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Brady Bunch Cast

Cast Regulars

  • Robert Reed as Mike Brady
  • Florence Henderson as Carol Brady
  • Ann B. Davis as Alice Nelson
  • Maureen McCormick as Marcia Brady
  • Eve Plumb as Jan Brady
  • Susan Olsen as Cindy Brady
  • Barry Williams as Greg Brady
  • Christopher Knight as Peter Brady
  • Mike Lookinland as Bobby Brady
  • Tiger the Dog [ season 1 ]

    Recurring Actors

  • Allan Melvin (Sam Franklin)
  • Angela Satterwhite (Diane) / (Donna)
  • Barbara Bernstein (Peggy) / (Suzanne)
  • Barbara Morrison (Drama Coach) / (Mrs. Tuttle)
  • Bart La Rue (Coach)
  • Brandy Carson (Woman)
  • C. Lindsay Workman (Bertram Grossman) / (Mr. Watkins) / (Principal) / (Teacher)
  • Chris Beaumont (Boy) / (Eddie) / (Hank Carter) / (Jerry Rogers)
  • Claudio Martinez (Billy) / (Woodside Boy)
  • Darryl Seman (Billy Naylor) / (Herman)
  • David "Lippy" Espinda (Mr. Hanalei)
  • Dick Winslow (Truck Driver #1) / (Winters)
  • Gordon Jump (Mechanic) / (Mr. Collins)
  • Hal Smith (Kartoon King) / (Santa Claus)
  • Harlen Carraher (Clinton Boy) / (Leon) / (Steve)
  • Herb Vigran (Examiner) / (Harry)
  • Hope Sherwood (Gretchen) / (Jenny) / (Rachel 2x)
  • Jack Collins (Mr. Phillips)
  • Jackie Coogan (Harry Duggan) / (Man)
  • Jim Backus (Harry Matthews) / (Zaccariah T. Brown 2x)
  • Jimmy Bracken (Freddie) / (Jimmy) / (Larry)
  • John Howard (Dr. Howard)
  • John Wheeler (Man #2) / (Mr. Dimsdale) / (Postman)
  • Jonathan Hole (Mr. Thackery) / (Willie Witherspoon)
  • Karen Foulkes (Margie) / (Muriel)
  • Kerry MacLane (Boy) / (Eric)
  • Kimberly Beck (Girl) / (Laura)
  • Leonard Bremen (Exterminator) / (Truck Driver 2x)
  • Marcia Wallace (Mrs. Robbins) / (Saleswoman)
  • Michele Campo (Jimmy Pakaya)
  • Molly Dodd (Mrs. Payne) / (Saleslady)
  • Patrick Adiarte (David)
  • Pierre Williams (Boy #2) / (Jimmy)
  • Pitt Herbert (Mr. Driscoll)
  • Robbie Rist (Oliver)
  • Robert Nadder (Alfred Bailey) / (Mr. Gaylord)
  • Ruth Anson (Miss Perry) / (Mrs. Ferguson)
  • Sean Kelly (Stuart) / (Tim)
  • Sheri Cowart (Kathy)
  • Snag Werris (Keystone Kop) / (Mr. Foster) / (Salesman) / (Storeowner)
  • Steve Dunne (Mark Millard) / (Pete Sterne)
  • Vincent Price (Professor Hubert Whitehead)
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