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How To Link

How to Link

Now That You Found My EiE Site, Why Not Link It From Your Page?

Pick a button! ANY button!


then, save one of the buttons on your hard drive, and be sure you rename it as 08btn000.gif
Netscape: right-click on top of an image, then select "Save Image As...", and save it as 08btn000.gif

FTP Placement Scheme 1: If your images are on the same directory level as the page page you're placing this HTML code in, then copy this code and place this anywhere on your webpage!

<!--Begin EiE Button-->
<A HREF="http://www.eightisenough.com/">
<IMG SRC="08btn000.gif"></A>
<!--End EiE Button-->

Be sure that you FTP the button in the same directory as the webpage you're placing it on!

FTP Placement Scheme 2: If your images are on the "/IMG" level then copy this code and place this anywhere on your webpage!

Upload your image to the /IMG directory and the page on the main directory level.!

<!--Begin EiE Button-->
<A HREF="http://www.eightisenough.com/">
<IMG SRC="img/08btn000.gif"></A>
<!--End EiE Button-->

FTP Placement Scheme 3: If you have Angelfire and some other webspace provider, they upload your images to the IMAGE directory in your space. If that's the case, then copy this code below instead and place this on your webpage...

<!--Begin EiE Button-->
<A HREF="http://www.eightisenough.com/">
<IMG SRC="images/08btn000.gif"></A>
<!--End EiE Button-->

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