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A Very Brady Christmas/The Bradys

TV Movie. A Very Brady Christmas - Movie

First aired: 12/18/1988

Guest star: Ron Kuhlman (Phillip Covington III), Jennifer Runyon (Cindy Brady), Jerry Houser (Wally Logan)

Carol and Mike invite all of their kids and their families to visit them for Christmas!

The Bradys Episode Guide

1. Start Your Engines (a.k.a.) The Brady 500 (1)
First aired: 2/9/1990

Guest star: Mary Candorette (Valerie), Leonard R. Garner Jr. (Howie), Richard Herkert (Dr. Stevens), Sheila Shaw (Maxine), Hope Sherwood (Erica Hopkins), John Wheeler (Joe Fletcher), Kim Maxwell (Lisa), Darcy DeMoss (Donna), Dabbs Greer (Minister), Martha Quinn (Tracy)

Two-hour series debut. In this opening show, Bobby (now a racecar driver) makes it to the Nashville 500 where he is in a serious car-wreck and is paralyzed from the waist down. The family rallys around him in his efforts to recover. Marcia and husband, Wally (who has lost another job) and their kids, are living with Mike & Carol. Jan and her husband, Phillip are attempting to get pregnant and in the end adopt an Asian girl, Patty. Peter breaks up with his fiancee, Valerie and becomes quite the playboy. Cindy is a radio DJ and starts to date her boss. Greg, following Bobby's car-wreck debates whether to change his specialty, but in the end stays with Obstetrics. Bobby in the final scenes marries college sweetheart Tracy Wagner.

2. Here We Grow Again (a.k.a.) The Brady 500 (2)
First aired: 2/9/1990

In this episode the Bradys are notified that their house is going to be torn down to make room for a new freeway. In a fight to save their home they have it moved to a new location. Cindy begins to heavily date her boss, Gary. And in the final scene Mike decides to run for Councilman.

3. A Moving Experience
First aired: 2/16/1990

Guest star: Anne Haney (Peggy Orbigand, the petitioner), Jennifer Kolcher (Carly Greenberg), Phillip Glasser (Jake Greenberg), Dyana Ortelli (Lisa Wallach), Aaron Lustig (Fred Meadows), Jerry Hauck (Mel Borden), Herb Edelman (Gene Dickinson), Pat Crawford Brown (Mabel)

The Brady's find out their house will be torn down for a freeway to be built. They end up having their home moved to another location.

4. Hat in the Ring
First aired: 2/23/1990

Guest star: Charlie Spradling (Teri Dickinson), Herb Edelman (Gene Dickinson), Dyana Ortelli (Wallach), Aaron Lustig (Meadows), Jerry Hauck (Borden), Fran Ryan (Housewife), Joe Lucas (Delivery Man), Frank DeVol (Man #2), Jay Arlen Jones (Foreman), Lauren Sinclair (Ginger), David Sage (Glen Martinson), Fred Holliday (Leo)

Mike runs for City Council with the help of Peter and Wally as his campaign managers. His campaign is threatened by a blackmail attempt from the competition,Gene Dickinson.

5. Bottom's Up
First aired: 3/2/1990

Guest star: Gloria Gifford (Dr. Stone), John Terrence (Jordan Armstrong), William Cort (Morty St. James)

With stress in her life, Marcia turns to alcohol.

6. The Party Girls
First aired: 3/9/1990

Guest star: Gerard Maguire (Austrian Envoy), Alison Rockwell (party guest #1), Bob Garon (party guest #2)

Marcia, Nora and Tracy start their own catering business.

***** A Very Brady Christmas
(1988 - VHS)

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