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Eight is Enough Episode Guide

Eight is Enough Episodes: Elizabeth Bradford

#1 Never Try Eating Nectarines Since Juice May Dispense

  • Elizabeth is arrested for possession of narcotics and Tom and Joan have to find $1,500 to pay for her lawyer.

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    #4 Women, Ducks and the Domino Theory

  • Elizabeth gets grounded over curfew.

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    #7 V is for Vivian

  • Elizabeth wants to wear makeup, but Tom refuses.

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    #8 Hit and Run

  • Meanwhile, Elizabeth goes from three prom dates to none when they all show up at the same time.

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    #9 The Gipper Caper

  • Elizabeth worries about Maria in Columbia.

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    #17 Children of the Groom, pt 1

  • Elizabeth and Nicholas are not as excited about the wedding plans as the rest of the Bradford children.

    #18 Children of the Groom, pt 2

  • Abby asks Elizabeth to be her maid of honor and develop a special relationship.

    #24 Dear Ms. Dinah

  • Tom is upset when Abby makes arrangements for Elizabeth to get birth control pills.

    #31 Great Expectations

  • Frustrated by the transportation arrangements, Tommy, Elizabeth, Nancy, and Susan buy their own car.

    #43 The Hipbone's Connected to the Thighbone

  • Susan, Elizabeth, and Nancy try to teach Tommy to drive when Tom is reluctant to do it. Tommy is embarrassed to be seen with his teachers, Susan and Nancy. Finally, Tom teaches Tommy a lesson in driving.

    #50 The Yearning Point

  • Both Elizabeth and Tommy learn that there is no easy way to success.
  • Elizabeth wants to go to an expensive college in Vermont with a good dance program but Tom can't afford the tuition.
  • Abby discovers a dance scholarship Elizabeth can compete for and Elizabeth starts studying dance with a professional dance company.

    #54 Horror Story

  • Tommy and Elizabeth think "Perkins" is an escaped convict.

    #57 The Kid Who Came to Dinner

  • Tommy and Elizabeth debate the merits of cosmetic surgery.

    #60 The Final Days

  • Elizabeth panics when she discovers she has to take an algebra final.

    #61 The Graduates

  • Tom is proud when Elizabeth and Joannie are graduating the same week (Joannie from college and Elizabeth from high school).
  • Tom is invited to give the commencement address at Elizabeth's High School graduation.
  • Abby talks to the principal on Elizabeth's behalf after she is excluded from the graduation ceremony for taking part in a dangerous senior prank.

    #62 Marriage and Other Flights of Fancy, pt. 1

  • Elizabeth is paired with a real nerd for a make-believe marriage assignment at school.

    #71 Fathers and Other Strangers, pt. 2

  • Elizabeth and Nancy meet two men who claim to be native Hawaiians.

    #73 Separate Ways

  • Elizabeth and Mary try to fix the furnace when David doesn't have time to fix it, and try to bill Tom.

    #76 Brotherhood, Sisterhood

  • Elizabeth is looking for advice on how to meet men in college.

    #84 Bradford vs. Bradford

  • Ernie misreads Elizabeth's friendly gestures.

    #91 And Baby Makes Nine, pt. 1

  • Elizabeth considers moving in with her boyfriend.

    #92 And Baby Makes Nine, pt. 2

  • Elizabeth comes to terms with her living arrangement.

    #105 If the Glass Slipper Fits

  • Elizabeth is trying to attract Alan Anderson, who only sees her as a friend.

    #108 Idolbreaker, pt. 1

  • Mary, Nancy, Elizabeth, and Joannie adopt a bum named Max, and bring him home for dinner.

    #110 Starting Over

  • Nicholas assumes he's a shoo-in for the basketball team when Elizabeth dates the coach.
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