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Brady Bunch Episode Guide Season 4

09-22-1972: in "Hawaii Bound", "The Brady Bunch" begins a three-part Hawaiian adventure. In the opening segment, Mike Brady is able to take the whole family with him when his company sends him to Hawaii to check the construction of a building he designed. The Bradys tour the island and the boys get involved with an ancient tabu.

Guest star: Sam Kapu Junior (Himself), Don Ho (Himself), David "Lippy" Espinda (Mr. Hanalei), Elithe Aguiar (Hula Instructor), Patrick Adiarte (David), Dennis M. Chun (Young Workman)

09-29-1972: in "Pass the Tabu", Greg is saved from drowning, but bad luck continues to plague the Bradys in the second segment on the Bradys' trip to Hawaii, Jan finds the idol and more incidents of bad luck happen. The boys decide to return the idol to the ancient Hawaiian burial grounds.

Guest star: Vincent Price (Professor Hubert Whitehead), David "Lippy" Espinda (Mr. Hanalei), Patrick Adiarte (David), Cris Callow (Mandy)

10-06-1972: in "The Tiki Caves", Vincent Price guest stars as Professor Whitehead, an archeologist who menaces the Brady boys in the third segment on the Bradys' Hawaiian trip, the boys return the tiki they found to the burial cave. There they meet Professor Whitehead, who believes they intend to steal his latest "find."

Guest star: Vincent Price (Professor Hubert Whitehead), David "Lippy" Espinda (Mr. Hanalei), Leon Lontoc (Mayor's Representative)

10-13-1972: in "Today I Am a Freshman", Marcia panics about becoming a high school student. After doing poorly when Greg tries to introduce her to his friends, she decides to take her parents' advice: get involved. She signs up for every club on campus.

Guest star: John Howard (Dr. Howard), Vicki Cos (Kim), Kelly Flynn (Tom), John Reilly (Dick)

10-20-1972: in "Cyrano de Brady", Peter's crush on Jan's new girlfriend Kerry is frustrated so he enlists Greg's help. After his own efforts fail to attract Kerry, Peter goes to Greg for help. Greg plays Cyrano for Peter but it results in Kerry rejecting Peter for Greg.

Guest star: Kym Karath (Kerry)

10-27-1972: in "Fright Night", The Brady kids try to out-frighten each other as they haunt their own house. The Brady boys frighten their sisters with a manufactured ghost and some weird noises. The girls get even when they bet the boys that they can't spend a whole night in the attic.

Guest star: ?

11-03-1972: in "The Show Must Go On??", Florence Henderson and Maureen McCormick perform a singing-dancing routine. Marcia talks her mother into appearing with her in the high school family frolics. Once Carol agrees, Greg comes home with a request that Mike also perform in the show.

Guest star: Allan Melvin (Sam Franklin) , Barbara Morrison (Mrs. Tuttle), Brandy Carson (Woman), Frank DeVol (Father), Karen Foulkes (Muriel), Bonnie Ludeka (Daughter)

11-10-1972: in "Jan, the Only Child", Jan wishes she were an only child and her brothers and sisters try to oblige. Jan complains that she has no privacy and no identity because of the other children. They first try being extra nice, and when that doesn't work they decide to exclude her from their activities.

Guest star: ?

11-17-1972: in "Career Fever", Mike mistakenly believes that Greg wants to follow in his footsteps because of a paper he prepares for his English class. Greg hasn't the heart to tell his father that he was just doing the paper as an assignment and he doesn't want to be an architect. He does a drawing to show his lack of ability but that only results in Mike buying him a drafting kit.

Guest star: ?

11-24-1972: in "Goodbye, Alice, Hello", Alice decides to leave when she feels that she can no longer communicate with the kids. When the youngsters claim they can't trust Alice any more, the housekeeper makes up an excuse to leave and gets her own replacement. She isn't gone very long before the kids change their minds.

Guest star: Mary Treen (Kay), Snag Werris (Mr. Foster), Harry G. Crigger (Customer)

12-08-1972: in "Greg's Triangle", Greg has the difficult task of judging a cheerleading contest between his sister and his girlfriend. Jennifer, Greg's new steady, is Marcia's competition for head cheerleader of the high school. Greg's problem is that he is head of the judging committee.

Guest star: Tannis G. Montgomery (Jennifer), Rita Wilson (Pat)

12-22-1972: in "Everyone Can't Be George Washington", Peter tries out for the role of George Washington in the school play and ends up as Benedict Arnold. Peter is such a good actor that the teacher decides he can handle the role of the traitor better than the lead. Razzed by his friends, he decides to get himself kicked out of the play.

Guest star: Sara Seegar (Miss Bailey), Barbara Bernstein (Peggy), Sean Kelly (Stuart), Jimmy Bracken (Freddie), Michael Barbera (Harvey), Cheryl Beth Jacobs (Edith), Angela Satterwhite (Donna)

01-05-1973: in "Love and the Older Man", Marcia gets a crush on her new dentist. Dr. Vogel, the new family dentist, is the subject of Marcia's daydreams after she meets him. She believes that her feeling is returned when she misinterprets his interest in her as a babysitter.

Guest star: Don Brit Reid (Dr. Stanley Vogel), Allen Joseph (Minister)

01-12-1973: in "Law and Disorder", Bobby becomes very unpopular when he decides to be the best safety monitor at school. In his enthusiasm, Bobby not only reports his friends for minor infractions of the rules at school, he also turns in his brothers and sisters at home.

Guest star: Shawn Schepps (Jill), Harlen Carraher (Steve), Cindy Henderson (Girl), Jon Hayes (Jon)

01-19-1973: in "Greg Gets Grounded", A near accident in the family car results in Greg's being grounded. Bobby mentions that Greg had a near accident on the freeway and his parents refuse him car priveleges for a week. Greg has an important rock concert date coming up, and no way to get there.

Guest star: Hope Sherwood (Rachel), Gracia Lee (Jenny)

01-26-1973: in "Amateur Nite", The Brady kids compete in a local TV amateur contest to win money for their parents' anniversary present. When an additional charge of $56.23 for engraving prevents the kids from picking up their gift they decide to do a song-and-dance act in an amateur contest with a $100 first prize.

Guest star: Harold Peary (Mr. Goodbody), Steve Dunne (Pete Sterne), Robert Nadder (Alfred Bailey)

02-02-1973: in "Bobby's Hero", Bobby upsets his parents and teachers when he makes a hero of Jesse James. Mike and Carol are asked to meet with Bobby's principal when their youngest son plays at being Jesse James at school. Mike sets out to change his son's opinion of the western outlaw by exposing the truth about Jesse.

Guest star: Burt Mustin (Jethroe Collins), Richard Carlyle (Mr. Hillary), Gordon DeVol (Jesse James), Ruth Anson (Miss Perry)

02-09-1973: in "The Subject Was Noses", Marcia is dumped by the campus hero because her nose is swollen from an accident. Marcia breaks her date with Charley to go out with the most popular boy on campus, Doug Simpson. She discovers that she has made a mistake when Doug cancels their date because of her swollen nose.

Guest star: Nicholas Hammond (Doug Simpson), Stuart Getz (Charley), Lisa Eilbacher (Vicki)

02-23-1973: in "How to Succeed in Business?", Peter's after-school job in a bike shop becomes a personal disaster. Peter gets a job with Mr. Martinelli repairing bikes. After he tells his family that he is doing great, his boss decides to let him go because he is too slow.

Guest star: Jay Novello (Mr. Martinelli), Harlen Carraher (Leon), Claudio Martinez (Billy)

03-02-1973: in "The Great Earring Caper", Cindy loses her mother's earrings and enlists Peter's aid in finding them. Peter uses his new detective kit to search for the missing jewelry. Yet after a day of intense investigation, it appears that Cindy will have to confess that she lost them.

Guest star: ?

03-09-1973: in "You're Never Too Old", Robert Reed and Florence Henderson play dual roles as Mike and Carol's grandparents as well as Mike and Carol. When Grandma Hutchins comes to visit, the Brady kids decide to keep her around by matching her up with Grandpa Brady. The lady is too energetic for grandpa and he has no interest in romance.

Guest star: Robert Reed (Grandpa Brady), Florence Henderson (Grandma Hutchins)

03-16-1973: in "You Can't Win 'Em All", Cindy and Bobby are picked to be tested for an appearance on a children's TV quiz show. Cindy decides to prepare for the test while Bobby is confident that he can handle it without any effort. One of the Brady kids fails the test; the other develops a TV star personality.

Guest star: Edward Knight (Monty Marshall), Vicki Schreck (Woodside Girl #1), Tracey M. Lee (Woodside Girl #2), Claudio Martinez (Woodside Boy), Harlen Carraher (Clinton Boy), Miyoshi Williams (Clinton Girl)

03-23-1973: in "A Room at the Top", Both Greg and Marcia want to use the attic for a private room. Greg puts in his bid for the space with his father; Marcia asks her mother for the attic. Then both try to move up there at the same time.

Guest star: Chris Beaumont (Hank Carter)

The Brady Bunch Season 4

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