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You are at the section Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Sabrina Episode Guide Season 1p1

Season One Sep 1996 - May 1997

Showtime TV Movie

Main Story: The concept had also been sold to ABC as a sitcom that premiered on September 27 that fall. Melissa Joan Hart starred as the title role in the movie and the series. Based on characters from Archie Comics and the forerunner to the popular ABC series. On her 16th birthday, a down-to-earth high schooler (Melissa Joan Hart) discovers that she's been given the gift of magic.

Original Air Date: April 7, 1996



#1: "Pilot"

Main Story: Sabrina recently moved to a new town to begin her high school days and to live with her two eccentric aunts, Hilda and Zelda. The first scene showed Sabrina levitating while in deep sleep the day before her birthday. Not only is she starting out in a new school the day after her 16th birthday, but her aunts inform her that she is now a full-fledged witch with newly awakened magical powers that she must learn about and to get her license to practice her magic. Her aunts tell her that they're witches, her father is a witch, and that her mother is mortal. We get introduced to the teacher Mr. Poole. The first lesson is to dissect a frog, but Sabrina instead brings it to life by pointing at it (not believing that she's a witch), and it leaps off of the table. After Libby tells Sabrina to use the freak's bathroom, she unknowingly casts a spell on her and she smears lipstick all over her face. Back at home, her aunts present her, still not believing that she's a witch, with a book which contains an animated picture of her father, who is really in a different realm. Still thinking that it's a joke, Sabrina decides to walk into her room, but Salem the cat asks her "can you wait 'til I finish my milk?" Salem, can talk, but that's because it's not really a natural-born cat, rather, a human who is being punished for attempting to take over the world. She leaves, but the levitated book follows her into her room. Her father in the book explains to her that she can't see her mother within the next two years or she will turn into a ball of wax. Sabrina enters the kitchen and tells her aunts that she believes that she is a witch. Sabrina tries a trick and turns an orange into a pineapple instead of an apple. The aunts tell Sabrina to be very careful pointing her finger at people. At school the next day, Sabrina loses her temper at the cafeteria when Libby spills some juice on her lap, points at her, a thunder storm erupts, and Libby is turned into a pineapple. Sabrina takes Libby the pineapple home and shows her aunts what she did. Aunt Zelda turns Libby back into a girl. Wondering why she's in Sabrina's house, Libby threatens to tell the whole school that she's a freak. Sabrina must then appeal to the Council of Witches, which is ten million light years away, for permission to turn time back and relive the day all over again. Her aunts tell her about a shortcut to Drell, one of the council members, by entering the linen closet on the second floor. Sabrina enters the Witches Council, comprised of Cassandra, Drell, and the silent Skippy (Teller, Penn's partner in the comedy magic shows). After explaining her case, she is told to leave while they review her case. The next day, the counsil denys her request. Hilda tells her to toughen up while Sabrina is forced to go back to school again. Sabrina says that "I guess every school needs a weird kid. Might as well be me." Zelda tells Hilda that she bets that Hilda can convince Drell to change his mind. After Zelda tells her to toughen up, Hilda enters the linen closet to enter the Witches Council and marches inward to intervene with the head of the Council, Drell, whom she used to date. Soon afterwards, Sabrina finds herself re-living the day, this time acing a history test, making a friendly date with shy hunk Harvey, and harmlessly deflecting Libby's malice. She makes friends with Jenny and Harvey at school. Libby the stuck-up cheerleader enters with juice on the tray, and just before Libby spills the juice on her, Sabrina points her finger, and the juice instead squirts Libby's face. Back at home, Sabrina tells her aunts that she loves being a witch, she's going out to the movies with Jenny and Harvey, the jocks think she's cool, and that she's normal.

Updated: December 26, 2006.

Original Air Date: September 27, 1996 (the series premiere on ABC).


Guests: Suzanne Clements as Cheerleader. Deborah Harry as Cassandra. Teller as Skippy. Shaun Weiss as Male Student. Ren Woods as Mrs. Hecht. Jim Greenall, Sandey Grinn, Jim Boulden, and Thom Fountain as puppeteers.

#2: "Bundt Friday"

Main Story: At school, Libby and her friends greet Sabrina and Jenny at the locker hall and tells them that they're freaks. Sabrina wishes she knew what Libby was saying. Jenny tells her that the world would be a better place if everybody told the truth, but she can't tell somebody from lying. At home, Sabrina asks Salem for advice about truth sprinkles. Salem tells her that they work too well, and that's how the Witches Council got Salem to confess his scheme for world domination. She asks Zelda for help on how to make truth sprinkles. Zelda directs her to a talking picture and opens the door behind it, revealing the closet of witches potions. They take a box of truth sprinkles out of the closet. Zelda warns Sabrins about the side effects of using truth sprinkles. Itching, chafing, hurt feelings. Back at school Libby tells Harvey a lie that that Sabrina had surgery on her nose. At cooking class, Sabrina shakes sone truth sprinkles on a piece of chocolate bundt cake and offers it to Libby. She takes a bite, then when Sabrina asks her a question about what she's been saying about Jenny and her behind her backs. Libby gets under the truth sprinkle spell and says that she told lies that her father's in jail, that Jenny cheats on taxes, and that Sabrina had a nose job. Libby tells Sabrina that it was Jill, one of Libby's friends. who made up the nose job story, and Cee Cee, another one of Libby's friends, about kissing a poster of somebody every night. Things get out of hand when Jill tells Sabrina that the cooking teacher took it and put it on all of the bundt cakes in the room. Sabrina runs out of the class, meets up with the cooking teacher, who tells her that she shared the bundt cake with the faculty in the lounge. Back in cooking class, Harvey tells Sabrina that he likes cooking a lot. Jill eats a slice and tells Sabrina that she lied to her and would rather go alone with Harvey to a date that night. With the truth sprinke spell all over the school, and everybody telling the truth, things go out of control. Two guys admit to each other that they're virgins. The principal on the school intercom admits that he pays for popcorn with the school's petty cash. Back at home, aunt Zelda tells Sabrina that the truth sprinkles wear off after 24 hours. At a pizzeria, Jenny and Harvey tell each other truths that they wouldn't admit without the truth sprinkles, making the date seem dull. Zelda gets Sabrina to tell her that it's not okay for Jenny and Harvey to be alone together without Sabrina with the help of truth sprinkles. At the pizzeria, the three of them tell each other more truths but seems to have fun doing it. Back at home after the date, Zelda tells Sabrina that she didn't really give her truth sprinkles, and that they were ice cream sprinkles instead, and telling her that the truth is something that she should find without magic. The next day, the spell wears off. The principal lies that some prankster broke into his office and impersonated him the day before. Cee Cee and Jill make up with Libby.

Secondary Story: Hilda prepares for a date with Drell - despite his having stood her up over 1,000 times in the past. He always sends her a pot roast as a token of affection every time Drell cancels a date. This time, Hilda decides to cancel her date with Drell.

Updated: December 26, 2006.

Original Air Date: October 4, 1996


Guests: Eddie Allen as Guidance Counselor. Curtis Andersen as Student #1 (he wasn't assigned to the name Gordy yet). Ariel Felix as Teacher. Phillip Glasser as Student #2. Ella Joyce as Mrs. Bogzigian the cooking teacher. Tom McGowan as Principal Larue..

#3: "The True Adventures of Rudy Kazootie"

Main Story: Sabrina casts a spell to create a box of rollerblades out of a shoebox, but she creates a box of rollerblahs instead. Hilda walks in and tells her that she can't do that because of strict copyright laws ever since the 70s when the witches overdid the Gucci. Hilda tells Sabrina to get a job to earn money for the rollerblades. Sabrina gets a job babysitting a cranky toddler. Harvey asks Sabrina for a study date, but Sabrina has a babysitting job, and she still asks him to come over to the baby's house to study. Later that night, Harvey enters the baby's house and begins studying with Sabrina. Harvey gets hungry after five seconds, so Sabrina whips up some candy bars and drinks for him. Back to studying, but the baby starts to cry. Sabrina goes upstairs, then Harvey flips on the TV to watch the World Series. Sabrina comes down, then we learn that Harvey wants to be a dentist. The baby starts crying again, then Sabrina picks him up and holds him while walking around his bedroom, and then she puts him down. While holding him, she tells the baby to "be a big boy" three times. She comes back downstairs, then we hear a thump upstairs. Sabrina goes back upstairs. She enters and is shocked to see that she accidentally cast a spell on baby, who has turned into a grown man. Sabrina has accidentally cast a spell on the baby by telling him to "be a big boy" three times and she didn't know that's what she did to cast the spell. Unable to change him back into a baby, Sabrina tries to keep Harvey interested in the baseball game by casting spells on the game inside the TV. Sabrina sneaks the grown baby out of the house behind Harvey's back. Sabrina brings the grown baby to her house, and then asks Salem for advice on how to change him back into a baby. She bring the grown baby to her high school to meet up with her aunts who were attending Parents Day at her high school and meets up with her aunts who were in the classroom of Mr. Pool. Mr. Pool leaves because he had to go to a bake sale, helping Sabrina luck out. She tells the aunts that the grown baby is the one she's babysitting and her aunt Zelda tells her to reverse the spell, but she says she didn't mean to cast a spell she didn't know she cast. Zelda tells her to try to figure out what she did. Then the grown baby said, "be a big boy." Sabrina confirms it. Zelda says she bet she said it three times. Hilda says that she cast a passion spell, saying something three times in a row causes the spell to cast a spell to make it happen. Zelda casts a passion spell to make Randy Travis appear. Zelda tells Sabrina to cast the passion spell by saying the phrase "be a big boy" three times in reverse. After nothing happens, the grown baby wanders out into the bake sale in another class and eats some treats. Meanwhile, Harvey is still glued to the TV watching the World Series. Sabrina brings the grown baby back to the baby's house and leads him upstairs and back into his bedroom and into his crib. Sabrina puts the grown baby back to bed, comes downstairs, casts a spell on the game inside the TV to end the game, then gets back to studying. The baby's parents arrive back home, but we don't know if the baby has returned to normal yet. The mother and father go upstairs to see the grown baby asleep, but the baby was covered enough to not tip them off that there was a sleeping adult instead of a baby. The parents close the door, then the baby wakes up, takes a drink, then returns back into being a baby. Back at the house, Randy and the aunts help each other finish a jigsaw puzzle. Sabrina conjures up Eddie Cibrian by casting a passion spell, then directs him to Travis and her aunts to help them with the jigsaw puzzle. Then Sabrina says Brad Pitt three times, then the screen goes black.

Updated: December 27, 2006.

Original Air Date: October 11, 1996

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, NR, PF

Guests: Eddie Cibrian as Himself. Frank Conniff as Big Rudy. Jim Hanks as Jerry. Beth Kennedy as Carol. Diana Theodore as Girl #1. Randy Travis as Ideal Man. Geoff Witcher as Sportscaster Voice-Over (voice).

#4: "Terrible Things"

Main Story: Salem has to do community service that day as part of his punishment for attempting global dominance. After Zelda leaves, Salem accuses Sabrina of using her magic to do nothing but change her own clothes and make brussel sprouts disappear. Sabrina tells Salem that she'll use her magic to do three nice things before the end of school. Salem warns her to face the consequences or terrible things will happen. At school, Jenny and Libby were competeting against each other for sophomore class president. While Libby gloats and tells Jenny that she's a loser, then leaves, Jenny wishes she could win to make a different. After Jenny leaves, Sabrina casts a spell on the ballot box. Sabrina meets up with Harvey in the locker hall. He directs her to Randy the Destroyer, a football player on the high school team. Harvey is trying to bulk up by drinking a protein shake so that he can get off the bench and be a starting runningback, and he tells her that unless Randy gets injured or Harvey bulks up, he stays on the bench. Harvey leaves. Sabrina casts a spell causing Randy to slam the locker door on his hand real hard. At Mr. Pool's class, the teacher's lesson is why we can't turn lead into gold. After class, Sabrina meets up with Mr. Pool, who tells her that his life is bitter and he has to not only teach science, but to also do other jobs just to pay the bills, and he still can't afford a new briefcase. When the bitter teacher heads toward the door, Sabrina casts a spell on him, then he thinks that he can possibly turn lead into gold. So, he asks her to leave, comes up with some scribbling on the chalkboard, and concludes what whatever he wrote was something that explains how to turn lead into gold. Back at home, Sabrina meets up with the aunts. She advices Hilda to use magic to help somebody play violin better, but they warn Sabrina not to use magic to change the lives of mortals lives because they don't really know what would make a mortal happy and still can't predict the consequences, and if she did, terrible things would happen. The next day, Principal LaRue announces on the school intercom that Jenny won the election for sophomore class president. Later, Harvey told Sabrina that his football coach told him that he's going start the next day's game on the starting lineup as a runningback. At Mr. Poole's class, he tells the science students that thanks to the miracle of science, he's got a new Ferrari, thanks to his ability to turn lead into gold. Back at home, Hilda comes in and Sabrina tells her that she cast spells on three people in school to help make their wishes come true. The next day at the high school football team, Sabrina learns of her mistake the hard way. First off, Harvey recieves a pass of the football and is injured after being pummelled by opposing teammates. Being a small man, Harvey's right arm is broken and needs medical attention, so an ambulance shows up in the football field. The next day, Jenny tells Sabrina that she can't make a real difference because the student president position is nothing more than a rubber stamp assistant to the principal. She has no authority to address any topics and is in no position to question the choices of powerful men hundreds of miles away. She tells Sabrina she wishes she lost the sophomore class election. Mr. Pool becomes a totally obnoxious blowhard at school. Back at home, Sabrina gets a summons from Drell delivered from the toaster from the Witches Council, demanding that he sees her and her aunts. Sabrina stands before the Witches' Council and is faced with the ominous task of explaining her error to the council. They enter Drell's office. Drell explains the things that happened since Sabrina cast the spells on three people to help them two days earlier. Drell gives some comic relief when he gets some help to turn up the reverb when he says the world "terrible." Drell tells them that two of the consequences regarding the class election and football injury have no global consequences, but the one she cast on Mr. Poole could collapse the global economy and wreak havoc on Drell's T-bills. Sabrina tells Drell that she can fix it, and Drell gives her 24 hours to fix the problems she caused. Hilda knocks it down to 16 hours when Drell asks her out, but she turns him down. The next day, Sabrina meets up with the obnoxiously rich Mr. Poole before class. After the class ends, Sabrina casts a spell to erase Mr. Poole's knowledge of turning lead into gold. At lunch, Jenny announces that she's resigning and that Libby becomes the sophomore class president. Harvey meets up with Sabrina, and he tells her that he's been having a lot of fun not playing football.

Secondary Story: Salem must perform community service as part of his sentence.

Updated: December 27, 2006.

Original Air Date: October 18, 1996

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, NR, MB, JLG, PF, PJ

Guests: James D. Fields as Student Photographer (as James D. Fields). Marvin C. Jones II as Randy the Destroyer. Tom McGowan as Principal Larue. Sara Van Horn as Marge (as Sara Van Horne). Milo Ventimiglia as Letterman.

#5: "A Halloween Story"

Main Story: It's Halloween and there's two parties to attend. Unfortunately, one of the parties is a family party, and the other is a party she wants to attend. Sabrina gets invited to Harvey's party but her aunt Zelda already planned to make her come with them to a family party. Salem suggested that Sabrina make a clone of herself, and send her clone to Harvey's party until she gets there after the family party ends. Sabrina suggested sending the clone to the family party, but Salem tells her that her aunts might likely notice because the clones can only use three phrases. So, Sabrina sends a clone to Harvey's party, but the clone agrees to streak in order to liven up the party. Aunt Hilda also makes a copy of her self, and Zelda twigs immediately. The party starts out being pure hell when Sabrina is sat next to an extremely spoiled rotten cousin who puts everyone she doesn't like into a small glass jar. Sabrina tries to ditch the family party full of relatives. Things improve considerably when Sabrina is given a re-animation gift card and has to decide on a dead person she'd really like to meet and she chooses for her beloved grandmother. Unfortunately, Libby is leading her clone astray at the party...

Updated: TBA

Original Air Date: October 25, 1996

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, JLG, NR, EH

Guests: Phillip Glasser as James Dean 2. Linda Kash as M'Lady (voice). Jay Kogen as Mr. Altree. Diane McBain as Granny. Sally Jessy Raphael as Herself. Robin Riker as Marigold.

#6: "Dream Date"

Main Story: Sabrina wants to go to the school dance, but, like other girls, doesn't want to ask him out because she doesn't want to complicate their friendship. Jen hints about the dance when Harvey steps in, then leaves. Harvey says he won't go because school dances aren't his thing. Libby enters and asks Harvey herself, and he says yes. He explains that he has a hard time saying no when he panics. Sabrina decides to skip the dance. Hilda and Zelda hear Sabrina's problem, and decide to use some magic dough called Man Dough to create her own dream date. Sabrina comes down while the dough is still cooking and tells her aunts that she wants to go with Harvey, not Poppin' Fresh. After the dough rises, the man is done, and Chad is born for four hours. Sabrina changes her clothes with her magic, then takes Chad to the school dance. Jenny gets introduced to Chad. Libby and Harvey walk in, and they see Sabrina dancing with Chad. Libby wants to dance, but Harvey doesn't, saying that he don't dance. Libby gets mad and storms off. In the second part, Hilda and Zelda create another date, but that one ends up a cranky middle aged man. They checked the label on the liquid on the optimism, but the label says "hope fades," meaning that he's hopeless, and the man they create is Simon, a sports junkie and wants the TV to watch the sports. Back at the dance, Chad is a tireless dancer and Sabrina was geting tired, so she gets Jen to cut in for Sabrina, then she walks off to meet up with Harvey. Chad comes over and meets Harvey, then hauls Sabrina back to the dance floor. Libby walks back in. Back at home, the sports junkie man isn't giving Hilda much attention on the couch, preferring to watch TV. Zelda's made up man date is fairing better, except that he's a milk junkie. Sabrina leads Chad to sit down on the chairs, then Libby intercepts and meets Chad. Sabrina chats with Harvey. Another song comes on and Sabrina casts a spell on Harvey, and he takes off on the dance floor. Even Chad admits that Harvey's much better than he. Libby was impressed and wants to dance with Harvey, but he tells her no, then heaves on his own. Sabrina leaves Chad on the dance floor, then goes outside, then meets with Harvey outside. She admits that Chad isn't her type and explains that, after freezing Harvey, admits that she likes him a lot but is afraid to say it while he's not frozen, then unfreezes him, and Harvey asks her for a dance outside. Afterwards, Harvey invites her to play foosball, then as she leaves, he says that he likes her quietly, but is too shy to say it to her face. Back at the dance, Sabrina tells Chad that he's not the one, but Chad says it's okay if she likes Harvey. She invites Libby to dance with him instead. Sabrina and Harvey leave the school dance building. Back at home, Hilda gets out a rolling pin from the kitchen to end her dud date. and throws him, now just a doughball, into the trash. Back at the dance, Chad was dancing so hard that he begins coughing up flour, then storms off outside, needing preservatives. Libby walks outside and steps on some dough outside (formerly Chad, who disintegrated a minute before).

Updated: December 28, 2006.

Original Air Date: November 1, 1996.

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, JLG, NR, MB

Guests: Nicole Bilderback as Sasha. Eddie Cibrian as Darryl. Brian Austin Green as Chad Corey Dylan. Brian Greene as Chad Corey Dylan. Darin Singleton as Raphael. Thomas F. Wilson as Simon (as Tom Wilson).

#7: "Third Aunt From the Sun"

Main Story: at school, Mr. Poole enters his science classroom and begins class, but suddenly his entire body begins to itch so much that he leaves abruptly. A substitute teacher named Vesta enters to take over the class, but doesn't have much of a clue what she's supposed to be teaching in Poole's classroom. After the class is dismissed, she tells Sabrina to stay after, and they need to talk, she tells her that she is her aunt from her father's side, essentially, a sister of Hilda and Zelda. She takes Sabrina to Paris for a cup of coffee. To get rid of Poole, Vesta tells her that she gave him a 24-hour bug...literally, a giant one. Vesta explains that she lives in another realm called the Pleasuredome. At home, Salem gets a phone call from her high school, and tells the aunts that Sabrina has missed the last five classes. Sabrina comes home a second later and is told by her aunts that she's in big trouble, then after explaining that aunt Vesta took her to Paris and got some new clothes, then Vesta enters. Zelda tells Sabrina to call Jenny to catch up on some homework. Hilda gets a phone call and is invited to go to Orlando to play with the Coniff trio. Zelda says she has to go to Texas that same weekend. Sabrina comes down and says that Jenny gave her the bad news that Sabrina has to read 50 pages by Monday. Hilda and Zelda ask Sabrina if they would like to stay with Vesta in the Pleasuredome for the weekend since they have to leave for the weekend. After explaining that her leaving would help the aunts, Sabrina agrees, then she and Vesta come to the Pleasuredome with the rule: a flashing neon sign saying "No Mortals." Vesta shows her around her place with doors leading to a party, fan, mall, and others. Zelda comes to room 107 for a lecture for a super collider conference, but the janitor has no clue what she's talking about. She hands him a card saying Visual Engineer for the Study of Theoritical Activity, then the janitor says that they should have shortened it to simply Vesta. Aha! She meets up with Hilda in and tells her that Vesta has set them up to get rid of them so she could have Sabrina for the weekend and maybe longer. Hilda was wondering why somebody booked a string trio at Daytona (there was loud noise coming from the race nearby). Back at the Pleasuredome, Sabrina tells Vesta that she has to study, but Vesta wants her to party. Hilda and Zelda enter Vesta's place and demand they take her back home. The two aunts and Vesta argue, then Sabrina tells them that she's staying in Pleasuredome after being told that she has a choice. In the second part, Zelda leads Hilda out, hinting to her that she has a hunch. Back at home, Zelda tells Hilda that if they tell Sabrina that she can't stay, then they're playing into Vesta's hands, instead, they're giving Sabrina a chance to change her mind and to have a little faith, and she will come home. Back at Pleasuredome, Sabrina rode the roller coaster 17 times, saw a Brad Pitt movie, went shoe shopping, and sat in a hot tub. Vesta suggests for Sabrina to star in her rock video. Jenny calls Sabrina using a weird 17-digit area code she got from her aunts, and tells her that she thought they were going to a movie that night. Sabrina tells Jenny that she's stuck in Canada for the weekend, then feels awful that she stood her up. Using some kind of snoop vision, Vesta views her aunts working on a puzzle, then changes channels and sees Salem singing some karaoke, then changes channels to see Harvey dancing and singing, then changes channels and ses Jenny reading a book. Later, Sabrina dresses up for a rock video, then does some singing and dancing, then quits abruptly, telling her that she should be at the movies with Jenny and not a good karaoke singer, and wants to go back home. Vesta agrees and gives her a purse as a going way present, then Sabrina returns home. Back at home, Sabrina wonderw why Salem had toys all over her bedroom. She explains that without can'ts and don'ts, it's hard to know where the fun is. Sabrina then leaves to go to the movies with Jenny. In the epilogue, Mr. Poole tries to fight the giant bug with bug spray.

Updated: December 28, 2006.

Original Air Date: November 8, 1996

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, NR, MB, PF

Guests: Miguel Marcott as Cletus. Raquel Welch as Vesta Spellman.

#8: "Magic Joel"

Main Story: Harvey is too oblivious to ask Sabrina for a date, so Zelda suggests for her to be an interesting person by getting a hobby or a job, Sabrina decides to get a job as an assistant to a magician named Joel, who is in the same English class as her. She makes an apple bigger and she gets hired on the spot. Joel takes Sabrina to his house. He took up the hobby because he thought girls would like him, but they still don't. He teaches her a trick in his house. Back at school, Libby is still overwhelming Harvey for his attention. Joel comes over to the table and says to Sabrina that they have their first big magic gig in the cafeteria the next day, thanks to Mr. Poole. Sabrina thinks that being a magician's assistant will get Harvey's attention. The next day, at the big magic gig, Harvey in the audience wonders what she's doing up there. Joel's ring link trick backfires and the rings do not separate. His tie act also fumbles as he cuts the wrong part of the tie. For the big finale, Joel's disappearring trick begins to backfire when his pants get stuck in the prop, but Sabrina casts a spell to make him invisible to save him from further embarrassment, making the trick work. In the second half, Joel thinks that his magic is real when Sabrina makes him invisible, but when Sabrina tries to make him visible again, Joel discovers that he likes it that way, then escapes. Joel leads Sabrina towards Mr. Poole's class, but they first meet up with Harvey in the hallway. Harvey asks if she's going out with Joel. Sabrina says no, but Joel says yes. Sabrina drags a still invisible Joel into Mr. Poole's class. She says that they have a business relationship, but Joel wants a romantic one. Mr. Poole walks in. He advices her to lose Joel. Sabrina calls home and Hilda beams her a bottle of visibility powder. She tells her to spray some in his face. Hilda tells her to think about where Joel would be, being an invisible boy in a high school. Sabrina thinks and goes to the girls locker room, tells the girls to not remove their clothes, she smells smoke, and tells them to run out. She meets up with Joel, then shakes some visibility powder at him, but Joel dodges the powder. At the pizzera, Sabrina meets up with a friend and Harvey, but invisible Joel says that "Harvey's a loser", then picks up a pizza dish and rams it into his face. Sabrina gets up and kickboxes around, trying to hit Joel. The folks are puzzled at what she's doing. Then she leaves. Sabrina comes back home. Harvey walks into the house, meeting Hilda for the first time. He meets up with Sabrina in the foyer. Harvey asks Sabrina to go out on a date. She says yes. He asks when. She says now. She tries to go upstairs, but slams into a still invisible Joel in the stairwell. He tagged along with Harvey. She tells him that he's out of the running, but she says that he never was. Joel plays the piano, then Sabrina goes into the kitchen, grabs the visible powder bottle, walks back in, shakes the powder on him, and Joel turns visible again. Joel doesn't realize that Joel is visible again until Hilda walks in and asks who he is, and he's in boxer shorts.

Secondary Story: Aunt Zelda entertains an old colleague who has been too shy to admit his attraction to her.

Updated: January 3, 2007.

Original Air Date: November 15, 1996

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, NR, PF, JLG

Guests: Donald Adeosun Faison as Justin. Elizabeth Hart as Emma. Ally Holmes as Zoe. Andrew Keegan as Magic Joel. Paul Provenza as Ethan.

#9: "Geek Like Me"

Main Story: Sabrina watches rival Libby tormenting a geek and decides to do something about it. She suggests that she join the Science Club herself, but Jenny and Harvey tell her that people would think she's a geek, and think that it's not cool. Libby and her cheerleader gang come over to the table and perform a "support our team" cheer. Sabrina thinks that Libby is so geeky, but Jenny tells her that Libby seized the power to become powerful and as long as there are people backing her up, she'll keep her power, it's all Stalin. Gordy spills water on Libby when she crashes into him and gets mad. She's nice to Harvey but mean to Gordy. Harvey tells Sabrina, "See? She's nice." Sabrina comes to Mr. Poole's class to join the Science Club. The geeks are overwhelmened that a girl joined the club. Libby gets wind of it that Sabrina's joined the club when a passing Mr. Poole walks by them and tells her to not forget to bring something to the club the next day. Libby tells her that she's a geek in freak's clothing. Now Libby gets to be mean to her, thinking that she's a complete geek. Back at home, Sabrina asks about the shooting range of Hilda's cannon. She tells her aunts that she joined Science Club and Libby is bothering her. She wants to use her magic to teach her a lesson. Zelda drags Sabrina over to a magic book for advice. They find Cicero, a geek and she asks him what he would do. He advises her to turn her into a geek by pointing at her. At school the next day, Sabrina ses Libby tormenting another geek, then she points her finger at her, causing the locker room door to crash into her forehead. Libby meets up with her friends who discover that she wears contacts. At the water fountain, Libby is sporting big glasses, greasy hair, and high-rise socks. Libby has been turned into a geek, who suddenly gets asthma, and can't seem to lead a cheer, inadvertently punching one of the cheerleaders in the eye while doing a cheer. The cheerleaders decide to exclude Libby, being a threat to the whole team, and suggest that Libby join the geek table. Libby crashes into a hunky football player, who tells her that she's a geek. Libby finally gets the message that she's turned into a geek for the way she looks, then runs out of the cafeteria. Sabrina gives a cheer, "It's spirt, week, and Libby is a geek!" In the second half, Jenny and Harvey observe that people are laughing at Libby, but she's always been nice to Harvey. Sabrina goes into the girls bathroom and meets up with Libby in the bathroom. Libby gets advice that she's still herself despite the geeky way she looks. Libby walks back into the cafeteria and sits at the geek table. Libby tells the geeks how to get power and how to keep it. At the Science Club, Sabrina walks in and Libby tells her that Sabrina's out because membership has been reduced to six people, and that Libby is the new president of the club. She also tells Sabrina that she's not a total geek. Gordy, one of the geeks, mumbles that Libby is not his leader, then runs out of the classroom with Sabrina tagging along. At home, Sabrina tells her aunts that her magic never works the way it wants her. Inside, Libby is still a manipulative dictator no matter what she looks like. At school, Libby and the geeks are tormenting the cheerleaders. Sabrina casts a spell, then Libby's eyeballs stop itching. She thinks Libby really enjoys being a geek. Sabrina gets Jenny and Harvey and the other students (with locker doors slamming on their faces by her finger pointing) to team up, and march into the Science Club. A geeky Sabrina brings her army of students into Science Club, and Mr. Poole is overwhelmed. Libby says she thought that the club was exclusively for geeks, but Sabrina says that "we're all geeks," and Mr. Poole says that the class is open for everyone. Libby quits, saying that it's just a bunch of people with shared interests hanging out together, then she leaves to wash her hair. The next day, Libby, back with her cheerleader friends, is nice to Gordy, but Gordy thinks she's setting him up, then runs away. Libby decides that geeks are people too, passes Sabrina by her locker, and tells her that she's a superfreak. Who is she? Rick James? As she walks way, Sabrina points her finger, and a "Kick Me!" sign appears on Libby's back.

Secondary Story: Zelda wants Hilda to throw out some very old items (such as a suit of armor and a cannon). Hilda triumphantly uses her antiques against marauding snowballers.

Updated: January 3, 2007.

Original Air Date: November 22, 1996.


Guests: Henry Hien Cong as Sherman. James D. Fields as Howard. Mark Fite as Cicero. John Knight as Matt Sabetti.

#10: "Sweet and Sour Victory"

Main Story: Sabrina tries badmitton, but discovers that she's no good at it. Later, Harvey meets up with Sabrina in the hallway and tells her that the school is offering Kung Fu lessons and asks her to take Kung Fu with him. So she enrolls, and discovers that Mr. Pool is the Kung Fu instructor. Sabrina and Mr. Pool engage in a Kung Fu demonstration, then uses her magic powers to impress Mr. Pool with her master level martial arts skills, which is or course cheating. Mr. Pool is impressed and enters her in a Kung Fu competetion, in which she, again using her magic, to win, but before that, her aunts and Salem ask her if her Kung Fu skills are supernatural. She says yes. Zelda tells her that magic gives her an unfair advantage over mortals. She tells them that she stinks in sports. Zelda asks her if she tried something easy like badmitton. The next day, she uses her magic to win all three matches of the Kung Fu competetion. Harvey walks in and tells her that it doesn't matter if she wins or loses. She receives the trophy after the match. At home, she talks to Salem about the trophy, then goes to bed, then the trophy talks, telling her she's a jerk and a cheater. In the second half, she tells her aunts that the trophy is tormenting her. Zelda tells her that she used magic to win. Sabrina then puts the trophy in the freezer. The next day, Sabrina tells her aunts that she's returning the trophy. Sabrina meets up with Tai in his office, and gives him the trophy, but won't accept it unless they have a rematch. In class, Sabrina asks Mr. Pool to teach her Kung Fu, lying to him that she forgot. At the rematch, Tai and Sabrina fight it out, albiet, lightly, as Tai gives her a pat on the head while Sabrina asks for mercy. The trophy tells Sabrina that she's a loser.

Secondary Story: Aunt Hilda tries out for first violin in the local symphony the mortal way, but loses to her longtime rival Gustav.

Updated: January 3, 2007.

Original Air Date: November 29, 1996.

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, NR. PF

Guests: Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa (Zyllyn from Space Rangers) as Tai Wai Tse. Robert Dorfman as Gustav. Vien Hong as Trophy.

#11: "A Girl and Her Cat"

Main Story: It's Christmas Eve and Salem begins to shred, literally, Sabrina's favorite jumper to shreds. Sabrina gets mad and decides to go off to the pizzeria and meet up with Harvey, but Salem stows away in her backpack. When Salem rises up and chases a mouse, he and Sabrina get thrown out by the manager via the back entrance. Sabrina and Salem split up in the alley. Sabrina goes home, but Salem leaves, then is knocked out and cat-napped. by a stubborn little boy. When Sabrina starts to worry that Salem hasn't returned, she receives a call from Salem to tell them he's been catnapped but not able to tell her where he is. Sabrina launches a desperate plan to rescue him by impersonating Santa Claus.

Updated: TBA

Original Air Date: December 13, 1996.

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, NR

Guests: Coolio as himself. Joe O'Connor (Marshall from CEIA) as Joe. Seth Adkins as Rex. Dave Allen as Pizza Manager (as Dave 'Gruber' Allen). Karla DeVito as Mary. Dana Gould as Monty. Kerry Norton as Lulu. Billy West as Newt (voice).

#12: "Trial by Fury"

Main Story: Mr. Rothwell the bitter math teacher gets so ticked off over Sabrina's lack of reading the textbook that he surprises the class with a test the next day. She has to memorize formulas such as x equals why me. Mr. Rothwell begins the test the next day. When she drops her pencil, Mr. Rothwell accuses her of leaning over to look at her neighbor's desk. He orders her to take the test at his desk. Sabrina is distracted by her daydreams about Harvey and the class. She doesn't finish the test when time runs out and she flunks. Back at home, Sabrina tells Hilda that she wants a revenge spell. Hilda suggests that she talk to Mr.Rothwell before Sabrina use a just desserts spell as a last resort, but she suggests Hilda talks to him instead. Mr. Rothwell tells Hilda that she got an "F" in the test. Then, Hilda casts a spell, giving him a big butt. Back at home, Sabrina and Hilda begin brewing up a spell for revenge, but Zelda walks in and stops the brew, and the next day, tries to reason with Mr. Rothwell. She talks to him, and his butt grows even bigger, ignoring her pleas for fairness. After her aunts were unable to see reason, the three ladies in full witch garb brew up a revenge spell called just desserts to teach him a few of their own spellbinding lessons. The aunts cackled after finishing the creation. In the second half, Mr. Rothwell walks into class, with his butt back to normal, telling the class that he's late because he's got a speeding ticket, calling it an injustice. Her aunts at home tell Sabrina that the spell is working and he'll find his just desserts in traffic court. In traffic court the next day, the human judge walks out and the aunts replace him for Mr. Rothwell's case with a magical judge, Judge Samuels who's been frozen inside an ice box since 1956 to prevent media bias. A man untouched by CNN is a rarity. Judge Samuels resides as the court is in session. He reads that Mr. Rothwell is charged not only with speeding, as well as violation of the existential code, which is multiple accounts of being mean and unfair. Mr. Rothwell pleads not guilty to both counts, questioning the second charge that was read. The prosecution presented the case. Mr. Rothwell asks who the aunts and Sabrina were, then she tells him that they're the people in the "People vs. Mr. Rothwell" case. Zelda summons Clifford Weaver, who says that Mr. Rothwell has failed him. Mr. Rothwell crossexams him, saying that he helped Clifford, which Clifford says was a lie. Zelda summons up the arresting officer, who says that Mr. Rothwell threw his registration at him and told him he was a jerk. Zelda summons up Sabrina as the next witness to take the stand, saying that he's completely unfair he doesn't like kids, math, teaching, and chalk. The judge asks her if she has proof, but she tells him that she will fear math forever because of Mr. Rothwell's meanness. The people in the case rest. Mr. Rothwell makes a closing statement, saying that life is unfair, telling the judge that he's teaching the kids to get used to that. The judge leaves on a break to decide on the case. He comes back with a decision. The judge finds in relation to the charge on unfairness to the students (the existential code violation), he finds Mr. Rothwell not guilty, but guilty as charged to the speeding charge. The judge waives the $40 fine and instead sentences Mr. Rothwell to spend the rest of his life teaching high school algebra. Case closed. Court is adjourned. The aunts explain to Sabrina that being sentenced to teaching high school algebra is a valuable thing because he teaches a valuable lesson that people are jerks, but if they study hard and not let him get to them, they will pass the class, and then forget it. He's stuck in algebra forever. That's his just desserts.

Secondary Story: Salem panics when his ex-girlfriend, Shelley (Kathy Ireland) decides to pay him a surprise visit, especially since she has no idea that he has been turned into a cat. Shelley enters and is greeted with a mannequin, voiced by Salem next to it. He pounces on her, and she gets shocked that he's been turned into a cat. She walks out.

Updated: January 3, 2007.

Original Air Date: January 3, 1997.

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, NR, CA

Guests: Steve Bannos as Judge #1. Ed Begley Jr. as Mr. Jeremy T. Rothwell. Henry Gibson as Judge Samuels. Kathy Ireland as Shelley. Sean Laughton as Arresting Officer. Bumper Robinson as Clifford.

Sabrina the Teenage Witch The Complete Series

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Sabrina the Teenage Witch Season 1 (1996-97)

Read reviews, description, details, and more!

Plot Outline: A sixteen year old high school student finds out she's a witch.

Plot Synopsis: Sabrina Spellman, a perfectly normal 16-year-old, is informed by her aunts, Hilda and Zelda, that she (and they, and her whole family on her father's side) are witches. She lives with them in Massachusetts while preparing to receive her witch's license. Along the way, she gets into many scrapes while figuring out how certain spells work. She also has to keep the secret from her boyfriend, Harvey, friends Jenny and later Valerie, stuck-up nemesis Libby, and her ever-suspicious vice-principal, Mr. Kraft.

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