repost: Nancy B.'s 1st Anniversary on the


      Glad to hear from you, its been a long time!! I find since, I hit my thirties, I feel the same way ,
      I can't take the cold. Its killer waiting on the train platform in the bitter cold but soon , we will
      have Spring to look forward to and you and hubby must really be looking forward to your trip in
      April. I hope you have a wonderful time in Mexico! (Don't forget to bring plenty of sunscreen). 
      Well I did it again, too much caffeine and I can't fall asleep so I decided to visit my eie friends.
      Well, its 1:20 am and I had better try to get a few winks b4 the alarm goes off. Hope everyone
      has a good week!!

      Nancy B. 

Posted by John on 1/21/2001, 4:05 am, in reply to "Repost: Nancy B.'s 1st Anniversary on the Job"

      Great to hear the job's going so well for you, Nancy! I can remember how concerned you were
      at first as you had to learn a lot of new stuff. I hope you're enjoying your work and the people
      that you work with, too...
      Also hope your Mom is doing well these days. As for me, my writing continues...Am working with
      80s TV actress Lindsay Bloom on an interview/article for OUTRE Magazine and am STILL trying
      to get my book on Barbara Payton published (unfortunately, sometimes it takes years for these
      things to happen. But, I haven't given up yet...)
      All the best to you and keep warm! How's the weather by you? We're getting "hit" again here in
      northeast NJ (I'm 20 miles outside NYC) which means my Mustang stays OFF the road! It just
      doesn't pay to endanger my life or ANYBODY else's out there, you know? Take care and stay

Trolls and Spam

      Posted by david tanny on 1/21/2001, 1:33 am


      I have modified the board so that I am alerted every time a post is made in case someone posts
      a spam or other offending post. If you see such posts, please do not reply to them (I will delete
      all replies as well). I usually get home around 10pm (I work 12 hour days nowadays) and when I
      get an alert, I'll take appropriate action.
      I have also e-mailed a suggestion to the webmaster of these messageboards and suggested a
      moderation mode to add as a feature and approval by e-mail. I'll let you know of any other

      thank you 

Posted by Ben on 1/21/2001, 2:11 pm, in reply to "Trolls and Spam"

      Thank you very much for doing this. i know Sarah appreciates it as well. I talked to her last
      night and she said she will find out who that girl is for me. Once again, thank you very much. 

Lani O'grady

      Posted by Ron on 1/27/2001, 3:17 pm

      What is the name of her book that she has co-authored with her husband Dr. Jensen, based on
      understanding which medication assists the brains healing.....Thanks 

Posted by DANIEL on 1/29/2001, 10:19 pm, in reply to "Lani O'grady"

      I'm sorry, I don't know the name of the book you are seeking. I can tell you that Lani feels the
      medication she received was ill prescribed, and she is no longer affiliated with the Doctor.

FAQ: Eight is Enough Theme Song Lyrics

Posted by Johnny on 1/31/2001, 9:26 am, in reply to "the theme song"

      Here are the lyrics to the second EIE theme. The first, of course, was instrumental.

      There's a magic in the early morning we've found, 
      When the sunrise smiles on everything around. 
      It's a portrait of the happiness that we feel and always will, 
      For eight is enough to fill our lives with love. 

      Oh we spend our days like bright and shiny new dimes. 
      If we're ever puzzled by the changing times. 
      There's a plate of homemade wishes on the kitchen window sill, 
      And eight is enough to fill our lives with love.

      It's more than enough to fill our lives with love. 
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