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Bios: Dan Aykroyd

Dan Aykroyd's Characters

Beldar Singh Conehead, the father of the Coneheads family,
Clark Gable,
E. Buzz Miller,
Elwood Blues of the Blues Brothers,
Erwin Mainway,
Fred Garvin: Male Prostitute,
Julia Child who accidentally bleeds to death,
Leonard Pinth-Garnell,
Norge refrigerator repairman who wears his pants too low revealing part of his posterior,
President Jimmy Carter,
President Richard Nixon,
Rod Serling,
Senator Robert Dole,
The famous Bass-O-Matic pitchman "You have a bass!",
Tom Snyder (ha-ha-ha-ha-ha),
Weekend Update anchorman 1977-78 and Point-Counterpoint arguer against Jane Curtin,
Yortuk Festrunk, half of the Festrunk Brothers with Steve Martin, "Two Wild and Crazy Guys!",
a bee,
the chef at Olympia Cafe "(Cheeboiger, Cheeboiger",
the Shark Hunter in the Jaws land shark takeoffs,
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