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SNL Episodes Review: 1976-77 Season

The Season's Cast

Regulars: Dan Aykroyd, John Belushi, Chevy Chase (left after October 30), Jane Curtin, Garrett Morris, Bill Murray (joined on Jan 15), Laraine Newman, Gilda Radner

Featuring: Michael O'Donoghue

Weekend Update Host: Chevy Chase (thru 10-30), then Jane Curtin (11-13 on)

Episode and Highlights Summary

AirdatesGuest HostMusical Guest(s)
9/18/76Lily TomlinJames Taylor
cold: big-shot host arrives with entourage, intends to do show sans rehearsal
skit: Debate '76- Ford (CHC) & Carter (DAA) discuss Watergate & other issues
COMM: Ernestine (host) on Phone Company- "We don't care, we don't have to"
COMM: housewife Judith Beasley (host) submits to pointless product tests & more
James Taylor performed "Shower the People," "Roadrunner," and "Sweet Baby James."
9/25/76Norman LearBoz Scaggs
NOTE: Chevy Chase was off the show with a broken foot.
cold: with GIR's help, CHC simulates a fall via phone
show: The Snakehandling O'Sheas- a host sitcom about a family with odd traits
comm: Joseph Franklin describes the effects of metric time conversion
comm: Carter (DAA) says his sex life will carry on a Democratic tradition
misc: host takes a fall to make up for CHC's absence
misc: singing Chevy's Girls GIR, LAN, JAC wish CHC was falling for them

SIDE NOTE: Chevy Chase wasn't in the hospital with a broken foot. He had internal bleeding due to accidentally falling on his podium instead of the floor during a Carter-Ford debate the week earlier.
Boz Skaggs performed "Lowdown" and "What Can I Say."
10/2/76Eric IdleJoe Cocker
NOTE: Chevy Chase was still out
misc: musical guest & Joe Cocker (JOB) sing "Feelin' Alright"
skit: KLOG deejay (DAA) switches personas to match station's AM & FM formats
skit: host's British words blow sketch about Killer Bees & swine flu center
misc: host plays guitar & yells "Here Comes The Sun" until JAC interrupts him
skit: (DAA) & (GIR) choose their future baby's traits with doctor's (host) help
skit: Allied spies (host) & (DAA) make plans at a Nazi hangout during WWII
Joe Cocker and John Belushi perform "Feelin' Alright."
10/16/76Karen BlackJohn Prine
NOTE: Chevy's back
cold: JOB dumps recovering CHC out of his wheelchair
skit: Debate '76- Ford (CHC) & Carter (DAA) discuss heart lust, other topics
SHOW: A*M*I*S*H- crime-fighting Mennonites are slow to react to a bank robbery
COMM: all-natural Quarry cereal is full of minerals because it's made of rocks
John Prine performed "Hello In There," "The Bottomless Lake," and "Ten Cents a Dance."
10/23/76Steve MartinKinky Friedman, Leon and Mary Russell
NOTE: This was Steve Martin's first of many hosting appearances.
mono: Ramblin' Guy host demonstrates his banjo prowess
show: Jeopardy! 1999- contestants' questions provide a glimpse of the future
comm: DOP describes prizes that Jeopardy! 1999 contestants can win
MISC: ballerinas & hip hop dancers perform Swan Lake together in a GAW film
skit: poet (host), stand-up comic (JOB), dancer (LAN) perform in a beatnik bar
Kinky Friedman performed "Dear Abby."
10/30/76Buck HenryThe Band
NOTE: This was Chevy's final show as a regular
cold: trick-or-treating Land Shark gets (GIR) on Halloween
skit: Samurai Stockbroker- Mr. Dantley is worried about his investments
show: Not For First Ladies Only- Betty Ford (JAC) & Rosalyn Carter (LAN)
COMM: (LAN) recommends Puppy Uppers & Doggie Downers for (GIR)'s unbalanced dog
MISC: host is made up to look like a woman in a GAW film
skit: The OintMENt- a search for the real parents of devil child Damian (JOB)
The Band performed "Life is a Carnival," "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down," "Stage Fright," and "Georgia on My Mind."
11/13/76Dick CavettRy Cooder
cold: GAM hits his TV when Chroma-Trak girl GIR's colors are reproduced wrong
skit: John Dean (host) recalls Nixon's (DAA) attempt to pin Watergate on him
COMM: Mobile Shrink- CHC stars in TV show about analyst who visits his patients
news: JAC repeats Sally Field's multiple thoughts on playing the role of Sybil
news: LAN reports from the site of Smokey The Bear's ironic cremation
COMM: Quarry {rerun}
Ry Cooder performed "Tattler" and "He'll Have To Go."
11/20/76Paul SimonPaul Simon, George Harrison
COLD: host says "hi" to CHC on way into studio, LOM haggles with musical guest
mono: turkey costume-wearing host complains to LOM about his wardrobe
COMM: Quarry {rerun}
song: host sings "50 Ways To Leave Your Lover"
COMM: Marine (GAM) is looking to pick up a few good men
show: The Twilite Zone- Rod Serling (DAA) joins three starlets in a hotel room
song: host & musical guest sing "Here Comes The Sun"
Paul Simon performed "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover," "Here Comes The Sun" and "Homeward Bound" (with George Harrison), "Something So Right" and "Bridge Over Troubled Water."
11/27/76Jodie FosterBrian Wilson
skit: metal-laden (DAA) tries to get past an airport security guard (LAN)
skit: Wendy (host) doesn't believe in Bee Peter Pan (LAN) or Tinkerbee (JOB)
misc: Bee directors Dave Wilson & Heino Ripp [real] send SNL to a commercial
COMM: CHC recommends Pilson's Feedbag Dinners for people on the go
misc: LAN's talents include imitations of a crying baby & a possessed chicken
misc: GAM sings "The King Kong Dirge"
comm: host shows how Rovco's big Puberty Helper bag prevents teen trauma
MISC: kids talk about dreams they have at night in a GAW film
skit: MOD tells host a Least-Loved Bedtime Tale- The Little Train That Died
Brian Wilson performed "Back Home," "Love is a Woman," and "Good Vibrations."
12/11/76Candice BergenFrank Zappa
mono: JOB's Humphrey Bogart impression gets reluctant host out of dressing room
show: Consumer Probe- Irwin Mainway (DAA) defends some unsafe children's toys
COMM: K-Put Price-Is-Rite stamp gun {rerun}
comm: Fern's (host) friend (GIR) supports the right to extreme stupidity
COMM: Spud Beer & electroshock therapy {rerun}
MISC: in a GAW film, a cat owner's pet gets stoned after devouring some catnip
news: Ray Basalt (DAA) gives the holiday radioactive fallout report
Frank Zappa performed "I'm The Slime" (featuring Don Pardo), "Lagoon" (featuring Samurai Futaba), and "Peaches & Regalia."
1/15/77Ralph NaderGeorge Benson, Andy Kaufman
NOTE: This was Bill Murray's first show as a NRFPT player.
skit: (BIM) directs the dress rehearsal for a televised execution
skit: aliens Beldar (DAA) & Prymaat (JAC) Conehead have adapted to Earth life
misc: ANK as Elvis sings "Treat Me Nice" & "Blue Suede Shoes"
comm: (BIM) starts badmouthing his ingrate grandson while waiting for his call
George Benson performed "Masquerade" and "Gonna Love You More."
1/22/77Ruth GordonChuck Berry
skit: a girl (GIR) asks her babysitter (host) some questions about sex
show: Tomorrow- Tom Snyder (DAA) asks Dino De Laurentiis about King Kong remake
COMM: Quarry {rerun}
misc: MOD tells (GIR) a Least-Loved Bedtime Tale about Willy The Worm
MISC: clay man Mr. Bill gets mangled in various ways in a WAW film
comm: (DAA) identifies truly Crazy Frank as source of Crazy Ernie's low prices
misc: Barbra Streisand (LAN) sings a medley about how great she is
Chuck Berry performed "Johnny B. Goode" and "Marie & Carol."
1/29/77Fran TarkentonLeo Sayer, Donny Harper Singers
skit: Secret Service agents (BIM) & (DAA) help Amy Carter (LAN) cheat on a quiz
skit: (BIM) & (JAC) get great food & domestic strife in an in-house restaurant
COMM: Puppy Uppers & Doggie Downers {rerun}
show: Black Perspective- host confirms stereotypes about blacks as quarterbacks
comm: (DAA) pitches Rovco's multi-purpose Swiss Army Gun
skit: Rhonda Weiss (GIR) & credit card company employee (JAC) one-up each other
Leo Sayer sings what songs?
2/19/77Mardi Gras Specialfrom New Orleans, LA, with Buck Henry, Henry Winkler, Randy Newman, Eric Idle, New Levitation Orchestra, The Meters, Penny Marshall and Cindy Williams
Live from the Mardi Gras, it's Saturday Night on Sunday! The cast of SNL 
participate in the annual festivities in New Orleans. Jane Curtin and Buck 
Henry (try to) provide commentary on the Bacchus parade, while Randy Newman 
performs four times. Penny Marshall appears with the Mystic Krewe of Apollo 
drag ball, and Eric Idle gets a cushy cameo reporting where nothing is 
2/26/77Steve MartinThe Kinks, Lily Tomlin
skit: doctor (host) tries to "accidentally" pull the plug on comatose boy (JOB)
mono: host gets happy feet, sings Indian folk song, describes "getting small"
COMM: Quarry {rerun}
skit: IRS agent (host) asks Coneheads some questions about their tax returns
COMM: Marine (GAM) is looking to pick up a few good men {rerun}
skit: in a singles' bar, (host) & (GIR) discover they have plenty in common
The Kinks performed "You Really Got Me Going," "All Day And All of the Night," "Well-Respected Man," "Lola" and "Sleepwalker."
3/12/77Sissy SpacekRichard Baskin
comm: terminally cute women (host), (GIR), (LAN) suffer from Gidget's Disease
show: Ask President Carter (DAA)- he has the answers for all callers' questions
comm: Burger Master makes your sandwich how you want it- no request is too odd
show: How Your Children Grow- JAC interviews quintlexia sufferer (BIM)
COMM: Spud Beer & electroshock therapy {rerun}
comm: JOB announces that he's giving up comedy to train for the decathalon
show: Bad Playhouse- Leonard Pinth-Garnell (DAA) presents The Millkeeper
news: Emily Litella doesn't understand the fuss over "endangered feces"
Richard Baskin performed "Only I Love You" and "City of One-Night Stands."
3/19/77Brodrick CrawfordLevon Helm, Dr. John, The Meters
skit: Samurai Hit Man- Futaba will pose as Benihana chef to carry out contract
show: Highway Patrol- Jack Kerouac (JOB) DWI, Siamese twin hostage situation
COMM: Puppy Uppers & Doggie Downers {rerun}
show: Baba Wawa At Large- an interview with Godzilla (JOB) in his L.A. home
comm: Mel's Hide Heaven- they supply the cow, you make your own clothes
news: to explore "the luck of the Irish," JOB offers a personal anecdote
Songs performed?
3/26/77Jack BurnsSantana
cold: JOB refuses to say SNL's opening line until his demands are met
skit: Larry (JOB) & Bobbi (GIR) Farber have Coneheads over for dinner
skit: The Story Of The Squatters- crouching early Americans settle the frontier
skit: Eliot Ness (DAA) & Untouchables take over India from Indira Gandhi (LAN)
Santana performed "Black Magic Woman" and "Europa."
4/9/77Julian BondBrick, Susan Nickerson, Tom Waits
comm: Lowell Brock (JOB) takes time to do taxes right because he's doing time
skit: Great Moments In Motown- a musical group adopts hand gestures & dancing
show: Bad Cinema- Truman Capote (JOB) & others review "ooh-la-la! les legs!"
skit: Mr. Mike Meets Uncle Remus (GAM)- MOD tells a tale involving Brer Rabbit
show: Black Perspective- GAM & host on IQ differences among & within the races
Songs performed?
4/16/77Elliot GouldRoslyn Kind, Kate and Anna McGarrigle: The McGarrigle Sisters
misc: The Castration Walk- JOB, host, BIM demonstrate the new dance craze
skit: Merkon (GAM) arrives from Remulak to check on Conheads' progress
show: You've Come A Long Way, Buddy- men talk about men's issues
skit: Nick "Summers" (BIM) works unresponsive crowd at the Breezy Point Lodge
Roslyn Kind performed "I'm Not Anyone."
4/23/77Eric IdleNeil Innes, Alan Price, Howard Shore
NOTE: This was the final show as "NBC's Saturday Night"
cold: Irishman (BIM) talks when British soldier (host) threatens potato torture
skit: Heavy Wit Championship- in the ring, (host) & (JOB) try to get laughs
COMM: Marine (GAM) is looking to pick up a few good men {rerun}
show: Plain Talk- (host) & (DAA) understand each other's nonsense sentences
MISC: host narrates a primer on body language
show: The Nixon (DAA) Interviews- David Frost (host) gets little good material
Neil Innes performed "Cheese & Onions" (as Ron Nasty) and "Shangri-La."
5/14/77Shelley DuvallJoan Armatrading
NOTE: This was the first show as "Saturday Night Live"
skit: "soy Ricardo Montalban (DAA), Cesar Romero (JOB), o Fernando Lamas (BIM)"
show: Bad Ballet- Leonard Pinth-Garnell dances with mistreated birds in "Swan"
skit: (DAA)'s disguise isn't as good as those of his fellow bank robbers
skit: Night Of The Moonies- deprogrammers (DAA) & (GAM) overrun by cult members
Joan Armatrading performed "Love & Affection" and "Down to Zero."
5/21/77Buck HenryKenny Vance, Jennifer Warnes, Howard Shore, Michael O'Donoghue
skit: (BIM) conducts a shower interview with his wife (GIR) & her lover (host)
skit: Samurai B.M.O.C.- Futaba's bad grades jeopardize his graduation
skit: Coneheads fly Chrysler Building to Remulak to meet with Kuldroth (JOB)
skit: at her bridal shower, Rhonda Weiss loves the gifts she receives
Jennifer Warnes performed "Right Time of The Night"; Kenny Vance perfomed "The Performer"; Howard Shore & the SNL Band performed "Departure Lounge."

Saturday Night Live - The Complete Second Season
Cast / DVD (Dec 4, 2007)

Read reviews, description, details, and more!

Product Description:
For over three decades, Saturday Night Live has been the source of young comedic talent and helped to launch the careers of countless performers, making them household names.

Still considered iconic for their live performances from Studio 8H in New York, the original cast of SNL (including Dan Aykroyd, Gilda Radner and John Belushi) set the tone for years to follow with their irreverent, edgy humor. They combined anti-establishment political satire with rock-and-roll attitude for a show that spoke to the youth of the 1970's, turning it into an instant sensation.

Although only the second year on the air, the 1976-1977 season turned out to be the last for Chevy Chase, but the first for a young comedian named Bill Murray.

The complete second season of SNL contains legendary musical performances by artists Joe Cocker, The Band, Brian Wilson, Paul Simon, George Harrison, Frank Zappa, Chuck Berry, The Kinks, Santana and Tom Waits and classic appearances by hosts Lily Tomlin, Norman Lear, Steve Martin, Dick Cavett, Jodie Foster, Candice Bergen, Ralph Nader, Fran Tarkenton, Sissy Spacek, Elliott Gould and Shelly Duvall.

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