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One Day at a Time Season 9

A middle-aged divorcée copes with a new job and two teens.

Season Nine

Aired Sundays

1983-10-02: Shakedown. Newlyweds Ann and Sam find they disagree on monumental issues---such as where the spoons should be kept. Bonnie Franklin, Howard Hesseman, Pat Harrington, Boyd Gaines.
1983-10-16: Take My Ex. A visit from Sam's ex sparks a sudden need for attention in Ann. Ann: Bonnie Franklin. Sam: Howard Hesseman. Barbara: Valerie Bertinelli. Guest: Marge: Claudette Nevins.
1983-10-23: The Dentist. The opening of his new dental office gives Mark the jitters. Boyd Gaines, Valerie Bertinelli. Max: Michael Lembeck. Julie: Mackenzie Phillips. Guest: Allison: Lauree Berger.
1983-10-30: The Bedtime Story. A plan to collaborate on the writing of children's stories drives Julie and Max into a bitter feud over Max's potential as a writer. Michael Lembeck.
1983-11-06: A Worried Heart. Ann's imagination runs away when Sam goes on a business trip with an associate who happens to be an ex-girlfriend. Ann: Bonnie Franklin. Sam: Howard Hesseman. Guests: Alice: Penny Fuller. Frank: Robert Morse.
1983-12-04: Baby Love. A weekend watching little Annie has Barbara longing to have her own baby. First of two parts. Mark: Boyd Gaines. Ann: Bonnie Franklin. Barbara: Valerie Bertinelli. Mark: Boyd Gaines.
1983-12-04: Baby Love. Conclusion. Barbara and Mark (Boyd Gaines) pay a visit on a social worker after deciding to adopt a child. Guests: Susan Bryant: Denise Nicholas-Hill. Jesse: Antonio Torres.
1983-12-18: The Travel Agent. Barbara finds an unexpected opportunity when she visits a travel agency to plan a trip. Valerie Bertinelli. Guests: Gonagin: Jack Riley. Dorothy: Mary Barbara Alexander.
1983-12-25: Not a Creature Was Staying. A depressed Ann believes she and Sam will be alone on Christmas, but Sam plans to surprise her with a cruise. Bonnie Franklin, Howard Hesseman.
1984-01-01: Sam's Apartment. Sam's disappearance has the family convinced he's been kidnapped---until Ann learns he's kept his old apartment. Howard Hesseman, Bonnie Franklin.
1984-01-08: Dear Max. A crisis erupts on Grandma Romano's birthday when Max receives a Dear John letter from Julie. Michael Lembeck, Bonnie Franklin, Nanette Fabray, Valerie Bertinelli.
1984-01-15: Never Hire a Relative. Francine goes behind Ann's back to talk Sam into designing an office suite that's too grandiose for Ann's taste. Shelley Fabares, Bonnie Franklin, Howard Hesseman.
1984-02-12: Fifty. Schneider has a reunion with his high-school love, who pays him a visit on his 50th birthday. Pat Harrington. Ann: Bonnie Franklin. Guest: Ellie: Lee Grant.

Aired Wednesdays

1984-03-07: Woman of the House. Barbara loses charge of her household when Grandma Romano moves in with her own set of rules, menus, meal schedules---and cuckoo clocks. Valerie Bertinelli, Boyd Gaines. Guest: Grandma Romano: Nanette Fabray.
1984-03-14: Parting Company. Ann and Francine's business is threatened when Francine announces she's marrying an ad executive Ann doesn't trust. Bonnie Franklin, Shelley Fabares. Barbara: Valerie Bertinelli. Guest: David: Robert Hogan.
1984-03-21: Ave Romano. A priest arrives unexpectedly at the Royers, claiming to be a distant relative of Grandma Romano. Guests: Antonio: Joseph R. Sicari. Grandma: Nanette Fabray.
1984-04-04: Bring in the Clowns. Barbara becomes fed up with her houseguests---Mark's old school friends whose tomfoolery is turning the place inside out. Guests: Frank: Jonathan Schmock. Ralph: Jim Vallely.
1984-04-25: Up in Smoke. After six years of not smoking, Sam lights up, but finds his willpower has gone when he tries to quit again. Bonnie Franklin. Guest: David: Lee Delano.
1984-05-02: The Meaning of Life. Schneider gets a new lease on life after he's accidentally electrocuted, then revived. Ann: Bonnie Franklin. Guest: Larry: Robbie Kiger.

Aired Mondays

1984-05-14: The Nearness of You. Working at the travel agency spawns a growing attraction between Max and Barbara (Valerie Bertinelli). Mark: Boyd Gaines. Guests: Gonagin: Jack Riley. Grandma Romano: Nanette Fabray.
1984-05-21: Off We Go. Ann accepts an offer to run a marketing enterprise in England, but wonders how her family and friends will take the news. This was Bonnie Franklin's final appearrance in the series, though it wasn't the penultimate episode of the series. Schneider: Pat Harrington. Mark: Boyd Gaines. Guest: Grandma Romano: Nanette Fabray.
1984-05-28: Another Man's Shoes. Schneider must find a home for his orphaned niece and nephew, who have been living in a boardwalk arcade. Pat Harrington. Guests: Lori: Natalie Klinger. Keith: Corey Feldman. This was going to be a setup for season ten of the series, but due to the departures of Bonnie Franklin and Valerie Bertinelli, as well as declining ratings, the network passed on the idea and this was the series finale.
2005-02-22: One Day at a Time Reunion. The cast (Bonnie Franklin, Mackenzie Phillips, Valerie Bertinelli, Pat Harrington) of the 1975-84 sitcom reunite and discuss the series. Additional comments by Richard Masur, Michael Lembeck, Shelley Fabares, Nanette Fabray and Glenn Scarpelli. Also: clips and outtakes from the show.
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