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SNL Episodes Review: 1979-80 Season

The Season's Cast

Regulars: Chevy Chase, Jane Curtin, Garrett Morris, Laraine Newman, Gilda Radner, Harry Shearer (from Jan 26 on)

Featuring: Peter Aykroyd, Tom Davis, Jim Downey, Brian Doyle-Murray, Al Franken, Don Novello as Father Guido Sarducci, Paul Shaffer

Weekend Update Host: Jane Curtin and Bill Murray

Episode and Highlights Summary

AirdatesGuest HostMusical Guest(s)
10/13/79Steve MartinBlondie, Mr. Bill
cold: a doorman (GAM) turns away clergy at a Pope (host) tour stop
mono: host dances as the SNL Band plays "Stompin' At The Savoy"
skit: a juvenile delinquent Vandal's (ALF) pranks victimize a Centurion (host)
news: Father Guido Sarducci talks about merchandizing linked to the Pope's tour
news: Father Guido Sarducci announces the "Find The Popes In The Pizza" contest
Blondie performed "Dreaming" and "The Hardest Part."
10/20/79Eric IdleBob Dylan, Harry Shearer
cold: after hearing that host is sick, Buck Henry [real] begs to replace him
mono: under-the-weather host does impressions while strapped to a stretcher
comm: pitchman Tom Clay (HAS) advertises the upcoming Hotel-Motel Art Fair
comm: Prince Charles' (host) book tells you how to use royal ties to get girls
COMM: Ed Herlihy [real] endorses the Banshee surrogate mourning device
show: Heavy Sarcasm- Joan Face (JAC) & guests (host) & (BIM) feign emotions
news: BIM lets Princess Margaret's anti-Irish comments slide- she was 'faced
news: Roseanne Roseannadanna meanders from home-buying to Yves St. Laurent
Bob Dylan performed "Gotta Serve Somebody," "I Believe In You," and "When You Gonna Wake Up."
11/3/79Bill RussellChicago
cold: Chappaquiddick looms as Ted Kennedy (BIM) makes campaign announcement
show: The Black Shadow- white basketball team keeps coach (host) out of trouble
COMM: Banshee {rerun}
MISC: "First Love"- JAC keeps missing Walter Cronkite in a film by AVS
news: BIM sings "Happy Birthday" to a light bulb
Chicago performs "I'm a Man" and "Street Player."
11/10/79Buck HenryTom Petty and the Heartbreakers
comm: (GIR) tries to find someone who'll share Harley's Bristol Creme with her
skit: Lisa & Todd try to get Marshall & Enid to go on a date
MISC: "First Love"- BIM visits his old canine flame in a film by AVS
skit: (host) scares (LAN) & (GIR) during a desperate drive home for the toilet
COMM: Banshee {rerun}
news: Father Guido Sarducci picks "Find The Popes In The Pizza" contest winner
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers performed "Refugee" and "Don't Do Me Like That."
11/17/79Beatrice ArthurThe Roches, Tom Davis, Paul Shaffer, Harry Shearer
cold: Reagan's campaign aide (HAS) outlines the candidate's nap-filled schedule
skit: First He Cries- (BIM) tries to cope with his wife's (GIR) mastectomy
COMM: Spud Beer- boat people lift their spirits with the potato-based brew
MISC: Mr. Hands helps build a new house for Mr. Bill in a WAW film
comm: Tom Clay describes Saveco's low-price recalled products
skit: (TOD) not wanting to go to school leads to a Soviet takeover of the USA
The Roches preform "Bobby's Song" and "Hallelujah Chorus."
12/8/79Howard HessemanRandy Newman
skit: The Nuclear Family- radiation-sick power plant neighbors are lethargic
skit: WKRP star host shares studio time with real deejay Steve Marvin (HAS)
skit: (GIR) explores personal growth with old (BIM) & new (host) boyfriends
news: ALF says goodbye to the selfish 70's & introduces the Al Franken Decade
Randy Newman performed "It's Money That I Love," "I'm Gonna Take Off My Pants," and "The Story of a Rock & Roll Band."
12/15/79Martin SheenDavid Bowie
cold: (BIM) undergoes a cheap & quick sex-change operation
skit: (host) embarks on a mission to terminate production of Apocalypse Now
COMM: Le Shoe is ugly footwear, but its French aura makes it fashionable
news: BIM implicitly slams two former SNL castmembers while panning 1941
news: Father Guido Sarducci performs his duties as spokesman for Mr. Tea
David Bowie performed "The Man Who Sold The World," "TVC - 15," "Boys Keep Swinging."
12/22/79Ted KnightDesmond Child and Rouge
cold: from Panama, Shah Pahlavi (BIM) celebrates Christmas with friends
skit: grievance board pretends to care about (JAC)'s sexual harassment charges
comm: at holiday time, police officer (host) has tough words for the public
MISC: "Java Junkie"- PEA & Teri Garr star in a TOS film about coffee addiction
news: Roseanne Roseannadanna goes from picking a charity to thawing Gene Shalit
Desmond Child & Rouge perform "Tumble In The Night" and "Goodbye Baby".
1/26/80Teri GarrThe B-52's, Father Guido Sarducci
NOTE: This was Harry Shearer's first appearance as a regular player
show: Debs Behind Bars- jailed preppies (host), (JAC), (GIR) try to survive
show: Bad Playhouse- a production of The Great Mr. Potatohead Famine
MISC: Mr. Hand picks up hitch-hiking runaway Mr. Bill in a WAW film
skit: baby mogul Paula Kirsch (LAN) & Marilyn Nasalman (GIR) negotiate a deal
The B-52's perform "Rock Lobster" and "Dance This Mess Around."
2/9/80Chevy ChaseMarianne Faithful, Don Nebelle, Al Franken and Tom Davis
cold: while visiting Ford (CHC), Henry Kissinger (ALF) guards against accidents
show: The Bel Airabs- middle-eastern family tries to entrap (TOD) in Abscam
comm: all the food at Pre-Chewed Charlie's (BIM) is easy to digest
show: Speaking of Fashion- Mr. Blackwell (HAS) discusses CHC's line of clothes
news: BIM says we should draft women- if we lose, the Russians look like jerks
news: BIM sings "Happy Birthday" to busts of Washington & Lincoln
Marianne Faithfull performed "Broken English" and "Guilt"
2/16/80Elliott GouldRandy Newman, Gary Numan, Father Guido Sarducci, Peter Aykroyd, Brian Doyle Murray, Al Franken
comm: Kramer vs. Godzilla- custody battle pits man against monster in a movie
skit: The Incredible Man (HAS)- yellow snow leads to the Canadian Wizard of Oz
MISC: "Street Scene"- off-screen director coaches pedestrians in a film by ANA
skit: all-time radio station deejay (HAS) keeps listeners chronologically aware
Gary Numan performed "Cars" and "Praying to the Aliens."
2/23/80Kirk DouglasSam and Dave
cold: a trip to host's dressing room reveals he's very short & has no dimple
skit: The Micro Dentists- tiny tooth doctors work in Anwar Sadat's (GAM) mouth
MISC: "Mask Of Fear"- in TOS film, break-in victims learn they're going skiing
skit: drunk last-minute replacement Nick "Collins" sings at a bar mitzvah
Sam and Dave performed "You Don't Know Like I Know" and "Soul Man"
3/8/80Rodney DaingerfieldJ. Geils Band, Jimmy Cliff, Peter Aykroyd, Brian Doyle Murray, Father Guido Sarducci
cold: host gets little respect from dressing room hog Father Guido Sarducci
mono: host does self-deprecating stand-up, solicits OK signs from audience
COMM: Craig's Travellers' Checks {rerun}
skit: people in court play pranks on a substitute judge (BDM)
news: BIM interviews Jerry Mathers & Tony Dow [real] about Vietnam death rumor
The J. Geils Band perform "Love Stinks" and "Sanctuary."
3/15/80Paul SimonDavid Sanborn, Paul Simon, James Taylor, Michael Palin, Mr. Mike, John Belushi
NOTE: this was show #100
cold: for SNL's hundreth show, LAN, JAC, GAM, GIR summon spirits of MOD & JOB
mono: BIM sings a song about what a typical day in NYC is like for him
MISC: "Roman Holiday"- woman has great time despite husband's death in TOS film
skit: Todd's student body president candidacy is threatened by moon blackmail
misc: Honker & bums (PEA) & (GAM) are wine critics; Patrick Moynihan cameo
Paul Simon and James Taylor perform "Cathy's Clown / Take Me to the Mardi Gras" and David Sanborn performs "Anything You Want."
4/5/80Richard Benjamin and Paula PrentissThe Grateful Dead
skit: Iris de Flaminio (JAC), Bobbi Farber, Christy Christina get assertive
MISC: "Mr. Bill Strikes Back"- a trip to the police backfires in a WAW film
skit: paranoid (Richard) experiences guilt after sleeping with (LAN)
news: ALF asks people to send him their receipts so he can avoid income taxes
news: BIM sings "Happy Birthday" to the Three Mile Island accident
Grateful Dead performs "Alabama Getaway" and "Saint of Circumstances".
4/12/80Burt ReynoldsAnne Murray
skit: daughter (LAN) & other Peppers convince (BDM) & (JAC) to join the cult
skit: in ancient Rome, (host) tries to pick up women in a vomitorium
skit: (BIM) & (JAC) allow young daughters (LAN) & (GIR) to sleep with host
news: Father Guido Sarducci dislikes animals' lack of gratitude toward mankind
Anne Murray performs "Lucky Me" and "Why Don't You Stick Around".
4/19/80Strother MartinThe Specials
cold: Rosalyn Carter (LAN) encourages illegal aliens to take part in the census
skit: Invasion of the Brain Snatchers- Reagan pods turn liberals conservative
skit: captive Luke (BIM) rebels against French language camp director (host)
The Specials performed "Gangsters" and "Too Much Too Young."
5/10/80Bob NewhartThe Amazing Rhythm Aces, Bruce Cockburn, Al Franken, Paul Shaffer
cold: Marvin Hamlisch (PAS) & Pink Lady (LAN) & (GIR) & Carl Sagan (HAS) joke
mono: host does stand-up about a "seven lost cities of the Incas" travelogue
MISC: Hal Holbrook, Carrie Fisher, Desi Arnaz, Jr. [real] in a TOS temblor film
show: The Dating Zone- (host) questions Iris de Flaminio & autistic Colleen
Bruce Cockburn perform "Wondering Where the Lions Are."
5/17/80Steve Martin3-D, Paul and Linda McCartney, Father Guido Sarducci
comm: Stretch Marks- bitter loneliness in aging Patti Caldwell's (GIR) album
mono: host talks about his ideals in the form of "What I Believe"
COMM: the Horizon System 12 is the largest television system ever
show: Real Incredible People- sushi eater AKY, dark-skinned man (GAM), others
skit: The Hominids- caveman (BIM) feels threatened by more-evolved (host)
3-D performed "All-Night Television," and Paul McCartney presents a clip of his song "Comin' Up."
5/24/80Buck HenryAndrae Crouch and the Voices of Unity, Andrew Gold, Peter Aykroyd, Jim Downey, Al Franken, Tom Davis, Paul Shaffer
NOTE: This was the final show as regulars for Curtin, Morris, Murray, Newman,
      Radner and for now Shearer.
skit: eponymous noblemen mingle at a party thrown by Lord Salisbury (HAS)
skit: Nick "Lava"'s Hawaiian-themed bar has music & waitress Iris de Flaminio
show: Week In Review- tabloid journalists discuss sensationalistic stories
COMM: Jewess Jeans- Rhonda Weiss models the kosher designer denim
news: Roseanne Roseannadanna travels from volcanoes to Gloria Vanderbilt's itch
Andrew Gold performed "Kiss This One Goodbye" and Andrae Crouch performed ""Can't Nobody Do Me Like Jesus."

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