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Season 6

Seinfeld Episode Guide-Season 6

Season 6

87. Airdate: 22 Sep 94 - "The Chaperone"
Kramer chaperones Jerry's date with a Miss America contestant (Marguerite MacIntyre); George gets the Yankees to wear cotton; Elaine tries to fill the shoes of a late book editor.

Guests: Ian Abercrombie (Mr. (Justin) Pitt), Regis Philbin (Miss America Pageant Announcer (voice) (uncredited)), Gail Strickland (Landis), Marguerite MacIntyre (Karen), Danny Tartabull (Himself), Buck Showalter (Himself)

88. Airdate: 29 Sep 94 - "The Big Salad"
Kramer fears a golf dispute has pushed his opponent to murder; Jerry dates a woman (Marita Geraghty) whom Newman rejected.

Guests: Lauren Bowles (Waitress), Wayne Knight (Newman), Michelle Forbes (Julie), Jerry Levine (Stationer), Marita Geraghty (Margaret), Barry Nolan (Reporter), Dean Hallo (Gendason)

89. Airdate: 6 Oct 94 - "The Pledge Drive"
Elaine mistakes a man for a woman on the phone; George gets baseball's Danny Tartabull to join Jerry at a fund-raiser.

Guests: Lauren Bowles (Waitress), Len Lesser (Uncle Leo), Ian Abercrombie (Mr. (Justin) Pitt), Lisa Guerrero (PBS Telethon Producer (uncredited)), Kelly Coffield Park (Noreen), Billye Ree Wallace (Nana), Brian Reddy (Dan), Danny Tartabull (Himself), Tom Wright (I) (Executive (Morgan)), James Reynolds (Banker), F.J. Rio (Street Tough), Thom Vernon (Driver), Rebecca Staab (Kristin)

90. Airdate: 13 Oct 94 - "The Chinese Woman"
Jerry makes a blind date; Kramer makes a change to increase his sperm count.

Guests: Larry David (Man With Cape (uncredited)), Jerry Stiller (Frank Costanza), Estelle Harris (Estelle Costanza), Kelly Coffield Park (Noreen), Angela Dohrmann (Donna Chang), William Utay (Dr. Korval), Lucy Lin (Hostess), Jack Tracy (Man)

91. Airdate: 27 Oct 94 - "The Couch"
Freedom-of-choice issues disrupt Elaine's new relationship and Kramer's business; George watches a video instead of reading his book-club book.

Guests: Jessica Hecht (Marie), Reni Santoni (Poppie), David James Elliott (Carl), Robert Hooks (Joe Temple), Denise Dowse (Mother), Patton Oswalt (Clerk), Diana Theodore (Remy), Mari Weiss (Woman #1), Tamar Cooper (Woman #2), Beverly C. Brown (Woman #3), Jeris Lee Poindexter (Man)

92. Airdate: 3 Nov 94 - "The Gymnast"
His girl's mom (Lois Nettleton) sees George as a bum; Kramer encourages Jerry to make the most of dating a gymnast (Elina Lowensohn); 3-D art mesmerizes Mr. Pitt (Ian Abercrombie).

Guests: David Blackwood (Beck), Ian Abercrombie (Mr. (Justin) Pitt), Jessica Hecht (Lindsay), Lois Nettleton (Mrs. Enright), Elina Löwensohn (Katya), Maurice Godin (Misha), James Sweeney (Aronson), Phil Ramsey (Man in Car), Damian London (Party Guest)

93. Airdate: 10 Nov 94 - "The Soup"
Jerry pays dearly for a "free" suit from a comic (Stephen Hytner); Elaine has a beau who's no gentleman; George's way with words ends his relationship with a waitress (Tracy Kolis).

Guests: Lawrence Mandley (Manager / Monk's), Steve Hytner (Kenny Bania), Tracy Kolis (Kelly), Daniel Gerroll (Simon), Linda Wallem (Hildy), Michael Kaplan (Waiter)

94. Airdate: 17 Nov 94 - "The Mom & Pop Store"
George buys a car thinking it was owned by Jon Voight; Kramer tries to save a mom-and-pop store; Elaine gets her boss (Ian Abercrombie) into the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Guests: Ian Abercrombie (Mr. (Justin) Pitt), Bryan Cranston (Whatley), Ellsworth Hanna ((Romantic Couple in Diner)(uncredited).), Jeanne Hanna ((Romantic Couple in Diner)(uncredited).), Andy Cowan ((Radio Announcer/TV announcer (uncredited) (voice)), Jon Voight (Himself), Elsa Raven (Mom), Michael Robello (Pop), Tom Wright (I) (Morgan), Ken Thorley (Car Salesman), Dan Frischman (Guy on Phone), Rick Fitts (Dentist), Nancy Balbirer (Woman at Party), Pat Asanti (Electrician), Steve Brady (Man at Party), Matt Gallini (Tough Guy)

95. Airdate: 8 Dec 94 - "The Secretary"
Clothing problems are a hang-up; George hires a secretary.

Guests: Stephen Hytner (Bania), Joseph Sicari (Willie), Larry David (Voice of George Steinbrenner (uncredited)), Steve Hytner (Kenny Bania), Lee Bear (George Steinbrenner (uncredited)), Vicki Lewis (Ada), Joseph R. Sicari (Willie), Arminae Azarian (Saleswoman), Mitzi McCall (Donna), Richard Marion (Guy), Thomas Mills (Moviegoer), Glynis McCants (Woman), Courtney Taylor (Attractive Applicant), Will Radford (Angry Guy (uncredited))

96. Airdate: 15 Dec 94 - "The Race"
Jerry dates a woman whose boss (Don R. McManus) has a grudge against him; Elaine dates a Communist whose ideology spreads to George and Kramer.

Guests: Danny Woodburn (Mickey Abbott), Larry David (Voice of George Steinbrenner (uncredited)), Larry David (George Steinbrenner (voice) (uncredited)), Lee Bear (George Steinbrenner (uncredited)), Todd Kimsey (Ned), Renée Props (Lois), Don McManus (Duncan), Vicki Lewis (Ada), Claude Earl Jones (Mr. Bevilaqua), Mark Christopher Lawrence (Boss), Michael Sorich (Castro), Denise Poirier (Arlene), Spencer Klein (Kid), Martin Chow (Lew), Eva Svensson (Woman)

97. Airdate: 5 Jan 95 - "The Switch"
George suspects that his girlfriend (Charlotte Lewis) is bulimic; Jerry dates a woman (Jann Karan) who has a friendlier roommate; Elaine loans out her boss's tennis racket.

Guests: Wayne Knight (Newman), Larry David (Man on the Street (voice) (uncredited)), Sheree North (Babs Kramer), Gail Strickland (Landis), Charlotte Lewis (Nina), Jann Karam (Sandi), Terry Sweeney (Keith), Heather Medway (Laura), Clive Rosengren (Mr. Clotworthy), Jacqueline M. Houston (Lorraine), Cheryl Francis Harrington (Waitress), Tish Smiley (Woman)

98. Airdate: 19 Jan 95 - "The Label Maker"
George objects to his girlfriend's roommate (Cleto Augusto); Super Bowl tickets make the rounds as plans change.

Guests: Wayne Knight (Newman), Bryan Cranston (Whatley), Jessica Tuck (Bonnie), Cleto Augusto (Scott), Wayne Grace (Ukranian)

99. Airdate: 26 Jan 95 - "The Scofflaw"
George fails to keep a secret about a friend; Kramer fingers Newman as a scofflaw.

Guests: Daniel Benzali (Officer), Wayne Knight (Newman), Richard Fancy (Mr. Lippman), Jon Lovitz (Gary Fogel), Marty Rackham (Jake Jarmel), Barbara Alyn Woods (Debby), Ivory Ocean (Officer Morgan), Basil Hoffman (Salesman), Lillian Lehman (Judge), Danny Breen (Guy With Glasses), Bob Shaw (Cabbie), Dale Harimoto (Reporter), Joe Ochman (Customer), Elisabeth Sjoli (Woman)

100. Airdate: 2 Feb 95 - "Highlights of a Hundred (1)"
The first of a two-part collection of highlights from the first 100 shows includes the characters' ambitions and outside relationships; and George explaining the "show about nothing." Also: scenes with guest stars, including Keith Hernandez, Teri Hatcher and Jane Leeves.
101. Airdate: 2 Feb 95 - "Highlights of a Hundred (2)"
The conclusion of a two-part collection of highlights from the first 100 shows includes the characters' concern about their self-images. Also: the evolution of "the contest"; how "marine biologist" George saved a beached whale.
102. Airdate: 9 Feb 95 - "The Beard"
A toupee qualifies George to date Kramer's friend; Elaine tries to change a gay man; Jerry owns up to watching "Melrose Place."

Guests: Jonathan Gries (Rusty the Homeless Man), Robert Mailhouse (Robert), Katherine La Nasa (Cathy), Edward Winter (Mr. Stevenson), Georgann Johnson (Mrs. Stevenson), Joan Elizabeth (Denise), John F. O'Donohue (Gus), Jerry Diner (Lou), Mirron E. Willis (Officer #1), Ken Kerman (Officer #2)

103. Airdate: 16 Feb 95 - "The Kiss Hello"
A physical therapist (Wendie Malick) bothers Jerry, angers George and attracts Kramer. Meanwhile, Kramer promotes friendliness within his building.

Guests: Liz Sheridan (Helen Seinfeld), Barney Martin (Morty Seinfeld), Len Lesser (Uncle Leo), Wendie Malick (Wendy), Billye Ree Wallace (Nana), Carol Leifer (Receptionist), Julio Oscar Mechoso (Julio), Rondi Reed (Mary), Gene Elman (Buddy), Mary Scheer (Joan), Louisa Abernathy (Nurse), Timothy McNeil (Jeff), Mark Fite (Jack), C.D. Labove (Steve), Wendy Worthington (Louise), Belinda Barry (Stephanie)

104. Airdate: 23 Feb 95 - "The Doorman"
Jerry runs afoul of a doorman (Larry Miller); Kramer invents a bra for men. Elaine offends Mr. Pitt's neighbor.

Guests: Gwen Van Dam (Mrs. Payton), Deck McKenzie (Delivery Man), Jerry Stiller (Frank Costanza), Estelle Harris (Estelle Costanza), Ian Abercrombie (Mr. (Justin) Pitt), Larry Miller (Doorman), Patrick Cronin (Sir Farkus), Reni Santoni (Poppie), Edith Fields (Mrs. Payton), Nick Jameson (Horst), Jack Betts (Mr. Green), Barbara Pilavin (German Woman), Toni Sawyer (Tenant #1), Nigel Gibbs (Tenant #2), Trudi Forristal (Buxom Woman)

105. Airdate: 16 Mar 95 - "The Jimmy"
A gym member (Anthony Starke) teams with George in business and makes a date with Elaine to see Mel Torme; Jerry suspects his dentist (Bryan Cranston) of hanky-panky.

Guests: Bryan Cranston (Whatley), Richard Herd (Wilhelm), Anthony Starke (Jimmy), Robert Katims (Deensfrei), Mel Torme (Himself), Alison Armitage (Cheryl), Jimmy Bridges (Paramedic), Elan Carter (Receptionist)

106. Airdate: 6 Apr 95 - "The Doodle"
Jerry's family lives it up at the Plaza for free, thanks to Elaine; the fumigation of Jerry's apartment disables Kramer's taste buds.

Guests: Norman Brenner (Passerby), Wayne Knight (Newman), Barney Martin (Morty Seinfeld), Liz Sheridan (Helen Seinfeld), Len Lesser (Uncle Leo), Christa Miller (Paula), Billye Ree Wallace (Nana), Dana Wheeler-Nicholson (Shelly), Guy Siner (Mandel), Ellis E. Williams (Karl), Coby Turner (Judy), Wayne C. Dvorak (Teacher)

107. Airdate: 27 Apr 95 - "The Fusilli Jerry"
Jerry's mechanic "steals" his lovemaking technique; someone's license plates enhance Kramer's image; Mrs. Costanza gets an eye job.

Guests: Estelle Harris (Estelle Costanza), Jerry Stiller (Frank Costanza), Patrick Warburton (David Puddy), Marla Sucharetza (Nancy), Lou Cutell (Dr. Cooperman), Yvette Cruise (Clerk)

108. Airdate: 4 May 95 - "The Diplomat's Club"
A booking agent (Debra Jo Rupp) is overly attentive to Jerry; Pitt puts Elaine in his will; Kramer starts gambling again.

Guests: Wayne Knight (Newman), Ian Abercrombie (Mr. (Justin) Pitt), Tom Wright (I) (Morgan), Robert Hooks (Joe), Debra Jo Rupp (Katie), Kim Zimmer (Lenore), O'Neal Compton (Earl), John Cothran Jr. (Man), William B. Jackson (Doctor), Christine Cattell (Stewardess), Diana Theodore (Remy), Berta Maria Waagfjord (Bridgette), Mark Wheatle (Waiter), Ellis E. Williams (Karl, the exterminator)

109. Airdate: 11 May 95 - "The Face Painter"
Elaine's boyfriend (Patrick Warburton) is too zealous a hockey fan; George ventures saying "I love you"; Kramer has an altercation with a chimp.

Guests: Patrick Warburton (David Puddy), Katy Selverstone (Siena), Mark DeCarlo (Alec Berg), Raye Birk (Mr. Pless the Zookeeper), Pierrino Mascarino (Father Hernandez), Joe Lala (Priest), Peggy Lane O'Rourke (Waitress), Dave Powledge (Fan #2), Jan Eddy (Fan #3), Lawrence LeJohn (Crowd Member), David Richardson (II) (Fan #1)

110. Airdate: 18 May 95 - "The Understudy"
Jerry dates Bette Midler's understudy, who gets the call after George injures Bette; Elaine suspects she's being insulted in Korean.

Guests: Jerry Stiller (Frank Costanza), John O'Hurley (J. Peterman), Bette Midler (Herself), June Kyoto Lu (Ruby), Amy Hill (Kim), Adelaide Miller (Gennice), Alexandra Bokyun Chun (Lotus), Vonnie C. Rhee (Sunny), Craig Thomas (Player #1), Michael McDonald (Player #2), Lou DiMaggio (Stagehand), Jason Beck (Umpire), Bob Shaw (Cabbie), Johnny Silver (Vendor #1), William Bastiani (Vendor #2)

Seinfeld - Season 6

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