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You are at the section Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Sabrina Episode Guide Season 1p2

Season One Sep 1996 - May 1997

#13: "Jenny's Non-Dream"

Main Story: At the cafeteria, Sabrina invites Jenny to spend the night at her house with her aunts. Hilda and Zelda assure her that they will be as normal as possible while Jenny is visiting. Yeah, right. Sabrina coaches Salem how to meow because he's not supposed to talk. The doorball rings in reverse. It's coming from the door upstairs leading into another realm. A repairman from the other realm enters to check on the dryer, but he has a tail. Jenny arrives at the house. Jenny and Sabrina have dinner with the aunts. The aunts are summoned away when the repairman was carrying a lint gremlin growing in the dryer. The aunts bring the apple pie to the table. Jenny goes to get some ice cream in the kitchen but a spider scares her. While Sabrina shows Jenny the door, the repairman comes out chasing the lint gremlin. The doorbell chimes. Hilda and Zelda answer. They are two brains in two jars, who were not notified that the book club was cancelled that night. The aunts take the brains into the dining room. Sabrina and Jenny are upstairs in the bedroom. Sabrina admits to Jenny that she's a total slob. A crash is heard downstairs. Sabrina leaves Jenny in her bedroom. One of the brains in the jar knocked the other off the table and the jar broke. Zelda and Sabrina discuss the brains in the dining table, while Hilda and the repairman chase the lint gremlin through the dining room. Jenny roams outside the bedroom and enters the linen closet upstairs, and enters the other realm. In the second half, Jenny wonders in the other realm wondering where she is. Skippy does the limbo and greets her with a frog in his throat, but he doesn't talk (he's played by Teller). He escorts Jenny to Drell (Penn Jillette) where he is doing weightlifting. He wonders who she is. She says she's Jenny and wonders who he is. He asks if she's joking. She says no. Drell says he's the head of the Witches Council. She asks if he's a witch. He says yes, and asks her if she is. She says no, she's a mortal. He laughs, and then turns her into a grasshopper in a jar as required by the rules. Sabrina and the aunts enter the other realm, then is greeted by Skippy, who leads them to Jenny after doing the limbo to enter Drell's area. The aunts ask Drell if they've seen Jenny. After playing 20 questions, he shows them Jenny the grasshopper in a jar. Drell outlines the rules on what happens to mortals when they enter the other realm. Rule number 714: any mortal who passes into the realm shall be transformed into a creepy crawly thing. Drell hands Sabrina the jar with Jenny the grasshopper in it. Sabrina takes Jenny in the jar into the limbo and tells her that she's a witch, and just wants one normal night in a sleepover, and apologizes to her for what happened to her. The Rules Keeper meets up with Sabrina in the limbo room and admits that rule number 714 stinks, and suggests finding a loophole. Rule number 803 says that for every rule there is a loophole. Sabrina finds the loophole in the rule, then enters Drell's area with the rules scroll, and tells them that the loophole is mortals without concious knowledge of the other realm can pass in and out of it freely. All she had to do was to get rid of the concious part by convincing Jenny that the whole experience was a dream, then she could leave. Drell objects, but The Rules Keeper says rules are rules but loopholes are loopholes. Drell changes Jenny back into a human. Sabrina and the aunts tell her that Jenny is having a dream by dancing a big apple in front of her, having her take a test, that time flies fast, and for her to run to meet her grandfather on a running machine, Jack Wagner appears magically. He disappears in a minute. Jenny says that she doesn't like the dream and wants to wake up, but Sabrina tells her that she has to go to sleep first. They float Jenny's sleeping body into Sabrina's bed. Back downstairs, Salem and the repairman are playing Monopoly with the lint gremlin. The next day, Jenny wakes up and discusses her weird dream with Drell and Jack Wagner.

Updated: January 4, 2007.

Original Air Date: January 10, 1997.

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, NR, MB, PJ

Guests: Morwenna Banks as The Rules Bearer. Chuck McCann as Repairman. Teller as Skippy. Jack Wagner as Himself.

#14: "Sabrina Through the Looking Glass"

Main Story: While under stress, Sabrina looked in the mirror and is shocked when she discovers a big wart on her forehead. Hilda zaps a baseball cap to cover Sabrina's wart on her forehead and sends her off to school. Sabrina takes a jar of dirt she calls a biosphere to Mr. Pool's class. Harvey's use of a monkey puppet to demonstrate the point of the rain forest. Mr. Pool thought Harvey's performance was delightful, but Sabrina was embarrassed. After class, Sabrina goes to the cafeteria for lunch. Jenny asks her for advice whether she should cut her hair, but Sabrina turns down Jenny's volume in her voice while she talks. Libby comes near Sabrina and takes off the cap, revealing Sabrina's wart on her head. Sabrina runs out of the cafeteria. Libby follows her, then is transformed into a goat by Sabrina, who storms off home angry, and creating a blizzard in anger. While going to her bedroom, she passes Hilda who was holding a Brady Anderson baseball card, but Sabrina says she doesn't care and that he's nothing to her. Hilda suggests a piece of flan, the happy dessert, but she passes on the flan. Sabrina has to be a witch, a teenager, a mortal, and a girl all at the same time. She goes to her bedroom talks to her alter ego in the mirror, who invites her to step through the mirror to enter through so that nobody can disturb her. The world she enters is completely in reverse. Salem and the aunts enter Sabrina's bedroom, and find that she's not there, then figure that she entered the reverse world through the mirror and conclude that she's trapped in her own bad mood. In the second half, In the reverse world, Sabrina wakes up and it's 7 in the morning. Her wart disappears. She decides to go to school, so she tries to enter the real world through the mirror, but is locked out. Her alter ego in the mirror tells her that she's stuck, then cackles and disappears. Sabrina is stuck in the reverse bedroom. Brady Anderson of the Baltimore Orioles appear in Sabrina's reverse room. He was mad because she said that he was nothing to her. He discusses with her the bad mood that she was having under stress. His point is that we all deal with stress, and have to control their emotions or the emotions will control you. To get back into the real world, Brady first tells Sabrina to make amends. Brady opens the door and they leave the reverse bedroom. Sabrina meets Zelda in a bad mood, who zaps her cold porridge downstairs. She meets a bad mood Salem. She meets an bad mood Hilda sitting under a thunderstorm. At school, a bad mood Jenny confronts Sabrina in the locker room, takes off her hat, and shows her the new short hairdo. Sabrina asks what happened to her hair. Jenny tells her that it's all Sabrina's fault that she wasn't listening the day before when she was asking her for advice. She meets a bad mood Harvey in the library, but he tells her to go away. Harvey tells her that the monkey act was lame and had a fight, gouging his eyeballs out. With Sabrina's help, Harvey takes back the monkey. Libby the goat is eating somebody else's homework. Sabrina takes her into the bathroom and apologizes to her, then changes her back into herself. Libby dries her hands with a paper towel, then puts it in her mouth and chews it. She meets Brady in the locker hall, and tells her that her bad mood had a ripple effect, spreading schoolwide. He tells her that since Sabrina caused the blizzard while in a bad mood, everybody including Mr. Pool was affected. She cheers him up when she leads Brady into Mr. Pool's classroom. Brady signs Mr. Pool's brain. Sabrina gets into the school intercom, apologizes to the people, and surprises everybody in the school with a giant flan in the cafeteria. Sabrina returns home (still in the reverse world) and gives Zelda some flan. Hilda and Salem also went for some flan. Sabrina runs upstairs and meets Brady again. Brady leads Sabrina through the mirror as she reenters the real world. She comes downstairs and kisses Salem, and apologizes to her aunts, who changed Libby back from being a goat and to keep the blizzard going so all her friends could have a snow day. Sabrina calls Jenny, and asks her if if she cut her hair. Libby says no, then Sabrina says don't because it would be the biggest mistake of her life.

Updated: January 4, 2007.

Original Air Date: January 17, 1997.

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, JLG, NR, MB, PF

Guests: Baltimore Oriole Brady Anderson as himself. James D. Fields as Student.

#15: "Hilda and Zelda: the Teenage Years"

Main Story: At the school cafeteria, Harvey invites Sabrina to meet the Violent Femmes in a music store to sign the fan's CDs. Libby overhears the two and she wedges herself into being invited to join them. Gordy also hears them and Harvey invites him over Libby's objections. Sabrina's aunts won't let her stay out late to see the Violent Femmes without adult supervision. Her aunts transform themselves into teenagers as Hillary and Zellery so that Sabrina would have adult supervision, but in bodies of teenagers. They, Harvey, Libby, and Gordy drive over to the Violent Femmes concert. While waiting in line, Libby opens a book titled "The Magic Within," a self-help book on how to summon her feminine powers. Libby wants to learn how to cast a spell on Gordon Gano of the Femmes figuratively speaking since Libby is a mortal. The line gets stalls, then Zellery the teenage aunt decide to leave and get into Harvey's car. Gordy escorts her. Hillary wants to see what's holding up the line. In Harvey's car, Gordy wants to get close to knowing Zellery. Hillary tries to bribe a guard to cutting into line. Zellery leaves the car and tells Sabrina that Gordy wants to go steady with her, but she needs to know how to say no, but Sabrina wants Zellery to solve her problem herself since she got herself into the mess in the first place. A guard is chasing Hillary past them. In the second half, Sabrina meets up with the guard, who tells her that Hillary stole his badge after she demanded his number but he put his hand on it earlier. Sabrina coaxes Hillary to return the badge to the guard. Funny thing is that Sabrina is doing the teaching to her teenage aunts for this episode. When the group got nearest the door, the Door Man walks to the line telling them the the store is closed. The group gets upset. Harvey tells the man that if they don't meet the Violent Femmes, his ladies in his group will become extremely violent femmes and he's the one that has to drive them all the way back to Westrbridge along with one sick dude. The man tells Harvey "Hartford. Led Zeppelin. 1973", then lets the group in. They meet the Violent Femmes and get their CDs signed. Libby tries to ask Gordon a question using her feminine powers but Gordon won't look. She asks him a question about perferring stuffing or potatoes. Gordon looks at Libby and asks if there's something wrong with her eyes. Zellery helps Libby out by casting an infatuation spell on Libby, who zaps it to Gordon with her eyes, then Gordon gets turned on and wants to know Libby more. Gordon asks the band to play a song for Libby called "Please Do Not Go." When the rest of the band tells him that they have to go, Gordon invites Libby to a hotel courtesy suite. Libby invites whoever she wants, but complains about the teenage aunts (referred as the Olsen Twins). Sabrina doesn't want to dump them and won't go if her teenage aunts won't go. Harvey decides not to go if Sabrina doesn't go, then Gordy says if Harvey doesn't go then he won't go. Her aunts say that somebody has to go with Libby and convince Gordy to go with Libby. Harvey drives the teenage aunts and Sabrina back to their house. Her teenage aunts were convinced that they did ruin everything and turn themselves back into adults. They apologize to Sabrina by giving her the first flying lesson, on a vacuum cleaner since she proved that she can handle her responsibility. Sabrina flies on the vacuum cleaner and flies out the window. She flies over to the hotel suite where the Violent Femmes were staying. Libby is bored when the Femmes and Gordy watch old cartoons for fun. Libby's infatation spell runs out after 30 minutes. The Femmes tell Gordy that he's the coolest and for Libby to get her eyes checked. Libby sees Sabrina flying on a vacuum cleaner and is convinced she needs to get her eyes checked.

Updated: January 6, 2007.

Original Air Date: January 31, 1997.

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB. NR, JLG, CA

Guests: the musical group, Violent Femmes, as themselves. Gordon Gano as Himself. Guy Hoffman as Himself. Alexandra Johnes as Hillary - Young Hilda. Judith Jones as Zellary - Young Zelda. Bubba Smith as Security Guard. Richard Tanner as Door Guy.

#16: "Mars Attracts"

Main Story: The aunts tell Sabrina that they're going on a trip to Mars to ski, but she doesn't know how to ski. Sabrina was asked by Harvey in school if she wants to do stuff with him. but turns him down, and feels bad about it. She tells her aunts that she won't have any fun in Mars. Harvey shows up at the door. Her aunts leave to take a nap. Harvey gives Sabrina a pair of mitten minders, and tells her that she's going skiing. The ladies leave to Mars through the linen closet upstairs, leaving Salem to mind the house. Hilda reads magazines and catalongs. Zelda goes skiing. Sabrina goes to her room. The next day, Sabrina meets Doug (David Chokachi of "Baywatch") the ski instructor. Warren meets Hilda at the lodge, and he says that he's a secret agent to sniff out a counter operative. Doug casts Sabrina a magic spell to give her knowledge in how to ski during her first skiing lesson. Warren shows Hilda a poisoned toothpick. Sabrina and Doug hit it off together. Doug tells her that he has a talking dog, and she tells him that she has a talking cat. Harvey wants for Sabrina's phone call but the phone never rings. He calls her house, and Salem answers the phone. Back on Mars, Sabrina forgets to call Harvey and disco dances with Doug. In the second half, Salem calls Sabrina to tell her that Harvey called and left a message that he's going to sleep after waiting for Harvey for two hours. Sabrina calls Harvey. The next day, Sabrina finds Zelda and has a problem. She's having fun with Doug, but likes Harvey and is confused about the whole matter. She goes with Doug on a picnic in a crater in Mars. Doug leans over to kiss her, but Sabrina backs off, saying that she doesn't know him too well. Warren comes by, telling Hilda that his mission has been aborted, then is beamed out of the lodge supposedly by Dr. Cyclops. Sabrina and the aunts return. Sabrina's bedroom is a mess because of Salem's partying. Harvey comes to the house. Sabrina tells Harvey that while on a ski vacation, she met somebody amazing but not as amazing as Harvey, and going out with him made her realize that she likes Harvey better. He tells her that if she's ever away and she meets somebody really amazing but she likes Harvey better, just don't tell him. In the epilogue, Warren is in a cot with surgeons in a mission to remove his brain, then gets out a laser and zaps the surgeons dead.

Secondary Story: Hilda is intrigued by a bizarre man (Chris Elliott) claiming to be a secret agent on a dangerous mission.

Another Minor Plot: Salem takes the opportunity to host a riotous cat party at home.

Updated: January 6, 2007.

Original Air Date: February 7, 1997.

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, NR

Guests: David Chokachi as Doug, Sabrina's Ski Instructor. Chris Elliott as Warren. Sondra Spriggs as Mrs. Hecht.

#17: "First Kiss"

Main Story: On Valentine's Day, at school, Harvey tells Sabrina that he likes her face because it's symmetrical. Later, Harvey visits Sabrina's house. Just as they were about to kiss, Salem butts in to stop it. Salem warns Sabrina not to kiss Harvey or else something horrible will happen. Sabrina tells Harvey to leave, making up a story about Salem being sick as an excuse. The aunts return home. Sabrina asks the aunts why she can't kiss Harvey. The explain that when a witch kisses a mortal for the first time, the mortal turns into a frog. At night, the aunts tell Sabrina that since she's half-mortal, then there's a 50-50 chance that he will turn into a frog. The next day, Harvey visit the home and takes Sabrina to a movie. Harvey tries to kiss her in the car and in the movie theater, but she avoids them both. The next day, Harvey tries to kiss her again, but she places a muffin in his face. In the car, Harvey is getting the feeling that she doesn't want to kiss. Sabrina can't explain why. Harvey really wanted to kiss her. Sabrina then plants one herself on his lips, then he changes into a frog. In the second half, she shows Harvey the frog to her aunts. They tell her that there's still hope with the true love clause with a "Test of True Love" test. If Sabrina has true love feelings for Harvey, then he'll turn back into a human; if not, she'll turn into a frog. Sabrina agrees to take the test in the National Institute of Love. Drell is giving the test. She starts at door number one with Peter Marshall as host of the first test in what looks like a Dating Game knockoff, "The True Love Game". The three bachelors are all Harveys, but she must pick the right one. She picks the one that answers a symmetrical triangle and passes the first test. She goes through door number two. She meets Zak at the poolside. Zak tells her that she looks like a blonde Audrey Hepburn. She asks him what movie is his favorite. He says Sabrina (the movie from 1954). She says that's her name. Zak then tempts her with a chocolate cake. She's tempted, but tells him that she can't eat while Harvey's in trouble. She passed, resisting temptation. Sabrina finishes reading the pamphlet and selects the flying tree frog as the frog she would want to be. She enters door number three to take the third test, the most dangerous test of all. She sees Harvey across a bridge over a ditch with fire flames. Harvey tells her that it's a test of faith, and all she has to do is to get to him. Sabrina walks across the bridge carefully, but a segment falls through. Sabrina leaps across the missing segment of the bridge, jumping through the flames, then just as she was about to hug and kiss Harvey, he disappearrs. Harvey was just a hologram. She passed the test anyway. Zelda tells her that in order to return Harvey back to normal, she has to return to the scene of the kiss and kiss him again. Back in the car, she kisses him, then he returns to normal. They kiss again.

Subplot: Aunt Hilda was encouraged to take the same test to see if she's still in love with Drell. She plays "The True Love Game" and meets the three Drells as bachelors. As it turns out, Hilda isn't really still in love with Drell when she chooses the wrong Drell, flunking the test.

Updated: January 6, 2007.

Original Air Date: February 14, 1997.

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, NR, PJ

Guests: Peter Marshall as Game Show Host. Paul Michael Robinson as Zak.

#18: "Sweet Charity"

Main Story: Harvey and Jenny are trying to get the students to join the Adopt-A-Grandparent program. They get two people to sign up, just Harvey and Mighty Mouse. The next day, the three enter a senior center to adopt a grandparent. Sabrina adopts an elderly lady named Nana who shows her some pictures of some Hollywood hunks she claims she knows personally. Harvey wishes they got someone cool to be at the senior center like Libby, the sophomore class president. Jenny says Libby would never show her face there. Sabrina gets and idea and leaves. She goes into a telephone booth (remember those?) and turns herself into a Libby lookalike. The fake Libby enters the senior center and helps Harvey and Jenny. A photographer from the high school snaps a picture of the three for the student newspaper. The next day, Jenny shows Sabrina making the front page of the photo, but a shocked Libby sees the photo and says that someone pasted her face on someone else's body. Libby asks Harvey if he didn't see her there, but Harvey tells her that she did a good thing and to deal with it. Sabrina tells Harvey that Libby has multiple personalities and we met the nice one at the senior center. At Mr. Pool's class, the teacher tells the class that he is proud to have Jenny, Harvey, and Libby as outstanding citizens in his class. Sabrina announces that they'll be at the senior center again, but Libby tells her that she doesn't remember seeing her there. At the senior center, Nana offers Sabrina some candy, then sees two students leaving because Libby isn't there. Sabrina tells them that she thinks Libby is coming, then changes into a fake Libby in a telephone booth, then reenters the room and says hello to her (Libby's) friends and Jenny. The fake Libby bonds with Nana. Harvey plays chess with one of the seniors named Mr. Berry (Alan Young of "Mr. Ed"). Harvey sights the fake Libby and asks her if she would like a soda. He leaves the room and gets a drink at the soda machine, then the real Libby enters and meets up with Harvey, who hands her a ginger ale that the fake Libby ordered. The real Libby wonders what kind of freak drink it is, and only drinks diet. He says she ordered it, but she says she didn't (the fake one did). He says he likes her other persinality better. Harvey reenteers the room, and hands Mr. Berry the ginger ale, then fake Libby asks Harvey where her soda is. He says she didn't want it. She asks when. He says she called it a freak drink. She says she would not, then says she would, then she left the room, then sights the real Libby banging on the soda machine. She gets into the telephone booth and retuns into Sabrina after getting one of the callers out of the booth. Sabrina meets up with Libby, who tells her that the machine gave her ginger ale and she won't drink it. Sabrina grabs it and thanked her. The two enter the room. Libby's friends tell her that they already said hi to her when the fake Libby came in. Nana flags Libby down to meet her back on the couch (since Sabrina as the fake Libby bonded with her). Libby tells Nana that she's the world's biggest Johnny Depp fan. Sabrina goes over and says she wanted to talk with Nana, but Libby tells her that Nana is hers now. In the second half, Sabrina tells Hilda about her problem with Libby being nice and turning into Queen of the senior center, stealing her adoptive grandmother. Hilda tells Sabrina that virtue is its own reward. Sabrina tries bonding with other senior citizens, but with no success. In the hall, Sabrina meets up with Libby, and tells her that she's going home. Libby tells her that she's having a good time with Nana. At Mr. Libby's class, a whispering session goes on, and he passes it on to Mr. Poole, who then tells the class that Libby is going to meet Ethan Hawke. Libby complained that Sabrina was laughing at her about that. Sabrina tells Libby that Nana doesn't know any of the Hollywood hunks and she's wacked out. She tells Libby that the pictures are all cut-outs from magazines in Nana's scrapbook. When Sabrina tells Libby that Leonardo DiCaprio didn't make the chocolate turtles, Libby says that the total time she spent with Nana was a total waste. Now Libby says she's humiliated when she thinks that she won't be meeting Ethan Hawke. She wants to go to the senior center and rip Nana into an afghan. Nana enters the senior center in an angry tone. Nana admits that she lied by telling her a tall tale and she's not going to meet Ethan Hawke. Libby calls her a sad pathetic old woman and runs away. Nana says she didn't mean to hurt her. Then, she turns back into Sabrina, who was impersonating Nana. The real Nana enters the hall, saying that she enjoyed her walk. Sabrina tells Nana that she made up with her real grandmother and won't be coming back. They go to the movies together. Mr. Berry later shows up in the house with Zelda who met in the senior center.

Secondary Story: Zelda can't decide whether to continue dating a man who is centuries younger than she is.

Another Minor Plot: Hilda and Salem eat too much of a magical "hair soup" that causes their hair to grow at an exponential rate. Hilda turns into a hottie with long hair and eventually shaves her beard off. Poor salem turned into a giant hairball.

Updated: January 6, 2007.

Original Air Date: March 7, 1997


Guests: Karen Morrow as Nana. Angelo Vacco as Delivery Guy. Alan Young as Mr. Berry.

#19: "Cat Showdown"

Main Story: Sabrina tries to it Salem for a loan, but Salem's credit card is maxed out. She wants Salem to loan her $40 for tickets for a class trip to Funland. Salem was going to ask Sabrina for money. They decide to enter a cat show to earn the prize money that they both want. We learn that Salem is an American shorthair and his last name is Saberhagen. The host Bob Gordon awards Sabrina a first place ribbon for favorite American shorthair. At the end of the day, Gordon gets a phone call asking about the briefcase. He opens it, sees an incriminating photo, and is asked to name a price and Gordon will pay anything. The caller instead demands that his cat is named "Best of Show" in exchange in a blackmail scheme initiated by the caller. Gordon goes into his office and rips up the photo. When Gordon leaves, Sabrina enters, then Salem tells her that the contest if fixed and the judge is being blackmailed by an incriminating photo. Sabrina goes into his office to check, then sees a barrel, casts a spell to put the pieces back together and exclaims that it's incredible. Gordon reenters the room and sees his cell phone that he left, then sees his office door open. He comes near. Sabrina turns herself into a cat before Gordon sees her, then he puts Sabrina the cat into a cage, then leaves. In the second half, the next day, the aunts enter the place and are greeted by Sabrina the cat. They take her out of the cage and turn her back into normal. They go home, leaving Salem there. Sabrina shows the incriminating photo to her aunts. The aunts figure out that the blackmailer is the person who took the photo, and is missing half of an index finger on his right hand. Back at the cat show site, Sabrina looks for a contestant with the right hand with half a missing index finger, but none of them would show their right hand. Hilda and Zelda enter, and materialize mini-quiches. Sabrina offers the three contestants the treat, and all of them are missing half an index finger on the right hand. So much for finding out who shot the photo. Sabrina demands to meet Mr. Gordon. She tells him that she saw the photo, knows that he's being blackmailed and knows his secret. She doesn't want second place, but wants him to come clean and to not hide the fact that he's being blackballed. Gordon tells Sabrina not to talk to him about being fair. Later, Harvey shows up for the cat showdown. Gordon summons Mrs. Ericson. Hilda says that's who the blackmailer is. They discover that the cat has whisker extensions, but it's allowed. Gordon then decides to come clean. He rips off his toupee. Mr. Gordon thought he needed a toupee to gain trust. Gordon disqualifies Mrs. Ericson for attempting to influence a cat show official. Gordon announces the winner of the cat show: Salem Saberhagen? He gets the blue ribbon? No. He wonders where the blonde cat is. Sabrina leaves, turns herself into a blonde cat, then Zelda picks her up. Zelda calls the cat Sabrina. Gordon gives the first prize blue ribbon to Sabrina the cat. Back at home, a devasted Salem is mad at Sabrina for cheating him out of the first place blue ribbon prize. Sabrina gets the money so she and Harvey can go to Funland. Then, she gives Salem her blue ribbon, saying that he deserves it and that he's the best cat.

Secondary Story: Hilda and Zelda seek out a magical perfume that will make Zelda repulsive to their love-sick mailman (Bill Fagerbakke), and Hilda gets shrunk as a punishment for taking free samples in the magical "Full Moon" shop.

Updated: January 6, 2007.

Original Air Date: March 21, 1977

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, NR

Guests: Carl Banks as Andrew. Bill Fagerbakke as Dirk. Dann Florek as Bob Gordon. Ally Holmes as Zoe. Beth Howland as Mrs. Ericson. Linda Kash as Haley. Susan Rossitto as Little Hilda. Gary Stockdale as Blofeld. Patty Toy as Daphne.

#20: "Meeting Dad's Girlfriend"

Main Story: Sabrina, her father Edward, and Harvey and are planning to go to the ice show. Edward arrives from the other realm through the linen closet upstairs. He gives Sabrina a magic camera (they had the technology before Polariod did) that takes photos instantly. Sabrina goes upstairs to her bedroom and opens up the magic book. She sees Gail in one of the pages. She brings the book down and hands it to Edward. He opens the magic book and talks to Gail in the picture. Edward tells Sabrina that Gail is his girlfriend, but she doesn't take it too well, finding it hard to accept the fact that he found another woman after his divorce six years before from his mortal wife, which is Sabrina's mother. Edward invites Gail to come out of the book. After the ice cream treat, Edward talks to Sabrina about her problem with Gail. He wants Gail to come with Sabrina and Harvey to the ice show, but Sabrina doesn't. He wants her to give Gail a chance. Sabrina wants to know more about Gail. Gail wants to get married to Edward, but Edward doesn't want to marry her. The two have an argument, then Gail leaves and goes back into the magic book. Edward follows, but is kicked out by Gail. Sabrina accidentally caused a fracas between Edward and Gail. In the second half, in the morning, Harvey arrives and meets Edward. Sabrina gets her magic camera. The three go to the arcade and the ice show. They return home. Sabrina talks to her aunts, and is worried about Edward, who seems depressed. His aunts tell her that he misses Gail. Sabrina decides to go inside the magic book to find Gail to bring her back to Edward. She meets the Index Man who gives her a hard time about how to find Gail because she doesn't know her last name. They eventually find out Gail's last name, Kippling, and she takes off. She takes off and finds Gail and tells her that she can't stop seeing him. She tells Gail that he needs time before he remarries her. Sabrina gets Gail to come out of the book and to see Edward downstairs where they make up. The aunts help Sabrina see her mom working in Peru with a magic sneak-a-peel magnifier. She opens up the magic book and sees her.

Updated: January 7, 2007.

Original Air Date: April 4, 1997.

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, NR, RB

Guests: Charlene Fernetz as Gail Kippling, who played Zelda in the Showtime TV movie of Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Patrick Thomas O'Brien as Index Man.

#21: "As Westbridge Turns"

Main Story: Sabrina, Jenny, and Harvey are bored with high school life (who wasn't?) Libby comes to the cafeteria and announces that she was invited to join the Team Board of Drake's Department Store to model formal wear in the school courtyard the next night. Libby invites Harvey to voulteer as an escort, but he turns down the offer. Sabrina comes home after being bored from school. Zelda tells her to make her own excitement. Sabrina finds Hilda watching a soap opera The Burden of Desire. Sabrina wonders why her life can't be as exciting as a soap opera. Hilda zaps her a can of worms. Sabrina opens up the can and all emotions will become heightned. The next day in school, two ambulance workers run down the hall saying that the janitor has collapsed and needs medical attention. And we have excitement. Harvey tells Sabrina that he wants her to meet him by the reflecting pool in the school courtyard at 12:36. All of a sudden, life in the high school becomes a soap opera. Mr. Pool's class studied reproduction that day. In the nurses office, we find out that Gene is Mr. Pool's first name as he is hugging Nancy the nurse. Sabrina enters the nurses office to get a flu shot. Nancy lies to Sabrina that she and Pool are not dating, and if the school finds out that they're dating, they would both be out of jobs. At 12:36, Sabrina and Harvey meet, and he tells her that they should go steady. He gives her a bracelet with the inscription "Harvey digs Sabrina" and "12:36", the time when they first spoke. Back in Mr. Pool's class, Libby and Jill try to find a way to bring Sabrina down. She is pure evil. Libby discovers a diamond ring, then pockets the ring. The two split before Pool enters the class. Pool gets out the diamond ring case, then leaves the classroom when he is nearly attacked by a wasp, and meets Stone the new janitor in the hallway. The camera points to the ceiling vent where there might be a wasp's nest. Libby comes to Sabrina and Harvey's table, and plants Pool's ring into Sabrina's backpack. Libby is stung by a wasp and faints due to an epileptic shock. Harvey takes Libby to the nurses station. Nancy gives Libby a shot and brings Libby back. Libby is put on a bed, but wants Harvey to stay with her, but Harvey leaves. Back in the hallway, Stone drops a ladder on Harvey on his head. Stone brings Harvey to the nurses station. Nancy leaves the station to get a cold compress. Libby comes over to Harvey. Harvey has amnesia; he doesn't remember anything. Libby decides to take advantage of that and tells him that she's his girlfriend. Sabrina comes in and Harvey doesn't recognize her. She says that she is his girlfriend, but Harvey says that it's Libby and not Sabrina that's his girlfriend. In the second half, Libby tells Sabrina to leave the nurses station, and tells her that she out to ruin her life. Libby plans to make Harvey an escort in the fashion show and Sabrina can't stop her. (Great, this is the Young and the Wreckless or All My Students that I'm doing a recap on). At the cafeteria, Jenny tells Sabrina that she plans to do something at the fashion show but doesn't tell her what it is. Mr. Pool proposes to Nancy and offers her a diamond ring case without the diamond ring inside because Libby stole it and planted into Sabrina's backpack. Nancy tells him that the case is empty and Poole declares "What?" He reports to the school cop that the ring was stolen between 12:30 and 12:40, the time he was not in so that he could visit Nancy at the nurse's office. The cop goes to the cafeteria to search Sabrina's backpack, and finds Pool's ring. Sabrina is framed. The cop arrests Sabrina and takes her to the police station downtown. In the hallway, Sabrina sights Libby and says that Libby set her up. Sabrina gets hysterical, flinging her bracelet up and sticking on the ceiling vent. Sabrina is questioned downtown, and discovers that her bracelet is missing. Sabrina tells the cop that she was with Harvey in the courtyard between 12:30 and 12:40 but could name no witnesses. The cop begins to interrogate her further when he aunts come in. The aunts take over and Sabrina tells them that the Can of Worms spell is out of control. Sabrina tells her aunts her story. Meanwhile, Jenny gets inside the air conditioning duct inside the school and crawls around. Sabrina and her aunts crawl around the hallway looking for her bracelet. The fashion show begins. They sight Stone the janitor. He says that he's hunting wasps. Libby tells Harvey that when they get to the runway, he has to kiss her. Jenny made her way to the vent where Sabrina's bracelet is, but it's also where the wasp nest is as well. Jenny gets attacked and cries for help. Stone uses a ladder to reach the vent, opens it, and Jenny falls from the duct to the ground. Sabrina tells Jenny that she found her bracelet. The cop tells Sabrina that her story checks out and she's off the hook, but tells Jenny that she has some explaining to do. Stone tells them that they have to evacuate the school because a swarm of wasps is heading their way. Zelda makes Sabrina wear a ballgown. At the fashion show, Harvey and Libby walk down the runway. Just before they kiss, Sabrina butts in and pushes Libby out of the way. Sabrina tells Libby that Harvey's her boyfriend and her scheme backfired. Sabrina shows Harvey the bracelet and Harvey begins remembering that he digs Sabrina. Libby and Sabrina engage in a catfight in the pool (is this now Dynasty with an ode to Krystle and Alexis?) They call each other freak, tramp, superfreak, supertramp (sounds more like Top 40 doesn't it?) The aunts break up the fight. Sabrina gets out of the pond and greets Harvey. Libby is excommunicated from the Team Board by the fashion designer for misconduct. The cop tells Nancy that Stone has been attacked by a swarm of wasps just before Mr. Pool proposes to her. She leaves to aid Stone. The cop meets the fashion designer, his long lost sister. Nancy comes back to Mr. Pool and proposes to her for marriage, but she has other plans, telling Pool that she met someone else, then leaves and meets up with Stone. Sabrina discovers that living in a soap opera world can be quite complicated.

Updated: January 7, 2007.

Original Air Date: April 25, 1997.

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, NR, PF, JLG, MB, BF

Guests: Donna D'Errico ("Baywatch") as Nurse Nancy. Beverly Johnson as Fashion Designer. John Loprieno ("One Life to Live") as Stone. Harold Sylvester as Cop.

#22: "The Great Mistake"

Main Story: A salesman from the Other Realm tries to sell Sabrina some stuff she doesn't want. When he offers her a Tomorrow Ball that Sabrina wants, Zelda says no deal and shows the salesman the door. After Zelda returns downstairs, Sabrina returns to the linen closet door and buys the Tomorrow Ball from the salesman. She takes it to her bedroom and tests it out. The ball says that she will get an A- tomorrow on her project, but why is Mr. Pool wearing a Catholic school girl's uniform? Jennifer shows up to meet Sabrina and Harvey in the locker hall and shows them concert tickets to the Smashing Pumpkins. Harvey plans to sneak out of his parents' house to see the concert. Mr. Pool walks by the gang wearing kilts. It's Scottish Pride day. The principal named Larue shows up while Mr. Poole was dancing the Irish jig. After class, Mr. Pool talks to Sabrina about her project. She says she got an A-. Mr. Pool tells her she got a C. What? Tomorrow looked a lot better yesterday. Mr. Pool tells Sabrina to take the weekend to do her project over again. Sabrina comes home and tells her aunts that she bought a Tomorrow Ball against Zelda's wishes, and told them she got a C. When Sabrina leaves to get ready to go to the Smashing Pumpkins concert, her aunts freeze her, then tell her that she's not going to the concert because she showed poor judgment in trusting that Tomorrow Ball, which was a big mistake. Zelda grounded Sabrina for the weekend and told her to work on her school project. In her bedroom, Sabrina tosses the Tomorrow Ball into her closet, and sees a vacuum cleaner. While Salem goes downstairs to distract her aunts, Sabrina flies off in the vacuum cleaner, and gets sighted by a cop in a vacuum cleaner telling her to pull over. Sabrina flies off and leads the cop home. The cop wanted to pull her over because her vacuum cleaner was spewing a lot of dust warranting an emission citation. Now, she's in even more trouble. Sabrina tells her aunts that she feels so low that she shrunk down to miniature size. Sabrina asks the aunts what they're doing to her. Hilda tells her that they're not doing anything; she's small because she feels small, and she won't return to size until she feels better about herself. Her aunts help carry Sabrina to her bedroom. What a huge mistake. In the second half, Sabrina asks her aunts to tell her some of the mistakes they made. Salem told her his mistake on how he planned to take over the world and was sentenced to serving 100 years as a cat with 75 more years to go. Hilda and Zelda told her about the weird stuff that they did when they were younger as kids and as young adults up to six centuries ago, Hilda was stood up, Zelda was married for three days, and the day before the aunts made room for Sabrina to live with them before her 16th birthday. After a long talk, Sabrina feels bigger inside, and returns to her normal size.

Updated: March 17, 2007

Original Air Date: May 2, 1997

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, NR, MB, PF

Guests: Mika Boorem as Young Zelda. Aria Noelle Curzon as Young Hilda. Pancho Demmings as Motorcycle Cop. Wayne Duvall as Linus. Brian Green as Benvolio. Richard Grove as Mr. Grey. Tom McGowan as Principal Larue.

#23: "The Crucible"

Main Story: Sabrina and the high school gang take part on a field trip in Salem. Sabrina fears going to Salem because she believes that it's a dangerous place to be for a witch. She goes anyway on a Saturday morning. Mrs. Hecht hands out envelopes with cards with roles to play in the re-creation of the Salem witch trials in the Salem village. They open the envelopes. Sabrina discards the envelope without opening it and places it in the bus seat. The gang recreate the chores. While dining, Libby upstairs accuses Jenny of flying through the windown and braiding her hair and making her look like a dork. Jill and Cee Cee say that they saw Jenny with the devil and chant out witch over and over again. Sabrina and Jenny run upstairs. Jenny's card said townsperson, but she threw it out in the trash when she spit out her gum and placed it on the card. Jenny goes to the witch trial after being accused of being a witch. Jenny says that she was with Adam unescorted. Jenny refused to tell the people in the trial what they were talking about, then she is locked in the stocks. Adam tells Jenny that he will tell the people at the trial what they were talking about, but Jenny tells him no. Adam testified that he decided to quit baseball to spend more time on his studies. Some of the audience chants witchcraft over and over. Libby complains that she got pinched mysteriously, and accuses Sabrina of pinching her, Cee Cee, and Jill, then accuses Sabrina of being a witch. In the second half, Sabrina wouldn't answer whether she's a witch or not. After beting taunted by Libby, Sabrina points and a ball of lighting flies around the court. The next day, there would be a trail on Sabrina. Sabrina calls her aunts, asking them to get her out of Salem. Her aunts arrive by car. Sabrina tells them about the role-playing game that's turned into a trial against her. They tell her that she should stay in Salem and learn the lesson. The next day, at the trial, Libby and her friends feigh itching. They feigned freezing the day before. Mr. Poole asks Sabrina to confess being a witch. She confesses it, but lost her card. Harvey objects and says that it's a false confession. The audience still won't accept witches after Sabrina's speech. The court finds Sabrina innocent, but Jenny guilty of being a witch. Only Libby clapped when Mr. Poole asked the audience if they believed that Sabrina had the witch card. After the verdict, Mr. Poole says to Libby that they're not actually going to punish Jenny, who says that she should stay in the stocks until the bus comes. Sabrina casts spells on Libby, saying that she's got the chills, wet willies, and a monkey on her shoulder, but nobody else sees the monkey. Libby confesses that she was making up the chills, itchy, and dorky during the trial. Mr. Poole reverses Jenny's conviction and sentences Libby in the stocks until the bus comes. Mrs. Hecht said that every card said townsperson and that nobody had the witch card; the townspeople created the witches, not the teacher. Sabrina finds the card in the bus seat, opens up the card, and it said "witch."

Updated: January 9, 2007.

Note: this is the final episode featuring Melissa Murray.

Original Air Date: May 9, 1997


Guests: Kevin Nash as Giant. Berlinda Tolbert as Mrs. Hecht. John Patrick White as Adam.

#24: "Troll Bride"

Main Story: It's finals time in high school. Libby tells Sabrina and Harvey that they won the Cutest Couple in the sophomore class, and that there is a curse: every couple who won the award broke up by the first day of finals. The aunts conceal from Sabrina that curses are double for witches. When she loses her notebook full of homework, a magical troll comes in through the linen closet, and after she signs a contract, he finds her notebook. The troll wants anything in her room as stated in the contract that Sabrina signed. The troll decides that he wants to marry Sabrina, but she's only 16, and the troll says that she's kinda old but it's okay with him. In Mr. Pool's class, the troll asks to see Sabrina while class is in session. Then, the troll follows her everywhere. Libby tells Harvey that he and Sabrina are going down in flames. The troll follows Sabrina home. She tells her aunts about her troll problem. They ask a lawyer from another realm to break a contract. He looks through the contract and finds no loophole for Sabrina to get out of the marriage demand from the troll. Sabrina wakes up the troll and tells him that she's not marrying him. The troll is hurt and returns back to the other realm. He left his hat upstairs. Sabrina enters the other realm, finds Roland, and returns the hat to him in his castle. Sabrina gets trapped in his castle, thanks to the troll's plan. In the second half, the witch lawyer continues to study the troll contract for a loophole, and finds one, stating that Sabrina can get out by being rescued by the prince she desires. The aunts look for a prince to save Sabrina from a troll. Harvey arrives, then Zelda asks him in. Harvey's jacket on the back reads "Termite King," and Zelda says that this would make Harvey the termite prince, who would stand up to the troll. Harvey drinks a witch potion, then Hilda tells Harvey that Sabrina is a witch being held captive by a troll in his castle, and only a prince that she loves can save her. Harvey is dressed as a prince, then goes into the linen closet and into another realm, he enters the castle and finds Sabrina held captive. With her Rapunzel spell, Harvey climbs up the wall to enter the castle. The troll comes finds Harvey behind the curtain he was hiding in. Harvey and the troll engage in a sword fight. To help Harvey win, Sabrina tosses some books down the castle and hits the troll after he defeats Harvey. The troll complains that she's more trouble than she's worth, then dumps her. Harvey and Sabrina leave the other realm. The next day, the memory of what Harvey went through the day before including the fact that she's a witch disappears.

Secondary Story: her aunts try to break the contract with the help of a witchly lawyer "with great legs."

Note: This was Michelle Beaudoin's and Paul Feig's final appearrances on Sabrina.

Updated: January 9, 2007.

Original Air Date: May 16, 1997


Guests: Cory Buck as Boy Prince. Frank Conniff as Prince Randy. Bryan Cranston as Stuart Clarkson the Witch Lawyer. Evelyn Furtak as Princess Isis. Robin Krieger as Camilla. Sean Laughton as Fireman.

Sabrina the Teenage Witch The Complete Series

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Sabrina the Teenage Witch Season 1 (1996-97)

Read reviews, description, details, and more!

Plot Outline: A sixteen year old high school student finds out she's a witch.

Plot Synopsis: Sabrina Spellman, a perfectly normal 16-year-old, is informed by her aunts, Hilda and Zelda, that she (and they, and her whole family on her father's side) are witches. She lives with them in Massachusetts while preparing to receive her witch's license. Along the way, she gets into many scrapes while figuring out how certain spells work. She also has to keep the secret from her boyfriend, Harvey, friends Jenny and later Valerie, stuck-up nemesis Libby, and her ever-suspicious vice-principal, Mr. Kraft.

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