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Season 7

Seinfeld Episode Guide-Season 7

Season 7

111. Airdate: 21 Sep 95 - "The Engagement"
Jerry reneges on his pact with George to be more like "grown-up men"; Newman takes care of a barking dog that keeps Elaine awake. Comedian Mario Joyner has a cameo.

Guests: Wayne Knight (Newman), Jerry Stiller (Frank Costanza), Estelle Harris (Estelle Costanza), Heidi Swedberg (Susan), Mario Joyner (Himself), Janni Brenn (Woman #2), Mailon Rivera (Cop #1), Athena Massey (Melanie), Ron Byron (Man), Renee Phillips (Alice), Cindy Cheung (Woman #1)

112. Airdate: 28 Sep 95 - "The Postponement"
Elaine shares her feelings about George with the wrong person. Meanwhile, George discovers the power of tears.

Guests: Heidi Swedberg (Susan), Kelly Perine (Usher), Bruce Mahler (Rabbi Kirshbaum), John Rubano (Man), Evie Peck (Woman)

113. Airdate: 5 Oct 95 - "The Maestro"
A maestro impresses Elaine, jeopardizes Kramer's lawsuit and makes Jerry curious about housing in Italy.

Guests: Heidi Swedberg (Susan), Phil Morris (Jackie Chiles), Mark Metcalf (Maestro), Gary Yates (Security Guard), Paul Michael (Giggio), James Noah (Ned), Tim Bagley (Manager), Richard McGonagle (Mr. Star), Kenneth Ryan (Mr. Burns), Kymberly Newberry (Ms. Jordan), David Wendelman (Waiter)

114. Airdate: 12 Oct 95 - "The Wink"
George's involuntary winking is misinterpreted by many, and prompts Kramer to seek a favor from Yankee Paul O'Neill; Jerry tries to hide his distaste for meat from Elaine's cousin (Stacey Travis).

Guests: Larry David (Voice of George Steinbrenner), Richard Herd (Wilhelm), Brian McNamara (James), Tom Wright (I) (Morgan), Stacey Travis (Holly), Ian Patrick Williams (Stubs), Paul O'Neill (Himself), Clive Rosengren (Waiter), Thomas Dekker (Bobby)

115. Airdate: 19 Oct 95 - "The Hot Tub"
An Olympic athlete stays at Elaine's; George picks up colloquialisms from Houston Astros execs; Kramer installs a hot tub at his pad.

Guests: Larry David (Voice of George Steinbrenner), Richard Herd (Wilhelm), Jeremiah Birkett (Jean-Paul), Leon Russom (Clayton), Ernie Lively (Zeke), Charles Cyphers (Gardner), Kate Mulligan (Sheri), Susan Isaacs (Woman), Thom Barry (Manager), Jeff Miller (Event Guard)

116. Airdate: 2 Nov 95 - "The Soup Nazi"
Cooing between Jerry and his girlfriend irritates George; Elaine runs afoul of a soup vendor; Kramer loses Elaine's armoire to muggers.

Guests: Wayne Knight (Newman), Heidi Swedberg (Susan), Steve Hytner (Kenny Bania), Vivicca Whitsett (Customer #1), Larry Thomas (Soup Nazi), Alexandra Wentworth (Sheila "Schmoopie"), John Paragon (Ray), Yul Vazquez (Bob), Thom Barry (Super), Vince Melocchi (Furniture Guy), Ana Gasteyer (Woman), Cedric Duplechain (Customer), Mike Michaud (Customer)

117. Airdate: 9 Nov 95 - "The Secret Code"
George dines with Elaine's boss; Jerry's sleeping foot costs him a commercial; Kramer gives traffic advice to firemen.

Guests: Heidi Swedberg (Susan), John O'Hurley (J. Peterman), Fred Stoller (Fred Yerkes), Wayne Tippet (Captain), Lewis Arquette (Leapin' Larry), Ellen Albertini Dow (Momma), David St. James (Doctor), Michael Luckerman (Man)

118. Airdate: 16 Nov 95 - "The Pool Guy"
An acquaintance latches on to Jerry; George objects to Susan's relationship with his pals; Kramer's new phone number brings many wrong numbers.

Guests: Wayne Knight (Newman), Heidi Swedberg (Susan), Carlos Jacott (Ramon), Billy Williams (Usher), Alec Mapa (Paul), Dom Magwili (Dustin), Mr. Moviefone (Himself)

119. Airdate: 7 Dec 95 - "The Sponge"
Elaine holds a monopoly on the contraceptive devices that Susan prefers; Kramer refuses to wear a ribbon on his AIDS walk.

Guests: Heidi Swedberg (Susan), Scott Patterson (Billy), Jennifer Guthrie (Lena), John Paragon (Cedric), Yul Vazquez (Bob), David Byrd (Roger), Ileen Getz (Organizer), Steven Hack (Walker #1), Wren T. Brown (Walker #2), P.B. Hutton (Walker #3), Susan Moore (Monica)

120. Airdate: 14 Dec 95 - "The Gum"
Kramer is overprotective of a friend who had a breakdown after dating Elaine; a former neighbor is leery of George's mental stability.

Guests: Larry David (Newspaper stand worker (uncredited appearance)), Matt McCoy (Lloyd Braun), Mary Jo Keenen (Deena), Eric Christmas (Haarwood), Sandy Ward (Pop Lazzari), Ruth Cohen (Cashier), Lionel Mark Smith (Florist), Vito D'Ambrosio (Cop), Alan Watt (Attendant)

121. Airdate: 4 Jan 96 - "The Rye"
George's parents meet Susan's; Elaine fears her enthusiasm may have scared off the musician she's dating; Kramer drives a hansom cab, but feeds his steed bad fuel.

Guests: Grace Zabriskie (Mrs. Ross), Warren Frost (Mr. (Henry) Ross), Estelle Harris (Estelle Costanza), Jerry Stiller (Frank Costanza), Heidi Swedberg (Susan), Jeff Yagher (John), Frances Bay (Mabel Choate), Leonard Lightfoot (Clyde), Don Amendolia (Dennis), Kathryn Kates (Counter Woman), Steve Ireland (Music Guy), Dean Fortunato (Manager)

122. Airdate: 25 Jan 96 - "The Caddy"
Kramer sues Elaine's friend (Brenda Strong) for sinking his golf career; George's apparent work ethic impresses his bosses.

Guests: Jerry Stiller (Frank Costanza), Estelle Harris (Estelle Costanza), Heidi Swedberg (Susan), Phil Morris (Jackie Chiles), John O'Hurley (J. Peterman), Larry David (Voice of George Steinbrenner (uncredited)), Richard Herd (Wilhelm), Brenda Strong (Sue Ellen), Armin Shimerman (Stan), Arthur Rosenberg (Judge), Cynthia Madvig (Woman #1), Marilyn Tokuda (Woman #2)

123. Airdate: 1 Feb 96 - "The Seven"
Kramer demands compensation from Elaine for his chiropractic effort; Jerry's flame always wears the same outfit.

Guests: Wayne Knight (Newman), Heidi Swedberg (Susan), Ken Campbell (Ken), Shannon Holt (Carrie), Lisa Deanne (Christie), Charles Emmett (Orderly), David Richards (Maitre d'), Matthew McCurley (Kid), Josh Abramson (Man #1)

124. Airdate: 8 Feb 96 - "The Cadillac (1)"
George becomes obsessed with Marisa Tomei after he's told he's her type; Jerry gives his father a Cadillac. Part 1 of two.

Guests: Liz Sheridan (Helen Seinfeld), Barney Martin (Morty Seinfeld), Heidi Swedberg (Susan), Sandy Baron (Klompus), Ann Morgan Guilbert (Evelyn), Marisa Tomei (Herself), Walter Olkewicz (Nick Stevens the Cable Guy), Annabelle Gurwitch (Katy), Bill Macy (Herb), Jesse White (I) (Ralph)

125. Airdate: 8 Feb 96 - "The Cadillac (2)"
Conclusion. George has a meeting with Marisa Tomei; the Cadillac Jerry buys his father sparks trouble for his dad (Barney Martin).

Guests: Annie Korzen (Doris Klompus), Liz Sheridan (Helen Seinfeld), Barney Martin (Morty Seinfeld), Heidi Swedberg (Susan), Sandy Baron (Jack Klompus), Marisa Tomei (Herself), Walter Olkewicz (Nick Stevens), Ann Morgan Guilbert (Evelyn), Frances Bay (Mabel Choate), Bill Macy (Herb), Jesse White (I) (Ralph), Daniel Zacapa (Power Guy (John)), Golde Starger (Bldg "A"), Janice Davis (Bldg "B"), Art Frankle (Bldg "C")

126. Airdate: 15 Feb 96 - "The Shower Head"
Elaine fails a drug test---twice---and loses her job; Jerry talks about his Uncle Leo on "The Tonight Show." Jay Leno has a cameo.

Guests: Wayne Knight (Newman), John O'Hurley (J. Peterman), Barney Martin (Morty Seinfeld), Liz Sheridan (Helen Seinfeld), Estelle Harris (Estelle Costanza), Jerry Stiller (Frank Costanza), Len Lesser (Uncle Leo), Jay Leno (Himself), Ron West (Dr. Strugatz), Tim de Zarn (Salesman), Michelle Bonilla (Waitress), Angelo DiMascio, Jr. (Man)

127. Airdate: 22 Feb 96 - "The Doll"
Susan's friend interferes with Jerry's planned jokes; Susan's doll reminds George of his mother; Frank Costanza builds a billiard room.

Guests: Jerry Stiller (Frank Costanza), Estelle Harris (Estelle Costanza), Heidi Swedberg (Susan), Kathy Griffin (Sally Weaver), Mark Metcalf (Maestro), Mary Jo Keenen (Deena), Monica Allison (Stewardess), Larry Braman (Stage Manager), John Lizzi (The Other Guy)

128. Airdate: 7 Mar 96 - "The Friars Club"
Elaine suspects a co-worker is faking a hearing impairment; Jerry makes a faux pas at the Friars Club after comic Pat Cooper (in a cameo) sponsors him for membership.

Guests: Heidi Swedberg (Susan), John O'Hurley (J. Peterman), Phil Morris (Jackie Chiles), Rob Schneider (Bob), Pat Cooper (Himself), Samantha Smith (Hallie), Lisa Arch (Connie), Robert Martin Robinson (Maitre 'd), Norman Large (Detective), Peggy Lane (Waitress), The Flying Karamazov Brothers (The Flying Sandos Brothers)

129. Airdate: 4 Apr 96 - "The Wig Master"
Jerry gets miffed when a salesman hits on Elaine while she's with him; George suspects hookers are conducting business in his parked car.

Guests: Norman Brenner (Ian), Heidi Swedberg (Susan), Patrick Bristow (Wig Master (Ethan)), Harry Van Gorkum (Craig), Gina Mastrogiacomo (Prostitute), Kim Chase (Charmaine), Chaim Jeraffi (Jiffy Park Guy), Michael McDonald (Jesse), Pamela Dillman (Salesperson), Zack Phifer (Bob), Shashi Bhatia (Flower Girl)

130. Airdate: 25 Apr 96 - "The Calzone"
George gets his boss, George Steinbrenner, hooked on calzones, then loses his supplier; Kramer warms to clothing fresh from the dryer.

Guests: Wayne Knight (Newman), Larry David (Voice of George Steinbrenner (uncredited)), John D'Aquino (Todd), Peter Allas (Counter Guy), Danette Tays (Nicki), Greg Collins (Policeman), Jane A. Johnston (Todd's Mother)

131. Airdate: 2 May 96 - "The Bottle Deposit (1)"
Part 1 of two. Jerry has a beef with his mechanic; Newman becomes obsessed with Michigan's recycling program; Elaine goes to an auction for her boss (John O'Hurley).

Guests: Wayne Knight (Newman), John O'Hurley (J. Peterman), Richard Herd (Wilhelm), Brad Garrett (Tony), Brenda Strong (Sue Ellen), Patrick Kerr (Clerk), Harvey Jason (Auctioneer), Larry Polson (Homeless Guy)

132. Airdate: 2 May 96 - "The Bottle Deposit (2)"
Conclusion. While driving a postal truck, Kramer and Newman spot Jerry's stolen car, containing Elaine's JFK golf clubs.

Guests: Wayne Knight (Newman), John O'Hurley (J. Peterman), Larry David (Voice of George Steinbrenner (uncredited)), Richard Herd (Wilhelm), Brad Garrett (Tony the Mechanic), Mary Jo Keenen (Deena), Rance Howard (Farmer), Nicholas Mele (Detective), Karen Lynn Scott (Farmer's Daughter), Sandy Ward (Pop), Dan O'Connor (Young Cop), Bonnie McNeil (Woman), Brenda Strong (Sue Ellen)

133. Airdate: 9 May 96 - "The Wait Out"
Jerry and Elaine see opportunities for themselves when George causes a couple to separate; Kramer can't remove his new jeans.

Guests: Heidi Swedberg (Susan), Danny Woodburn (Mickey Abbott), Cary Elwes (David), Debra Messing (Beth), Allan Havey (Policeman), Diana Castle (Mrs. Zanfino), Todd Bosley (Joey), J.G. Hertzler (Mr. Berger), Nicole Tocantins (Barbara)

134. Airdate: 16 May 96 - "The Invitations"
Jerry falls for a woman much like himself; George wants out of his wedding, and his fiance doesn't want Elaine in the wedding party.

Guests: Heidi Swedberg (Susan), Janeane Garofalo (Jeannie Steinman), Stephen Root (Mr. Lager the Bank Manager), Victor Raider-Wexler (Doctor), John Riggi (Teller), Sue Goodman (Clerk), Julie Clark (Waitress), Fred Goehner (Delivery Guy), Carol Leifer (Bank Employee [uncredited])

Seinfeld - Season 7

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