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3rd Rock Episode Guide Season 5

The Baby Menace
Episode: 501 | Aired: September 21, 1999
The Solomons are relieved when Vicki Dubcek gives birth to a baby that looks like a human. But When Harry overhears Vicki talking to a tabloid reporter about her alien baby, he rushes back to tell the family. The Solomon's are panic stricken. They try to hide the baby but are arrested instead.

Dick For Tat
Episode: 502 | Aired: September 28, 1999
When Mary confesses that she once had a fling with Dick's arch nemesis, Vincent Strudwick, Dick is consumed with jealousy he decides to sleep with Strudwick's wife. Meanwhile Sally's lust for Don is renewed when she sees him on a motorcycle, dressed in leather.

The Fifth Solomon
Episode: 503 | Aired: November 02, 1999
Dick smashes his car but cant get insurance after the accident. Dick quickly concludes that insurance is a scam and wants no part of it. Dick rents a new car and no longer wants the old one. Meanwhile Harry signs up for all kinds of insurance as a way to keep friends.

Dial M For Dick
Episode: 504 | Aired: November 09, 1999
Dick agrees to attend a murder mystery weekend with Mary (even though he has no idea what that is) as long as he can bring the rest of the family along. When the lights go out at dinner and come back up to reveal an actor stabbed in the back, the Solomons are horrified, believing the murder is real. They try to hide the murder from her so her weekend won't be ruined.

Dick and Tuck
Episode: 505 | Aired: November 16, 1999
When Mary and Nina tell Dick that he is not as sexy as Harrison Ford, he decides he's hideous and goes to a plastic surgeon. When Dick tells Mary about his plastic surgery plans, she tries to convince him not to go through with it. Meanwhile, Sally is concerned that her looks aren't good enough for Don.

Dick, Who's Coming To Dinner
Episode: 506 | Aired: November 23, 1999
Dick can't understand why Nina won't let him attend the Black Student Union meeting with her. Meanwhile Sally, Harry and Tommy are working on an entry for the "If I Could Change The World" poetry contest at the library. Dick finds out from the bartender that there is a white power rally but the meeting isnt what they thought it would be.

Sex and The Sally
Episode: 507 | Aired: November 30, 1999
Tommy tells Sally what he learned in his sexual education class; that she could get pregnant from having sex with Don and jeopardize their mission. Sally starts taking the pill and is plagued by erratic mood swings and food cravings. Meanwhile Mary is mortified to discover that Dick has been pocketing the tip money she leaves at restaurants. Tommy and Harry are mistaken as panhandlers.

Charitable Dick
Episode: 508 | Aired: December 14, 1999
Dick attends his first auction with Mary. It's to benefit the Rutherford Boy's Home. He gets caught up in a bidding frenzy with his arch-nemesis, Vincent Strudwick, and ends up buying a painting he doesnt want. When Dick tells Mary he wants his money back, she gives him a lecture on the importance of charity. Tommy and Harry are trying to reconstruct their mission statement, while Don is having trouble sleeping because of Sally's snoring.

The Loud Solomon Family: A Dickumentary
Episode: 509 | Aired: January 11, 2000
When Mary asks Dick if the Solomons will be the subjects of her documentary on the typical American family, Dick immediately agrees. At first the Solomon's have trouble acting natural on camera but soon they are going about their normal daily business. However, when Dick accidentally addresses Sally as "lieutenant", they try to cover up his slip and get caught in a web of lies.

Gwen, Larry, Dick and Mary
Episode: 510 | Aired: January 25, 2000
Mary suggests she and Dick go on a double date with her tennis partner Gwen, and Gwen's husband Larry. Dick learns that Gwen and Larry love him, but can't stand Mary, who they think is pretentious; when the Solomon's washing machine breaks, Harry, Tommy, and Sally discover the wonders of the laundromat.

Dick Puts The "Id" in Cupid
Episode: 511 | Aired: February 08, 2000
Tommy suggests to Alissa that Valentine's Day would be the perfect time for them to get a hotel room. Tommy is shocked and intimidated when Alissa informs him that it's not going to be her first time. Meanwhile, Dick discovers Mary is seeing a therapist and becomes paranoid about what she is saying about him. Don gives Sally a Valentine card and tells her it's from a secret admirer.

The Big Giant Head Returns
Episode: 512 | Aired: February 22, 2000
Vicki Dubcek returns with her baby, little Eric Travis. Later at Dick's office the Big Giant Head returns, as obnoxious as ever. He has come back to claim his son (Eric) and groom him as his heir. The B.G.H. insists that Dick make Vicki fall in love with him, or he will banish him. Harry has realized that he is still in love with Vicki. Meanwhile, Sally is spending all the Solomon's money on shoes, and Tommy is trying to help her conquer her addiction.

Rutherford Beauty
Episode: 513 | Aired: February 22, 2000
Dick is having erotic fantasies about Nina, which he foolishly tells Mary about. Mary is furious with him. Meanwhile, Sally becomes a fanatic follower of Margaret Williams, a Martha Stewart-type lifestyle guru. Mary hires Sally to cater a fundraiser she is throwing.

This Little Dick Goes To Market
Episode: 514 | Aired: March 14, 2000
Dick invests in the stock market. He decides to invest everything in one company. Dick takes Mary shopping and encourages her to spend freely until he finds out his stock is dropping. Tommy and Dick go to the companys corporate offices to whip things into shape. Meanwhile, Sally meets Janice at the police gym and becomes jealous that she is no longer the toughest woman in town.

Youth Is Wasted On The Dick
Episode: 515 | Aired: March 21, 2000
When Mary shows Dick a brochure for a bed and breakfast Dick suggests they go and recapture her youth during Spring Break. While at the Inn, the run into Dick's students on Spring Break and Dick decides to hang out with them. Don is using the Solomon's apartment for surveillance to catch a video pirate across the street. Harry and Tommy convince Don to let Harry wear a wire tap and try to catch him.

Dick Strikes Out
Episode: 516 | Aired: March 28, 2000
A new chancellor at Pendleton has the faculty in an uproar over budget cuts and loss of tenure. Dick convinces all the other professors to get on board. When the chancellor accepts the resignations, Dick changes his mind. Mary and the other professors feel betrayed by him. Meanwhile Tommy gets a job at the mall pretzel store where Alissa works, but dislikes working with her.

Shall We Dick?
Episode: 517 | Aired: April 18, 2000
Vincent Strudwick and Judith have teamed up for the Badger Day dance contest, so Dick convinces Mary to be his partner. Dick is determined to beat Dr. Strudwick, when Dick sees how good Nina is, he decides he needs her as a partner to win. They are impressive at the dance contest, but Harry comes in and starts dancing with Mary, who is fantastic with Harry as her partner.

Dick And Harry Fall In a Hole
Episode: 518 | Aired: May 02, 2000
Dick and Harry run out of gas and, while crossing a field to find more, Dick falls into a large hole. Moments later Harry falls in too. They become trapped. Soon reporters and police arrive and Tommy spots a business opportunity in selling Harry and Dick Polaroids and souvenirs.

Frankie Goes To Rutherford
Episode: 519 | Aired: May 09, 2000
Dick is consumed with jealousy when Frank Cooper, a very handsome, former student of Mary's, shows up to visit her. Frank tries to tell Dick he's gay, but Dick thinks Frank's outing himself as an alien. Meanwhile, Don tells Sally about a bank robbery he foiled and she decides to rob a bank, just for the challenge.

Dick Solomon's Day Off
Episode: 520 | Aired: May 16, 2000
When Dick hears about sick days, he immediately fakes being sick. Dick persuades Mary to call in sick with him the next day. They run into Dr. Strudwick, who is also pretending to be sick. Eventually the three end up having a fun day together. When Dick sneaks into the office the next morning he is busted. Meanwhile, Don accidentally leaves his police scanner at the Solomon's. Sally, Harry, and Tommy start listening to it as if it were a soap opera.

The Big Giant Head Returns (Pt. 1)
Episode: 521 | Aired: May 23, 2000
The Big Giant Head and Vicki show up unannounced and are clearly over the honeymoon. Dick is going crazy because the BGH has become so clingy toward him. Dick finally confronts him and the BGH reveals that he is Dick's father. Meanwhile, Sally overhears Alissa giving Tommy help on his graduation speech and mistakenly thinks Alissa's going to dump him. Harry is enamored with Sally's new friend Janice.

The Big Giant Head Returns (pt. 2)
Episode: 522 | Aired: May 23, 2000
At the Big Giant Head's command, Dick invites Mary to a dinner party. At the party Mary confesses to the BGH that she has been with many men in her life. Later that night, the BGH insists that Dick break up with her because she's a loose woman. Meanwhile, Sally admits to Tommy that she dumped Alissa for him.

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