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Cast of Eight is Enough

Dick Van Patten.... Tom Bradford [IMDB]
Tom: a columnist for the Sacramento Register and father,
Van Patten: was born on Dec 9, 1928 in New York City, making him at age 48 when the show began.
He has a steady acting carrer and currently shooting a movie directed by his son Vicent Van Patten. He was seen prominently in "Weird Al" Yankovic's video for `Smells Like Nirvana' in 1992. Stars in Foothills Theatre production of The Sunshine Boys from January 29-Feb 22, 2004. Foothills is a theater located in Worcester MA.
Fan Mail: Dick Van Patten, 13920 Magnolia Bl., Sherman Oaks CA 91423
Diana Hyland.... Joan Bradford [IMDB]
Joan: Tom's first wife.
Hyland: was born on Jan 25, 1936 (RLN:Gentner, Married Name:Goodson) in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, and died on Mar 27, 1977, age 41, in Los Angeles, California (cancer). Jan 25 = 1-25, add the digits 1+2+5=8!
Betty Buckley.... Sandra Sue 'Abby' Abbott [IMDB]
Abby: Ph.D. major, then counselor and became a Bradford and Tom's second wife.
Buckley: was born on July 3, 1947 in Big Spring, Texas.
see her website http://www.bettybuckley.com for appearrances
Grant Goodeve.... David Bradford [IMDB]
David: the adult son (age 23), working in construction
Goodeve: was born July 6, 1952 in Middlebury, Connecticut, USA.; appearred in the second show on (Mark Hamill played David in the pilot)
singing inspirational songs, contributed some for Bob Rivers Comedy Corp, hosts the local "Northwest Backroads" documentaries on KING-5 in Seattle, WA. Happily married with children. He sings and talks on occassion at various churches on the east side of Seattle. Had a brief affair dating Laurie Walters during the show's run. Will be premiering this fall as the host of "If Walls Could Talk" - - a series airing every Monday night on HGTV (Home & Garden Television), hosted a special on log homes for the HGTV network in April 2000.
Mark Hamill [IMDB]
David: Appearred in the pilot episode, then went to Star Wars doing battle with Darth Vader!
Hamill was born on Sep 25, 1951.
Lani O'Grady.... Mary Bradford [IMDB]
Mary: the eldest daughter (age 21), majoring in becoming a doctor.
O'Grady: was born on October 2, 1954 (c. year); October=2, so subtract the 2 day from 10 month and you get eight!
Died on September 25, 2001.
Laurie Walters.... Joannie Bradford [IMDB]
Joanie: the second eldest daughter (age 20), an aspiring actress and later a TV station employee at channel 8
Walters: was born on January 8, 1947, (as confirmed on the Crook and Chase Show) the eighth day of the month!
retired from acting, recently married and working as an environmentalist for Tree People in Los Angeles.
Susan Richardson.... Susan Bradford, then Susan Stockwell [IMDB]
Susan: the middle daughter (age 19), athlete, daycare sitter, and later mother (became a Stockwell upon marriage)
Richardson: was born on March 11, 1952. March=3, so you take 3 from her day 11 and you get eight!
writing a autobio, possible acting roles in movies, articles about her in The Globe and Star magazines in Spring 1999, president of the Teddy Bear Club, living in Pennsylvania, is separated from her husband Don. She's working in a nursing home in Pennsylvania. Also very active with the charity Cystic Fibrosis.
Dianne Kay.... Nancy Bradford [IMDB]
Nancy: the second to youngest daughter (age 18), not knowing what to become
Kay: was born on March 29, 1952, in Phoenix, Arizona, but sources give her year of birth as 1955 or 1956, some as early as 1954. But if Dianne was born in 1956, her DOB would be 3-29-56, add them and you get 88! Appearred in the second show on (Kimberly Beck (b. Jan 9, 1956) played Nancy in the pilot)
last seen in Diagnosis Murder in 1999, but in commercial? Just recently became a full time mother in 1999.
Connie Newton, then Connie Newton-Needham.... Elizabeth Bradford [IMDB]
Elizabeth: the youngest daughter (age 15), an aspiring dancer
Needham: (originally Newton, but got married during the series) was born on December 5, 1959.
retired from acting, married one of the show's set designers, and today is teaching dance classes at a dance studio named Jimmie Defore. She has two daughters, Kim (15), and Taylor (about 9) as of 1999.
Willie Aames.... Tommy Bradford [IMDB]
Tommy: the teenage son (age 14)
Aames: RN: Albert William Upton; was born on July 15, 1960 in Los Angeles, CA. July=7, so subtract it from his 15 day and you get eight! Appearred in the second show on (Chris English played Tommy in the pilot)
The name of his real band was Paradise & his former band was Sobek. Co-starred with Scott Baio in the '80s TV series Charles in Charge.
http://www.bibleman.com/ -- his stage show and religious videos. He dated Connie Newton before she married a set designer. Lives in: Olathe, Kansas; Family: a son, Christopher, with first wife Victoria Weatherman ; daughter Harleigh with Maylo; Married: Maylo MaCaslin; Work: produces and directs Christian videos for a video company in Kansas City, and is raising his daughter, Harleigh, with his second wife Maylo MaCaslin.
Adam Rich.... Nicholas Bradford [IMDB]
Nicholas: the youngest son (age 8)
Rich: was born on Oct 12, 1968 in Brooklyn, making him age eight when it started on March 15, 1977.
He's doing behind-the-scenes TV production work. Had a crush on Dianne Kay (didn't we all?); working as a acting coach to child actors in L.A. The rumors of his death in `Might' magazine a few years ago were greatly exaggerated. In fact, it was all a big joke.
Brian Patrick Clarke.... Merle "The Pearl" Stockwell [IMDB]
Merle: professional baseball pitcher for the Cyclones and soon Susan's husband (Richardson was with child in real life)
Clarke: was born on August 1, 1952 in Pennsylvania, PA; he was born on the eighth month. (He wasn't in the 1989 reunion movie.); Appearred in 4th and 5th seasons (1979-81),
acting on soaps
James Van Patten [IMDB]
Merle: Appearred in the 1989 Reunion Movie
Van Patten: Dick's middle son was born Oct 7, 1956
Ralph Macchio.... Jeremy Andretti [IMDB]
Jeremy: Abby's nephew
Macchio: was born on November 4, 1961 in Huntington, NY; appearred in the last season (1980-81)
movie actor
Joan Prather...Janet McArthur [IMDB]
Janet: attorney and David's wife later on becoming a Bradford
Prather: was born Oct 7, 1950. Occasional actress from 1979-81 seasons
retired from acting?
Michael Thoma was born Dec 4, 1926 and died on Sep 3, 1982 at age 55.
played Dr. Greg Maxwell (1977-79); Tom's friend who helped him keep order with his large family
Virginia Vincent, was born May 3, 1924.
played Daisy Maxwell (1977-79); Greg's wife.
Jennifer Darling, was born on June 19, 1946.
played Donna, Tom's Secretary (1978-81)
Michael Goodrow, was born July 23, 1953.
played Ernie Fields (1979-81), Tommy's friend
Jeffrey Cotler, who was born Nov 20, 1967.
played Irving J. Moore, Nicholas's Friend
his real name is Don Gibble. He is now living in Los Angeles and is a successful talent manager. His office number is 818 693-1897. He discovered actress Mena Suvari who had a great year last year with American Beauty and American Pie. He says he stopped acting when he was 15 years old because he got into drinking and gained weight. He's the casting director for the new movie Nothing For Nothing produced by Kate Kennedy.
Michele Green
played Jill, Tommy's girlfriend
Cyndi Bain.
played Tammi, Ernie's girlfriend
James Karen, was born November 28, 1923.
played Elliott Randolph, Tom's publisher
Nicholas Pryor was born on January 28, 1935.
played Jeffrey Trout, Joanie's employer at KTNS channel 8
Kate Woodville, DOB unknown.
played Ms. Chovick, Nancy's employer at the brokerage firm
Janis Paige was born on Sep 16, 1922.
played Vivian "Auntie V", Tom's Sister
Sondra West, DOB unknown.
played Linda Mae Stockwell, Merle's sister
Jack Elam who was born on Nov 13, 1916.
played Joe Simons, Nicholas's friend, retired con artist in San Diego
K.C. Martel, DOB unknown.
played Marvin Harris, Nicholas's friend
Keith Mitchell
played Vincent, Nicholas's friend
John Louie.
played Melvin, Nicholas's friend
Henderson Forsythe
played Big Bud

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