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SNL Episodes Review: 1978-79 Season

The Season's Cast

Regulars: Dan Aykroyd, John Belushi, Chevy Chase, Jane Curtin, Garrett Morris, Laraine Newman, Gilda Radner

Featuring: Tom Davis, Al Franken, Don Novello as Father Guido Sarducci, Michael O'Donoghue

Weekend Update Host: Jane Curtin and Bill Murray

Episode and Highlights Summary

AirdatesGuest HostMusical Guest(s)
10/7/78Ed Koch, The Rolling StonesRolling Stones
NOTE: Ed Koch was a onetime mayor of the city of New York
cold: in a broadcasting throwback, GAM & the SNL Band perform the NBC theme
skit: Todd & Lisa crack up upon seeing refrigerator repairman's (DAA) low pants
show: Tomorrow- Tom Snyder (DAA) interviews Mick Jagger [real]
news: BIM adopts JAC's view on ERA ratification during Point-Counterpoint
The Rolling Stones performed a medley of "Beast of Burdon," "Respectable," and "Shattered."
10/14/78Fred WillardDevo
cold: SNL audience member Honker (BIM) thinks he's at a Yankee game
skit: phone talk of (LAN) & ex-boyfriend spurs one-night stand (host) to leave
show: On The Spot- school lunch provider Irwin Mainway rebuts nutrition worries
skit: traffic is low at the Scotch Boutique adhesive tape specialty store
news: DAA is offended by football cheerleaders' revealing uniforms
Devo performed "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" and "Jocko Homo."
10/21/78Frank ZappaFrank Zappa, Father Guido Sarducci, Al Franken and Tom Davis
skit: host arrives to take Connie Conehead (LAN) on a date
COMM: Super Epoxy-Dent- a helicopter test proves it prevents denture slippage
song: host & SNL Band perform "Meek"
MISC: "La Dolce Gilda"- a TOS film shows a sample of GIR's Felliniesque life
skit: a middle class family helps with prison overcrowding by housing inmates
Frank Zappa performed "Dancing Fool," "Meek," and "Rollo" (featuring Samurai Futaba).
10/28/78Things We Did Last Summer Specialwith the Not Ready for Prime Time Players
11/4/78Steve MartinVan Morrison
mono: host gives trained animal BIM crackers for performing various stunts
skit: medieval judge Theodoric of York tries (LAN) on devil-consortion charges
skit: while cruising in a bar, the Festrunks hit on (GIR), (LAN), & (JAC)
news: Diana Ross (GAM) sings "Over The Rainbow" during an interview with BIM
Van Morrison performed "Wavelength" and "Kingdom Hall."
11/11/78Buck HenryThe Grateful Dead
skit: Samurai Optometrist- Futaba makes a new pair of glasses for Mr. Dantley
skit: Nick "Sands" entertains patrons in a bar outside of Las Vegas
skit: babysitter "Uncle" Roy (host) plays naughty games with (LAN) & (GIR)
COMM: live in concert, Elvis Presley's Coat sings his greatest hits
news: Elizabeth Taylor (JOB) chokes on chicken during an interview with BIM
The Grateful Dead performed "Casey Jones," "I Need A Miracle," and "Good Lovin'."
11/18/78Carrie FisherThe Blues Brothers
cold: musical guest sings "Soul Man"
skit: Mercy Killers- orderlies (DAA) & (BIM) euthanize the wrong patient (GAM)
skit: Princess Leia (host) is a Beach Blanket Bimbo From Outer Space
news: Father Guido Sarducci shows depositor gifts offered by the Vatican Bank
The Blues Brothers perform "Soul Man" and "B-Movie Boxcar Blues."
12/2/78Walter MatthauGarrett Morris
skit: Bad News Bees- (host) counsels young ballplayers about masturbation
skit: Nico (BIM) negotiates a new soft drink allegiance for the Olympia Cafe
show: Woman to Woman- (GIR) interviews a model women love to hate (LAN)
news: JOB works himself into a frenzy while discussing holiday depression
Songs Performed?
12/9/78Eric IdleKate Bush, Father Guido Sarducci
cold: Telepsychic Ray (DAA) makes up callers' fortunes as he goes
show: The French Chef- Julia Child (DAA) bleeds profusely after cutting herself
misc: host, LAN, JAC, BIM sing a madrigal about a ship put to sea in May
MISC: BIM stars as the agent for a band of singing dogs in a film by AVS
misc: ALF & TOM show democracy's inherent flaws with some negative campaign ads
MISC: Mr. Bill moves to NYC & sees the sights in a WAW film
news: during a BIM interview, Valerie Harper (GIR) finds out she's not Jewish
Kate Bush performed "The Man With The Child In His Eyes" and "Them Heavy People."
12/16/78Elliot GouldPeter Tosh with Mick Jagger, Bob and Ray
skit: the big-butt Widette family (DAA), (JAC), (GIR), (JOB) makes buns puns
skit: in a flashback, Christina Crawford (GIR) recalls her _Mommie_Dearest_
skit: Honker assumes control of a Christmas tree lot & makes a sale
song: musical guests perform "Don't Look Back"
Peter Tosh performed "Don't Look Back" (with Mick Jagger) and "Bush Doctor."
1/27/79Michael PalinThe Doobie Brothers, Father Guido Sarducci
skit: lonely Mr. Brighton shifts his attention from Lisa to Enid to Todd
skit: Charles Dickens' Miles Cowperthwaite (host) comes of age as drool handler
news: Father Guido Sarducci analyzes the bill for the Last Brunch
The Doobie Brothers perform "What a Fool Believes" and ???
2/10/79Cicely TysonTalking Heads
mono: upon finding GAM impersonating her, host is upset by his lack of dignity
skit: the Widettes entertain a couple with similarly-sized butts (GAM) & (host)
COMM: Elvis Presley's Coat {rerun}
show: World At War- during WWII, the Walker Brigade tries to exploit a loophole
skit: en route to Orlando, Nick "Rails" entertains passengers on the Auto Train
Talking Heads performed "Take Me To The River" and "Artists Only."
2/17/79Rick NelsonJudy Collins, Rick Nelson
cold: deejay Dick Lanky (BIM) relies on listeners to do his research for him
MISC: a WAW film- Mr. Bill recalls past via hypnosis of psychiatrist Mr. Hands
show: Twilight Zone- host is trapped in households of similar sitcom families
show: Quien Es Mas Macho?- game show invaded by illegals-seeking Untouchables
Judy Collins performed "Hard Times for Lovers."
2/24/79Kate JacksonDelbert McClinton, Andy Kaufman, Father Guido Sarducci
skit: Lisa is upset that Todd is infatuated with nurse (host)
SHOW: World At War- the Walker Brigade {rerun}
MISC: "Clones Exist Now"- a TOS film documents the state of duplication science
skit: a child psychiatrist (LAN) tries to help autistic Colleen Fernstone (GIR)
Delbert McClinton perfomed "B-Movie Boxcar Blues" and "Talkin' About You."
3/10/79Gary BuseyEubie Blake, Gary Busey with Rick Danko, Paul Butterfield, Gregory Hines
show: Women's Problems- chauvinists give perspectives on troubles with broads
song: musical guests are just "Simply Full Of Jazz" & "Wild About Harry"
COMM: (JAC) shows (GIR) how well Autoscent exhaust freshener works
MISC: "Perchance To Dream"- in TOS film, Honker mixes Shakespeare on-stage
news: BIM interviews recently-widowed & agitated horse Mrs. Ed
Gregory Hines joins Eubie Blake in singing "Low-down Blues," "I'm Just Simply Full Of Jazz," and "I'm Just Wild About Harry." Busey, Rick Danko and Paul Butterfield perform "Stay All Night."
3/17/79Margot KidderThe Chieftains, Father Guido Sarducci
skit: (host) is visited by unsexy Fred Garvin, Male Prostitute (DAA)
skit: superheroes attend a party thrown by Superman (BIM) & Lois Lane (host)
news: DAA & JAC do a Point-Counterpoint about Lee Marvin's divorce settlement
news: Father Guido Sarducci gives examples of canonization politics
The Chieftains perform "If I Had Maggie In The Woods" and "Morning Dew."
3/31/79Bob and Ray and Jane and Laraine and Gilda special

4/7/79Richard BenjaminRickie Lee Jones
news: BIM makes his Oscar picks in his usual cavalier fashion
skit: The Pepsi Syndrome- Carter (DAA) is irradiated; Rodney Dangerfield cameo
NEWS: BIM reports on Chico Escuela's (GAM) attempt to rejoin the Mets
Rickie Lee Jones performed "Chuck E's In Love" and "Coolsville."
4/14/79Milton BerleOrnette Coleman
Sketches include "Texaco Star Theater Intro," "The Widettes," "The Village 
Persons," "Launching Pad," "On The Spot," "Bobbi Farber's Father," "Milton's 
Writers," and "September Song."
Ornette Coleman performed "Times Square."
5/12/79Michael PalinJames Taylor, Father Guido Sarducci
song: musical guest sings "Up On The Roof"
skit: Miles Cowperthwaite sails with manly men aboard The Raging Queen
news: Father Guido Sarducci talks about two obscure Earth-like planets
James Taylor performed "Johnnie Comes Back," "Up on the Roof," and "Millworker."
5/19/79Maureen StapletonLinda Ronstadt, Phoebe Snow
cold: Telepsychic Ray makes some more impromptu predictions
skit: Nick "Wings" bothers musical guests & others in an airline VIP lounge
COMM: grunt work while docked in Bayonne shows the truth of The Navy Adventure
skit: (LAN) & (BIM) are fed up with the antics of houseguest Idi Amin (GAM)
COMM: Elvis Presley's Coat {rerun}
song: musical guests & SNL Band perform "It's In His Kiss"
Linda Ronstadt and Phoebe Snow perform "It's In His Kiss" and "The Married Man."
5/26/79Buck HenryBette Midler, Al Franken and Tom Davis, Michael O'Donoghue
NOTE: Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi's final SNL show as regulars.
COLD: Mr. Bill visits SNL; JAC complains that she's never said the opening line
skit: Samurai Bakery- Mr. Dantley orders a wedding cake from Futaba
misc: TOD tries to do comedy routine despite ALF's having become a Hare Krishna
skit: Nixon (DAA) claims that the Watergate tapes were done as a joke
Bette Midler performs "Marrying Man."

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