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Season 4

Seinfeld Episode Guide-Season 4

Season 4

41. Airdate: 12 Aug 92 - "The Trip (1)"
Jerry and George look for Kramer in Hollywood, where Kramer's new friend (Debi A. Monahan) becomes a victim. Part 1 of two. George Wendt and Corbin Bernsen have cameos.

Guests: Corbin Bernsen (Himself), George Wendt (Himself), Fred Savage (Himself), Peter Murnik (Lt. Martel), Elmarie Wendel (Helene), Ricky Dean Logan (The Freak), Vaughn Armstrong (Lt. Coleman), Keith Morrison (Himself), Manfred Melcher (Officer), Christopher Michael Moore (Studio Guard), Dyana Ortelli (Lupe), Michael Gerard (Recepcionist), Debi A. Monahan (Chelsea)

42. Airdate: 19 Aug 92 - "The Trip (2)"
Jerry and George find Kramer, whose past is laid out by the lieutenant (Peter Murnik) seeking his confession.

Guests: Deck McKenzie (Reporter #2), Peter Murnik (Lt. Martel), Elmarie Wendel (Helene), Marty Rackham (Officer #1), Peter Parros (Officer #2), Vaughn Armstrong (Lt. Coleman), Clint Howard (Tobias Lehigh Nagy), Steve Greenstein (Man), Kerry Leigh Michaels (Woman), Keith Morrison (Newscaster (Himself)), Peggy Lane O'Rourke (Reporter #1), Steve Dougherty (Prison Guard)

43. Airdate: 16 Sep 92 - "The Pitch"
A show about "nothing" is George's pitch to network execs interested in a series for Jerry.

Guests: Wayne Knight (Newman), Bob Balaban (Russell Dalrymple), Heidi Swedberg (Susan), Peter Crombie ("Crazy" Joe Davola), Kevin Page (Stu), Peter Blood (Jay), Stephen McHattie (Dr. Reston), Julie Blum (Recepcionist), Steve Skrovan (Tommy), Ron Ross (Homeless Man)

44. Airdate: 16 Sep 92 - "The Ticket"
Jerry and George take another meeting; Kramer testifies for Newman (Wayne Knight) in a speeding-ticket protest.

Guests: Wayne Knight (Newman), Bob Balaban (Russell Dalrymple), Heidi Swedberg (Susan), Len Lesser (Uncle Leo), Kevin Page (Stu), Peter Blood (Jay), Steve Eastin (Cop #1), David Graf (Cop #2), Al Fann (Judge), Stephen McHattie (Psychiatrist (Dr. Reston)), Julie Blum (Receptionist)

45. Airdate: 23 Sep 92 - "The Wallet (1)"
Jerry's dad has a bad time at the back doctor's; Elaine wants to part with her boyfriend (Stephen McHattie); Jerry's unhappy with George's network "negotiating."

Guests: Liz Sheridan (Helen Seinfeld), Barney Martin (Morty Seinfeld), Len Lesser (Uncle Leo), Heidi Swedberg (Susan), Stephen McHattie (Dr. Reston), David Sage (Dr. Dembrow), Susan Ilene Johnson (Nurse), Denise Dowse (Receptionist), Brian Leckner (Attendant)

46. Airdate: 30 Sep 92 - "The Watch (2)"
The network president (Bob Balaban) doesn't play George's game; Jerry deals for his "broken" watch; Elaine is a hot topic in the office of her psychiatrist boyfriend (Stephen McHattie).

Guests: Barney Martin (Morty Seinfeld), Liz Sheridan (Helen Seinfeld), Bob Balaban (Russell Dalrymple), Len Lesser (Uncle Leo), Heidi Swedberg (Susan), Peter Crombie ("Crazy" Joe), Stephen McHattie (Dr. Reston), Jessica Lundy (Naomi), Christopher Carroll (Maitre d'), Lewis Dauber (Doorman), Mimi Craven (Cynthia)

47. Airdate: 7 Oct 92 - "The Bubble Boy"
A weekend is kaput, partly because of George's driving.

Guests: Heidi Swedberg (Susan), Jessica Lundy (Naomi), Brian Doyle-Murray (Mel), Carol Mansell (Mother), O-Lan Jones (Waitress), Jon Hayman (Voice and Arm of Donald), George Gerdes (Man #1), Tony Pappenfuss (Man #2)

48. Airdate: 28 Oct 92 - "The Cheever Letters"
Elaine's assistant (Lisa Malkiewicz) has words with Jerry, who has few with George; Kramer deals for more Cuban cigars.

Guests: Grace Zabriskie (Mrs. Ross), David Blackwood (Doorman), Heidi Swedberg (Susan), Warren Frost (Mr. Henry Ross), Lisa Malkiewicz (Sandra), Miguel Perez (Luis), Vanessa Marquez (Receptionist), Timothy Omundson (Ricky Ross), Patricia Lee Willson (Sara Ross)

49. Airdate: 4 Nov 92 - "The Opera"
The man who's threatening Jerry is the same Joe (Peter Crombie) who's dating Elaine.

Guests: Peter Crombie ("Crazy" Joe), Heidi Swedberg (Susan), Ross Evans (Mr. Reichman), Hariet S. Miller (Mrs. Reichman), Bill Saluga (Usher), Tom Celli (Man #1), Jason Wingreen (Man #2), Glen Chin (Man #3), Gerrit Graham (First Clown)

50. Airdate: 11 Nov 92 - "The Virgin"
Jerry courts a woman (Jane Leeves) with a tame past; George makes a bad move at a meeting; a man (Ping Wu) disagrees with Elaine.

Guests: Jane Leeves (Marla), Heidi Swedberg (Susan), Kevin Page (Stu), Peter Blood (Jay), Anne Twomey (Rita), Ping Wu (Ping), Leah Lail (Stacy), Derya Ruggles (Woman in Bar), Dayna Winston (Carol), Julie Blum (Receptionist)

51. Airdate: 18 Nov 92 - "The Contest"
George's mom (Estelle Harris) lands in the hospital; a contest begins among Jerry, George, Kramer and Elaine, involving a naked woman and an attractive man.

Guests: Jane Leeves (Marla), Estelle Harris (Estelle Costanza), Ilana Levine (Joyce), Rachel Sweet (Shelly), Andrea Parker (Nurse)

52. Airdate: 25 Nov 92 - "The Airport"
On a flight to NYC, Jerry has a first-class time, but Elaine suffers in coach. Meanwhile, Kramer and George try to hit the right airport.

Guests: Annie Korzen (Passenger #2), Deck McKenzie (Security Guard), Larry David (Voice of Man ordering the leftover kosher meal (uncredited)), Jennifer Lynn Campbell (Tia), Scott Burkholder (Prisoner), JM J. Bullock (Attendant #1), Allan Wasserman (Grossbard), Lenny Rose (Passenger #1), Karen Denise Williams (Attendant #2), Maggie Egan (Ticket Clerk), Mark Christopher Lawrence (Sky Cap), Jack Graiman (Cop), William Evan Masters (Driver)

53. Airdate: 16 Dec 92 - "The Pick"
Kramer makes Elaine's Christmas card a collector's item, and settles a beef with a designer (Nicholas Hormann); Jerry is caught in a human moment by his new female friend (Jennifer Campbell); George pleads to make up with Susan.

Guests: Heidi Swedberg (Susan), Wayne Knight (Newman), Jennifer Lynn Campbell (Tia), Gina Hecht (Dana Foley), Nicholas Hormann (Calvin), Tony Carlin (Fred), Francois Giroday (Male Executive), Blaire Baron (Female Executive), Steve Schubert (Man in Office)

54. Airdate: 6 Jan 93 - "The Movie"
The difficulties met by four persons trying to meet at one movie.

Guests: Barry Diamond (Buckles), Perry Anzilotti (Usher), Tom LaGrua (Kernis), Eric Poppick (Maurice), Cathy Lind Hayes (Woman Behind Elaine), Allan Kolman (Cab Driver), Molly Cleator (Cashier), Christie Mellor (Concessionaire), Jeff Norman (Man in Line), Paul Eisenhauer (Man in Theatre), Montrose Hagins (Woman in Theatre)

55. Airdate: 27 Jan 93 - "The Visa"
A lawyer (Maggie Han) George dates could help Jerry's pal, who's facing deportation, thanks, in part, to Kramer's trip to Florida.

Guests: Brian George (Babu Bhatt), Maggie Han (Cheryl), Ping Wu (Ping), John Hamelin (Babu's Brother), Gerry Bednob (Babu's Friend)

56. Airdate: 4 Feb 93 - "The Shoes"
There's something about Elaine's shoes that leads to the stalling of George and Jerry's TV pilot, until Elaine gives it a kick.

Guests: Bob Balaban (Russell Dalrymple), Gina Hecht (Dana Foley), Anita Barone (Gail Cunningham), Michael Ornstein (Waiter), Denise Richards (Molly)

57. Airdate: 11 Feb 93 - "The Outing"
Elaine's prank leads a reporter (Paula Marshall) to believe Jerry and George are a gay couple.

Guests: Lawrence Mandley (Manager), Deck McKenzie (Scott), Liz Sheridan (Helen Seinfeld), Barney Martin (Morty Seinfeld), Estelle Harris (Estelle Costanza), Paula Marshall (Sharon), Kari Coleman (Allison), Anthony Mangano (Sailor), Ben Reed (Male Nurse), Charley Garrett (Man #1), David Gibbs (Man #2)

58. Airdate: 18 Feb 93 - "The Old Man"
Volunteering with seniors...Elaine is enthralled by hers, George gets fired and Jerry loses his.

Guests: Wayne Knight (Newman), Bill Erwin (Sid Fields), Tobin Bell (Ron), Robert Donley (Ben Cantwell), Lanai Chapman (Housekeeper), Victoria Dillard (Agency Rep), Jerry Hauck (Tim)

59. Airdate: 25 Feb 93 - "The Implant"
Jerry adopts Elaine's opinion about a woman (Teri Hatcher) he's seeing; then Elaine changes her mind.

Guests: Teri Hatcher (Sidra), Megan Mullally (Betsy), Carol Rosenthal (Ticket Clerk #1), Donald Bishop (Dr. Allenwood), Tony Amendola (Sal Bass (Rushdie)), Kieran Mulroney (Timmy), Peggy Stewart (Aunt May), Bruce E. Morrow (Father Jessup), Susan Beaubian (Ticket Clerk #2)

60. Airdate: 18 Mar 93 - "The Junior Mint"
Jerry can't remember the name of his date (Susan Walters), and he observes a splenectomy.

Guests: Susan Walters (Mystery Woman), Sherman Howard (Roy), Victor Raider-Wexler (Doctor)

61. Airdate: 15 Apr 93 - "The Smelly Car"
An odor in Jerry's car seeps into the love life of Elaine.

Guests: Heidi Swedberg (Susan), Michael Des Barres (Restaurateur), Nick Bakay (Carl), Kari Coleman (Allison), Taylor Negron (Hairdresser), Courtney Gains (Clerk), Raf Mauro (Car Washer), Viveka Davis (Mona), Robert Noble (Salesman), Patricia Place (Wife), Walt Beaver (Husband)

62. Airdate: 13 May 93 - "The Handicap Spot"
There are many repercussions after the gang parks in a handicap space.

Guests: David Blackwood (Security Guard), Estelle Harris (Estelle Costanza), Jerry Stiller (Frank Costanza), Kathy Kinney (Angry Woman), John Randolph (Frank Costanza), Richard Portnow (Ray), Rick Overton (The Drake), Nancy Lenehan (Volunteer), Elizabeth Dennehy (Allison), Fritzi Burr (Maj-Jongg Lady #1), Norma Janis (Maj-Jongg Lady #2), Ina Parker (Maj-Jongg Lady #3), Marvin Braverman (Cop), Eric Fleeks (Kicker), Donna Evans (Lula)

63. Airdate: 20 May 93 - "The Pilot (1)"
Kramer wants to audition for Jerry and George's pilot; and the network president (Bob Balaban) becomes obsessed with Elaine. Part 1 of two.

Guests: Kevin Page (Stu), Peter Blood (Jay), Bob Balaban (Russell Dalrymple), Peter Crombie ("Crazy" Joe), Mariska Hargitay (Melissa Shannon), Anne Twomey (Rita), Gina Hecht (Dana Foley), Jeremy Piven (Michael Barth (TV George)), Larry Hankin (Tom Pepper (TV Kramer)), Laura Waterbury (Casting Director), Elena Wohl (Sandi Robbins (TV Elaine)), Bruce Jarchow (Doctor), Al Ruscio (Manager), Richard Gant (Fred), Roger Rose (Mark), Samantha Dorman (Waitress), Erick Avari (Cabbie), Bob Shaw (Paul), Stephen Burrows (David), Lanai Chapman (Sid Fields' Housekeeper)

64. Airdate: 20 May 93 - "The Pilot (2)"
Conclusion. The pilot is cast, taped and aired, but George doesn't think he'll live to see its success.

Guests: Kevin Page (Stu), Peter Blood (Jay), Jane Leeves (Marla), Larry David (Man on Raft (uncredited)), Bob Balaban (Russell Dalrymple), Peter Crombie ("Crazy" Joe), Heidi Swedberg (Susan), Barney Martin (Morty Seinfeld), Liz Sheridan (Helen Seinfeld), Wayne Knight (Newman), Anne Twomey (Rita), Jeremy Piven (Michael Barth (TV George)), Larry Hankin (Tom Pepper (TV Kramer)), Elena Wohl (Sandi Robbins (TV Elaine)), Al Ruscio (Manager), Richard Gant (Fred), Brian Bradley (Butler), Bob Shaw (Paul), Deborah Swisher (1st AD), Jeff Oetjen (Wilton), Pat Hazell (Himself), Kari Coleman (Allison), Bill Erwin (Sid), Lanai Chapman (Housekeeper), Rick Overton (The Drake), Elizabeth Dennehy (Allison), Maggie Han (Cheryl), Ping Wu (Ping), Brian Doyle-Murray (Mel), Carol Mansell (Mother), Jon Hayman (Voice of Donald), Jennifer Lynn Campbell (Tia), Nicholas Hormann (Calvin), Teri Hatcher (Sidra), Tony Amendola (Sal Bass (Rushdie))

Seinfeld - Season 4

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