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Lost Episodes

Lost Episodes of "Eight is Enough" and "The Brady Bunch" That Will Never See The Day!

Believe it or not, an Internet tabloid news item recently exposed the fact that cancelled series remain in production, churning out episodes that will never air on TV since no outlet purchased the rights to air the episodes. The Brady Bunch lasted from 1969-74, plus several reincarnations and Eight Is Enough 1977-81, plus two movies.

Everyone has been asking all these years: WHAT HAPPENED SINCE THEN?

Well, our crack research team has unearthed some of the "lost" episodes of these family shows that never aired, existing all over the world in the homes of many private citizens that shall remain private.

Not sure of are the actual dates they were supposed to air, but if anyone knows of any "lost" episodes, please let me know so I can share them with the world.

Oh, and why are some of the events pre-dating the actual day the show first aired? The Bradys and the Bradfords have been around, they just haven't gotten TV contracts back then!

  • TBB-Jun 1971: the Bradys finally find their lost dog Tiger...dating a transvestite Lassie!
  • EiE-Jan 1974: it's the Energy Crisis Gone Amok as the family tries to adjust to year-round daylight saving time mandated by the government, but Tom's biting editorial against the time change causes the FBI to investigate.
  • TBB-Sep 1974: the show enters its sixth season when they adopt David Tanny at the end of the fifth season. HEY, who put that one in?!?
  • TBB-Oct 1974: it's The World Series vs. The Bradys as the men are pitted against the women for the battle to control the channel selection in the Brady household.
  • TBB-Nov 1974: Peter loses his virginity...all by himself!
  • TBB-Dec 1974: Bobby gets in on the Kung-Fu craze as he takes up the course to deal with the school lunch bully. The hit song "Kung Fu Fighting" is sung.
  • TBB-Jan 1975: Marcia loses the election for the job of the head cheerleader to someone that goes by the name of RuPaul.
  • TBB-May 1975: the Bradys adopt Benji the dog, but the dog rebels so much that he makes his marks all over the house. Mike literally kicks the mutt out of his house.
  • TBB-Sep 1975: the Bradys go on a three-hour ship tour, run into a bad storm and get stranded on a desert island populated by other shipwrecked castaways from Gilligan's Island. They find a way to get the ship back together, but they have to decide which team returns to the mainland.
  • TBB-Oct 1975: the Gilligan's Island castaways returned to the mainland, and is so shocked by what's going on in society compared with what they lived with in 1964, that they repack the ship, go back to their island, and somehow convince the Bradys to return home.
  • EiE-Dec 1975: Tommy gets beaten up by the high school bullies, but then he eats a can of spinach and finishes them off!
  • EiE-Feb 1976: in "Mmmm, Bopp", a teenage David, just puberscent Tommy, and schoolkid Nicholas try out for a teeny-bopper singing trio, but they bomb. Turns out 21 years later that another threesome tried the same thing as the act was successful. Reason: the Hanson boys looked like girls!
  • EiE-May 1976: President Ford shows up at the Bradford home, and falls all over the house. Alert secret service agents, seize the house, and wrestled it to the ground!
  • TBB-May 1976: Mike's sexy long-lost daughter shows up at the Brady household claiming to be his, but before Mike could see her out, the boys get completely infatuated over her. Lisa Whelchel guest stars as Chrissy.
  • EiE-Oct 1976: Tom explodes at Tommy's bad grades so much that he takes advantage of the federal student exchange and enrolls him as a Sweathog at James Buchanan High in Brooklyn; in exchange, Tom gets to raise an even dimmer Vinnie Babarino!
  • EiE-Feb 1977: in their annual "Seven Days in February, 1977", Joanie, Susan, and Nancy each have dates whose description is spookingly similar to each other. It was later discovered that one man has been three-timing the girls, and skips town before they get a chance to get even. Former Brady Bunch teen Barry Williams guest starred.
  • TBB-Nov 1978: Carol's Thanksgiving at the Brady house turns into a carnival when Greg mistakenly eats part of the bird, and Peter tries to help him reassemble it together with Oscar Meyer bologna to fill in the gaps Greg caused. Kind of like the vise episode.
  • TBB-Nov 1980: Jan gets so mad at Marcia's college success that she gets out the scissors and chops off all her hair. Marcia couldn't understand why Jan would do that to herself, but Jan becomes the new-wave punk queen sensation and makes all the students forget about sweet Marcia at long last.
  • EiE-Nov 1981: the girls from "The Facts of Life" are substituted for the Bradford girls, but nobody noitces until they notice that one of their children was discovered dating Richard Pryor.
  • EiE-Nov 1981: Tommy gets a new-wave spike cut and emulates the punk star Billy Idol as he transforms his band into acid punk. Tom blows up and orders Tommy to either shape up or move out. Tommy leaves, but meets real life punker Billy Idol, who moves in to Tom's place. Tom, thinking Idol's his son, tells him that he has a change of heart and asks him to move in. Tommy has to figure out how to fix this!
  • EiE-Nov 1981: Sarah's teething pain drives Susan and Merle so mad spending so much time trying to figure out why she's crying that they forget to watch the Luke and Laura wedding on General Hospital.
  • TBB-Dec 1981: Bobby turns 21, gets his first booze, and drives drunk. Fortuneately, it was in front of a Racer-X videogame!
  • EiE-Feb 1982: President Ronald Reagan visits Sacramento, but forgets what he was there for. Supposedly to visit the Fords, he mistakenly enteres the Bradfords home by mistake.
  • EiE-Feb 1982: In "Still Yet Another Seven Days In February", this time, Nancy, Elizabeth and Joanie decide to date the Brady Bunch boys!
  • TBB-Feb 1982: Mike encourages Bobby to try out for the Pac-Man videogame championship, but before Bobby was to take on the champions, some of his opponents loosened up his joystick on his game console, ensuring defeat.
  • EiE-Mar 1982: Nancy finds a new job, but Tom really explodes when he finds out that her job is hosting Real People, the show that beat their show in the ratings!
  • TBB-Apr 1982: Carol's bratty niece drops by for a visit and turns the Brady girls green in anger when she causes trouble for the Brady boys as she dates all three of them simultaneously not knowing that they're all competeting for the same girl. Heather Locklear guests as niece Sammy Jo Walker.
  • EiE-Apr 1982: Nicholas reaches puberty, but gets in trouble in junior high when one of the girls asked him in class to erect a tent, and Nicholas gets confused!
  • EiE-May 1982: Sweeps time again, and this time, Susan's daycare job is a handful: the future kids of Beverly Hills 90210!
  • EiE-May 1982: it was discovered that Nancy has been having an affair...with Mork the Orkan!
  • TBB-Sep 1982: I want my MTV is the rage as Bobby and Cindy lead a city-wide campaign to get their monopolistic cable company to get the cable channel on their system.
  • EiE-Nov 1982: the children are flabberghasted when Tom adopts Gary Coleman from "Diff'rent Strokes"
  • EiE-Nov 1982: Nicholas runs away to San Diego, this time, he gets a job as a dishwasher for a racist upscale golf course. After some cocaine makes its way onto the scene, Nicholas is suspected and is fired, but he gets even when he plants the coke in the pockets of the supremacist head waiter. Eventually, Nicholas runs back to Sacramento after learning what cocaine was.
  • EiE-Feb 1983: the girls invite Jeffrey Dahlmer into their home to Tom's disapproval, but before Jeffrey could think of supper, the extreme sweetness by the girls drives him crazy and he leaves without a bite.
  • EiE-May 1983: Tom is incensed and concerned simultaneously when Nicholas brings his new best friend home. Michael Jackson guest stars.
  • TBB-May 1983: Bobby's grades take a nosedive when a beautiful student played by Justine Bateman transfers to his campus. After Mike scolds Bobby for his bad grades, Bobby considers joining "Family Ties" to marry Justine.
  • EiE-Sep 1984: Madonna makes Tommy her boy-toy as they duet for a video shoot on location.
  • TBB-May 1985: Greg tries once again for a singing career, but after looking at George Michael's butt, he gives up, saying his butt just won't help sell his music.
  • EiE-Nov 1986: Nicholas battles against his high-school bully to gain the attention of the hottest chick in school, but after Nicholas wins, he soon pays the price as his girlfriend dries him up, stiffs him, and dumps him. Shannen Doherty guest stars.
  • TBB-May 1990: Marcia & Wally have their third child Samantha Carolyn Logan
  • EiE-Sep 1990: Nicholas in college tries to lure Janet Jackson to a campus back-to-school concert, but when an alternate is used, Nicholas gets chased out by the whole staff...another Jackson showed up in her place instead...LaToya!
  • TBB-Dec 1990: Cindy and her boss Gary Greenberg tie the knot on the last night of Hannaukah
  • TBB-Jan 1991: Bobby fully recovers from the crash of the Nashville 500,and gets shocking news that he is going to be a father
  • TBB-May 1991: Mike comes out as a gay when Carol confronts his inability to consumate their relationship. Mike then moves out and into an apartment with his lover.
  • TBB-Aug 1991: Cindy and Gary have their first child a girl Allison Jean Greenberg
  • TBB-Nov 1991: Bobby's wife Tracey goes into labor on Thanksgiving and Robert Brady Jr. is born
  • TBB-Feb 1992: Marcia & Wally's daughter Jessica is hospitalized by an epileptic seizure,and the family tries to tell her funny stories about their lives with her while she recovers
  • TBB-Apr 1992: The Rodney King verdict results in a mass riot as even the Brady's home gets trashed by several looters during the city-wide riots. Peter, who was with the National Guard, finds a female looter and tries to change her evil ways.
  • TBB-Jun 1992: Tracey and Bobby have their second child Cathrine Sue Brady
  • TBB-Sep 1992: Carol wonders why Mike has been away for a long time, until the script writers finally come to terms and write in his death in light of Robert Reed's real-life death. Don't knock the Bradys, Eight is Enough did the same thing to Joan Bradford 15 years before.
  • TBB-Nov 1992: on the "Home Demolishment" segment, Tim Taylor destroys the house of The Brady Bunch so they'll never have a reunion movie again. Next stop: The Waltons.
  • TBB-Jul 1993: Tracey and Bobby have their third child Sean Joseph Brady
  • TBB-May 1994: Tracey and Bobby have their fourth child Heather Nicole Brady
  • EiE-Sep 1994: Nancy, nearing 40, finally makes it big time as a model, but it turns out it's for a singing job at Carnival Cruises. She bows out, saying that she's just not annoying enough to do the job. Kathy Lee Gifford gets the job instead.
  • TBB-Feb 1995: Tracey and Bobby have fraternal twins Neil Thomas Brady and Erica Margret Brady
  • TBB-Mar 1995: Cindy and Gary's second daughter is born Michelle Cynthia Greenberg
  • TBB-Nov 1995: a widowed Carol adopts the Olsen twins from the recently-cancelled "Full House", but instead takes in the rest of the family, as they too were homeless when their show got cancelled.
  • TBB-Jan 1996: Tracey and Bobby have their seventh child Wendy Jenaine Brady
  • TBB-Jan 1996: Peter marries a lawyer played by Lori Loughlin
  • EiE-Feb 1996: Mary appears on ER, but gets canned when the chief of staff finds her operating on George Clooney!
  • TBB-Jan 1997: Peter becomes a father to twins Ryan Scott Brady and Matthew Christopher Brady
  • EiE-Feb 1997: Susan has her eighth child with Merle and they both consider getting a spinoff of their Dad's main show. They can't figure out what to name it...the baby, that is.
  • TBB-May 1997: on the "Married With Children" segment, The Bundys duel the Bradys in a Family Feud showdown with rifles! The Bundys chicken out.
  • EiE-Sep 1997: David and his wife adopt eight children of their own, but the family is in shock...he adopted the Spice Girls and the Hanson boys!
  • EiE-Nov 1997: Nov 1997-Tommy desprately tries to get a flight from Lake Tahoe to Sacramento in time to make it for Tom & Abby'a 20th anniversary party. He manages to get a flight on Delta Airlines and notices his old kindergarten friend that he had a crush on was one of the flight attendants. Susan Olsen guest stars as Stephanie "Stevie" Clark. Thanks to Christopher Mulcahy for this item.
  • TBB-Jan 1998: Wally becomes a Saturn salesman
  • EiE-May 1998: The family is totally upset when they discover that it wasn't the guilty verdict on the finale of "Seinfeld" that bummed them out...it was the overhyping, compared with the lack of which they got when ABC canned their show in 1981.
  • EiE-Jun 1998: Sandra Sue graduates from high school, but discovers by accident that she has magical powers. Turns out that one of Merle's ancestors is a descendant of one of Sabrina The Teenage Witch's great great grand aunts!
  • TBB-Jun 1998: Kevin Brady gets drafted by the Los Angeles Kings in the NHL Entry Draft
  • EiE-Jun 1998: Nancy lands a job as the new head coach of the WNBA's Sacramento Monarchs and notices that Sandra Sue gets drafted to the team. Thanks to Christopher Mulcahy for this item.
  • EiE-Jul 1998: Abby gets really upset when her MG finally dies on her, but Tom suprises Abby with a brand new shiny red Pontiac Grand Am SE Sedan. Thanks to Christopher Mulcahy for this item.
  • EiE-Jan 1999: The Bradfords celebrate another double wedding this time Tommy marries Stephanie "Stevie" Clark and Nicholas marries his college girlfriend Nicole Parker played by Amy Jo Johnson from "Felicity"
  • TBB-Jan 1999: Bobby & Tracey have crowded house of 7 kids in order to expand their house they hire Bob Vila to help renovate their house for more space
  • EiE-Feb 1999: The Bradfords reunite again, this time, trouble ensues when original "David" played by Mark Hamill returns after a long journey "into a galaxy far, far away" and he insists that the "David" (Grant Goodeve) that took his place in 1977 isn't the real David and that they should have noticed that in the first place that he looked more beefy than usual.
  • EiE-Mar 1999: Joanie, Susan, and Nancy reunite in the attic of the old Bradford house, and discover a book of witches' spells owned by their late mother in the junk. Their late mother appears (as a ghost, of course) and tells them they are the "charmed" ones, so they cast a spell and make that annoying TV show "Veronica's Closet" disappear from the NBC schedule!
  • EiE-Apr 1999: Nicholas moves into Melrose Place, but the next month, it was demolished soon after Amanda sold the apartment complex.
  • EiE-May 1999: Mary gets into a severe crisis when she discovers that she cannot get rid of her ill-fated Chicago Bulls season tickets.
  • TBB-Jul 1999: Peter gets a cyst removed and it's immediately drafted by the Florida Marlins!
  • EiE-Jun 1999: Susan's old day-care center gets destroyed by a 3 alarm fire
  • EiE-Dec 31, 1999: The Bradfords's homes are turned upside down when Y2K hits and they are unprepared for the changes. Tom's old TRS-80 computer reverts back to 1980, Mary's medical license is suspended because the computer thinks she hasn't been born yet, Joanie's credit card bounces when it's expired, Nancy's blowdryer malfunctions, Susan's electric running machine goes haywire. Elizabeth's cellphones keep hanging up, Tommy's instruments revert back to circa 1900 era sounds, Nicholas' 1978 automobile dies on the freeway, and Abby's counseling credentials are not recognized.
  • EiE-Mar 2000: Nancy feeling that the love is gone from her marriage files for divorce and returns to Brian Morris the love of her life who is now Police Commissioner of Sacramento.
  • EiE-Jan 2000: David comes up with amazing designs for Susan's brand new day care center which is part of a new development complex that David is working on
  • EiE-Apr 2000: Merle, a coach of the San Francisco Giants, gets so insulted by John Rocker's insults that he gets even by hiring security guards representing the ARC, GLAAD, and NAACP to counter his bigtory.
  • EiE-Apr 2000: Tommy puts up his old rock band recordings up for auction on ebay, but runs afoul with the ASCAP and the RIAA who claim that his melodies were stolen directly from Barry Williams!
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