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You are at the section Saturday Night Live

SNL Episodes Review: 1975-76 Season

The Season's Cast

Regulars: Dan Aykroyd, John Belushi, Chevy Chase, Jane Curtin, Garrett Morris, Laraine Newman, Gilda Radner

Featuring: Geroge Coe, Michael O'Donoghue

Weekend Update Host: Chevy Chase

Episode and Highlights Summary

AirdatesGuest HostMusical Guest(s)
10/11/75George CarlinAndy Kaufman, Janis Ian, Billy Preston, Jim Henson's Muppets, Bill Crystal, Valeri Bromfield.
cold: (JOB) mimics wolverine phrases & heart attack of English teacher (MOD)
mono: host does stand-up about football & baseball terminology differences
COMM: New Dad insurance covers all your family's needs, not just financial ones
skit: sleeping juror (GIR) interprets a piece of evidence as a pick-up line
misc: ANK lip-syncs the Mighty Mouse theme song
misc  host does observational stand-up about many different topics
show: Victims Of Shark Bite- (JOB) falsely claims to have had limbs bitten off
COMM  (CHC) describes how Jamitol allows his wife (MOD) to be productive
news  LAN reports from the Blaine Hotel on its latest murder victim
COMM  a child-proof safety cap makes Triopenin arthritis medicine unobtainable
misc  Jim Henson's Muppets Ploobis & Scred visit the Mighty Favog
misc  host does stand-up about the lack of blue food, "vitamins," & oxymorons
MISC  "The Impossible Truth"- ALB's newsreel contains unlikely items
skit: Bee Hospital- new fathers find out where their offspring rank in the hive
COMM  call Academy of Better Careers now to become a stand-by operator
misc  Valri Bromfield [real] portrays teacher, high school volleyball player
MISC  Show Us Your Guns- SNL goes to the streets to view citizens' firearms
misc: host does stand-up about the relationship between God, man, & religion
skit: (DAA) breaks into house of (JOB) & (GIR) to show need for home security
COMM  gullible people will appreciate the Triple-Trac shaver's tricky bladework
Billy Preston performed "Nothing from Nothing" and "Fancy Lady"; and Janis Ian performed "At Seventeen" and "In The Winter."
10/18/75Paul SimonPaul Simon and Art Garfunkel, Phoebe Snow, Randy Newman, Connie Hawk,
Jesse Dixon Singers, Albert Brooks
cold: host sings "Still Crazy After All These Years"
NEWS: host goes one-on-one with Connie Hawkins [real]; Marv Albert cameo
COMM: start your career in diplomacy at Ambassador Training Institute
MISC: "The Impossible Truth" {rerun}
misc: host informs The Bees that their number has been cut from the show
song: host & Art Garfunkel sing "The Boxer"
Paul Simon performed "Still Crazy After All These Years" and "Loves Me Like A Rock" solo and "The Boxer" and "Scarborough Fair" with Art Garfunkel. Randy Newman performed "Sail Away" and Phoebe Snow performed "No Regrets." Art Garfunkel performed "I Only Have Eyes For You."
10/25/75Rob ReinerPenny Marshall, The Lockers, Andy Kaufman, The Nuns, Joe Cocker, Jim Henson's Muppets, Albert Brooks
cold: wheelchair-bound (CHC) briefly regains his ability to walk, then falls
misc: spastic Joe Cocker (JOB) sings "With A Little Help From My Friends"
show: Dangerous But Inept- Squeaky Fromme (LAN) is unable to shoot JAC
misc: a deranged, sadistic hoe-down caller (DAA) torments square dancers
COMM: ALB's NBC replacement shows- Medical Season, The Three Of Us, Black Vet
comm: a trip to the doctor (DAA) reveals that (JOB)'s pancreas is on the fritz
comm: Droolers Anti-Defamation League representative (CHC) promotes awareness
misc: host is upset when The Bees ruin his dramatic scene; Penny Marshall cameo
John Belushi (as Joe Cocker) performed "A Little Help From My Friends."
11/08/75Candice BergenEsther Phillips, Andy Kaufman
skit: Jaws II- a clever Land Shark (CHC) attacks young women in their homes
skit: CIA records keeper (DAA) says he can't find career criminal GAM's file
show: Black Perspective- GAM praises lily-white African American expert JAC
COMM: Ambassador Training Institute {rerun}
misc: ANK tells unfunny joke, imitates Archie Bunker, forgets his act
show: Midnight Probe- host interviews kiwi trappers (DAA) & (JOB)
Esther Phillips performed "What a Difference a Day Makes" and "I Can Stand a Little Rain."
11/15/75Robert KleinAbba, Loudon Wainwright III, Albert Brooks
cold  beauty pageant winner Sherry (LAN) refuses to accept her crown
mono  host does stand-up about the dangers of animal stereotypes & movie issues
misc  (ALF) & (TOD) discuss a history midterm while playing a game of Pong
show: Minute Mystery- Mike Mendoza (DAA) challenges viewers to solve a crime
comm  Bee Centennial Minute- (GAM) describes an insect's brush with Washington
misc  Greg Allman (CHC) eventually answers "How's your love life?" truthfully
skit: Sam Peckinpah (JOB) treats actress (GIR) roughly while directing a comedy
COMM  (GEC) tells how Jamitol lets his wife (JAC) keep very busy
news: Frank Telinka (DAA) warns of the coming energy crisis while CHC mocks him
skit  (host) tries to convince fellow exterminator (JOB) not to kill roaches
MISC  "The Eternal Crawl" traces the march of roaches through human history
misc  fireman GIR talks about her job & gives some fire prevention tips
misc  Scred tries to come up with ways to remedy Ploobis' migraine headache
misc  host does stand-up about college life, abnormal psychology, pot & monkeys
COMM: save lots of money on groceries with K-Put's Price-Is-Rite stamp gun
show: Looks At Books- JAC questions _Little_Kingdom_ author Emily Litella (GIR)
COMM: Ambassador Training Institute {rerun}
misc: host plays harmonica with the SNL Band & sings "I Can't Stop My Leg"
ABBA performed "Waterloo" and "S.O.S."; Loudon Wainwright III performed "Bicentennial Uncertainty" and Unrequited to the Nth Degree"; Robert Klein and the SNL Band performed "I Can't Stop My Leg."
11/22/75Lily TomlinHoward Shore and His All Nurse Band, Jim Henson's Muppets
skit: Beethoven (JOB) invents "Tie A Yellow Ribbon 'Round The Ole Oak Tree"
mono: host reads some one-liners from her journal & does a cheer for NYC
skit: Beethoven (JOB) plays piano & sings "My Girl"
COMM: Triopenin {rerun}
skit: Jaws III- Matt Cooper (JOB) & Sheriff Brady (DAA) resume Land Shark hunt
COMM: Speed diet pill lets housewife (Anne Beatts) get a lot of work done
skit: Beethoven (JOB) sings "What'd I Say" with backups wife (GIR) & maid (LAN)
song: host sings "St. James Infirmary" with the All-Nurse SNL Band
Lily Tomlin and Howard Shore's All-Nurse Band perform "St. James' Infirmary."
12/13/75Richard PryorGil-Scott Heuron, Thalamus Rasulala
skit: Samurai Hotel- Futaba (JOB) & bellboy (host) fight over (CHC)'s luggage
mono: host does stand-up about what it's like to be drunk in a bar
COMM: New Dad {rerun}
skit: (CHC) conducts a racially-charged free association test with (host)
show: Looks At Books- Junior Griffin (host) talks about his life as a caucasian
COMM: Spud Beer- the potato-based brew to drink after electroshock therapy
skit: (DAA)'s paranoia about black takeover misses changes in his own family
skit: Exorcist II- another priest (host) tries to help possessed Regan (LAN)
Gil-Scott Heron performed "Johannesburg" and "A Lovely Day."
12/20/75Candice BerganThe Stylistics, Martha Reeves, Jim Henson's Muppets, Frank Zappa
cold: Ford (CHC) gives a Christmas Eve fireside chat at the White House
show: Minute Mystery- Mike Mendoza overlooks clues that point to sexy (host)
COMM: K-Put Price-Is-Rite stamp gun {rerun}
show: The Fritzie Kringle (LAN) Show- cooking ingredients get eaten prematurely
comm: Mel's (DAA) Char Palace- they supply the cow, you make your own steak
skit: (host) tries to deal with the knowledge that her brother (CHC) is an elf
COMM: (GEC) & (JAC) for Jamitol {rerun}
news: Emily Litella is against "firing the handicapped"
news: with GAM's help, CHC repeats the top news story for the hard-of-hearing
MISC: a GAW film shows holiday travelers meeting their family members
Martha Reeves performed "Higher & Higher" and "Silver Bells"; The Stylistics performed "You Make Me Feel Brand New."
1/10/76Elliot GouldAnne Murray
cold: a chain reaction in The Dead String Quartet causes cellist (CHC) to fall
skit: support group members Vito Corleone (JOB) & Sherry discuss their troubles
comm: Shimmer can be used as both a floor wax & a dessert topping
skit: interior demolitionists (host) & (CHC) wreck the home of (JAC) & (DAA)
skit: killer Bees take (GIR) & (CHC) hostage in an attempt to get pollen
misc: LOM finds reason for poor camera work- drunk director Dave Wilson [real]
Anne Murray performed "Long Distance Call" and "Boogie With You."
1/17/76Buck HenryBill Withers, Toni Basil, Michael O'Donohue, Howard Shore and His All Bee Band
skit: Samurai Delicatessen- Futaba makes a sandwich for Mr. Dantley (host)
skit: press secretary Ron Nessen (host) & Ford (CHC) begin Operation Stumblebum
skit: auto mechanic (DAA) tells his daughter (GIR) bedtime car repair stories
skit: Citizen Kane (DAA) II- a search for meaning of his post-"Rosebud" words
song: Blues Brothers Jake (JOB) & Elwood (DAA) do "King Bee" with the SNL Band
Bill Withers performed "Ain't No Sunshine" and Toni Basil performed "Wham Re-Bop Boom Bam."
1/24/76Peter Cook and Dudley MooreNeil Sedaka, Jim Henson's Muppets
comm: DOP's Holiday In An Elevator- (GIR) & (DAA) go on the low-cost vacation
skit: prisoners audition for parts in a jailhouse production of Gigi
MISC: a GAW film- novelty store owner explains what makes her products funny
show: Table Talk- (Dudley) interviews The Frog & Peach restaurant owner (Peter)
Neil Sedaka sang "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do," and "Lonely Night."
1/31/76Dick CavettMarshall Efron, Jimmy Cliff
Sketches include "Voodoo on Chevy Chase," "Bullets & Alcohol," "Dick Cavett School 
Of Auto Refinishing & Upholstery," "H&L Brock" (three parts), "Felina Cat Food," 
"Dick Cavett School Of Hydroplane Operation," "Our Town," "Dick and the Lookalike," 
"The Tailor & The Plastic Surgeon" (film), "Dance To The Nation," "Looks At Books," 
"The Apple Follies" (film), and a guest performance by Al Alen Peterson. 
Jimmy Cliff performed "The Harder They Come," "Many Rivers to Cross," and "Wahjaka Man."
2/14/76Peter BoyleAl Jarreau
misc: Duelling Brandos (host) & (JOB) trade Marlon's famous movie lines
skit: Samurai Divorce Court- Futaba & wife (JAC) split their assets
comm: Ricardo Montalban (DAA) talks about the Corrida automobile's faux luxury
show: Remembrance Of Things Past- disguised Nixon (DAA) on eastern philosophy
MISC: lounge pianists play their interpretations of "Misty" for a GAW film
skit: All-Pro Wrestling- Bees (JOB) & (host) vs. WASPs (CHC) & (GIR)
song: musical guest sings "We Got By"

Al Jarreau performs "We'll Get By" and "Somebody's Watching You"; The Shapiro Sisters "sang" "This Will Be."

2/21/76Desi ArnazDesi Arnaz Jr.
cold: Ford (CHC) undergoes a free association test with his analyst (DAA)
skit: other Ricky Ricardo (musical guest) mates in failed I Love Lucy pilots
comm: "Hurricane" Carter (GAM) carries National Express Card to get recognized
skit: (CHC)'s nonsense words make communication with girlfriend (LAN) difficult
show: The Untouchables- Eliot Ness (DAA) tracks Nitti (host) & wife Lucy (GIR)
song: host, musical guest, SNL Band perform "Babalu"
Desi Arnez Sr. and Jr. performed "Cuban Pete" and "Babalu."
2/28/76Jill ClayburghAndy Kaufman, Leon Redbone, Mr. Bill
cold: CHC complains to LOM- "I'm no buffoon, I refuse to do any more falls"
skit: Great Moments In Herstory- Anna (LAN) & Sigmund (DAA) Freud analyze dream
comm: another reason to use H&L Brock- their fake church or synagogue tax dodge
skit: persistent (host) wants to know what boyfriend (CHC) is thinking about
COMM: Triple-Trac {rerun}
misc: CHC's hand puppets perform "Paying The Milkman" to fill in for Muppets
MISC: William Wegman [real] shows his weimaraner Man Ray's skills in a GAW film
COMM: (GEC) & (JAC) for Jamitol {rerun}
skit: Great Moments In Herstory- Indira Gandhi (LAN) learns about nonviolence
Leon Redbone performed "Ain't Misbehavin'" and "Big Time Woman"; Jill Clayburgh, the Singing Idlers, and the SNL Band perform "Semper Paratus" and "Sea Cruise."
3/13/76Anthony PerkinsBetty Carter, Jim Henson's Muppets
cold: CHC unconvincingly denies a charge that there's too much filler in SNL
skit: Sherry complains to professor (host)- "I don't deserve this Bee (JOB)"
MISC: Show Us Your Guns {rerun}
comm: Norman Bates (host) School Of Hotel Management- learn proper knife use
skit: patient (JAC) sings "Hello, Dolly" as part of (host)'s therapy technique
COMM: Ambassador Training Institute {rerun}
comm: movie trailers for host's post-Psycho low-budget horror movies
news: March isn't lion-lamb in other countries- JOB delineates the combinations
Betty Carter performed "Music, Maestro, Please," "Swing Brother Swing," and "I Can't Help It."
4/17/76Ron NessenToni Basil, Patti Smith Group, Billy Crystal
cold: another Dead String Quartet performance; Ford-on-tape [real] starts show
skit: host briefs Ford (CHC) & asks for permission to be on SNL
comm: Super Bass-O-Matic '76- (DAA) pitches a device that creates liquid fish
NEWS: an example of Ford's [real] identity crisis therapy
news: Emily Litella talks about "presidential erections"
comm: jam hawkers one-up each other with progressively disgusting brand names
MISC: a GAW film features interviews with NYC sanitation workers
show: Tomorrow- Tom Snyder (DAA) interviews host
The Patti Smith Group performed "Gloria" and "My Generation."
4/24/76Raquel WelchPhoebe Snow, John Sebastian
cold: while performing a skit he wrote, CHC balks when a fall is requested
mono: host & Joe Cocker (JOB) sing "Superstar"
comm: Joesph Franklin (DAA) introduces 10-letter metric alphabet- the Decabet
SHOW: The Claudine Longet Invitational- ski competitors are "accidentally" shot
MISC: an ALB film- his traumatic home movies, failed Candid Camera-style stunts
news: JOB takes issue with songs written about the weather, sticks up for Toto
Phoebe Snow performed "Two-Fisted Love."
5/8/76Madeline KahnCarly Simon
misc: newly-born Bride Of Frankenstein (host) sings "I Feel Pretty"
show: Not For Ladies Only- Baba Wawa (GIR) interviews Marlene Dietrich (host)
comm: Wilderness Comedian- a movie about Shecky Adams (JOB), fauna entertainer
skit: an account of the stormy final days of the Nixon (DAA) White House
skit: (host) suspects her husband, private eye (JOB) sings "I Will Follow Him"
skit: (JOB) promises Ms. Mulwray (host)- "I Will Follow Him" in Chinatown
Carly Simon performs "Half a Chance" and "You're So Vain" (featuring Chevy Chase); Madeline Kahn performed "Lost In The Stars."
5/15/76Dyan CannonLeon and Mary Russell
Sketches include "Chevy Repeats the Fall," "Dyan's Dream," "Sugar-Free Zing," 
"Hearing Test," "The Adulterer," "Vacationland Adventure," "Next Week's Host," 
"Minister with Hiccups," "Anita Bryant for Orange Juice," "Marine Corps 
Commercial Shoot," "Johnny Angel," "Affair Investigation" (film), "Bathwater 
of The Stars", "Cresk Toothpaste," and "The Hubcap Thief" (film)
Leon and Mary Russell performed "Satisfy You" and "Daylight" (featuring John Belushi as Joe Cocker).
5/22/76Buck HenryGordon Lightfoot
skit: Samurai Tailor- Mr. Dantley needs a tuxedo for his wedding
show: Not For Ladies Only- Baba Wawa interviews director Lina Wertmuller (LAN)
misc: GAM sings Schubert's "An Die Musik" as an explanation scrolls by
show: Talk Back- lack of calls leads (host) to increase topic controversy level
comm: Dell Stator's Toad Ranch Restaurant- Kenny Slungar (DAA) pitches frogmeat
misc: MOD does impression of Tony Orlando having long needles plunged into eyes
Gordon Lightfoot performed "Summertime Dream," "Spanish Moss," and the first ten seconds of "Sundown"; Garrett Morris performed "An Die Musik."
5/29/76Elliot GouldLeon Redbone
comm: doctor (CHC) tells Babs (GIR) that her uvula is on the fritz
skit: Star Trek- NBC executive (host) boards the Enterprise to cancel the show
show: The Honeymooners- Bee Ralph (JOB) discovers Bee Alice (GIR) is pregnant
news: (JAC) defends Bicentennial commercialism while CHC makes faces at her
news: Emily Litella prepares to help CHC repeat the "flop" news story
Elliott Gould sang "Anything Goes," Leon Redbone performed "Shine On Harvest Moon" and "Walking Stick," and Collins & Everson performed "Heaven Only Knows."
7/24/76Louise LasserPreservation Hall Jazz Band
cold: arguing JOB & CHC attempt to make up by shaking hands, but a fall ensues
mono: host locks herself in dressing room after a disastrous on-stage ramble
skit: teens (JAC) & (GIR) talk about issues related to boys & making out
skit: Sven (CHC) & Inger (host) fool Death in a Bergman-like scene
comm: cash-strapped JOB offers to sell his clothes & other possessions
The Preservation Hall Jazz Band performed "Panama."
7/31/76Kris KristoffersonKris Kristofferson, Rita Coolidge
Sketches include "Help Me Make it Through The Night," "I Am Not a Sucker for 
Saturday Night," "Samurai General Practitioner," "The Great White Athlete," 
"Ford's Pork Barrel," "Talk Country," "Gynocologist Blind Date," "Andrew Young 
Sucks Up," "Police State," "The Real Bobby McGee," and "Waiting For Don Pardo."
Rita Coolidge performed "Hula Hoop."

Saturday Night Live - The Complete First Season
Cast / DVD (Dec 5, 2006)

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Product Description:
Nicknamed the "Not Ready for Prime Time Players," the original cast of Saturday Night Live ignited a comedy revolution with their mix of irreverent characters and satirical impressions of political figures and pop culture icons. From the premiere of this groundbreaking sketch comedy show on October 11, 1975, live from historic Studio 8H in New York City's Rockefeller Center, Dan Aykroyd, John Belushi, Jane Curtin, Chevy Chase, Garrett Morris, Laraine Newman, and Gilda Radner launched themselves into instant stardom and were often referred to as "The Beatles of Comedy." Created by Lorne Michaels over three decades ago, Saturday Night Live has had the cultural impact and relevance that few shows can claim. Nowhere else can you see the complete first season of SNL, featuring hosts George Carlin, Rob Reiner, Lily Tomlin, Richard Pryor, Elliott Gould, Candice Bergen, or original musical performances by Simon & Garfunkel, ABBA, Patti Smith, Jimmy Cliff, and Carly Simon. And if you're curious as to how the original cast was hired, check out the DVD bonus features, which include the screen tests of each performer.

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