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One Day at a Time Season 7

A middle-aged divorcée copes with a new job and two teens.

Season Seven

Aired Sundays

1981-10-11: Alex Moves In. Nick's recent death leaves Alex lonely, so he moves in with Ann and Barbara. Glenn Scarpelli, Bonnie Franklin, Valerie Bertinelli. Guests: Mr. Roberts: Kip King. Felicia: Elinor Donahue.
1981-10-18: Airport. Awaiting Ann's flight, everyone passes time in fleeting encounters with the opposite sex. Valerie Bertinelli, Pat Harrington. Guests: Stephanie's Father: Frank A. Miller. Lady: Bunny Summers. Stephanie's Mother: Patricia Elmore. Airline Attendant: Gregg Berger. Dottie: Julie Amato. Stephanie: Traci Lee Briggs. Paula: Patch Mackenzie. Steve Smith: Bobby DiCicco.
1981-10-25: Shake Hands at the Bell. Ann is appalled at the prospect of having her old nemesis as a partner. Bonnie Franklin, Valerie Bertinelli. Guests: Bob Morton: John Putch. Francine Webster: Shelley Fabares. Waiter: John Dunsmore. Gilbert Reed: Warren Munson.
1981-11-08: Julie Shows Up. Julie shows up, toting her possessions and complaining of Max's infidelity. First of two parts. Julie Cooper Horvath: Mackenzie Phillips. Max Horvath: Michael Lembeck. Ann: Bonnie Franklin. Guest: Kathy: Kelly Harmon.
1981-11-15: Julie Shows Up. Conclusion. Ann tries to get Julie and Max to talk over their difficulties. Ann: Bonnie Franklin. Julie Cooper Horvath: Mackenzie Phillips. Max Horvath: Michael Lembeck. Guests: Grace: Deborah Geffner. Gloria: Rosalind Chao.
1981-11-29: Dinner at 7. Barbara schedules back-to-back dates but the first won't take her home. First of two parts. Mark: Boyd Gaines. Ann: Bonnie Franklin. Schneider: Pat Harrington.
1981-12-06: Dinner at 7. Conclusion. Barbara tries to repay Mark for their disastrous first date. Barbara: Valerie Bertinelli. Mark: Boyd Gaines. Francine: Shelley Fabares.
1981-12-13: Plain Favorite. Schneider contemplates taking Ann's cousin to a dance. Schneider: Pat Harrington. Ann: Bonnie Franklin. Guests: Beerbelly: Chuck McCann. Woman: Patti Mariano. Ralph: Jack Knight. Roscoe: Larry Gelman. Sophie: Gretchen Corbett. Maxine: Victoria Carroll.
1981-12-27: Alex's First Love. Alex's first date rekindles Ann's protectionist instincts. Glenn Scarpelli, Bonnie Franklin. Guests: Joanne: Kelly Gallagher. Boyer: Terry McGovern.
1982-01-03: The Not So Silent Partner. Schneider becomes the business partner of Ann and Francine after the bank turns down their loan. Schneider: Pat Harrington. Ann: Bonnie Franklin, Francine: Shelley Fabares.
1982-01-17: Gift Horses. Barbara's grandmothers wage a war of presents for her affection. Barbara: Valerie Bertinelli. Alex: Glenn Scarpelli. Guests: Grandma Cooper: Priscilla Morrill. Grandma Romano: Nanette Fabray. Mover: Frank Farmer.
1982-01-24: Stick 'Em Up. Unwelcome guests arrive just in time for Barbara's surprise birthday party at the store. Barbara: Valerie Bertinelli. Guests: Gunman: Michael Cavanaugh. Bob: John Putch. Erskine: Howard Morton. Sam: Ric Addison. Charlie: Jan Rabson.
1982-01-31: Ann's Failure. Barbara's engagement triggers intimations of mortality in Ann. Barbara: Valerie Bertinelli. Mark: Boyd Gaines. Guests: Grandma Romano: Nanette Fabray.
1982-02-07: Grandma's Nest Egg. Francine's father and Grandma Romano are a hot item until she learns his line of work. Bonnie Franklin, Shelley Fabares, Valerie Bertinelli. Guests: Katherine Romano: Nanette Fabray. Gus Webster: Van Johnson.
1982-02-21: Barbara's Crisis. Barbara fears for her marriage after learning that she can't conceive a child. Valerie Bertinelli. Mark: Boyd Gaines. Ann: Bonnie Franklin. Schneider: Pat Harrington.
1982-03-07: Mrs. O'Leary's Kid. Alex is hailed for saving lives in an apartment blaze---that he caused. Glenn Scarpelli, Bonnie Franklin. Guests: Nieman: Kip King. Mrs. Cash: Sue Ann Gilfillan. Jeff: Marc Price.
1982-03-14: Diamonds Are Forever. The men go on a fishing trip and the women await their return---but they're all talking marriage. Valerie Bertinelli, Bonnie Franklin.
1982-03-21: The Defector. A member of a visiting Soviet women's basketball team decides to marry Schneider (Pat Harrington). Ann: Bonnie Franklin. Guests: Olga: Marta Fergusson. Mr. Kolinski: Michael Pataki. Lara: Sunny Wilkinson. Irina: Gloria Jean Morrison. Tamara: Kathy Hindman. Lydia: Diane Kay Grant.
1982-03-28: Meow, Meow. Ann and Francine battle for the same man (John Ericson). Bonnie Franklin, Shelley Fabares. Guest: Same Man: John Ericson.
1982-04-04: Hardball. Alex regrets encouraging Max to coach his baseball team. Max: Michael Lembeck. Frankie: Damon Bradley Raskin. Fleming: Troy Brown. Toffler: Jill Tyler.
1982-04-11: Vegas. In Las Vegas, Barbara and Mark consider a quickie Vegas marriage. First of two parts. Valerie Bertinelli, Boyd Gaines.
1982-04-18: Vegas. Conclusion. The family rushes to Las Vegas to talk Barbara out of a quickie wedding. Boyd Gaines.
1982-05-02: Orville and Emily Strike Back. The annual variety show for the senior-citizens hotel. Bonnie Franklin, Pat Harrington, Mackenzie Phillips. Guests: Orville: Dick O'Neill. Emily: Nedra Volz.
1982-05-09: Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow. It's coming through loud and clear---Schneider's going deaf. Pat Harrington, Bonnie Franklin, Valerie Bertinelli.
1982-05-16: It's in the Cards. Grandma Romano tries her hand at fortunetelling. Pat Harrington, Bonnie Franklin. Guests: Katherine Romano: Nanette Fabray. Roberts: Kip King.
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