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Brady Bunch Episode Guide Season 5

09-14-1973: in "Adios, Johnny Bravo", Greg is picked to become a rock star. The Brady kids audition their act for a television amateur show and Greg is spotted by a musical agent who wants to sign him up. But the agent, Tami Cutler, doesn't want all the Bradys, just Greg.

Guest star: Claudia Jennings (Tami Cutler), Jeff Davis (Hal Barton), Paul Cavonis (Buddy Berkman)

09-21-1973: in "Mail Order Hero", Joe Namath guest stars as himself, a supposed friend of Bobby's. Bobby lies to his friends, telling them that Joe Namath drops by for dinner with the Bradys when he's in town. Bobby's friends are looking forward to meeting the New York quarterback because he is playing an exhibition game in town the next week.

Guest star: Joe Namath (Himself), Eric Woods (Tom), Kerry MacLane (Eric), Larry Michaels (Burt), Tim Herbert (Herb)

09-28-1973: in "Snow White and the Seven Bradys", The Bradys are surprised to learn they are to do a satire of the fairy tale "Snow White". Cindy volunteers the family to do the show being put on to buy a retirement gift for her teacher. Mike, Carol and Alice are to play the key roles, but there aren't enough Brady kids to play the seven dwarfs!

Guest star: Allan Melvin (Sam Franklin) , Elven Havard (Police Officer), Frances Whitfield (Mrs. Whitfield)

10-05-1973: in "Never Too Young", When girl-hater Bobby is kissed by a cute little "miss" he thinks he's been exposed to the mumps. Millicent gives her hero, Bobby, a kiss for defending her at school, but later reports that she has the mumps. Bobby fears that he may have quarantined the family from a big "Roaring '20s" party.

Guest star: Melissa Sue Anderson (Millicent)

10-12-1973: in "Peter and the Wolf", Peter poses as a high school senior so Greg can double-date with him. Greg has a date with Sandra for Friday night until her cousin Linda comes to visit. He can't get his friends for the "blind date" so Greg talks Peter into dating an "older woman."

Guest star: Cindi Crosby (Sandra), Kathie Gibboney (Linda), Paul Fierro (Mr. Calderon), Alma Beltran (Mrs. Calderon), Bill Miller (Len)

10-19-1973: in "Getting Greg's Goat", Greg and his football teammates steal a rival school's mascot, a goat, and he has to hide it. Greg hides "Raquel," the goat, in his attic room and when the other kids overhear him talking to her, they believe that he has a girl in his room.

Guest star: George D. Wallace (Mr. Binkley), Sandra Gould (Mrs. Gould), Selma Archerd (PTA Lady #2), Margarita Cordova (P.T.A. Lady)

10-26-1973: in "Marcia Gets Creamed", Marcia's new part-time job at an ice cream parlor causes her problems at home and with her boyfriend. Jeff, Marcia's boyfriend, is annoyed because she hasn't any time for him with her new job. Marcia decides to get her brother Peter a job there so she will have more free time, but he turns out to be a goof-off.

Guest star: Henry Corden (Mr. Haskell), Michael Gray (II) (Jeff), Kimberly Beck (Girl)

11-02-1973: in "My Brother's Keeper", Bobby saves Peter from being hit by a falling ladder and the older Brady promises to become Bobby's slave for saving his life. Peter becomes overprotective and insists upon doing all Bobby's chores. Bobby enjoys the situation and soon is unloading projects on Peter.

Guest star: ?

11-09-1973: in "Quarterback Sneak", A gridiron Romeo from a rival school shows a romantic interest in Marcia to get Greg's play book. Greg and Peter are convinced that Marcia is a traitor because of her interest in Jerry Rogers, the Fairview quarterback. Bobby confirms the boys' distrust of Jerry when he sees him attempt to steal the play book.

Guest star: Chris Beaumont (Jerry Rogers), Denny Miller (Tank Gates), Don Carter (Rich)

11-16-1973: in "Try, Try Again", Jan considers herself a loser when her latest interest, tap dancing, drives the whole family crazy. She drops out of her ballet class and takes up tap dancing when she is passed over for a recital because she is so clumsy. She practices her new dance steps at home, and the noise begins to get to the rest of the family.

Guest star: Judy Landon (Miss Clairette), Ruth Anson (Mrs. Ferguson), Darryl Seman (Billy Naylor)

11-23-1973: in "The Cincinnati Kids", The Bradys mix business with pleasure at King's Island amusement park in Cincinnati, Ohio. The Brady kids accompany Mike to Cincinnati where he is to present plans for an addition to the King's Island amusement park. While the kids enjoy the many rides, Mike is aghast to learn his plans have been lost in the park, and a frantic search ensues.

Guest star: Hilary Thompson (Marge), Bob Hoffman (Attendant)

12-07-1973: in "The Elopement", The Brady clan thinks Alice is planning to elope with Sam, the butcher. Marcia and Jan overhear Alice discussing elopement with Sam and pass their discovery along to the family. Carol begins searching for a replacement housekeeper to allow Alice a week's honeymoon, and the whole family gets involved in planning a surprise wedding reception for the "bride-to-be."

Guest star: Allan Melvin (Sam Franklin) , Byron Webster (Reverand Melborne), Bella Bruck (Gladys)

12-21-1973: in "Miss Popularity", Jan makes promises she can't keep in order to win a popularity contest at school, and gets herself in hot water with family and friends. Peter agrees to be her campaign manager and the members of the family pitch in when Jan is nominated as the most popular girl in class. She promises all kinds of help to her classmates if they elect her, but she can't fulfill her campaign promises.

Guest star: Darryl Seman (Herman), Jerelyn Fields (Shirley)

01-04-1974: in "Kelly's Kids", Ken Berry and Brooke Bundy guest star as the Bradys' new neighbors, Ken and Kathy Kelly, who decide to adopt a son and end up with three. Ken and Kathy Kelly select eight-year-old Matt from an orphanage. Matt likes his new home, but misses his two friends, Dwayne and Steve, so the Kellys decide to adopt them, too.

Guest star: Ken Berry (Ken Kelly), Brooke Bundy (Kathy Kelly), Todd Lookinland (Matt), Billy Attmore (Dwayne), Carey Wong (Steve), Jackie Joseph (Mrs. Phillips), Molly Dodd (Mrs. Payne)

01-11-1974: in "The Driver's Seat", Marcia bets that she can beat Greg's score on the driver's test. Greg's comments about men being better drivers than women set up their bet. Marcia scores higher on her written test but tightens up when she gets behind the wheel of a car.

Guest star: Herb Vigran (Examiner)

01-18-1974: in "Out of This World", Former astronaut James McDivitt, the man who saw a UFO in space, guest stars. Bobby and Peter camp out in the backyard, looking for UFOs. After they meet General McDivitt, the boys are convinced that they have spotted one and go back the next night with camera to prove it.

Guest star: James McDivitt (Himself), Mario Machado (Himself), Frank Delfino (Herlo), Sadie Delfino (Shim), James Flavin (Captain McGregor)

01-25-1974: in "Welcome Aboard", Robbie Rist is introduced as a regular member of the cast as the Brady kids' cousin, Oliver, when he comes to visit. Oliver is convinced that he is a jinx to the Bradys, since things seem to go wrong whenever he's around. His attitude changes when the Bradys are chosen to appear in a zany Keystone Kop, pie-throwing movie.

Guest star: Robbie Rist (Oliver) , John Nolan (Mr. Douglas), Judd Laurance (Director), Snag Werris (Keystone Kop), Dick Winslow (Truck Driver #1), Ralph Montgomery (Truck Driver #2)

02-08-1974: in "Two Petes in a Pod", Peter literally runs into his double at school and takes him home to play a trick on his family which backfires. Arthur, Pete's look-alike, agrees to a blind date with the niece of Mike's boss. However, the date is for the same night that Peter has an appointment with Michelle, a girl he has been trying to date all semester.

Guest star: Robbie Rist (Oliver) , Kathy O'Dare (Michelle), Denise Nickerson (Pamela), Christopher Knight (Arthur Owens)

02-15-1974: in "Top Secret", Bobby and Oliver, aided by their youthful imaginations, become convinced that they are onto a spy plot that involves Mike. An FBI agent is checking Mike's security clearance and so the boys get the idea that Mike is working on some secret plans. Sam, the butcher, asks Mike's help with a confidential project, and Bobby is sure that Sam is passing the "secret plans" to the Russians.

Guest star: Robbie Rist (Oliver), Allan Melvin (Sam Franklin) , Lew Palter (Mr. Gronsky), Don Fenwick (Fred Sanders)

02-22-1974: in "The Snooperstar", Cindy becomes convinced that she is soon to be discovered as the new Shirley Temple. Cindy gets the notion that everybody in the family is talking about her, so she enlists the aid of Oliver to find out what they're saying. Aware of this fact, Marcia decides to bait her little sister with an entry in her own diary about contacting a talent scout and submitting Cindy's picture. As planned, it gets back to Cindy.

Guest star: Robbie Rist (Oliver) , Natalie Schafer (Penelope Fletcher)

03-01-1974: in "The Hustler", Jim Backus guest stars as Mike's boss, Harry Mathews, who sends a pool table to the Bradys as a gift but neglects to mention that fact. No one in the Brady household can figure out who sent the pool table or where to put it. But one thing is evident: Bobby is developing quite a talent for the game of pool and is beating all the other kids.

Guest star: Robbie Rist (Oliver) , Jim Backus (Harry Matthews), Dorothy Shay (Frances Matthews), Charles Stewart (Joe Sinclair), Leonard Bremen (Truck Driver), Grayce Spence (Muriel Sinclair), Jason Dunn (Hank Thompson), Susan Quick (Gloria Thompson)

03-08-1974: in "The Hair-Brained Scheme", With high school graduation only days away, Greg discovers that he has made a big mistake when he tries out a new hair tonic that his kid brother has sold him. Bobby decides he can become rich quick by selling a hair tonic, for which he has sent away. But as it turns out, Greg is the only customer. Unfortunately for Greg, that's one customer too many -- the tonic turns his hair a shaggy strawberry blond just prior to graduation ceremonies.

Guest star: Robbie Rist (Oliver) , Barbara Bernstein (Suzanne), Hope Sherwood (Gretchen), Bern Hoffman (Man #1), John Wheeler (Man #2), Brandy Carson (Woman). Note: This was the only episode that Robert Reed didn't appear.

***** The Brady Bunch Season 5

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