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"Eight is Enough" Coincidences List!

Listed are coincidences with The Brady Bunch, 90210, and even Me?!?!? Someone up there must be having a good laugh!

Have I been working on my Demented Datebooks too long or have I been watching too many reruns of a certain family show?

OK, since the station in San Diego formerly known as the cool one dropped Dr. Demento's radio show last winter and KSCA went Spanish, I ended up with just too much time to spare.

So, I decided to tape some of the reruns of the 70s and 80s I grew up with and cruise the internet while I listen to the stories instead of listening to the music of former cool station that dumped Demento or the late KSCA in Spanish.

I tried watching some of the newer shows on the eight broadcast networks including some Spanish networks, but little interests me except for Seinfeld, Simpsons, King of the Hill, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and Melrose Place.

Happy Days, Laverne and Shirley, Three's Company, All in the Family, M*A*S*H, WKRP in Cincinnatti, Taxi, Mork and Mindy, the 70s Saturday Night Live, and the like fill the sounds of my home every night instead of the former station I used to listen to.

Also, I watch the fX channel daily for reruns of Batman, Miami Vice, In Living Color, NYPD Blue, X-Files, A-Team, and Eight Is Enough every now and then when I have time to spare.

I also been looking at Weird Al Yankovic's 27 list of coincidences, and I also noticed some of Weird Al's that fall into the new Eight list for Al on Ch 27, but as I was doing my Datebooks and Birthdays and Event compiling, I noticed something really peculiar with this eight coincidence on the Eight Family themselves!

We have Elvis (dprossi@orion.webspan.net) who does the "Weird Al" Yankovic 27 list where there are some coincidences relating to the musical artist and the particular number 27. Look for the list in a USENET newsgroup alt.music.weird-al

This list somewhat is based on that idea. The only rule is that there must be a simple way to get an "8" out of the situation. There can be an 8 at the end of the number, an 8 as the last digit before the zeroes, or whatever is arbitrarily accepted.

This is a fact and fun look and is intended for informational and amusement purposes. All documentation of such facts are purely coincidental, on the other hand...

"Somewhere out there there's an extra-terrestrial doing this to us, yes. Somebody somewhere has to take responsibility for this." -- Ross Perot
BTW: There are even more Eight Easter Eggs found in my History: EIE D8Book and see when the regulars and semis were born, plus related events of the "EIE" cast...so far!...also see the EiE Easter Eggs page for some eights that seem scripted that way.

    Some odd coincidences if I'm figured into this with me born 4-26-60...

  1. Willie Aames was born exactly 80 days after I was (7-15-60)
  2. The age range of the real life children actors except for Laurie Walters spanned from 1952 to 1968. I'm eight years off both extremes in the middle. This was before I found out that Laurie Walter's birthyear was 1947 and not after 1955, but I keep this paragraph for historical purposes.
  3. If you multiply 4*2*6 in my 4-26 day, you get 48.
  4. Susan Richardson was born 3-11-52, 8 1/8 years before I was. 45 1/2 days is an eighth of a year, so 45 or 46 days are correct.
  5. 108 days is the difference between my birthdate on non-leap years and Laurie Walters (Apr 26 (116) - Jan 8 (8)).
  6. The numbers in the 116th day on non-leap years, 1+1+6, add up to eight.
  7. My letter on David Letterman's show was read on August 23 or 24, 1991, depending on time zone. Raise the 2 to the power of 3 from "23" or multiply the 2 by 4 in "24" and you get eight, the month it was read!
  8. I saw Dianne Kay at the Mother Goose Parade on November 18, 1979.
  9. 28 days is the difference between my birthdate and Dianne Kay's (Apr 26 vs Mar 29 is 28 days!)
  10. 68 days is the difference between my birthdate and Betty Buckley's (Apr 26 vs Jul 3 is 68 days!)
  11. I once delivered a pizza to a William Aames back in the 1980s in the Mira Mesa area. In 2005, I delivered to a Suzanne Richardson.
  12. I had letters read on the "Backchat" show on the fX cable network. "Backchat" has eight letters in it!
  13. I had eight letters read on Backchat in an eight-week period from Dec 21 1994 through Feb 9 1995.
  14. My last letter read on Backchat was read on Feb 8, 1997. (So far)
  15. My letter on "Backchat" proclaiming "Eight Is Enough RULES!!!" aired Sep 29/30 and repeated Oct 2, 1994, the latter being Lani O'Grady's b-day and the middle date Barry Williams' b-day. The letter also mentioned "The Brady Bunch". More on the Bradys in a bit.
  16. I was born at 6:34 on April 26. Subtract the hour from the minute and you get 28.
  17. The "Eight" show aired on my 18th birthday in 1978 at 8pm.
  18. I live in San Diego, which has eight letters in it, where I-8 crosses the town and one of the stations locally is channel eight.
  19. I went to Pershing Jr. High School and Patrick Henry High School and one of the classmates went by the name of Greg Maxwell, the name of Michael Thoma's character on EiE. Scary, isn't it?
  20. I am a member of the Class of 1978.
  21. I spotted a California license plate in La Jolla reading "8's Enuff". Never found out who's car it was. Dick Van Patten's I presume? The car was driving northwards towards the Del Mar Fairgrounds where he bets on the horses on occasion.
  22. My first mention of my name anywhere was on the old Suzy Saturn show on local KCST-39 (now KNSD) in 1968 when I was eight.
  23. When Toys R Us opened its doors on Jackson and Grossmont in August 1970, I saw Johnny Downs, The Banana Splits, Fred and Barney (in costume, of course), and H.R. Pufinstuf. The number of celebs there: eight. The channel it was promoted from: 10 (oops, sorry).
  24. The hour my name (though spelled David Tanney) appeared on a Matlock episode was on 4-25-1989. The show aired at 8 ET/PT. Also in my often misspelled version mentioned on Matlock, there are eight different letters in it.
  25. On 5-8-1995, I had my wisdom teeth pulled!
  26. On 2-2-1997, I and the Save the AAA campaign people was on live from the KSCA candlelight vigil broadcast on KCAL channel 9 in the 8PM hour.
  27. On 6-1-1996, I was on Channel 8 during the Children's Miracle Network telethon.
  28. The letters of mine and others that appearred on fX's "Backchat" program is on Cox Cable channel 68.
  29. June 1, 1997, I appeared on Channel 10's Children's Hospital Telethon late in the 8AM hour. It was on opposite Eight is Enough on cable.
  30. An eight coincidence not related to EIE, my 4-26 birthday is 8 1/8 years off of Judy Garland's (6-10) and her daughter Liza Minnelli (3-12). Toto, I don't think this is Sacramento anymore!
  31. A strange coincidence: July 16, 1997, on the day after I gave EiE a channel of its own, spinning off the 80s music and math stuff into their own channels, the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed above the 8,000 point barrier! I swear, I was NOT timing this to coincide with that event (This was a soft launch).
  32. August 1, 1997, was the day I officially launched the "Eight is Enough" page. It got mentioned in Yahoo! August 9, eight days after I submitted it.

    A Very Brady Bradford Coincidence?

  1. The first four letters in "Bradford" are the same in "Brady".
  2. Both "The Brady Bunch" and "Eight is Enough" end with the eighth letter, "H", and the number of letters in each title are both 13!
  3. The last network airings of each of their shows were both in August, 1974 for BB and 1981 for EiE.
  4. Eve Plumb as well as her character name Jan Brady have eight letters in their names.
  5. Ann B. Davis has eight letters in it and her middle initial "B" in the credits stands for Bradford!
  6. Barry Williams has eight letters in his last name and Florence Henderson has eight letters in her first name. Barry recounted in his bio an affair with her at one time.
  7. The number of people on Brady and Enough with five-letter names in real life or first character names (barring Brady) is equal: eight! See for yourself:
    • Brady Bunch: *Carol*, *Barry*, *Peter*, *Plumb*, *Bobby*, *Susan*, *Cindy*, *Olsen*
    • Eight Enuff: *Tommy*, *Aames*, *Susan*, *Susan* (counted once for each occurrence), *Nancy*, *Grant*, *David*, and *Diana* (Hyland)
  8. Furthermore, the other regulars added also are equal! Add these in:
    • Brady: *Tiger*, *Alice*, *Davis*, *Allan* (Allan Melvin played Alice's often boyfriend Sam Franklin the butcher), and 1990 Marcia replacement Leah *Ayres*
    • Eight: *Betty*, *Janet*, *Merle*, *Brian* (Joan Prather's Janet got married to David and Brian Patrick Clarke's Merle wed Susan...all had five letters in their first names on that double-wedding day!), and *Ralph* (Macchio)
  9. There is a Susan playing one of the offspring in each of the two families (Olsen and Richardson), AND each Susan plays the THIRD daughter of the offspring!
  10. The middle daughters Nancy on "Eight" and Jan on "Brady" are the regulars whose birthdays are closest to mine (Dianne 3-29 and Eve 4-29), also both are blondes!
  11. There are nine people living in both households!
  12. Each of the two shows debuted within the week of the offspring actor/actress who is the oldest in real life:
    • Brady Bunch premiered Sep 26; Barry Williams born Sep 30, four days later
    • Eight is Enough premiered Mar 15; Susan Richardson(*) born Mar 11 (Grant Goodeve playing the oldest of the offspring was born four months later) born four days earlier. (*)Recently was confirmed that Laurie Walters is five years older than Susan, but what the heck. This stays here anyway.
    • Add the two diffrences of four together and you get eight!
  13. The first letters of each of the first three girls character names have the same consonant sounds:
    • Brady: Marcia, Jan, Cindy (note that the "C" is pronounced like an "S" in her name)
    • Eight: Mary, Joanie, Susan
  14. In their fifth and final seasons, The Bradys had stepmom Carol's nephew Oliver stay while The Bradfords had stepmon Abby's nephew, Jeremy stay. Moral: Don't let nephews move in!
  15. The Brady Bunch debut in 1969; Eight is Enough in 1977, the difference: eight years!


  1. Pamela Anderson of "Baywatch" was born on July 1, or 7-1. Add them! Furthermore, her last name has eight letters (before she changed it to Lee).
  2. "Baywatch" has eight letters in it; furthermore, the show ends with the eighth letter of the alphabet.
  3. Yasmine Bleeth was born on June 14 (6-14), the difference between the month and day is eight; furthermore, her character Caroline has eight letters in it.

    Beverly Hills, 90210?

  1. Jason Priestley of 90210 was born August 29, the eighth month, and his middle name is Bradford!
  2. Brian Austin Green has the same birthdate as Willie Aames, July 15.
  3. Shannen Doherty was born April 12, (4-12), the difference is eight.
  4. Gabrielle Carteris is eight months and a day shy of eight days younger than me (she was born 1-2-61). Carteris has eight letters.
  5. Tori Spelling has eight letters in her last name.
  6. Beverly Hills 90210 and Eight Is Enough both started out at 9pm opposite shows that had 11-year runs, Cheers and M*A*S*H respectively, then moved to Wednesday nights at 8pm in their second time slots.
  7. The only three-name actors are named Brian:
    • Brian Austin Green on 90210
    • Brian Patrick Clarke on Enough
  8. Luke Perry of 90210 appearred in the movie "8 Seconds".
  9. Luke Perry became a father on June 15, 1997, when his wife Minnie gave birth to Jack, weighing 8 pounds and 8 ounces.
  10. "Eight" is the first number mentioned in their title while "90210" was the last number mentioned in their title. Both are five characters long (note that "eight" is spelled out in the title)
  11. The oldest of the eights in real life had children first. Richardson in 1980 and Carteris in 1994.
  12. the character David was the oldest of the eight in "Enough" while the David in "90210" was the youngest of the principal eight teen friendship group.
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