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Pilot-Seasons 1-2

Seinfeld Episode Guide-Pilot-Season 1-2


1. Airdate: 5 Jul 89 - "The Seinfeld Chronicles"
A woman whom Jerry met on the road is coming to town---and wants to stay with him.

Guests: Pamela Brull (Laura). Lee Garlington (Claire)

Season 1

2. Airdate: 31 May 90 - "The Stakeout"
Comedian Jerry Seinfeld plays himself in this sitcom, which incorporates stand-up routines. In the opener, Jerry wants to ask his ex-girlfriend (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) for information about a woman.

Guests: Liz Sheridan (Helen Seinfeld), Lynn Clark (Vanessa), Maud Winchester (Pamela), William Fair (Roger), Ron Steelman (Artie Levine), Joe George (Uncle Mac), Ellen Gerstein (Carol), Janet Rotblatt (Woman), Philip Bruns (Morty Seinfeld)

3. Airdate: 7 Jun 90 - "The Robbery"
George (Jason Alexander) persuades Jerry to get a new apartment---but it's the one George wants.

Guests: David Blackwood (Man #1), Anita Wise (Waitress), James F. Dean (Larry), Kimberly Kates (Diane), Bradford English (Cop), Kimberley Kates (Diane), George Simms (Man #2)

4. Airdate: 14 Jun 90 - "Male Unbonding"
Jerry ponders a course of action when he sees that he has nothing in common with a clingy childhood friend.

Guests: Kevin Dunn (Joel), Anita Wise (Waitress), Frank Piazza (Customer), Kimberly LaMarque (Teller), Kimberley LaMarque (Teller)

5. Airdate: 21 Jun 90 - "The Stock Tip"
Inside information gives Jerry and George high hopes for their stock; Jerry and Vanessa (Lynn Clark) take their first weekend trip.

Guests: Lynn Clark (Vanessa), Ted Davis (Dry Cleaner), Jill C. Klein (Waitress), Benjamin Lum (Stock Boy)

Season 2

6. Airdate: 23 Jan 91 - "The Ex-Girlfriend"
Jerry's drawn into a relationship with the woman his pal George just stopped seeing.

Guests: Tracy Kolis (Marlene), Karen Barcus (Receptionist)

7. Airdate: 30 Jan 91 - "The Pony Remark"
Perhaps it's just a joke, but maybe it's more when Jerry's unwitting remark precedes a tragedy.

Guests: Liz Sheridan (Helen Seinfeld), Barney Martin (Morty Seinfeld), Len Lesser (Uncle Leo), Rozsika Halmos (Manya), David Fresco (Isaac), Scott N. Stevens (Intern), Earl Boen (Eulogist)

8. Airdate: 6 Feb 91 - "The Jacket"
Jerry's new jacket impresses everyone except Elaine's father (Lawrence Tierney), an author cut from Hemingway cloth and not suited to pampering anyone.

Guests: Lawrence Tierney (Alton Benes), Frantz Turner (Salesman), Susanne Spoke (Customer), Harry Hart-Browne (Manager)

9. Airdate: 13 Feb 91 - "The Phone Message"
George musters the courage to call a woman (Tory Polone), then is flustered when he gets her machine and leaves an "idiotic message" he'd do anything to erase.

Guests: Tory Polone (Carol), Gretchen German (Donna)

10. Airdate: 4 Apr 91 - "The Apartment"
Jerry gets Elaine the apartment right above him; George tests the "man with a wedding band" theory of meeting women.

Guests: David Blackwood (Stan), Tony Plana (Manny), Glenn Shadix (Harold), Jeanine Jackson (Roxanne), Leslie Neale (Rita), Theresa Randle (Janice), Patricia Ayame Thomson (Susie), Melody Ryane (Joanne)

11. Airdate: 11 Apr 91 - "The Statue"
Jerry suspects that his apartment cleaner (Michael D. Conway) stole something, which could affect Elaine's working relationship with the man's girlfriend (Nurit Koppel).

Guests: Michael D. Conway (Ray), Nurit Koppel (Rava)

12. Airdate: 18 Apr 91 - "The Revenge"
Revenge is plotted against those who done 'em wrong after Jerry loses $1500 and George loses his job.

Guests: Wayne Knight (Newman), Larry David, Deck McKenzie (Bill), Larry David (Voice of Newman (uncredited)), Fred Applegate (Levitan), John Capodice (Vic), Teri Austin (Ava), Patrika Darbo (Glenda), Marcus Smythe (Dan), John Hillner (Greeny)

13. Airdate: 25 Apr 91 - "The Heart Attack"
George visits a holistic healer (Stephen Tobolowsky) suggested by Kramer.

Guests: Driver: Larry David (Screaming B-movie actor), Stephen Tobolowsky (Tor), John Posey (Dr. Fein), John Fleck (Attendant), Jimmy Woodward (Driver), Pat Hazell (Man in other bed), Sharon McKnight (Nurse), Heather James (Waitress)

14. Airdate: 2 May 91 - "The Deal"
Lovers again, Jerry and Elaine use "a system" to remain friends.

Guests: Norman Brenner (Clerk), Siobhan Fallon (Tina)

15. Airdate: 16 May 91 - "The Baby Shower"
At Jerry's place: a baby shower, an illegal cable hookup and George coping with "the worst date (Christine Dunford) of my life."

Guests: Christine Dunford (Leslie), Vic Polizos (Tabachnik), James Lashly (Assistant), Margaret Reed (Mary), George C. Simms (FBI Man), Marla Fries (Stewardess), Don Perry (Passenger), Kate Mulligan (Party Guest), Audrey Frantz (Party Guest)

16. Airdate: 23 May 91 - "The Chinese Restaurant"
In a restaurant, George needs the phone he can't have, Jerry needs the name he can't recall and Elaine needs food.

Guests: James Hong (Bruce), David Tress (Mr. Cohen), Judy Kain (Lorraine), Kate Benton (Woman on Phone), Michael Mitz (Phone Guy), Kendall McCarthy (Man)

17. Airdate: 26 Jun 91 - "The Busboy"
George inadvertently meddles in the life of a busboy (David Labiosa), while Elaine finds a week too long to have a houseguest (Doug Ballard).

Guests: David Labiosa (Antonio), Doug Ballard (Eddie), John Del Regno (Manager)

Seinfeld - Seasons 1 and 2

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