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One Day at a Time Season 8

A middle-aged divorcée copes with a new job and two teens.

Season Eight

Aired Sundays

1982-09-26: A Perfect Wedding. As Barbara's wedding day approaches, Mark is no help in calming the bride---all he's interested in is golf. First of two parts. Valerie Bertinelli, Boyd Gaines. Ann: Bonnie Franklin. Guests: Marge: Claudette Nevins. Charles: Christopher Thomas.
1982-10-03: A Perfect Wedding. Conclusion. Mark won't cancel a golf game---even for his wedding. Valerie Bertinelli, Boyd Gaines. Ann: Bonnie Franklin. Guest: Ed Cooper: Joseph Campanella.
1982-10-10: The Honeymoon Is Over. Barbara has trouble adapting to life at Mark's rooming house. Mark: Boyd Gaines. Guests: Eloise: Susan Richardson ("Eight is Enough"). Jeff: Jerry Houser ("The Brady Brides"). Hal: Thom Bray.
1982-10-17: Catcher in the Mud. Schneider is determined to deliver Alex from the overabundance of women in his life. Bonnie Franklin, Pat Harrington. Guests: Tony: Bobby Ramsen. Ralph: Fredd Wayne. Everett: James Gallery. Note: This episode was originally produced for season seven, but was held back due to a writer's strike in 1981.
1982-10-24: Last Time I Saw Paris. To land a new French account, Francine talks Ann into a weekend trip to Paris. Bonnie Franklin, Shelley Fabares. Guests: Dr. DuBois: David Olivier. Nurse: Lilyan Chauvin. Bellboy: Jay Bell.
1982-10-31: Auntie Francine. Ann's a bit apprehensive about leaving Alex in the hands of Francine (Shelley Fabares). Bonnie Franklin. Note: This episode was originally produced for season seven, but was held back due to a writer's strike in 1981.
1982-11-07: Lovers and Other Parents. Barbara schemes to get her mother and Mark's newly divorced father together at a dinner party. Valerie Bertinelli, Bonnie Franklin, Boyd Gaines. Sam Royer: Howard Hesseman ("WKRP in Cincinnatti"). Guest: Melissa: Eve Plumb ("The Brady Bunch").
1982-11-21: The Miracle of Birth. Julie's announcement that her baby will be born underwater may be more than Ann can bear. Part 1 of two. Bonnie Franklin, Mackenzie Phillips, Michael Lembeck.
1982-11-28: The Miracle of Birth. Conclusion. Julie insists on having her baby in a birth tank in California, but her labor pains are beginning in Indianapolis. Bonnie Franklin, Mackenzie Phillips. Guest: Dr. Tishman: Bert Freed.
1982-12-12: First Things First. Barbara's decision to enroll in college ties the Royers to a shoestring budget with little time for romance. Valerie Bertinelli, Boyd Gaines. Eloise: Susan Richardson. Jeff: Jerry Houser.
1982-12-19: Pride and Privacy. An explosion forces Barbara and Mark out of their rooming house and into Ann's. Part 1 of three. Valerie Bertinelli, Boyd Gaines, Bonnie Franklin.
1982-12-26: Pride and Privacy. Julie, Max and the baby may force Ann out of her own home to preserve her relationship with Sam. Part 2 of three. Bonnie Franklin, Mackenzie Phillips. Sam: Howard Hesseman. Max: Michael Lembeck. Guest: Kenton: Russell Nype.
1983-01-02: Pride and Privacy. Conclusion. The pandemonium at her house sends Ann seeking refuge with Sam, who offers her a solution for which she's unprepared. Bonnie Franklin, Howard Hesseman, Nanette Fabray, Glenn Scarpelli.
1983-01-23: The Cruise. Grandma Romano announces she's marrying a shipboard piano player she met on a cruise. Guests: Grandma Romano: Nanette Fabray. Piano Player: James Darren.
1983-01-30: Spare the Child. Alex's video-game fascination has him skipping school, and may be symptomatic of emotional problems. Glenn Scarpelli, Bonnie Franklin. Guests: Burke: Kenneth Tigar. Bernie: K.C. Martel.
1983-02-13: The Hero. Saving a businessman's life earns Schneider a new job, complete with a secretary, a plush office---and very little to do. Ann: Bonnie Franklin. Schneider: Pat Harrington. Guests: Reed: Jack Dodson. Larry: Britt Leach. Secretary: Jo Ann Pflug ("Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In").
1983-02-20: The Good Life. A South Pacific island would be just the ticket for Sam, if only Ann would drop her work, desert her family and join him. Bonnie Franklin, Howard Hesseman. Guests: Jack: Barrie Ingham. Naomi: Clare Nono.
1983-03-06: Social Insecurity. Determined not to be a burden, Grandma Romano keeps her financial problems from Ann (Bonnie Franklin). Nanette Fabray, Pat Harrington. Guests: Waitress: Cindy Howard. Man at Bar: Ed Bakey.

Aired Mondays

1983-03-07: A Young Man's Fancy. When Alex strikes out with the school's "girl most likely to," he makes a play for an older woman. Glenn Scarpelli. Ann: Bonnie Franklin. Guest: Olivia: Olivia Barash.
1983-03-14: The Letter. A letter to Ann's mother from her father, mailed the day before he died, is delivered four years later. Bonnie Franklin, Nanette Fabray, Pat Harrington, Mackenzie Phillips.
1983-03-21: Buyer's Remorse. Barbara's newly married friend Bob reveals that he still has feelings for her. Valerie Bertinelli. Mark: Boyd Gaines. Ann: Bonnie Franklin. Guests: Molly: Wendy Goldman. Bob Morton: John Putch.
1983-03-28: Sonny Boy. A weekend outing with a girl is more attractive to Alex than the father-son night he agreed to attend at Schneider's lodge. Glenn Scarpelli, Pat Harrington.
1983-05-02: Panzini. Schneider feels threatened when his lookalike, a designer, sweeps Francine off her feet. Pat Harrington, Shelley Fabares, Bonnie Franklin, Valerie Bertinelli. Guests: Guido Panzini: Pat Harrington (who plays a dual role in the episode).
1983-05-09: The Sisters. Mark and Max rent a house without consulting their wives. Boyd Gaines, Michael Lembeck, Valerie Bertinelli, Mackenzie Phillips.
1983-05-16: Second Time Around. Sam---unilaterally---sets a wedding date as Ann learns from his newspaper announcement that she's getting married in three days. Howard Hesseman, Bonnie Franklin. Guests: Minister: John H. Fields. Katherine Romano: Nanette Fabray. Dr. Margo Wood (voice only): Raechel Donahue.
1983-05-23: Honeymoon II. Ann and Sam's ski honeymoon quickly goes downhill: Ann loses her luggage and Sam injures his back. Bonnie Franklin, Howard Hesseman. Schneider: Pat Harrington. Guest: Grady: Charles Lane.
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