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Susan Richardson 2004

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Subject: Susan Richardson 2004

Susan Richardson

Posted by Susan R. fan on 3/11/2004, 7:51 am

I wanted to wish Susan a Happy Birthday (March 11)!!!

I hope she's doing well!

She was the reason I tuned in to the show. I just saw her on a 
rerun of Match Game, and thought I'd look her up on this internet thing, 
and low and behold found that it was the day before her birthday. 
Kind've a cool coincidence!

She is the best!!!!!!

Sincerely, an admirer from Michigan

Posted by Dave on 5/16/2004, 10:48 pm, in reply to "Susan Richardson"


Does anyone know how I might contact Ms. Richardson, via e-mail or 
otherwise? She certainly seems to have had a raw deal since "Eight is 
Enough", and as a long-time admirer of both the series and her work 
in particular, I would like very much to be able to at least send 
her my best wishes. 

Posted by Dave on 5/26/2004, 4:32 pm, in reply to "Re: Susan Richardson"

Well....thus far I have been unable to locate a contact address for Susan. 
A lengthy directory search led me to an address which turned out to be that 
of the Assistant City Manager of Coatesville, PA, who believed she might be 
living in Honey Brook, PA, and that she is currently working with senior 
citizens. That's as far as I've been able to get (she's not "in the book" 
in Honey Brook or anywhere else so far as I can tell)....I guess if she 
does not want to be contacted, I can only respect that.

Posted by Sarah on 7/2/2004, 7:14 am, in reply to "Re: Susan Richardson"

this is her daughter, Sarah, and I would be glad to relay a message to 
her if you would like. She is living in Wagontown, PA...she spends her 
time making walking sticks for Veterans and the disabled.

Hi Sarah:

I was intrigued to discover that you are a writer when I recently stumbled 
onto a copy of "Chocolate for a Teen's Soul". Excellent work! Have you 
written anything else for publication? Would be most interested in learning 
about it if so.

I am an author myself, with two books to my credit, along with who knows 
how many other shorter pieces. Would very much like to be able to send 
a copy of the second book (nature essays illustrated with my photos) to 
you and your mother. Is there any way I could do this?

Be Well, and do give the best wishes of everyone here on the board to 

your mother. --Dave

Posted by Cris Ericson on 10/2/2004, 3:33 pm, in reply to "Re: Susan Richardson"

Hi! Sarah! I met you just once when you were about seven years old and you 
were friends with Denise Grant's daughter Chrissie when we all lived in 
Hollywood, California.
I met your mother when I was 19 because I went to Goddard College and her 
best friend in High School, in Coatesville, was Harry O. Lohr, Jr., and 
he went to Goddard.
Anyway, Denise said she hadn't heard from Susan in a while and we were 
wondering how she's doing. We both miss her.
Denise's e-mail is grant_denise@dogday.net and her mother Donna's e-mail 
is stepp@plixtel.com and Chrissie is married now with kids and one of hers 
has a terrible heart problem,
and Chrissie's e-mail is bowlin@potc.net Anyway, I hope both you and your 
Mom are doing well.
I'm currently a candidate for Governor of Vermont and a candidate for U.S. 
Senator for Vermont, I'm an independent candidate, you can scroll down 
the Vermont Secretary of State Website past the current office holders to 
the 2004 candidates and I'm listed twice.

I'm the make marijuana legal candidate, my husband died of stomach cancer 
so I got interested in the medical marijuana.
He was ten years younger than me so I thought he'd live forever.
Vermont is way, way behind California on the subject of medical marijuana. 
I ran for Governor last election and came in 4th out of 10 candidates and 
I was the only Governor candidate in favor of medical marijuana then. 
This spring in Vermont a narrow medical marijuana law was passed that only 
allows it for HIV, Aids, cancer and MS
but not for glaucoma, chron's, arthritis, etc. Also, it is still illegal under 
federal law.
I remember when we were 19, arguing with Susan and asking her why on earth 
she wanted to be an actress, why on earth would anyone want someone else to 
put words into their mouth.
So, as an independent candidate, I write all of my own material.
Denise and her mother Donna and two of Denise's sons came last year to visit 
me and they thought the Vermont mountains didn't even begin to compare with 
anything out west, Denise kept saying that what we have in Vermont are 
just hills.
May God Bless you and your mother, Cris Ericson

Posted by Debbie on 9/27/2004, 5:57 am, in reply to "Re: Susan Richardson"

--Previous Message--
: How's Ben?
I hear Sarah and Ben did not get married. 

Re: Susan Richardson

Posted by hannah and sarah on 8/12/2004, 6:05 pm, in reply to "Re: Susan Richardson"

hi susan,
i wanna thank you for making canes for the veterans and puttting your time into 
your work..
hope to see you soon..thanks for helping me on the beam
hannah and sarah

Posted by Eugene on 7/18/2004, 8:12 am, in reply to "Re: Susan Richardson"

Hi Sarah,

Got curious and did a Google search and found this website. Hope you are well. 
Sure glad to hear about Susan. I miss her. The neighborhood has never quite been 
the same without her.

All the best,

Eugene B.

Posted by DaveM on 7/5/2004, 12:01 pm, in reply to "Re: Susan Richardson"

Thank you so much....my reason for wanting to contact your mother may seem a bit 
odd. I was quite young (well, in my teens) when "Eight Is Enough", was on the 
air and was quite fond of both her talent and the character she created. Actually, 
she made quite an impression--my life was not the happiest one on earth at the 
time, but "Susan Bradford" never failed to give me a smile and a bit of a "pick 
up". I still recall "her" fondly.

About the time I put my original post on this board, I had read some things about 
your mother which made me very sad--namely, that she had had any number of personal 
struggles since the days of "Eight is Enough" (to be sure I have no idea how much 
of what I have read online is real and how much is idle gossip--sigh). Without 
getting into specifics on a public board, some of it sounded terribly familiar, 
for during the past couple of decades I have faced some similar challenges, 
particularly in the health area (though I have not had a stroke) and I became 
deeply troubled by the fact that someone who, unknowing, had brought me and so 
many others so many smiles, tears, and laughter perhaps had saved no laughter for 
herself (does this sound completely hokey yet or what?).

I wanted Ms. Richardson to know, above all else that she is not alone, that 
there are undoubtedly countless people who care for and about her, that what 
happens to her DOES matter to so many, and that, while I am merely a "fan", if 
she needed a smile I wished I could give it to her. There were some things I 
wanted to send her--I have spent the past couple of decades working on and off 
as a writer and photographer and hoped to send her a picture, a book, or 
something. Obviously I understand that she must value her privacy and that if 
she prefers not to be contacted by strangers I understand and respect that. 
My hope was however, and remains, that there might be some way that I 
could at least drop her a line.

Conversely, I have made a few walking sticks in my time and am rather intrigued 
that she does the same--has she ever worked with diamond willow by any chance? 
I ask mainly because I learned a trick that speeds the process up considerably!

If you or she by any chance would like to get in touch, please do feel free 
to use the e-mail above. Thank you so much for posting--I truly do appreciate 
it. At the very least, please do give your mother my every good wish, 
which is no doubt echoed by many, many others. --Dave 
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