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Brady Bunch Episode Guide Season 3

09-17-1971: in "Ghost Town U.S.A.", "The Brady Bunch" begins a three-part adventure, filmed on location at the Grand Canyon. The Bradys camp in an old deserted mining town after getting a late start on their vacation. There they meet Zaccariah T. Brown, a grizzled prospector, who suspects they have come to jump his new gold claim.

Guest star: Jim Backus (Zaccariah T. Brown), Hoke Howell (Gas Station Attendant)

09-24-1971: in "Grand Canyon or Bust, The Bradys break out of the ghost town jail prospector Zaccariah T. Brown locked them in the second segment of the three-parter on the family's vacation, Mike and family manage to get the cell key Zaccariah left behind, then discover the prospector has taken their station wagon and trailer.

Guest star: Jim Backus (Zaccariah T. Brown), Michele Campo (Jimmy Pakaya)

10-01-1971: in "The Brady Braves", Cindy and Bobby are aided by and Indian boy, Jimmy Pakaya, when they become lost at the bottom of the Grand Canyon in the third segment of a three-part episode. Jimmy helps Cindy and Bobby find their way back to camp and the youngsters promise to bring him food when they learn the Indian boy is running away from his grandfather, Chief Dan Eagle Cloud.

Guest star: Jay Silverheels (Chief Dan Eagle Cloud), Michele Campo (Jimmy Pakaya)

10-08-1971: in "The Wheeler-Dealer", Greg is stuck with a clunker when he buys his first car on his own. Eddie convinces Greg that the old convertible he is trying to get rid of will be easy to fix up. As Greg drives it home he comes to realize that he may have bought a lemon.

Guest star: Chris Beaumont (Eddie), Charles Martin Smith (Ronnie)

10-15-1971: in "My Sister Benedict Arnold", Greg feuds with Marcia when she dates his No. 1 school rival. Warren Mulaney beats Greg out for the basketball team and then asks Marcia out for pizza. Marcia isn't too impressed with Warren after the date, but continues to see him when Greg orders her not to.

Guest star: Gary Rist (Warren Mulaney), Sheri Cowart (Kathy)

10-22-1971: in "The Personality Kid", Peter's wallflower status at a friend's party convince him he needs a new image. To change his zero personality he starts imitating movie stars, then throws a party to unveil the new Peter Brady.

Guest star: Sheri Cowart (Kathy), Monika Ramirez (Kyle), Margie De Meyer (Judy), Karen Peters (Susie), Jay Kogen (Boy #1), Pierre Williams (Boy #2)

10-29-1971: in "Juliet is the Sun", Marcia's being cast in a school production of "Romeo and Juliet" gives her a swollen ego. The other members of the family regret convincing her to take the role when she considered turning it down.

Guest star: Randy Case (Harold Axelrod), Lois Newman (Miss Goodwin)

11-05-1971: in "And Now a Word from Our Sponsor", The Brady family is "discovered" and asked to do a commercial. Skip Farnum sees the Bradys coming ou t of a supermarket and decides that they are ideal for his soap commercial. Mike is skeptical and checks on Farnum only to find out that the offer is legitimate.

Guest star: Paul Winchell (Skip Farnum), Bonnie Boland (Myrna Carter), Art Lewis (Felder), Leonard Bremen (Truck Driver)

11-12-1971: in "The Private Ear", Peter uses his dad's tape recorder to eavesdrop on his brothers' and sisters' conversatiions. Peter enjoys dropping comments about secret conversations which cause family suspicion and feuding. Marcia and Greg discover the tape recorder and plan their revenge.

Guest star: ?

11-19-1971: in "Her Sister's Shadow", Jan is determined to establish her own identity because her teachers are constantly praising Marcia to her. To prove she has ability of her own, Jan goes out for pom-pom girl but fails to be picked.

Guest star: C. Lindsay Workman (Principal), Gwen Van Dam (Mrs. Watson), Peggy Doyle (Teacher), Nancy Gillette (Pom Pom Girl), Julie Reese (Katy)

11-26-1971: in "Click", Carol and Mike are on opposing sides when Greg wants to go out for the high school football team. After Mike talks Carol into allowing Greg to play in spite of her fears for his safety, he cracks a rib in practice.

Guest star: Elvera Roussel (Linette Carter), Bart La Rue (Coach)

12-10-1971: in "Getting Davy Jones", Singer Davy Jones guest stars as himself. Marcia, president of the Davy Jones fan club at school, rashly promises to get him to appear at the prom when she doesn't even know how to get in touch with him.

Guest star: Davy Jones (Himself), Marcia Wallace (Mrs. Robbins), Britt Leach (Manager), Kimberly Beck (Laura), Tina Andrews (Doreen), Whitney Rydbeck (Page)

12-24-1971: in "The Not-So-Rose-Colored Glasses", Mike attempts to surprise Carol with a photograph of the children for their anniversary. Alice fakes a toothache to get Carol to take her to the dentist so Mike can have the picture taken. Then Jan accidentally destroys the print and the negative is lost.

Guest star: Robert Nadder (Mr. Gaylord)

12-31-1971: in "The Teeter-Totter Caper", Bobby and Cindy try to prove their importance by setting a world record. The youngest Bradys, tired of being told they cannot participate because of their age, decide to try to set a new teeter-totter record when they see two college boys attempt it on television.

Guest star: Dick Winslow (Winters), Vito Scotti (Radio Announcer (uncredited))

01-07-1972: in "Big Little Man", Bobby Brady tries to prove to his family that he is a lot bigger than his size. Annoyed at being so small, Bobby tries exercises to make himself taller. When that doesn't work, he decides to become a mental giant.

Guest star: Allan Melvin (Sam Franklin)

01-14-1972: in "Dough Re Mi", Greg dreams of getting rich with a song he wrote, but needs $150 to pay for the recording session. Peter suggests that the six Brady children do the vocal since family groups are so successful, and that they share the costs. The plan goes sour when Peter's voice changes and they can't reset the recording date. In the episode the Brady Bunch kids sing two original songs, "Time to Change" and "We Can Make the World a Whole Lot Brighter."

Guest star: John Wheeler (Mr. Dimsdale)

01-21-1972: in "Jan's Aunt Jenny", Imogene Coca guest stars. Jan finds a picture of her Aunt Jenny when she was the same age and they are lookalikes. She is excited to discover how she will look when she grows up until she sees a picture of her Aunt Jenny as an adult.

Guest star: Imogene Coca (Aunt Jenny)

01-28-1972: in "The Big Bet", Bobby and Greg make a bet with the loser having to do everything the winner says for a week. Greg claims that he can do twice as many chin-ups as his younger brother. Hurt and angry, Bobby forces Greg into a bet to prove his boast. Bobby starts exercising to increase his stamina while Greg ignores the contest.

Guest star: Hope Sherwood (Rachel)

02-04-1972: in "The Power of the Press", Peter finds the column he is writing for the school newspaper a profitable venture. Peter is popular with his classmates when they find their names in his column. With a "D" in science, he decides to improve his grade by flattering his rather dull teacher.

Guest star: Milton Parsons (Mr. Price), Angela Satterwhite (Diane), Bobby Riha (Harvey), Jennifer Reilly (Iris)

02-11-1972: in "Sergeant Emma", Ann B. Davis, who plays Alice, the housekeeper, doubles as her cousin Emma, an ex-WAC, fills in for her cousin during her vacation and starts the Bradys on a rigid schedule -- 6 a.m. reveille, exercise and white-glove inspections. By mid-week, the family is hoping Alice will end her vacation early.

Guest star: Ann B. Davis (Cousin Emma)

02-18-1972: in "Cindy Brady, Lady", Cindy is suffering the pangs of being the youngest in the family until she discovers a secret admirer. She is delighted at first about the daily gifts and notes from a boy who signs them "Your secret admirer," but becomes unhappy because she doesn't know who it is and she wants to meet him.

Guest star: Eric Shea (Tommy Jamison)

03-03-1972: in "My Fair Opponent", Marcia plays Pygmalion to the dumpiest girl in her class. When Molly Webber is nominated as hostess of Banquet Night at school as a joke, Marcia sets out to help her win before discovering that she will be running against her.

Guest star: Debi Storm (Molly Webber), C. Lindsay Workman (Mr. Watkins), Suzanne Roth (Suzanne), William Wellman, Jr. (Astronaut)

03-10-1972: in "The Fender Benders", Carol's minor accident in a parking lot turns into a court case. Immediately after the collision both Harry Duggan and Carol agree to pay their own damages. Later that evening, however, Mr. Duggan visits the Bradys and claims it was Carol's fault and says he will take her to court if she doesn't pay to have his car fixed.

Guest star: Jackie Coogan (Harry Duggan), Robert Emhardt (Judge)

The Brady Bunch Season 3

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