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Season 3

Seinfeld Episode Guide-Season 3

Season 3

18. Airdate: 18 Sep 91 - "The Note"
Physical therapy proves painful as Jerry has a misunderstanding with his therapist (Terri Hanauer); and he finds a way for insurance to cover treatment for Elaine and a paranoid George.

Guests: Ralph Bruneau (Lloyd), Terri Hanauer (Julianna), Jeff Lester (Raymond), Flo Di Re (Recepcionist), Liz Georges (Pam), Paul Rogers (Man in Waiting Room), Dale Raoul (Dental Patient), Joshua Liebling (Billy)

19. Airdate: 25 Sep 91 - "The Truth"
George's relationship with a former IRS worker (Valerie Mahaffey) eases Jerry's tax worries---until she becomes George's former relationship; Kramer sees too much of Elaine while seeing her roommate (Siobhan Fallon).

Guests: Valerie Mahaffey (Patrice), Siobhan Fallon (Tina)

20. Airdate: 2 Oct 91 - "The Pen"
Elaine regrets accompanying Jerry on a visit to his parents (Liz Sheridan, Barney Martin), where local gossip includes how Jerry acquired a pen that writes upside down.

Guests: Barney Martin (Morty Seinfeld), Liz Sheridan (Helen Seinfeld), Len Lesser (Uncle Leo), Annie Korzen (Doris Klompus), Sandy Baron (Jack Klompus), Ann Morgan Guilbert (Evelyn), Magda Harout (Stella), Tucker Smallwood (Photographer), Roger Nolan (The Chiropractor)

21. Airdate: 9 Oct 91 - "The Dog"
Jerry's gig as a dog sitter provides some time alone to George and Elaine, who find they have little to say.

Guests: Joseph Maher (Gavin), Tom Williams (Bark of the Dog), Kelly Wellman (Attendant #2), Marvin Wright-Bey (Attendant #1)

22. Airdate: 16 Oct 91 - "The Library"
A library cop says Jerry is 20 years overdue with a steamy novel.

Guests: Harris Shore (Mr. Lippman), Cynthia Szigeti (Sandy), Biff Yeager (Heyman), Neal Lerner ("Shusher"), Philip Baker Hall (Lt. Bookman), Marie Barrientos (Receptionist), Ashley Gardner (Marion)

23. Airdate: 30 Oct 91 - "The Parking Garage"
Saturday at the mall with the gang, none of whom bothered to note where the car was parked.

Guests: David Dunard (Security Guard), Cynthia Ettinger (Michelle), Gregory Daniel (Man in Corvette), Carlyle King (Mother), Adam Wylie (Kid), Joe Farago (Man with Woman), Ron Evans (Bodybuilder), Tucker Smallwood (Man in Mercedes)

24. Airdate: 6 Nov 91 - "The Cafe"
While Jerry tries to help a cafe owner (Brian George), Elaine tries to help George with an IQ test, and Kramer...well, nobody can help Kramer.

Guests: Brian George (Babu Bhatt), Dawn Arnemann (Monica)

25. Airdate: 13 Nov 91 - "The Tape"
George is hot for a potential baldness remedy, and for Elaine after she plays a joke on Jerry.

Guests: Norman Brenner (Beder), John Apicella (Repairman), Ping Wu (Delivery Boy (Ping))

26. Airdate: 20 Nov 91 - "The Nose Job"
Kramer is the catalyst for George to urge his otherwise wonderful girlfriend to get a nose job, while Jerry dates a beauty (Tawny Kitaen) whose brain is a beaut.

Guests: David Blackwood (Interviewer), Susan Diol (Audrey), Roy Brocksmith (Landlord), Tawny Kitaen (Isabel), Joseph V. Perry (Newstand Owner)

27. Airdate: 27 Nov 91 - "The Stranded"
Jerry pays a high price for being stranded at a party by George (Jason Alexander), who pays the price for romance in the workplace but forgets to pay for something else.

Guests: Michael Chiklis (Steve), Teri Austin (Ava), Bobbi Jo Lathan (Patti), Gwen Shepherd (Cashier), Dwayne Kennedy (Frank), Marcia Firesten (Jenny), Michael Milhoan (Security Guard), John Putch (Roy), Melissa Weil (Gwen), Ellen Ratner (Ellen), Frank Piazza (Cop)

28. Airdate: 4 Dec 91 - "The Alternate Side"
Jerry gets his car stolen; Kramer gets a line in a Woody Allen film; George gets a job; and Elaine gets tired of her boyfriend.

Guests: Jay Brooks (Sid), Janet Zarish (Rental Car Agent), Edward Penn (Owen March), Jeff Barton (Paramedic)

29. Airdate: 11 Dec 91 - "The Red Dot"
An imperfection mars George's gift to Elaine; Jerry inadvertently helps an alcoholic (David Naughton) go off the wagon.

Guests: David Naughton (Dick), Bridget Sienna (Evie), Rachel Davies (Saleswoman), Richard Fancy (Mr. Lippman)

30. Airdate: 8 Jan 92 - "The Subway"
Subway adventures from 1992: A beauty picks up George; Jerry makes friends with a naked guy; Kramer is tipped to a hot horse; Elaine gets stuck en route to a lesbian wedding.

Guests: Barbara Stock (Scam Woman), Rhoda Gemignani (Woman with Elaine), Mark Boone Jr. (OTB Patron), Christopher Collins (Thug), Daryl Roach (Violinist/Cop), Barry Vigon (Player #1), Joe Restivo (Player #2), Chet Nelson (Kid), Ernie Sabella (Naked Man)

31. Airdate: 15 Jan 92 - "The Pez Dispenser"
Kramer's advice gives George "the upper hand" in his relationship with a pianist, whose recital is ruined by Elaine's outburst of laughter.

Guests: Elizabeth Morehead (Noel), Fred Sanders (John), Bill Applebaum (D'Giff), Allen Bloomfield (Polar Bear), Steve Kehela (Intervenor), Kate Benton (Roberta)

32. Airdate: 29 Jan 92 - "The Suicide"
A psychic (Mimi Lieber) warns George to cancel his vacation; Jerry is hit on by his neighbor's girl (Gina Gallego) after the neighbor's suicide attempt; Elaine fasts.

Guests: Wayne Knight (Newman), Gina Gallego (Gina), Mimi Lieber (Rula), C.E. Grimes (Martin), Howard Shecter (Doctor), Aimee Aro (Faithy), Pegg Lane O'Rourke (Nurse), Howard Schecter (Doctor), Peggy Lane O'Rourke (Nurse)

33. Airdate: 5 Feb 92 - "The Fix-Up"
Jerry and Elaine fix up George with Elaine's friend (Maggie Jakobson)---then wait nervously.

Guests: Maggie Wheeler (Cynthia)

34. Airdate: 12 Feb 92 - "The Boyfriend (1)"
Jerry becomes friends with baseball star Keith Hernandez, who has a history with Kramer, and would like a future with Elaine. Part 1 of two.

Guests: Wayne Knight (Newman), Keith Hernandez (Himself), Rae Allen (Mrs. Sokol), Richard Assad (Cabbie)

35. Airdate: 12 Feb 92 - "The Boyfriend (2)"
Conclusion. Jerry and Elaine compete for the attention of baseball's Keith Hernandez, while Kramer and Newman investigate a spitting incident involving Hernandez.

Guests: Wayne Knight (Newman), Keith Hernandez (Himself), Rae Allen (Mrs. Sokol), Carol Ann Susi (Carrie), Lisa Mende (Carol), Roger McDowell (Himself), Stephen Prutting (Michael), Richard Assad (Cabbie), Melanie Good (Woman)

36. Airdate: 26 Feb 92 - "The Limo"
Jerry and George take a limo meant for another, whose agenda includes more than just getting in from the airport.

Guests: Norman Brenner (Man at Airport), Peter Krause (Tim), Suzanne Snyder (Eva), Jeremy Roberts (Chauffeur), Jodi Baskerville (Herself), I.M. Hobson (Businessman), Harley Venton (Dan), Adam Leslie (Man at Protest), Aaron Kanarek (Protester #1), Ray Glanzmann (Protester #2)

37. Airdate: 4 Mar 92 - "The Good Samaritan"
Jerry witnesses an accident---and is attracted to the victim (Helen Slater) and the perpetrator.

Guests: Melinda McGraw (Angela), Ann Talman (Robin), Joseph Malone (Michael), Helen Slater (Becky Gelke (uncredited))

38. Airdate: 25 Mar 92 - "The Letter"
Kramer sits for Jerry's artist girlfriend (Catherine Keener), but Jerry won't stand for her temperament, until she declares her feelings.

Guests: Catherine Keener (Nina), Richard Venture (Leonard West), Justine Johnston (Mrs. Armstrong), Shashawnee Hall (Usher), Elliott Reid (Mr. Armstrong)

39. Airdate: 4 Feb 92 - "The Parking Space"
George argues with a stranger (Lee Arenberg) over a "dream" parking space in front of Jerry's apartment.

Guests: Wayne Knight (Newman), Larry David (Voice of Fight Referee (uncredited)), Lee Arenberg (Mike Moffit), Jay Brooks (Sid), Maryedith Burrell (Maryedith), Shannon Cochran (Sheila), Michael A. Costanza (Truck Driver), John Christian Graas (Matthew), Mik Scriba (Cop #1), Stan Sellers (Cop #2), Peggy Lane O'Rourke (Bystander #1), Steven Marcus Gibbs (Bystander #2), Zachary Charles (II) (Angry Man)

40. Airdate: 6 May 92 - "The Keys"
Kramer hits the road after a dispute over his use of his keys to Jerry's apartment.

Guests: Wayne Knight (Newman), Candice Bergen (Herself (as Murphy Brown)), Nina Tremblay (Lisa), Eric Allan Kramer (Biker), Rickie Dean Logan (Hippie #1), Sharon Barr (Trucker), Heather James (Waitress), Carissa Channing (Kramer's Girlfriend (Gucci)), Ricky Dean Logan (Hippie #1), Maud Winchester (Hippie #2)

Seinfeld - Season 3

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