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"Eight is Enough" Easter Egg Eights List

The only rule is that there must be a simple way to get an "8" out of the situation. There can be an 8 at the end of the number, an 8 as the last digit before the zeroes, or whatever is arbitrarily accepted.

This is a fact and fun look and is intended for informational and amusement purposes. All documentation of such facts are purely coincidental, on the other hand...

"Somewhere out there there's an extra-terrestrial doing this to us, yes. Somebody somewhere has to take responsibility for this." -- Ross Perot
BTW: There are even more Eight Easter Eggs found in my History: EIE D8Book and see when the regulars and semis were born, plus related events of the "EIE" cast...so far!...and EiE Coincidences with The Brady Bunch and other shows.

Not counted are the obvious references of the number eight in relation to the number of Tom's children, so that's too obvious to count.

Here's how the Bradfords and the number eight stack up case by case:

    Assorted Eight Show Easter Eggs (was it planned that way?)

  1. Eight is Enough was originally scheduled to debut on March 7th 1977, but was delayed to March 15th: 8 days later!
  2. The TV Guide issue that the cast appearred in was 12-16-78. Also, the month and the day add to 28! The week range ended at 12-22, so multiply all the digits and you get 8!
  3. The TV Guide article with David Hasselhoff on the cover had an article on Eight is Enough. The issue? 7/8/1978!
  4. The TV Guide article with Dolly Parton on the over had an article on the Eight is Enough Reunion. The range from October 17th to the 23rd, 1987. That October 23rd was the day "Weird Al" Yankovic turned 28!; furthermore, the age he was when the week began was 27!.
  5. There are exactly eight letters in their surname "Bradford".
  6. Adam Rich has exactly eight letters in his name. Furthermore, Adam's character name, Nicholas, has eight letters.
  7. Oddly enough, no principal cast member (including the original and step mothers) has eight letters in any of their first or last names, and none of their characters' first names, except for Nicholas, has eight letters in them, and no cast member except Adam Rich has a total of eight characters in their names!
  8. Some of the irregulars had eight letters in them: *Virginia* Vincent (Mrs. Greg Maxwell), and nephew Jeremy *Andretti*
  9. Nancy sometimes wears a shirt with the number 8 on it.
  10. The eighth letter of the alphabet is the last charcter in the title "Eight is Enough"
  11. The Show from Aug 1977 through Aug 1981 aired at 8pm ET/CT.
  12. Dick Van Patten's first series "Mama" lasted eight seasons. It reportedly had only eight copies of the show in existence.
  13. Mark Hamill, the original David for all of the pilot episode, became megafamous as Luke Skywalker on the motion picture "Star Wars", which had eight letters. Hans Solo has eight letters, so does Chewbaca, the Princess part of Leia, and even "The Force" has eight letters as well!
  14. A copycat coincidence? "Just The Ten Of Us" featuring a balding father of eight children debuted on D.T.'s 28th birthday on April 26, 1988. Oddly, both "Ten" and "Eight" debuted Tuesday at 8:30 on ABC-TV in 1988 and 1977 respectively. My birthday fell on a Tuesday both years! Furthermore, the name of the show "Just The Ten of Us" was lifted from the title of a 1979 Eight is Enough episode of the same name. So now you know.
  15. In the title "Eight is Enough", there are exactly eight letters after the word "Eight".
  16. The Bradfords reside on 1436 Oak Street in Sacramento, California. The first three numbers add up to eight! (drop the six at the end)
  17. The 1977 ages of the eight children, 23+21+20+19+18+15+14+8, add up to 138.
  18. the call letters of the Channel eight station are KTNS. K=11, T=20, N=14, S=19; so 11+20+14+19=64, which is eight squared!
  19. Susan Richardson guested twice in the Eighth season of "One Day at a Time."
  20. In the atomic weights table, the eighth atomic number is oxygen, the letter "O" represents it and its weight is 15.9994. There's no coincidence here, it's just for your education.
  21. In "Schussboomer", Tom helps Mary's friend deliver an eight-pound, five-ounce fighting Irishman.
  22. In "The Gipper Case" during the dinner scene, one of the children mentioned she didn't have a dental appointment for eight months and Elizabeth mentioned that Tom's dentist may have eight guys on his touch football team. Also, Mary addresses the kids about temproary insanity that seems to affect men in a certain time in their lives...from age eight to eighty.
  23. In "Women, Ducks and the Domino Theory", Elizabeth tells her friend on the phone she was grounded for missing curfew by 48 minutes. She was eating pizza with her friend. Get it? Domino Theory? Pizza?
  24. In "V is for Vivian", Tom tells Mary about him having broken ankles in an accident and him being taken care by Vivian worked with him 8-10 hours a day.
  25. In "Mortgage Burnin' Blues", Joannie grabs eight copies of the newspaper their bar-bashing story appearred in.
  26. In "Hit and Run", Joannie's date, whose car she bumped into, received a bill for $300 for the repair of his car which he describes as having eight coats of paint all rubbed out by hand.
  27. In "Dark Horse", during a press conference of the two local candidates for the school board, Mr. Flannigan was asked where he stood on the school budget height, he answered he supported it each years for the last eight years. Also, Elizabeth tells the voters on the phone to vote before the polls close at eight o'clock that night. Mary was campaigning for the eighth school district. Funny enough, Susan mentioned to Mary she got five real people to vote for her; Real People was the name of the NBC show that would compete with EiE in April 1979.
  28. In "The Bard and the Bod", Tommy suggests to Joannie to send him an eight by ten glossy of her nude for his locker in disgust.
  29. In "Children of the Groom, pt 1", in the opening scene, Abby tells Tom she has to be at school at quarter to eight and he has an 8:30 interview. Also, Nancy tells Mr. Corelli about her need to find a place for the wedding reception Nov 9, and Mr. Corelli looks up the schedule and sees a big game at Sainy Francis Academy at eight o'clock.
  30. In "Horror Story", a radio bulletin reported that a prisoner escaped and in his description, his age was 28.
  31. In "All's Fair in Love and War", Richard Connors, who represents the army recruiting office on campus, had to leave, saying he had to report at 0800 hours.
  32. In "The Return of Auntie V", Auntie V told Tom about Nancy going on a cruise for eight weeks.
  33. In "A Hair of the Dog", Tom was telling his friend if he only had some wheels, and Tom told him "look at that, four on the floor, mad wheels, eight-track stereo." Also, Joanie was excited that "Casablanca" was on TV that night, and Elizabeth "you've only seen it 28 times."
  34. In "Much Ado About Garbage", 8 to 10 weeks is the amount of time the Supreme Court would rule on the case of Tom being held in custody for not revealing his sources. Also, the children collectively raised $74.65, plus Nicholas's $4.20, making the total of $78.85! One of the trashmen weighed one of Tom's trash bags weighed 38 at the most.
  35. In "Seven Days In February", David told his friend about his blind date Mindy the Mouth who was 5-ft 2 and her mouth was 4-ft 8 and she never stopped using it.
  36. In "Yes, Nicholas, There Is a Santa Claus", part two of their 1977 Christmas episode, Tom tells his friend he can pick up his impounded Christmas gift at the police station after Feb 8, and his claim check is No. 188374.
  37. In "Author, Author", Mary said there hasn't been a Belgian congo for 18 years.
  38. In "Long Night's Journey Into Day", Tom asks Mary for an eight-letter word for think. It's cogitate.
  39. In "Trial Marriage", Tom tells Mary's boyfriend doctor that it's maybe it's going to the same old first grade play for the eighth time.
  40. In "Who's On First", Joanie recieved a phone call regarding Joey Allen leaving for three weeks beginning on the 18th.
  41. In "Nine is Too Much", Tom tells Nicholas it's time for him to go to bed, but Nicholas complains it's only eight o'clock. Also, the scoreboard read that the Red Sox were leading the Tigers 5-3; add them to get eight. And Abby tells Nicholas on the pitching mound that "you've got eight other guys out there..."
  42. In "Who's Crazy Here?", Tommy told his date on the telephone that he would pick her up at eight o'clock.
  43. In "The Better Part of Valor", Janet's parents agreed on getting together with Tom and Abby. Nicholas suggested tomorrow night. What time? They agreed on eight O'clock.
  44. In "Here We Go Again/Oh, No...Not Again!", Elizabeth gives Tom a receipt for his tax audit: Adhesive Bandages for 98 cents; also, the tax audit man handed Tom a voucher of $53.78.
  45. In "Merle The Pearl", Tom complains to Nancy, who among his other children, that his sedan that they drive had a full tank two days ago and it ran dry. Nancy replies: "What do you expect from an old car that gets eight miles to the gallon!"
  46. In "Big Shoes, Little Feet", someone mentioned to Tom at work that a golfer's game was down eight strokes.
  47. in "Mary, He's Married", while Mary was half asleep, Mary agreed to Nancy to let Steve pick her up at Eight O'clock.
  48. in "The Kid Who Came to Dinner", Tommy was asked to describe what he sees on a piece of paper with an ink blob on it and what it reminds him of, and he replies: "A 1968 convertible that burns oil."
  49. in "Cinderella Understudy", Nicholas was wearing a football uniform with the number 38 on it. Also, Tom learns that Joanie got a professional acting job for $58 a week working for the Sacramento Repretory Company. Also, Joanie as an understudy had 27 hours to study the lines to her play. Woops, wrong number list.
  50. in "The Hipbone's Connected To The Thigh Bone", each member of the Bradford family pitched in to help Mary drill an anatomy part into Mary's head. How many major sections? 8!
  51. in "My Son, The Prom Queen", at high school, when two of his friends complained that he was late, Tommy told them that he still had eight minutes before the first bell.
  52. in "Milk and Sympathy", Mary said she wouldn't start the clinic for 7-8 years anyway.
  53. in "All The Vice-President's Men", Cory asks Elizabeth for a date that night, and she suggests the time of 8:30. Also in that episode, Tommy told David he sold 27 futures of the Vice President picture.
  54. in "Cops and Toddlers", David asks Nicholas where everybody was, he says asleep, David asks at 8:30?
  55. in "Seven More Days in February", Tom asked his son Tommy to take the niece of his paycheck writer, Elliot Randolph, on a date. Once his son agrees and he asks what time he should pick her up, Tom replies "Eight O'clock."
  56. in "The Flunked and the Funked", Nancy tells Abby "if you didn't have to worry about homework and tests, you can concentrate on your business, in a year's time you could have eighty people working for you."
  57. in "Inlaws and Outlaws", Joanie told Nancy that the rent has been raised eighty dollars. Also the car that Joanie, Susan and Nancy had a parking ticket for illegally parking during the street cleaning day between 8am and 5pm.
  58. in "Alone At Last", Tommy tells Melanie on the phone that he'll pick her up for a date at about 8:00.
  59. in "A Matter of Mentors", Nicholas needed eight dollars to solve a problem with a bully he cannot hit...the bully's a she!
  60. in "Bradfordgate", Tom says he always thought he was cheated about his school, eight grades in one room, no college.
  61. in "The Final Days", Joanie said she had sixty-eight until the first of her five final exams.
  62. in "Marriage and Other Flights of Fancy", David's travel companion suggested taking route eighty
  63. in "Moving Out", Susan asked what kind of place to afford for $58 a week?
  64. in "Darlene Dilemma", the TV commercial within had the president of Easy Arts Heating and Cooling announcing he just opened up the eighth friendly store in the East Rolls Shopping Center. Also, Tom's defective air conditioner repair bill came to 800 dollars.
  65. in "And Baby Makes Nine, Part II", the time on the clock read 3:23. Add up the digits: 3+2+3=8!

Other Eights

  • I just received the book "The Birthday Directory" by Dennis Crossland and on page 4, yours truly got an honorable mention as my name and website were seen.


    I went throught the book, looking how many birthdates of the Eight is Enough members were mentioned in the book.

    Laurie Walters
    Diana Hyland
    Susan Richardson
    Betty Buckley
    Grant Goodeve
    Willie Aames
    Adam Rich
    Dick Van Patten

    Only eight of the Bradfords were mentioned in the book. Bummer. Coincidence?

    You can see it online at this link:
    The Birthday Directory of Famous & Infamous People (2d Edition)
    Dennis Crossland / Paperback/ Published 1999

    It's not discounted yet, but if you can get a better price at your local bookstore including tax, buy the book there. :-)

  • On the 8-7-99 issue of TV Guide, Grant Goodeve was on page 29, but he was labeled number 8!

    OK, if that weren't insane enough, I just started yet another number page...

    The Six List -- pertaining to the show "Blossom"

    1. I was born April 26, exactly six days between Joey Lawrence (April 20) and Jenna Von Oy (May 2)
    2. Joey Lawrence was born in 1976!
    3. Jenna Von Oy plays Six on the show.
    4. My last digit on my birthdate is a 6! There are two six's in my b-date (4-26-60), while if you add the other 4 and 2 together, you get six!
    5. Mayim Bialik's last name has six letters in it!
    6. Stepmom Finola Hughes has six letters in each of her first and last names.
    7. "Blossom" debuted 1-3-1991. Drop the nines and add up the other digits...and you get 6!
    8. "Blossom" ended its NBC run in June 1995, the sixth month of the year. Drop the 9's and add the 1 and 5 in the year and you get six!

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