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Sabrina Episode Guide Season 2p2

Season Two Sep 1997 - May 1998

#38: "Five Easy Pieces of Libby"

Main Story: Valerie is in D.C. for a trip. Mrs. Quick announces that she's entering a float in the town's Democracy Day celebration. Sabrina and Libby are paired off by Mrs. Quick after volunteering to be in charge of putting the float together. What? Libby declares she's taking charge as naturally her head swells big. Harvey soups up the float's engine so that it could go 90 MPH. Libby tamper with Sabrina's side, then she casts a spell to keep Libby away from her by a distance of five paces. The Quizmaster pops up as the Spell Police to tell Sabrina that her spell was illegal because she can't distance herself from her problems, and gives her a spell ticket. So, the Quizmaster casts a spell that makes Sabrina within five paces of Libby. Libby is annoyed when Sabrina tags along all around the school. As Libby walks around, the spell drags Sabrina around so she stays close to her. Sabrina attends Libby's cheerleader practice and goofs off. Libby gets even more annoyed that Sabrina's turned into a shadow of her. Sabrina gets sick of Libby's insults and breaks free from the spell, but then we hear an explosion, and Libby is transformed into a jigsaw puzzle...for ages 3 and up even! In the second half, Sabrina brings Libby the puzzle home. The Quizmaster pops up amd tells her and the aunts that they have to assemble Libby together. The Quizmaster helps out a bit. They got all of the pieces, except for a few pieces. The Quizmaster warns Sabrina that if she doesn't find the missing pieces in a few hours, she will be a puzzle forever. What a life she's forced to live. Sabrina asks why she be like other teenagers who get to spend the evenings watching TV. At school, Sabrina sifts through the trash. She has 45 minutes left. Sabrina thinks of where Libby would go. Sabrina and the Quizmaster arrive at the float and see Harvey still working underneath to tune the engine. Down to 30 minutes. They continue to look for the missing pieces. Two of Libby's friends wonder where Libby has been and don't see the Quizmaster, and think that Sabrina is talking to herself. Sabrina looks through Libby's locker and finds a notebook, flips through it, and finds a piece of the puzzle. Libby is bad at math. Sabrina goes to Libby's mother's house. Mrs. Chessler lets her in the house. Libby has inherited the same obnoxious attitude her mother has. Sabrina goes into Libby's bedroom. They find a picture of her grandmother on the bedtable, turn it around, and find another piece. They leave Mrs. Chessler's house and go back home. They fit the pieces into the Libby puzzle, and discover that the piece for Libby's heart area is missing, and time runs out. The Quizmaster tells them that the piece for her heart doesn't exist yet as Libby doesn't have compassion for others. Sabrina has to fill it up for her by showing compassion for Libby even if she doesn't show it for her, in other words, learn to work together. The Quizmaster leaves, then Libby rematerializes as herself, then panics as she wonders what she's doing in a freak house, and leaves. Sabrina finally gets Libby to help her when she brings up the subject of grandmothers. The float gets finished and Libby takes all the credit in front of Mrs. Quick. At the table in the epilogue, Sabrina tells the aunts that when they got back to the school, the engine in the float blew up and burned to the ground.

Secondary Story: Zelda tries to find a miracle cure for disease but winds up inventing a miracle cleaning fluid which Salem and Hilda promptly steal and market in the Other Realm, oblivious to the unfortunate side effects of the magical brew.

Question: What currency does the Other Realm use? If not U.S. dollars, then what foreign exchange store could translate Other Realm currency into U.S. currency? What's the use of selling your stuff to the Other Realm if the money from there is not good and can't be exchanged?

Updated: January 14, 2007.

Original Air Date: January 23, 1998

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, JLG, NR, AB, MG

Guests: Venus De Milo Thomas as Cheerleader. Cristine Rose as Mrs. Chessler.

#39: "Finger Lickin' Flu"

Main Story: The finger flu epidemic is out of control. I get that all the time when driving; when I cut someone off, an angry motorist raises up his hand and his middle finger flew up in the air. Anyway, the finger flu affects the witches pointing finger is contagious. Sabrina goes off to school, but before she leaves the house, the aunts give her mittens on her hands. At school, Harvey asks what's with the mittens, then Sabrina takes them off and puts them in her locker. At the cafeteria, Mr. Kraft shows up to announce the retirement of the cafeteria lady. He announces the replacement for her: all of the students in the cafeteria, except for cheerleaders and the first string high school football players since they do a lot for the school already (yea, just like in real life, no wonder my high school had their priorities wrong empasizing sports and cheerleaders over learning, so it's no wonder that Sabrina's high school was just as messed up as Patrick Henry High). Sabrina keeps interrupting Mr. Kraft's speech, and he recrutis her, Harvey, and Valerie to pull cafeteria duty. Then, Sabrina's finger begins to feel weird. Her finger sneezes and pushes the food off the table and onto the floor. Salem feigns coming down with the flu. At school, Mrs. Quick and Mr. Kraft discuss things. Kraft passes Sabrina, whose finger sneezes and flings open the locker doors in the hallway. Sabrina comes home feeling ill for not wearing her mittens. The next day, Sabrina's sick finger doubles in size, and her aunts tell her to stay home from school. The aunts discover that Salem isn't sick after all. Sabrina watches the TV news bulletin where the high school cafeteria is engaged in a food fight. Mr. Kraft announces that Harvey and Valerie will be expelled for causing the fight. Then Sabrina wakes up and the bulletin was just a dream. She gets over to her high school. At the cafeteria, Sabrina, Valerie, and Harvey stuggle with cooking. Sabrina then takes a glove off her finger, it sneezes, and transmits her magic to Mrs. Quick. When Libby tells Sabrina that she demands some chili and insults her, Mrs. Quick tells Libby to get out of line, points her finger, and Libby is dragged by Mrs. Quick's spell to the back where Harvey coming from the nearby door trips on her and spills food all over Libby. In the second half, Mrs. Quick makes a student stop slouching. Sabrina calls her aunts and tells them her problem. Zelda tells her to get Mrs. Soon here quick, er, Mrs. Quick her soon. Sabrina feigns being sick and asks Mrs. Quick to drive her home. Sabrina's finger sneezes and makes Mr. Kraft dance a bit. Mrs. Quick denys Sabrina's request. Mrs. Quick confronts Mr. Kraft that she's against his plan to use the students as cafeteria workers, calls her a chimpanzee, points her finger, and Mr. Kraft turns into a chimpanzee. Mrs. Quick thinks she's going insane. Sabrina conjures up some rose colored glasses for Mrs. Quick and she gets more confident about what's going on. Sabrina brings Mrs. Quick and Mr. Kraft the chimpanzee to the aunts house. The group go through the linen closet upstairs to the other realm where they see a doctor. They see the doctor, who is a kid, who even oversaw his own birth. The doctor drains Sabrina's finger by putting a faucet on it and turning it on. The doctor suggests using a magic lollipop for Mr. Kraft the chimp. The doctor reverses the spell, Mr. Kraft is transformed back into a man, Kraft gets hysterical, then the doctor shoves a magic lollipop in his mouth. The lollipop turned him into a sucker so he believes anything the people tell him. Back at high school, Sabrina is directed by the doctor from the other realm to put the giant cotton swabs in the ears of Mrs. Quick and Mr. Kraft and to turn them counterclockwise to erase their memories of the spells that recently happened. Sabrina asked the doctor if she could use the cotton swab to erase her memory of using the cotton swabs to do that. Mr. Kraft and Mrs. Quick return to where they were. Quick convinces Kraft to hire a new cafeteria lady and he says that he will but the students will have to keep working the shifts until he does. Mrs. Quick adds that it includes football players and cheerleaders. Mr. Kraft says not in this universe. Mrs. Quick repeats it again, and Mr. Kraft finally says ok, then walks down the hall like a chimpanzee. Libby works as a lunch lady the next day.

Secondary Story: Salem fakes an illness to get attention and gets more than he bargained for.

Another Minor Plot: Valerie and Mrs. Quick work on their self-confidence.

Updated: January 14, 2007.

Original Air Date: January 30, 1998

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, MM, LS, NR, JLG, MG

Guests: Carl Michael Lidner as Dr. Brickman. Maureen Tamblyn as Nurse. William Mykal Wayne as Frank.

#40: "Sabrina and the Beanstalk"

Main Story: Harvey visits Sabrina's house and brought her a social studies poster for them to work on, but they got busy doing other things and ignored the project. Sabrina has a problem with procrastination. Hilda suggests coming up with some magical jumping beans to motivate her. They go to Zelda's lab top to create them, but some ingredients are missing. Sabrina decides to substitute the ingredients. She tries them and they don't do anything for her. She procrastinates taking the trash to the curb but leaves it in the patio. The next day, a giant beanstalk grows in the patio. Zelda asks if someone if she threw out some magic beans. Sabrina says she did. Sabrina tells the aunts some substitutions she used to create the jumping beans. She forgot to make notes of what she used as ingredients. Now the aunts have to decide what to do with the giant that may come down the beanstalk, and they cover it up with a fog. Harvey comes to the front door, and Sabrina leads him into the kitchen. Harvey eats some of the magic beans before she could warn him not to, and he is transported to the top of the giant beanstalk. In the second half, Harvey is puzzled at the surroundings he's in. The aunts use a periscope in the kitchen (Sabrina never noticed it after all these years?) and see Harvey entering a wicked witch's house. The aunts tell Sabrina to observe Harvey up on top of the beanstalk through the periscope while the aunts go to the YMCA. No, not the place the Village People sing about. The YMCA stands for Yikes! A Magic Crisis Agency! Harvey meets the Wicked Witch and thinks that he had died. The Witch weighs Harvey and feels the need to fatten him up. Sabrina decides to go up the beanstalk while the Witch serves Harvey some pie sprinkled with "Fatten Up" sparkles. Woo hoo, Sabrina made it. Hilda and Zelda wait in line at the YMCA for service. Sabrina goes to the Wicked Witch house and poses as a representattive for the Confectionary Construction Company and is invited in. Sabrina demonstrates some designs to the Witch, then she enters the kitchen to get a fattened Harvey out of the house. Harvey is on Wednesday's menu. The witch enters the kitchen. Sabrina tells the Witch to look at the new rain gutters she zapped, then before she and Harvey exit, the Witch reenters the house and locks them all in. Sabrina tries to unlock the lock, but her magical powers run out of gas in high altitides. The Witch put Harvey and Sabrina in a giant vat to cook them. The aunts argue with the YMCA clerks who tell them that they wasted the time waiting in the wrong line. The Witch decides to eat Sabrina and Harvey the next day, then falls asleep. Sabrina aims the Witch's finger at the door to zap open the lock and to zap them free from the giant vat. Sabrina and Harvey escape from the Witch's house. The Witch wakes up and comes after them. When the Witch blocks them from climbing down the beanstalk, Sabrina bounces her out of the way with the fattened Harvey, then they make their way down. The clerk tells the aunts that they simply need a tree trimmer to cut down the beanstalk. Sabrina's magic begins to work again when she's low enough in altitude. The Witch tells them to come back, but Sabrina tells her that she procrastinated and zaps her a vegetarian salad and locks her inside her own house. Harvey and Sabrina made it down. The aunts return home with a tree trimmer who got rid of the beanstalk by yelling TIMBERRRRR and the beanstalk disappears. Then, Harvey passes out. A while later, Harvey wakes up inside one of the aunts virtual reality helmets, and is told that he was playing a virtual reality game where a witch is chasing him.

Secondary Story: Hilda and Zelda, going to the emergency ward in the Other Realm for help, find themselves in an interminable waiting line.

Updated: January 14, 2007.

Original Air Date: February 6, 1998

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, NR

Guests: Shelley Long as Wicked Witch. Dona Hardy as Old Woman. Jennifer Echols as Clerk #1. Ezra Buzzington as Clerk #2. E.J. Callahan as Clerk #3. Kevin Knotts as Treetrimmer.

#41: "The Equalizer"

Main Story: Valerie is interested in a dress for the Valentine's Day dance, but she can't afford the price. While Valerie turns away, Sabrina zaps in a 20 percent off tag on the dress. Meanwhile, Salem was having fun with Sabrina's red sweater at home when a big hole suddenly appearred in it, but Salem didn't cause that to happen. Sabrina shows Valerie the dress with the 20 percent tag on it and encourages her to buy it. When Sabrina gets home and enters her bedroom, she discovers that her sweater had a hole in it and accuses Salem of causing it. At the pizza shop, Sabrina only had 50 cents for a tip. Valerie came in and tells her that she ran out of money and her date Ken is planning to leave the pinball game. Sabrina zaps in some game credits for the pinball game so Ken and Valerie could still have fun together. At Westbridge, Sabrina was looking for her algebra book when Roland the Troll pops in with her book, and tells her that if she takes from someone, he takes from her. He took 20 percent of her sweater when she zapped in a 20 percent tag at the dress shop, and took her algebra book when she zapped in some game credits to a pinball machine. When Harvey meets Sabrina to make an announcement, Roland zaps Harvey to say that he can't go to the dance in order for him to attend a termite convention with his dad, but he doesn't remember hearing about it. At home, Sabrina tells her aunt that Roland is equalizing her and still wants to marry her. Her aunts tells Sabrina that she has to give things back to the places she took from when she cast some spells. Sabrina gives the pizzeria owner some money to give to the pinball machine, and she feels insulted when she thinks Sabrina thinks that the pinball machine works harder than the pizzeria owner. She gets her algebra book back, but she can't ask Valerie to return the dress she bought. Roland suggests sewing a duplicate but she can't sew. Salem tells Roland where the sewing room is. Roland takes Sabrina to the sewing room in the dungeon so she can make the dress for Valerie. Roland makes a spinning wheel spindle enchanting enough for Sabrina to touch, but before she touches it, which would have caused her to go to sleep, Zelda butts in after Salem told her where Sabrina was. Zelda accuses Roland for attempting to use an illegal Sleeping Beauty spell so he could kidnap and marry her. Roland leaves for now. At the school cafeteria, Sabrina fields out Ken for Valerie, but when Sabrina asked him if he was taking anyone to the dance, Ken tells her that she stole his heart and thinks that she wants to date him. When he mistakenly thinks that he's accepting a date Sabrina did not mean to assume, Valerie runs out, and Sabrina chases her, only to be greeted by Roland who accuses Sabrina of stealing a mortal's heart, so Roland steals Sabrina's heart, literall, and now her heart belongs to Roland. In the second half, Sabrina, under a spell that causes her to say that Roland is her love because Roland stole her heart, follows Roland to his pad. At the Spellman house, Mr. Kraft tells the aunts that Sabrina is exhibiting some strange behavior with her cousin. The aunts conclude that it's Roland, then look for Sabrina in the Other Realm, and take Cupid with them in order for the aunts to use the carpool lane. At Roland's place, Sabrina lets her aunts in, who tell her that they're there to rescue her, but Sabrina tells them that she loves being with Roland and his place. Cupid senses that Roland stole Sabrina's heart. Zelda says that he's not allowed to equalize to for his own benefit and tells him to give the heart back to Sabrina. When that didn't work, Zelda throws one of Cupid's arrows at Roland, who then thinks that Hilda is the love of her life, but so is Sabrina, and he gets confused. Zelda tells Roland that he should see that it's wrong to mess with people's hearts. Roland gives Sabrina her heart back and leaves Roland's place. Cupid's cheapo infaturation arrow that was used on Roland wore out within a minute. Zelda, in exchange for Roland giving Sabrina her heart back, grants Roland one request. Roland gets to dance with Sabrina at the Valentine's Day dance, but Sabrina is still mad at Roland for taking Harvey away from her. Sabrina meets with Valerie at the dance and apologized for running out when Ken thought that Sabrina stole his heart. Sabrina tells Cupid to make Ken, who just walked in, fall in love with Valerie, but he's out of ammunition. To get the ice broken, Sabrina zaps Valerie to ask Ken to dance with her. He accepts. Cupid also makes Mr. Kraft dance with Zelda. Roland apologizes to Sabrina for stealing her heart, but she's still mad at him, so Roland zaps and causes Harvey to appear at the dance. Harvey tells Sabrina that there is no such thing as a father-son termite convention. Sabrina and Harvey dance. Hilda dances with Cupid. Roland is bummed out and all alone. Sabrina zaps and cause a female midget to appear for Roland to dance with.

Secondary Story: Hilda and Zelda hire a lovelorn Cupid to get them dates for a Valentine's Day dance.

Updated: March 3, 2007

Original Air Date: February 13, 1998

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, NR, LS, MM, PFO

Guests: Phil Fondacaro as Roland the Troll/The Equalizer. Beth Grant as Mrs. Popowski. Sean Laughton as Ken. Patrick Thomas O'Brien as Cupid (as Patrick T. O'Brien).

#42: "The Band Episode"

Main Story: The school is having a battle of the bands, and Harvey signed up Sabrina and Valerie to participate in the battle. The gang practice, if that's what you call it. Nothing but noise. Would have been gonged. That's how bad. Anyway, Libby tells the ladies that she's participating in the battle and cheerleaders always win. At the rehearsal, Libby and her group do an impressionable job singing. At home, Sabrina conjures up a spell on the lab top and creates a six-pack of bottled talent. Back at school, Mr. Kraft makes an announcement that he's not judging the band contest that night, but his nephew, Dwayne, will be the judge. Dwayne happens to be the producer of a cable TV showcase for young bands. At the battle, Libby and the Libby Chesler Generation wows the audience with her performance. Sabrina offes herself and her group a drink of a bottle of the talent spell. Then the band perform "One Way or Another", a cover of a 1979 Blondie hit whose harmonizing sounds more reminiscent of The Bangles than Blondie. Libby is blown away. The audience applauds. Dwayne awards Sabrina's band the Best Band award. In the second half, Dwayne offers to take Sabrina's band to appear on his TV show. At school, life is not easy for the group as they are hounded by the high school students. They are the most popular thing in school at the moment. At home, Sabrina and Harvey talk on the phone, but the chicks keep calling Harvey. The sudden fame is ruining their friendship and Sabrina can't even enjoy winning. Salem suggests that the group return to being talentless as a solution. Take the fizz out of the egos that are inflated by taking a sip of flat talent and the group will go back to their normal talentless selves. At the stage for the show, Sabrina drinks a sip of flat talent. Harvey and Valerie take a sip and Valerie can't remember how to hold a guitar. Sabrina's band practice rehersal badly. Mr. Kraft walks in and tells Sabrina demands that her group don't dissapoint his nephew Dwayne or else Mr. Kraft's sister, the mother of Dwayne, will possibly kick him out of her house as a guest. Sabrina goes backstage and zaps in Libby, then asks her for a favor. Libby sings while Sabrina's band very much does a quiet backup. Sabrina, Harvey, and Valerie forget about the arguments they had when they once had talent. One of the Backstreet Boys sees the last bottle of bottled talent that Sabrina left behind and he takes a sip, and the other four boys take a sip out of the bottle.

Notes: Sabrina's song "One Way or Another" appearred on the "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch" soundtrack CD released later that year. Libby performs "A Little Bit of Me". The Backstreet Boys perform "As Long as You Love Me".

Updated: January 20, 2007.

Original Air Date: February 27, 1998

Note: The Backstreet Boys appear as themselves. Nick Carter, Howie Dorough, Brian Littrell, A.J. McLean, and Kevin Richardson.

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, LS, JLG, NR, MM, AB, JF

Guests: Alitzah as Band Girl #1. Benjamin Brown as Customer #3. Nick Carter as Gym Kid. Gil Christner as Customer #1. Howie Dorough as Gym Kid. John Ducey as Dwayne Kraft. James Fields as Student Roadie (Howard). Jay Harik as Presenter (as Jihad Harik). Sherman Howard as Dr. Terdlington. Brian Littrell as Gym Kid. A.J. McLean as Gym Kid. Hillary Pennington as Sunset. Kevin Scott Richardson as Himself. Anthony Russell as Manager. Diane Sainte-Marie as Customer #4. John Voldstad as Customer #2. Crystal Lett as Band Girl (uncredited).

#43: "When Teens Collide"

Main Story: Aunt Hilda comes down the stairs, unaware of what's happened to her. Sabrina brings to her attention that she has a second left arm holding her violin. She wonders how that happened. A one-armed Zelda comes running down the stairs. Zelda's arm got attatched to Hilda's body when they collided with each other upstairs. The TV set gets turned on. There is a weather advisory on the Witch Channel that sunspot activity is causing molecular instability for the witches. Sabrina has to take a bus to school becuase Zelda can't drive her to school; has to stay home to find a way to deal with the sunspot activity and to fix the problem of the aunts arms. Sabrina goes to her high school and donates some cans of food for the Science Club charity food drive. She shakes the cans from her backpack into the bin, and her ponytail moves around. Valerie asks what happened to her hair, then Sabrina panics and runs away. At the locker, Sabrina's ponytail falls off due to molecular instability. Harvey shows up and offers her some duct tape to put her ponytail back in place. Sabrina runs away. Libby suggests to Mr. Kraft to make the food drive a competetion between two camps to drive up interest. The club that collects the most food will win a lovely prize, and the rest can feel bad. At home, Zelda's left arm is back in place. Hilda sits on the couch and she sinks into it. At school, Sabrina and Libby bump into each other, adn their personalities are switched; their knowledges are still intact, but their behaviours are reversed. Libby becomes the sweet one and Sabrina becomes the bitter one. Yes, it's Sabrina, the Teenage Bitch! Libby greets the geeks. Sabrina complains about fish sticks. Libby offers Valerie a treat. Libby consoles a student, Emma, when Libby's friends make fun of what she's wearing, but Sabrina makes fun of the student instead. Sabrina does some bad deeds by moving the cans in the food drive from Libby's to her team with some magic. In class, she changes her grade from B- to A+. In the cafeteria, Sabrina causes Libby to drop her food. Mr. Kraft walks in, then as he was talking to her about awarding the award for most food collected, Sabrina interuppts him to address the class in the cafeteria and tells them that she did it all by herself. Everybody is afraid of Sabrina now that she has the power Libby once had. Mr. Kraft walks in and makes his shorts fall down. In the second half, a black hole forms in the aunts' kitchen sink. Sabrina tells Salem that she plans to take over the high school, but Salem convinces her to begin to plot world domination. The doorbell rings, and Hilda goes to answer it, but when she grabs the doorbell, the door disappears, revealing Harvey and Libby. She explains that the door was a hologram. Sabrina in her bedroom as the plotting world domination with her generals. Libby strokes Salem the same way Sabrina used to stroke her before Libby's personality got exchanged with Sabrina's. The Witch Police enter from the other realm and arrest Sabrina for plotting to take over the world, then they take her and her generals away to the other realm. Zelda suspects that Salem was involved in convincing Sabrina to take over the world. Zelda and Hilda go to the other realm to the Witches Council where she is on trial. The judge sentences her for 100 years as a cat as punishment. It's up to a repentant Salem to find a way to save her. He wants his old Sabrina back. Then he thinks of the way be was stroked by sweet Libby and the way bitter Sabrina insulted him and then he reverses their personalities, and concludes that sunspots reversed the personabilities. Salem calls the Other Realm Pizza and demands a pizza to be delivered. The pizza man opens the linen closet, then Salem goes through the door and enters the other realm and into the court where a sentence to turn Sabrina into a cat was about to be carried out. Salem tells the judge what happened to her with evidence to clear her of all charges. The Executioner was the one who turned Salem into a cat 30 years ago. Sabrina reenters the real world and meets up with Libby in the living room. Zelda reverses the personalities by bumping them into each other. Sabrina and Libby are back to their old selves. Libby leaves in disgust, then bumps into the door, thinking that it's a hologram.

Note: this is the final appearrance of Bridget Flanery as Jill. Elizabeth Hart is Melissa's younger sister.

Updated: January 20, 2007.

Original Air Date: March 6, 1998

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, LS, JLG, NR, MM, BF

Guests: Wayne Alexander as Claude. Sylvain Cecile as Executioner. Pancho Demmings as Witch Policeman. Jeremy Garrett as Football Player. Henry Gibson as Witch Judge. Elizabeth Hart as Emma. Cee Cee Michaela as Cee Cee (as Cee Cee Harshaw). Jeffrey Steven Smith as Pizza Boy. Chris Wragge as Witch TV Weather Forecaster.

#44: "My Nightmare, the Car"

Main Story: Sabrina wants to go to a journalism symposium. Mr. Kraft and Hilda nix her idea. They get some mail from the other realm in the toaster that the witches' magic is being audited by the Other Realm Revenue Service. In the mortal realm, the witches are allowed a specific amount of magic. Zelda summons their filing cabinet with a built-in accountant, Marty, to check on the files. Valerie arrives at the door, then Sabrina leads her upstairs. Valerie tells her that she wants to buy a car she can't afford, and suggests asking Sabrina to pool in her money to jointly buy a car. They work out a time sharing agreement, which eventually fails, then argue like Marcia and Jan from the Brady Bunch over the sharing. The aunts butt in to tell them to stop fighting and for Valerie to give Sabrina back her share of the money she paid to end the joint agreement. Zelda and Hilda tell Sabrina that she can't have a car, not today, not ever. In her bedroom, Sabrina and Salem talk about it. Salem tells Sabrina that she can buy a car for cheap in the Other Realm since the price of cars there are cheap because witches can fly, so there's no need for a witch to have a car, but in the real world, she can't fly without getting people suspicious, especially the Government. The revenue service accountant runs off with all of Hilda's and Zelda's magic savings. Marty runs off to a vacation resort in the Other Realm. Sabrina goes to buy a car for herself from the Other Realm. She meets up with the salesman, who is the Quizmaster, who works there part time. She buys a car for $5 down with $1.50 monthly payment. Sabrina comes home, but where's the car? It's been deivered in her bedroom! Sabrina must work hard to hide it from her aunts. In the second half, Sabrina tries to start the car, but it doesn't work, then she releases the emergency brake, zaps the car outside, then the car zaps itself back in her bedroom. The car tells her that he doesn't like being alone. Sabrina zaps the car into the garage and tells the car that it can't stay in her bedroom. The car doesn't like the cold. Valerie walks into the garage to apologize to Sabrina. The car begins to cough. Valerie notices Sabrina's new car. She wants to borrow it, but when Sabrina hears on the intercom that the aunts are coming to the garage to get some files for the audit, she tells her that she can borrow it and for her to park it somewhere warm. The aunts get a message in the toaster from the other realm. The auditors plan to audit Zelda instead of both of the witches. The car zaps itself back to Sabrina's bedroom, complaining about Valerie singing along with the radio. Valerie calls her and tells her that the car was stolen, but Sabrina tells her that the car is with her. Valerie asks her why she took the car. Back at school, the car zaps itself to Sabrina's high school, and Valerie is confused about what's going on, and Sabrina has to keep her dark that it's an Other Realm car that has magic powers and a mind of its own. Valerie lends Sabrina's car to Mr. Kraft. Whoops! The auditor tells Zelda that she's going to put a lien on her magic account if Zelda doesn't produce her magic account. The auditor tells Zelda to cast spells with a magic wand and a hit. What a joke! Mr. Kraft is at the drive-in with Hilda...in Sabrina's car! She goes to the drive-in, crawling on the parking lot of the drive-in, and talks to the car. Hilda wonders if Mr. Kraft snorted when the car did. After talking the Sabrina, the car takes off by itself! Sabrina gets home, and goes to her bedroom, and sees no car. Then the car appears with Hilda and Mr. Kraft in it. Hilda tells Sabrina that she's in big trouble! Mr. Kraft passed out from being terrorized by the car driving itself crazy all over town. The aunts bring Mr. Kraft back, then show him outside the front door. The file cabinet returns and Marty the accountant apologizes for stealing the magic he stole from them, but can't return the magic because he gambled it away. Hilda zaps Marty and the cabinet into orbit. Sabrina returns the car to the Other Realm car dealership where the Quizmaster works. He sold her the car to teach her a lesson that she's not ready to own and operate a car. At high school, Mr. Kraft tells Sabrina that he has a file on her strange behaviour and wants an explanation on what happened the night before, but gets no real answer. Zelda gets her magic restored by the ORRS the next week. Sabrina gets punished by staying inside the aunts' filing cabinet.

Secondary Story: a revenue service audits Zelda and Hilda's use of magic, and skips town with all of their magic.

Updated: January 20, 2007.

Original Air Date: March 20, 1998

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, MM, LS, NR, AB

Guests: Philippe Bergeron as Sales Manager. Buddy Hackett as The Car (voice). Tim Maculan as Marty. Yolanda Snowball as Auditor.

#45: "Fear Strikes Up a Conversation"

Main Story: At high school, Mrs. Quick tells Sabrina that she likes her math essay so much that she wants her to read it in front of all of the math classes in the school assembly. Valerie gets nervous and leaves. When Mrs. Quick tells Sabrina in the cafeteria that she wants her to read her essay the next day at the assembly, she gets nervous about it. Mr. Kraft won't excuse Sabrina from reading her essay. Sabrina goes to Hilda and tells her about her problem. Hilda tells her to deal with her fear, but that's not enough. Sabrina looks up a spell in the magic book and talks to a picture of President FDR, who warns her not to use her magic to get rid of her fear or it will cast a shadow on the rest of her life. Sabrina zaps up a magic glass of water, drinks it, and the shadow of her black fear leaves her head. At high school, Valerie is scared of Sabrina as her fear shadow follows her, then it follows her and Mrs. Quick down the hall. Mr. Kraft announces on the intercom that he doesn't want to die. Sabrina transferred her fear shadow to the students and teachers at school. In the second half, Hilda tells Sabrina at home to invite everybody affected by Sabrina's cast-off fear shadow to come home with Sabrina. Back at high school, the students are running all over the place. Valerie tells Sabrina that they fear that they are decomposing. Mr. Kraft tells her that he's surrounded by enemies. Libby fears never winning another seasonal beauty pageant ever again. Mrs. Quick becomes hysterically hypochondriacal. Harvey is terrified of sports injuries. Sabrina zaps up a microphone and uses it to announce on the school intercom that Vermont has declared war on Massachusetts, and tells the students that they should run to Sabrina's house. They chase her back home, with Sabrina's fear shadow following them. Hilda tells Sabrina to get the fear shadow upstairs through the linen closet and into the Other Realm. Hilda helps out by bring in the dogs to chase the fear shadow upstairs and into the linen closet. Now, Sabrina has to confront her fear, so she and her aunts go to the Other Realm. The Quizmaster tells Sabrina that her fear has engulfed the entire forest and meets up with a replicas of Mrs. Quick and Valerie telling her things that should scare her, but she overcomes them by dealing with them. The Quizmaster is afraid of clowns. It's a replica of Libby dressed as a clown. Replicas of Harvey and Mr. Kraft come out too. The three accuse Sabrina of being a witch, her biggest fear is being found out that she's a witch. Sabrina screams, then tells them she is proud of being a witch, and makes them disappear. The Quizmaster tells Sabrina to walk through the door, and into the school assembly to recite her math essay. The fear shadow shrinks out of sight. Then, Sabrina meets Steve Allen, who in real life deals with the fear of doing live television back when he was starting television in the 1950s, then shrinks to nothing.

Secondary Story: an overworked Zelda cracks before presenting a paper at a symposium. Zelda cracks up and does the Charleston after working too hard sorting out her pictures. Later, Zelda thinks she's Ginger from Gilligan's Island. Hilda has to find a solution to return Zelda to normal. The aunts go to a symposium, then Hilda cracks up and Zelda comes back to normal. Later, Hilda does an impression of Lawrence Welk, complete with bubbles and an accordion.

Updated: January 20, 2007.

Original Air Date: April 3, 1998

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, LS, NR, JLG, MM, AB, MG

Guests: Steve Allen as Himself. Donald Craig as Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Carl Michael Lindner as Dr. Brickman.

#46: "Quiz Show"

Main Story: Zelda gets hired by Westbridge High to be the substitute chemistry teacher. Bad news? It's one of the classes Sabrina is taking. The Quizmaster gives Sabrina an invitation to the Quizmaster's Pupil Social. Problem? She can't go today because she has a million things to do, but the Quizmaster says that it's mandatory for her to show up. At high school, it's Zelda's first day teaching chemistry to a bored student class. At the Pupil Social, it's also three days to go until her latest exam to get her Witches' license, and she can't turn herself into fire and wind, but recently learned to turn herself into water. She also doesn't know her elements either; she should listen to Tom Lehrer's recording of "Elements" to get a primer. In the ladies' room, Sabrina meets Amy, unaware that she's the boss of the Quizmaster. Amy, who is the Head Quizmaster, addressed a speech to the social. She's a 600 year old witch, and looks like a young lady. Amy confronts the Quizmaster, who tells her what Sabrina inadvertently told her about being unhappy with his teaching methods. Sabrina tries to pretend that she's Sabrina's twin, but it doesn't work. It turns out that Amy is the Quizmaster's boss, and is fired as her teacher. Sabrina returns to the real world and tells her aunts how she got her Quizmaster fired by mistake and wants him back. Sabrina tells The Witches' Council about her problem. The Councul, actually the Witch Judge (what happened to Drell?) rules that she can't get him back because she never explained why she wants him back. The Quizmaster is reassigned to a new student witch: the obnoxious Ralph. Sabrina is in the midst of cramming for her hardest magic tests needs a new tutor. In the second half, back at home, the Witches' Council sends a mail to the toaster, telling Zelda that they're temporairly out of Quizmasters and Sabrina has to be home schooled. Zelda is too busy to help. so now, it's up to Hilda to be her new tutor. What a nightmare. Being tutored by two of your relatives for high school and the witches' license. It's now two days to go for Sabrina's test and Hilda is off to a slow start. She forgot how to turn herself into wind and fire. Back at school, Libby asks Zelda to give her an F because she's freaking out at Zelda's teaching methods, but Zelda does some tutoring, and Libby makes a connection and solves a chemistry problem. Back at home, Hilda's not doing a good job teaching. Sabrina goes to the Quizmaster's place in the Other Realm and meets a Mouse man. The Quizmaster shows up. Sabrina and the Quizmaster apologize for what happened. We learn that the Quizmaster's name is Albert. They have an argument about the tutor and student reassignments, then Sabrina storms off. Sabrina goes to the Witches' Council to explain that the reason she wants the Quizmaster back is because she realized that they're friends after feeling bad that he got fired from being her Quizmaster. Nothing makes a better teacher than a friend. The Witch Judge still declines her request. At chemistry class, Sabrina still hasn't figured out Zelda's chemistry problem. Libby is asked by Zelda to help Sabrina with her chemistry problem. Sabrina gets mad and zaps her tongue to her lips so she can't speak. Zelda freezes time to speak with Sabrina, who's mad that she's become friends with her mortal enemy, Libby. When Sabrina wishes that she could just disappear, then she turns into wind and exits the class. Sabrina the tornado goes home to meet with Hilda. Then, Sabrina turns herself into fire and back again. A letter from the Witches' Council pops up in the toaster, saying that Sabrina passed the test. She also solved her chemistry problem. Sabrina goes back to the Witches' Council to appeal the decision again, and the Witch Judge reverses her decision, and the Quizmaster can return as her tutor. She goes to the Quizmaster's place and tells her that she passed the elements test. The Quizmaster fakes talking to Ralph, then admits that he's not here because he broke it off with Ralph for being annoying. The Quizmaster accepts Sabrina's invitation to be her tutor again.

Updated: January 20, 2007.

Original Air Date: April 17, 1998

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, LS, NR, JLG

Guests: Lillian Adams as Old Woman. Mary Gillis as The Witch Judge. Brent Hinkley as Mouse. Ashlee Levitch as Amy. David MacArthur as Old Man. Joel Michaely as Ralph. Nickolai Stoilov as Stavros.

#47: "Disneyworld"

Main Story: In the opening scene, we get some hint that Sabria may have caused El Nino to happen earlier in 1998 when she tried changing the Earth's orbit. The Quizmaster informs her that she should expect a surprise exam in a location she's going to go to with his help. The Quizmaster zaps Mr. Kraft, and he declares "Class Trip to Florida!" Sabrina and her aunts go to Disney's Animal Kingdown in Florida as part of a surprise field trip that Mr. Kraft didn't expect to do, but Salem stows along in one of the dufflebags. At Disney World, Sabrina and Valerie share a hotel suite. The Quizmaster shows up pretending to be room service. The Quizmaster tells Sabrina that it's time for her test. Her assignment is for her to create a potion to turn herself into an animal, and another potion to turn herself back without the use of her finger. The ingredients include tropical plants in Florida. She has to complete the test by the end of the day or else she will fail and won't get her witche's license. This means, no rides! Valerie and Harvey go sightseeing and wonder where Sabrina is. Sabrina shows up and tells them she has to do a report about plants in her Government class as an excuse. Oooookay. Hilda and Zelda go their own way to visit the Animal Kingdom's DinoLand USA, and orders Salem to stay in their hotel suite, but he leaves anyway. Zelda at DinoLand USA digs up a bone. Libby decides to work her own magic to steal Harvey from a abscent Sabrina, but Hilda walks in on them and makes Harvey disappear. Harvey winds up as a tour guide on a Kilimanjaro Safaris adventure through a wildlife reserve. Libby and Valerie wonder where Harvey and Sabrina are. Mr. Kraft confronts Sabrina, who is collecting tropical ingredients for her magic potion. Sabrina talks her way out. Salem wanders out and runs away from a flamingo. Sabrina meets up with Libby and Valerie, but has to return to her work and leaves. Zelda zaps the bone with her magic and creates a perhistoric man. The aunts take the prehistoric man back to their hotel suite. Sabrina assembles the ingredients she collected for her potion needed to pass the test. She needs more ingredients for the second potion. Valerie returns. Where's Libby? Libby's in the Lobby. With Bobby? Who? Nevermind. Anyway, Sabrina warns Valerie not to trust Libby. Valerie takes some of the potion, thinking it's tea, and pours it into Sabrina's sports bottle. In the second half, Valerie takes the potion outside, shows the sports bottle of potion to Libby, opens the lid, accidently spats some drops Libby, Valerie rubs some of the drops on herself. then they both change into zebras. The sports bottle falls from Libby's hand and spills into the ground. Mr. Kraft picks up the sports bottle, and the label says that it's Sabrina's sports bottle. Sabrina returns to her hotel suite, and Salem tells her that Valerie took some of the potion. The prehistoric man is making a mess out of Hilda and Zelda's hotel suite. Sabrina leaves to find Libby. Mr. Kraft comes to her with her bottle. He said that he found it next to a pair of zebras. Sabrina grabs her bottle and runs away. Sabrina goes to Hilda, tells her about her problem, and asks Hilda for help. Sabrina, Hilda, and the prehistoric man wander in the park and meet up with Mr. Kraft. Hilda helps Sabrina find an ingredient that turned Valerie and Libby back into themselves. Valerie and Libby try to explain to Mr. Kraft why their mouths taste like grass. Mr. Kraft tells Valerie that she has an obsession with zebras. Hilda zaps Harvey, who is still a tour guide, and Mr. Kraft shows up to meet him. Harvey reunites with Valerie and Sabrina. Sabrina orders three lemonades from the Quizmaster, who tells her that she passed her survival pass and has to spend a week in Antarctica for her next assignment.

Updated: January 20, 2007.

Original Air Date: April 24, 1998

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, LS, NR, JLG, MM, AB

Guests: Trish De Prume as Cheerleader. Paul Dillery as Bellboy. Brian La Rosa as Tootie.

#48: "Sabrina's Choice"

Main Story: Harvey tells Sabrina that he won two tickets to the Lisa Loeb concert. He invites her to go but she can't, saying that she has to do some schoolwork. At home, Sabrina tels Zelda that Harvey wants to take her to a concert, but earlier, Sabrina said some things that she has to hold herself up to what she agreed to, and tells her she can't go to the concert. Sabrina tries another aunt, asking Hilda for permission to go to the Lisa Loeb concert. Hilda tells her that since Zelda didn't say no, she can go. Sabrina and Harvey go to the concert. After returning home, Sabrina is met with an angry Zelda and a happy Hilda. Zelda accuses Hilda of being irresponsible, and Hilda says Zelda is a compulsive neat freak. The two aunts have an argument. At school the next day, Gordy announces that he's having a party. Sabrina goes home during lunch and asks Hilda, who tells her she can't go. Libby plans to accompany Harvey to Gordy's party. Salem tells Sabrina to ask Zelda to go to Gordy's party. She tells her that the president of the Science Club is having a party and wants to go to a special meeting. Zelda gives her permission, not realizing that it's Gordy's party. She goes to the party. After she returns home, the two aunts confront her again about what happened. Hilda tells Sabrina that she's moving out. In the second half, they decide to split their duties of being a guardian for Sabrina. Hilda shows Sabrina her new house, a reverse replica of the house Zelda is living alone in. In high school, the Quizmaster in her locker tells her that she has to go to a meeting in the Witches' Council. Sabrina gets sucked into her locker and goes into the Other Realm. She's back into the Witches' Council to discuss custody of Sabrina. The Witch Judge, who this time is played by RuPaul not looking anywhere close to a supermodel, tells her that she reside in only one household, and tells her to choose between living with Hilda or Zelda. After a few days, she still can't decide. The Witch Judge casts a What If spell on her. She looks at what if she went to live with each of the aunts. In the What If TV set, at sloppy Hilda's house, Harvey shows up and tells Sabrina that he married someone else: Libby! At Zelda's house, in the What If TV set, Libby is kept on a short leash by Sabrina, Mr. Kraft gets some of her anti-aging cream, Harvey's head is inside a jar of chemicals to keep him alive. She still can't decide, so she gets one last day or the Witch Judge will decide. Sabrina tells Salem she needs to get her aunts back together. Sabrina feigns illness, casting a severe spell to make her almost bald, and convinces Hilda to take her to Zelda. She wants Hilda to spend the night with her at Zelda's house. Zelda calls a specialist. RuPaul returns as the specialist...in hair follicles, this time, in a red dress, closer to being a supermodel. Sabrina gets a beehive of purple hair. Sabrina admits that she feigns the illness to get the aunts back together. The aunts admit to Sabrina that they pretended to split up, teaching her a lesson that they're better parents as a unit and shouldn't pit them against each other. RuPaul transforms back into a Witch Judge and dismisses the case.

Trivia: RuPaul is a drag singer with dance hits such as "Supermodel (You Better Work)"

Updated: January 20, 2007.

Original Air Date: May 1, 1998

Cast: MJH, CR, BB, NB, NR, JLG, MM, AB, CA

Guests: Kel Mitchell as Himself (as Kel Johari Rice Mitchell). RuPaul as The Witch Judge (real name RuPaul Andre Charles). Kenan Thompson as Himself. Jose Urbina as Student.

#49: "Rumor Mill"

Main Story: Zelda suggests to Hilda to do some traveling to see the world's largest ball of twine. This is in reference to a song by "Weird Al" Yankovic. But they're not going to Minnesota. They're going to Kansas. Maybe the second biggest ball in the world is in Minnesota. Anyway, The Quizmaster pops in to Sabrina's bedroom and orders her to sign up for community service in the Other Realm. She has to do charity work to get her witches' license. She goes to the Other Realm for community service. Sabrina and Dashell meet Dashell's uncle, Bobby. Bobby tells Sabrina that spreading rumors is a community service that makes witches healthier. Bobby shows them the rumor mill that is used to spread rumors. You think of a juicy false rumor, then check the rumor in the black hole, then presto, a rumor gets spread. Sabrina and Dashell live in the mortal world, and decide to spread false rumors about people they know, going out of control, and not thinking of the consequences. Bobby returns to the rumor mill, and tells them to go back home to the mortal world. The consequences? The false rumors literally come true in the mortal world! In the real world, a false rumor caused a depressed Libby to tell her friends that her parents are threatening to kick her out of the house. Sabrina also sees another false rumor come true: Mr. Kraft and Mrs. Quick become lovers as faculty romance rocks Westbridge! Harvey meets up with Sabrina, sick from being pregnant, caused by another false rumor. In the second half, Sabrina comes home and another rumor comes true: Salem becomes a mob boss! The mobsters sit at the table in the dinner room. Salem tells Sabrina what happened, and that he enjoys being a mafia boss. Sabrina started another rumor about her aunts: space aliens abduct Hilda and Zelda! Back at school, Libby was kicked out of her house, and Harvey shows up more pregnant. Sabrina goes back to the rumor mill and meets with Dashell, who tell each other that their false rumors came true. Sabrina summons the Quizmaster...wearing a skirt, thanks to another false rumor spread by Sabrina! Hey, if RuPaul can wear a skirt, so can any man! Anyway, the Quizmaster asks Dashell to find Bobby, who tricked them into thinking that spreading false rumors was healthy. The Quizmaster orders Sabrina to spread some vicious rumors about herself. At high school, a rumor spreads around that Sabrina has no teeth and wears dentures, Mrs. Quick and Mr. Kraft are no longer in love, and Harvey is no longer pregnant. Libby calls her mother on the phone, and she asks Libby to come back home. The mafia is scared when they think that the feds are after them. It turns out to be the alien spaceship beaming Hilda and Zelda back to their house. The mobsters leave. The Witches' Council summoned Sabrina. The Witch Judge is having Sabrina testify in court where the Quizmaster is being charged with all the trouble he caused. The Witch Judge gives Sabrina back her teeth. The court calls Dashell to the stand to testify, but he lies that he does not know where his uncle Bobby is, so the Quizmaster gets arrested by the Judge and the bailiff is handed into custody. Dashell takes Sabrina to the rumor mill and tells her that he knows where Bobby is. Sabrina asks why he didn't say anything. He tells her that his uncle Bobby is a wheeler and dealer and jail to him is just a fun zone to him. Dashell wants to make Bobby suffer and spreads a rumor that clears the Quizmaster of being framed, and Bobby has to clean up after the dogs in dog parks...without a rake. Sabrina and the Quizmaster fall for each other. The aunts arrive at the rumor mill to ground Sabrina.

Updated: January 20, 2007.

Original Air Date: May 8, 1998

Note: Fred Williard was Martin Mull's former castmate who played his sidekick (ala Ed McMahon) in the 70's syndicated series "Fernwood 2Night."

Cast: MJH, CR, BB, NB, NR, JLG, AB, MM, MG

Guests: Lou Casal as Don Calamari. Donald Faison as Dashiell (as Donald Adeosun Faison). Dennis Fimple as Farmer. Mary Gillis as Witch Judge. Greg Lewis as Don Tutti Frutti. Peter Anthony Rocca as Don Da Don Don. Fred Willard as Bobby Calzone.

#50: "Mom vs. Magic"

Main Story: Salem's mother is coming for a visit, and he's not too happy about it. Problem: Salem never told his mother that he's been turned into a cat for 100 years as punishment for plotting to take over the world. Salem wants the aunts to send him somewhere else, but refuse. Sabrina and Dashell return through the linen closet, share a kiss, than Dashell exits back to the Other Realm. At high school, Harvey asks Sabrina to help him buy a present for his mother. She gives him some suggestions than gives her a kiss. Hilda and Zelda go off to visit their mother in the Other Realm. In class, Dashell invites Sabrina out, but she has to keep her word that she's helping Harvey find a gift. Salem's mother arrives and wonders why her son is a cat. Dashell zaps himself into Sabrina's kitchen and whips up a giant sundae. Sabrina overhears and shows Harvey the door, but Dashell comes out and meets Harvey. Now Sabrina is stuck between a rock and a hard place, having a hard time deciding whether to date Harvey or Dashell. She shows them both the door and tells them she'll make her decision when she's thought it over. Sabrina talks with Salem about her problem choosing Harvey or Dashell, but Salem is summoned off by his mother. Sabrina sends her mother a letter folded into a paper plane, and tosses it through the window and it reaches her mother, who is a mortal. The Quizmaster pops in, informing her that rules prohibit the unlicensed witch from having any contact with her mortal mother until she's certified as a witch, and that includes writing letters. The Witches' Council hands a decree and orders her to choose between becoming a witch or seeing her mom ever again. In the second half, an angry Sabrina has 12 hours to choose between her magic and seeing her mom again. At high school, Harvey tells Sabrina that he still hasn't found something to give to his mother. Sabrina conjures up a present in her locker and gives it to Harvey. Dashell buys Sabrina a pony. Sabrina brings the carrots Dashell gave her home. Sabrina wonders what she's going to do. She loves her mom and her magic. She has flashbacks about her magic. She decides what to do. Her time runs out as the Quizmaster pops in and she chooses seeing her mother, and gives her magic to the Quizmaster, who zaps her to where her mother is in Peru. She and her mother meet each other. She tells her mother that she's not a witch anymore so she can see her mother. I guess it's the end of the series if she's no longer a witch. Meanwhile, Hilda and Zelda's mother never arrive to meet them, and tells them that their sister Vesta took her out shopping and around the world. Sabrina's mother is an archaeologist and is doing some exploring. Sabrina gets some advice from her mother on how to choose between Harvey and Dashell. Sabrina goes back home on a burro, then a truck, a bus, a plane, then whatever else back home. Her aunts returned from their trip. The Quizmaster pops in and warns Sabrina for what he was about to tell her: the whole thing was a test. Sabrina gets mad. She can't kick him because she's full of dirt. Her test was to realize that there is something in the universe that means more to her than having magic, and she proved it by choosing her mother, forfeiting her magic. Her aunts left so that Sabrina can take the test herself. The Quizmaster returns the magic back to Sabrina, who zaps the Quizmaster out of the house. Technically, there's a loophole: she can see her mother if she's not a witch. Sabrina still hasn't decided between Harvey and Dashell.

Updated: January 20, 2007.

Original Air Date: May 15, 1998

Note: This was Alimi Ballard's final appearance on Sabrina.

Cast: MJH, CR, BB, NB, NR, AB

Guests: Frankie Avina as Peruvian Indian. Pamela Blair as Sabrina's Mom (as Pam Blair). Donald Faison as Dashiell (as Donald Adeosun Faison). Emily Hart as Young Sabrina (not as cousin Amanda this time). Louise Sorel as Mrs. Saberhagen.

Sabrina the Teenage Witch The Complete Series

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Sabrina the Teenage Witch Season 2 (1997-98)

Read reviews, description, details, and more!

Plot Outline: A sixteen year old high school student finds out she's a witch.

Plot Synopsis: Sabrina Spellman, a perfectly normal 16-year-old, is informed by her aunts, Hilda and Zelda, that she (and they, and her whole family on her father's side) are witches. She lives with them in Massachusetts while preparing to receive her witch's license. Along the way, she gets into many scrapes while figuring out how certain spells work. She also has to keep the secret from her boyfriend, Harvey, friends Jenny and later Valerie, stuck-up nemesis Libby, and her ever-suspicious vice-principal, Mr. Kraft.

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