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You are at the section Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Sabrina Episode Guide Season 3p1

Season Three Sep 1998 - May 1999

#51: "It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad Season Opener"

Main Story: Sabrina still hasn't made up her mind after coming home from a date with Harvey, and Dashell pops in. Sabrina was going to tell them something, but the aunts froze them both. The aunts tell Sabrina the news that she's receiving her Witches License at the ceremony. The license automatically gives her all the power and knowledge of the universe inside her. The three take off to celebrate, leaving Harvey and Dashell in a frozen state. The next day, at high school, Mr. Kraft announces there is a dance this Friday. Harvey and Dashell invite Sabrina to go to the dance, but she can't decide. Mr. Kraft asks Sabrina to come up with a theme for the dance. She suggests "Grease" and "Saturday Night Fever," two movies Mr. Kraft never heard of, and he suggests "Billy Jack" as the theme. She never heard of it, for real, but he doesn't belive it. At home, Sabrina plans to choose between Harvey and Dashell after receiving her witches license at the ceremony. Sabrina goes to the ceremony alone because guardians are banned from showing up. She shows up at the Other Realm License Bureau instead of the ceremony. The license clerk tells her that she's in the right place. Sabrina wants to collect her witches license, but she has to complete one more test. What is the most dangerous time to ride a vacuum during? The answer? Light rain. She passed and the office is transformed into a ceremony. The aunts show up with a cake. The aunts had to fool Sabrina with some explanation that they can't tell anyone that it's actually a ceremony or their tongues will be cut out. The license clerk turns out to be a cousin, Doris, who takes a bad picture of Sabrina for her witches license photo. Sabrina is not pleased after seeing her picture and asks Doris to take another photo, saying it's terrible, then Doris zaps some green slime on one of the people, and Sabrina says that the picture is fine. Sabrina tries to touch the license being levitated, but it electrocutes her and won't be touched. Her aunts tell Sabrina that she can't use her witches license until she discovers her family secret, which is a quest that will take up the third season. Family members come to visit to be her guide, and Doris, the bad-tempered license clerk cousin, is her first family member. In the second half, Harvey and Dashell still want a decision, but made a decision on their own, and tell her that if she doesn't decide, she can't have either one of them forever. Sabrina tells Valerie to make the theme for the dance "Grease." Sabrina asks Salem for help in deciding between Harvey and Dashell, and he tells her to use the magic book under the love section. She finds a spell to give her a physical manifestation of her feelings. At school the next day, Harvey and Dashell show up as a cowboys ready for a gunfight. Sabrina used the spell and didn't realize that the boys were transformed into rivals determined to fight to the death for Sabrina. Mr. Kraft walks in to talk to her about the dance, but Sabrina runs out. Harvey and Dashell disappear, then reappear as dueling fencers in the cafeteria. Sabrina follows them as they leave. Back in the hallway, Harvey and Dashell are ninjas. Doris appears and gets so angry she spews some green slime at both Harvey and Dashell. Sabrina pushes Harvey out of the way. The spell helped Sabrina choose Harvey. At the dance, Mr. Kraft shows up in a Billy Jack outfit and Sabrina decides to go steady with Harvey.

Secondary Story: Hilda cheerfully allows Zelda to ask Mr. Kraft for a date, then finds that she is jealous.

Another Minor Plot: Salem causes mayhem by insulting his Albanian Internet chess opponent Yuri, who turns up looking for revenge.

Updated: January 20, 2007.

Original Air Date: September 25, 1998

Cast: MJH, CR, BB, NB, NR, LS, MM

Guests: Henry Hien Cong as Student. Rick Cramer as Yuri. Tamela D'Amico as Dancer. Donald Faison as Dashiell (as Donald Adeosun Faison). Carol Ann Susi as Doris.

#52: "Boy Was My Face Red"

Main Story: At the high school cafeteria, Valerie gets asked out by a boy named Justin, but she drinks so much soda to keep her mouth hydrated that she burps and leaves in embarrassment. Sabrina coaxes her back in, but Libby announces that she's Valerie Burphead! Valerie leaves and hasn't been seen since. Sabrina goes home to her bedroom and discovers that Valerie is in her closet. She explained that Salem let her in. Sabrina asks her aunts for an anti-embarrassment spell to help Valerie, but neither of one knows that such a spell exists, and suggests that she ride it out. Sabrina asks Valerie to face school just for her. Sabrina looks into the magic book and creates a banana peel from the lab top. The banana peel would be used by the embarrassee to remove embarrassment from the person. At high school, Sabrina tosses the banana peel on the floor in front of Valerie, who slips on it, then laughs and overcomes embarrassment. In science class, Sabrina was discussing her assignment about jet propulsion being the rapid flow of gas within a propelled body, then bent down and farted. The class began to laugh at her, and Sabrina felt embarrassed about it. In the second half, we discover that Sabrina's banana spell transferred Valerie's embarrassment to Sabrina, magnified. Sabrina runs out of the class, and her face begins to grow red. She bumps into a locker door, rips her skirt, trips up, drops some stuff from her backpack, and runs out. At home, the aunts told her so about the spell she cast. Valerie comes into the house and tells Sabrina not to go back to school, then leaves. Sabrina goes upstairs and into the Other Realm. She enters some tropical restauraunt to go out to hide, but the bartender exposes her from the poster saying "Embarrased Reward" with her face on it. He announces that Sabrina is there, and the customers laugh at her. Sabrina exits and returns to the real world. Her aunts assure her that all over the nation, students are doing something embarrassing. The next day, Sabrina, still with her face red, has to go to school. Salem suggests to Sabrina to cast spells to make embarrassing things happen to them. She decides to go. At high school, the class stares at Sabrina's face, still red, and tries to cast some embarrassment spells on the students, but couldn't do it. Jordy meets up with Sabrina and assures her that she's one of the students, then the color of her face returns to normal. She tosses the banana peel onto the floor, in front of Libby, who was carrying a cake, then slips on the banana and falls on the cake. The students in the hallway laugh at Libby.

Secondary Story: Salem gets his head stuck in a jar and gets taked to a vet. A sexy Dr. Werner gets the jar off of his head and wants her to kiss him. Instead, he gets coned so that he looks like a Victrola. The witches turn Salem into a Victrola music player. Salem schemes to go back to the vet to get a kiss from Dr. Werner.

Updated: January 23, 2007.

Original Air Date: October 2, 1998

Cast: MJH, CR, BB, NB, NR, LS, JLG, CA

Guests: Corbin Allred as Justin Thumb. Robert Chapin as King Arthur. Roger Clinton as Frank. John D. Gowans as Thomas Jefferson. Dublin James as Student #1. Rocco Vienhage as Bartender. Karen Witter as Dr. Werner.

Movie: "Sabrina Goes to Rome".

Main Story: If Sabrina can't open a mysterious antique gold locket and release the power trapped within, a family secret will be lost forever. "The secret to the locket lies in Rome" says her father. So, with a stowaway Salem in her backpack, Sabrina heads for Italy and the Eternal City of Rome. Once there, she meets Paul, the gorgeous American photographer who grabs her before she falls into the famous Trevi Fountain. And in her charming pensione, Sabrina finds an unexpected roommate: Gwen, a British witch with a talking hamster named Stonehenge. Together, Sabrina an Gwen set out to solve the mystery of the locket---a story of love and betrayal that began centuries ago...

Original Air Date: October 4, 1998



#53: "Suspicious Minds"

Main Story: In class, Mr. Kraft's assigment on marriage is for the students to pair up and pretend to be married. Libby offers Mr. Kraft some help, that is, help in making sure that Harvey is her partner. Sabrina is paired up with Gordy. Salem suggests for Sabrina to hire a detective to spy on Harvey, but Sabrina tells him that she trusts Harvey. Sabrina calls Harvey at home, but Libby butts in and hangs up. Sabrina decides to hire a private eye named Roland, who's lost his job at the Equalizer because his job went totally digital. Roland tells Sabrina that he's offering one hour of service for one minute of hand holding. She walks out. At high school, Libby sorts out Harvey's locker. Harvey's having lunch with Libby. Sabrina calls Roland, who zaps himself into the hallway. Roland holds hands with Sabrina for a minute, then gets to work spying on Harvey for an hour. Roland pretends he's an exchange student, and goes over to the table of Harvey and Libby for a chat. Harvey tells Roland that Libby is not his girlfriend, but Sabrina is. Roland goes over to Sabrina and tells her that he and Sabrina are history. Roland decides to do some magic to extort some money out of Sabrina. Sabrina sees Harvey, after Roland casts a spell on him, kiss Libby. Sabrina gets furious. Libby was surprised. Harvey asks Sabrina "Don't you trust me?" Sabrina decides to hire Roland and tells him to find out everything about Harvey and she will spare no expense. In the second half, Sabrina thinks that Harvey is hiding something, but Harvey asks her what he's hiding from her. She accuses him of pretending what he doesn't know what she's talking about. Sabrina opens her locker and Roland is inside it. then gets to work spying on Libby and Harvey, rigging them up to be together so that Roland can snap pictures of them hugging in the hallway. He shows them to Sabrina, who storms off and meets Harvey in the hallway. She demands that Harvey do some explaning about he and Libby. Harvey tells her that he thought he trusted him, then has to meet Libby because it's their anniversary. In her bedroom, Roland tells Sabrina that Harvey and Libby are going to the make-out knoll. They strom off outside. Gordy arrives at Sabrina's house with a car, then she escorts him to his car, with Roland following. Libby drives Harvey to the make-out knoll, but Harvey was expecting to go bowling. Gordy and Sabrina also arrive at the knoll and spots Libby's car nearby. Meanwhile, Mr. Kraft drives over to the knoll with Zelda. Hilda and Salem spy on Kraft and Zelda and she zaps them into Kraft's back seat. Nothing romantic happens between Zelda and Kraft, and Hilda gets bored to sleep. When she snores, Zelda notices Hilda in the backseat and accuses her of spying. Gordy tells Sabrina that their marriage is on the rocks. Roland as a cop gets Sabrina to help by having her step out of the car, and demands that Gordy face forward with both hands on the steering wheel. Roland zaps himself and Sabrina into Libby's back seat. Libby makes a move and tries to kiss Harvey, who tells her that Sabrina is his girlfriend and he wont cheat on her. Then as Harvey demands that Libby take him home, Gordy knocks on Libby's rear car window and demands that Sabrina give him a divorce. Sabrina pops up from the rear seat. Harvey accuses Sabrina of not trusting Harvey, then he leaves the car. Back at home, Sabrina realizes that it's all Roland's fault and decides not to pay him for his services. Zelda offers to cover the rest of Roland's fee by holding hands. He leaves back to the Other Realm. In class the next day, the assignment ends. Sabrina apologizes to Gordy; the two were the only pair that passed the assignment. Harvey tells Sabrina that he's not mad, just disappointed at her for not trusting him. He just wants her to know that she's the only girl for him. They make up.

Updated: January 23, 2007.

Original Air Date: October 9, 1998


Guests: Billy West as Bogart.

#54: "The Pom Pom Incident"

Main Story: Cousin Mortimer visits to help Sabrina solve her family secret. Libby announces in the cafeteria that there is an opening for the school cheerleading squad. Valerie wants to try out, then Sabrina thinks that her brain has stopped functioning. Sabrina goes home and tells her aunts that Valerie has fallen in with a very bad crowd. Zelda guesses Trekkies. Mortimer saws Hilda in half when his magic trick goes awry. Valerie signs up to try out for cheerleading to Sabrina's objections. Mortimer gives Sabrina a penny so that she can see what Valerie is thinking and can manipulate her thoughts. Mortimer says that he got the penny from Harry Houdini with the promise that he never talks to him again. At shcool, Sabrina shows Valerie a penny magic trick in order to trick her into having the penny planted in her head. Sabrina casts a spell on Valerie's mind and changes her outlook so that being a cheerleader isn't what she thought it would be. Then when Libby shows up and tells Valerie that she's ready to try out, Valerie changes her mind and leaves. In the second half, Sabrina reports to Mortimer that his penny worked. Mortimer reports that his gig in the Other Realm has been cancelled and replaced with KITT the talking car from Knight Rider. At school, Sabrina offers Harvey her cousin Mortimer for his little brother's birthday party. Harvey's mother is pregnant and he's been busy running errands for her. At home, Mortimer makes Salem disappear and off to New Delhi, and his aunts are harping on him to bring him back, but he goofs and brings back the wrong kind of cats, At Harvey's litle brother's birthday party, Mortimer waves his wand and Salem and Harvey's little brother change places. Mortimer miracously brings the little boy back. Sabrina tells Valerie that she no longer objects to Valerie trying out for the cheerleading squad. Valerie gets nervous, then says she will try out if Sabrina tries out, whose performance was a disaster, having no rhythm. Mortimer tells Sabrina before he leaves that he has hidden a clue to the family secret somewhere in Sabrina's house, then tries to take off in a cannon but it exploded but he doesn't fly out, so he leaves through the linen closet upstairs. At school, Libby announces in the cafeteria that some new members to the cheerleading squad include Valerie. She's second string, so in case one gets fat, she goes to the first string. Libby also announces that she's showing a video of Sabrina's disasterous tryout in the gym, and the students run to see it. At home, Sabrina finds a clue to the family secret: a superhero with an "ABC" lettering written on his chest. Is it the network that carried the Sabrina series? Yes, but that's not the answer. He's Spell Man! That's the first clue.

Updated: January 24, 2007.

Original Air Date: October 16, 1998

Cast: MJH, CR, BB, NB, NR, LS, JLG

Guests: Lee Allan Rutman as Catskills Comedian. Dom DeLuise as Cousin Mortimer. Naomi Grossman as Cheerleader. Shannon Welles as Martha Washington.

#55: "Pancake Madness"

Main Story: Sabrina tells Salem that she never had pancakes for breakfast before, so she zaps them up with her finger, then her aunts take them away, saying that nobody in the Spellman family can eat pancakes. Is that one of the family secrets? The family secret? No. Just a family secret. What are they? Fanatic waffle people? Witches have a terrible weakness for pancakes. Pancakes are an addiction, and one bite and they won't stop eating them; they'll be hooked for life. Though Sabrina is half-mortal, the aunts won't let her take a chance on pancakes. It's almost as bad as Hooked on Phonics! The aunts cast a spell to prevent Sabrina from conjuring up pancakes. After they leave, Sabrina takes a bite of the pancakes, then leaves. At school, she spots Harvey eating some pancakes, and wants a bite, but Harvey declines, saying that it's the only hot breakfast he will have this week. When Harvey dumps the rest of the food in the trash bin, Sabrina digs it up and eats the leftover pancakes. Libby passes by and suggests that she keeps all her belongings in her shopping cart. At the house, two immigration officers from the Other Realm tell the aunts that someone in the house has been living in the mortal realm illegally without filling up the required immigration paperwork to live in the real world. They discover that it was Hilda who never filled out the paperwork, and the officers arrest her, and take her back to the northern sector of the Other Realm where she came from. At school, an uneasy Sabrina craves pancakes in class. Mrs. Quick tells her students that she's making a list of suggestions to raise money for the year's prom. Sabrina shouts out pancakes. Mrs. Quick concludes that a pancake breakfast is a great suggestion for the drive to raise money. Hilda is in some drunk bar in the Other Realm and calls Zelda on the phone for help. Sabrina goes home craving pancakes. Zelda tells Sabrina that Hilda was taken away by the immigration officers. A nervous Sabrina turns on the TV and sees pancakes mentioned on several TV shows she tunes into. She's hooked! Sabrina asks Salem for help in curing her pancake addiction, and suggests brewing up a syrup in the lab top that makes her hate the taste of pancakes. Sabrina brings the syrup potion to high school. Libby offers Sabrina a pancake with a footprint on it, and she takes it. When Sabrina was going to pour the syrup potion on the pancakes, she discovers that her syrup is missing. The cafeteria lady took it and mixed it up with the other syrup bottles on the tray. The students grab a bottle of syrup. Sabrina hears Libby saying that the pancakes taste awful, then runs over to her table, eats a bite, and says they're delicious. Libby says that it's blueberry and she hates that flavor of pancake. Then Sabrina goes nuts and eats Libby's pancakes, then grabs the pancakes from the other students, and eats them all up. In the second half, Zelda fills out Hilda's immigration papers to change her immigration status and has them delivered. A few second later, she gets a letter from the immigration office in the toaster that she will receive a response in five to ten working years! Sabrina comes home all bloated up because she ate all the pancakes in school. She's so fat that she can't get through the front door by herself. She looks like the plum girl in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, except she's not purple. Dr. Brickman, a kid doctor, is summoned to the house. Brickman tells Sabrina that she should have listened to her aunts and that kids think that they really know more than their elders. Brickman cures her by popping a hole in Sabrina to let the air out, and she is cured. Dr. Brickman tells her to quit cold turkey. Zelda leads Sabrina into her bedroom and tells her to stay there until she detoxes from her pancake addiction. Zelda goes to the northern half of the Other Realm and gets Hilda from the drunk bar. Sabrina has nightmares about being in a high school musical about pancakes on the griddle, then meets the talking syrup dispenser of her dreams, who takes her to a pancake house and tempts her to eat some pancakes. Zelda and Hilda get intercepted with a Mountie in the northern half of the Other Realm. After Hilda passes a few questions about the mortal realm, the Mountie lets Hilda go, but holds Zelda back because she didn't know the answers to such questions like who the members of Hanson is or who Barbra Striesand married. The Mountie takes Zelda back to the bar. Hilda wakes up Sabrina from her pancake nightmare. Hilda tests Sabrina with a pancake breakfast, and she declines to eat it. She will always want pancakes and has to deal with the fact that she cannot eat them. Zelda escapes from the Other Realm when she changes the TV in the saloon from hockey to a ballet, then the angry bar patrons toss her across the border!

Updated: January 24, 2007.

Original Air Date: October 23, 1998

Cast: MJH, CR, BB, NB, NR, JLG, MG

Guests: Carl Michael Lindner as Dr. Brickman. Sam Menning as Toothless Guy. Brett Miller as Mountie. Dale Raoul as Mrs. Mapleton.

#56: "Good Will Haunting"

Main Story: A thoroughly ridiculous Halloween episode finds Aunts Hilda and Zelda having run out excuses (after 500 consecutive years) not to attend their Aunt Beulah's Halloween party.

Updated: TBA

Original Air Date: October 30, 1998

Note: This Halloween episode reunites some of the cast members of "Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In' from the late 60s and early 70s.

Cast: MJH, CR, BB, NB, NR, LS

Guests: Corbin Allred as Justin Thumb. Ruth Buzzi as Delilah. Dave Madden as Dr. Egglehoffer (as David Madden). Gary Owens as Guy Who Thinks He's Gary Owens. Tara Strong as Molly Dolly (voice). Alan Sues as Bellevuedere. Jo Anne Worley as Aunt Beulah.

#57: "You Bet Your Family"

Main Story: Salem plays poker with some dogs in a smoke-filled room in Sabrina's house. At high school, Libby gets a new car, and all of the students take a look. Zelda informs Salem that gambling is illegal in their house. After Libby invites Harvey to go with her to the class trip to the Celtics basketball game in her car, and Harvey's car is on blocks, Sabrina tells Harvey that they need to get a car. Zelda makes the final mortgage payment on their house. Sabrina suggests to the aunts to give her money for a car. The aunts tell her that she's not responsible enough to handle a car. Upstairs, Salem tells Sabrina that he's been invited to play poker at Diamond Dave's high roller poker suite to win some money. A showgirl from the Other Realm enters through the linen closet and takes Salem to the poker suite. Sabrina opens up the lab top to create car keys, but when she presses the button, her aunts get zapped to the lab top. The aunts put an uninsured teen driver block spell on Sabrina. Sabrina has to take the bus for the class trip to the Celtics basketball game. Salem plays against Diamond Dave, but loses and loses again and again to him. Desparate to win, Salem, down to his last chip, puts up a huge bet against Dave, and loses. He bet Sabrina, Hilda, and Zelda, and they get zapped to Dave. In the second half, Sabrina, Hilda, and Zelda appear at Diamond Dave's suite, but their magic doesn't work there, so they can't escape. Dave makes Zelda his new cook. Hilda his new maid, and Sabrina his new personal assistant. They're now Dave's servants. Sabrina is thrilled that she gets to drive a Porsche as part of her job. Zelda shares a plan with Hilda and Sabrina and tells them to get some ingredients for a sleeping potion. In the kitchen, they brew up the potion. Zelda puts it in the soup and serves it to Dave. Dave tells Hilda to be the official taste tester, who eats it, then falls asleep. Dave accuses them for dosing his dinner, and tells them that their new job is to work at the septic tank. In the real world, Salem runs out of food after eating all of the cat food in a day, and decides he has to save the aunts and Sabrina. A showgirl leads Salem into Dave's suite, but that does no good as Salem is now imprisoned. Sabrina offers Dave a bet to play a game. If she wins, they go home, and if they lose, they stay for 100 years. Dave raises her bet and suggests that if he wins they stay with him forever. Sabrina selects the game for them to play. They play Chutes and Ladders. Sabrina says she hasn't lost the game since kindergarten. But Dave is beating Sabrina. An angry and groggy Hilda punches Dave out. An extra die falls out of Dave's sleeve, and it's all sixes. He cheated! He probably cheated with Salem as well. They all go home. The next day, Sabrina decides it's okay for her to take the bus to the class field trip to the Celtics basketball game. Zelda offer Sabrina the use of her Porsche. She drives it to school and next to Libby's car. The students leave Libby's car and gather around Zelda's car. The students decide to take the bus, Harvey rides with Sabrina, and Libby drives alone to the game.

Updated: January 24, 2007.

Original Air Date: November 6, 1998

Cast: MJH, CR, BB, NB, NR, JLG

Guests: Edward Albert as Diamond Dave LaRouche. Keith Alexander as Young Kid. Angell Conwell as Student #1. Melissa Park as Showgirl. Fred Stoller as C.K..

#58: "And the Sabrina Goes To..."

Main Story: Emperor Larry enters Sabrina's house to talk about the family secret, but Sabrina has to go to school for the science fair and has to talk about him later. Sabrina gets a first prize blue ribbon for her science fair project, but Valerie getting third place has gotten more attention. Sabrina also gets an A+ on a hard math test in Mrs. Quick's class, but nobody cares. Sabrina goes home for lunch to complain to her aunts that nobody cares about her academic achievements. Salem asks if Sabrina's blue ribbon is available for shredding. In her bedroom, Sabrina tries to find a spell to make her good work acknowledged. Salem tells her to turn the pages to the recipe section until she sees the Just Desserts spell. She conjures up a cake, which is a dessert. With one bite, she gets the recognition she deserves. At school, Sabrina brings the Just Desserts cake and takes a bite. Mrs. Quick runs out and announces to the students in the hallway that she got an A, and the students applaud. Sabrina's science fair project also got put on display in the hallway. Emperor Larry wants Zelda's piece of land she acquired somehow during her long life. She won't sign the papers to transfer ownership to the land, so Larry declares war on Zelda. Larry says she broke her promise to transfer her land to him. Sabrina goes home and eats up the whole Just Desserts cake after Salem warns her not to eat more than one bite. In the second half, high school gets out of hand as the students and teachers are under Sabrina's Just Desserts spell. The students are asking her to perform mundane things such as breathing and are awed by her actions. Mrs. Quick decides to give Sabrina an A and skip the test. Salem conjures up a sleeping potion for Larry to drink. Emperor Larry fires a blast at Zelda's house. Zelda's house is rigged by Salem with bobby traps for Larry. Zelda and Larry exchange gunfire and bombs. Sabrina gets a marching band parade in the high school hall to honor her. This is nuts. Mrs. Quick invents the Sabrina awards complete with cheesy numbers. Mary Hart as one of the presenters says that at the Sabrina awards, there will be lots of entertainment tonight (groan). Nobody laughs in the audience. She announces the nominations for Best Sabrina Moment, with the award going to Sabrina (trick category as she was part of every Sabrina moment). Sabrina collects a dozen Sabrina award statues. Later on, Zelda surrenders to Larry and transfers her land to him. After awhile, Sabrina gets tired of all the attention as her spell caused all of this ridiculous attention. Sabrina goes on stage and decides to give all of her Sabrinas to Gordy and all of the other do-gooders. Sabrina asks Zelda for a way to end her spell. Zelda conjures up a humble pie, which Sabrina eats, and tastes awful. At school the next day, Sabrina gets an A and nobody makes a big deal out of it, and she shouts out "Yesss!" At home, Emperor Larry shows Sabrina another clue to the family secret. It's a horn. What's it for? It's the eighth word of her family secret, according to a hidden track on the CD soundtrack of "Sabrina the Teenage Witch".

Updated: January 24, 2007.

Original Air Date: November 13, 1998

Cast: MJH, CR, BB, NB, NR, LS, MM, MG, CA

Guests: Joel Brooks as Emperor Larry. Dick Clark as Himself. Alex Greenwald as Himself (as Phantom Planet). Mary Hart as Herself. Suzanne Krull as Olga. Joel Michaely as Student. Phantom Planet as Themselves. Darren Robinson as Himself (as Phantom Planet). Jason Schwartzman as Himself (as Phantom Planet). Larry Thomas as Zampano.

#59: "Nobody Nose Libby Like Sabrina Nose Libby"

Main Story: Mr. Kraft announces to the students in the cafeteria that there will be a brief campaign between Libby and Sabrina, each suggesting a way to spend the alumini money. Libby suggests buying her a new throne to the homecoming queen, who is Libby; Sabrina suggests a poetry bash. Mr. Kraft hopes Sabrina loses. The next day or so, Mr. Kraft announces that Libby is the winner and her suggestion for the throne. Sabrina accuses Libby of buying all of the votes such as selling watches with Libby's picture on it and selling kisses. One vote came in saying "Mr. Kraft is a goofball." Meanwhile, Salem earns a replica of the Epsilon 3 spaceship when he sends in 500 boxtops of a cereal from the Other Realm, and is disappointed that it's miniature size. An angry Sabrina storms into the house, Salem tells her to flip the switch on the spaceship, she does, and both of them are reduced to miniature size and land inside the spaceship. Sabrina flips a switch inside the spaceship, the ship shrinks to the size of a fly, then takes off all over the house. Libby comes to Sabrina's house to tell her that she officially lost the campaign, but the spaceship flies through Libby's nose. What a fantastic voyage that awaits! In the second half, the spaceship lands inside Libby's brain. Sabrina discovers that witchcraft can't be transmitted by a witch when inside a mortal's brain. Libby goes to the high school where she will be presented by Mr. Kraft a throne for the homecoming queen. Sabrina discovers a walkie talkie inside the spacecraft. She uses it. Hilda, who is eating some cereal, hears Sabrina yelling for help from the walkie talkie. Hilda picks it up and Sabrina tells her she's in Libby's brain. Hilda can't use magic to penetrate a mortal's brain. Hilda went to find a spell to help Sabrina and Salem out. Hilda finds a spell. She has to make Libby sneeze in order for them to fly out her nose. Sabrina messes with Libby's brain to find a way to make her sneeze, and Libby starts walking like a baboon. Sabrina accidentally trips on one of Libby's veins, and Libby goes blind. Salem replugs the vein back into her brain. Libby acts like a chicken. Sabrina makes another connection, and Libby slaps Mr. Kraft, who was the host of the ceremonies to present her with the throne. Sabrina connects the vein to her own brain so that Libby uses Sabrina's brain. When Sabrina talks, Libby says whatever Sabrina says. When Sabrina walks, so does Libby. She could force Libby to admit that she bought the election. So, during the speech in front of the class, just as Libby was going to say "but the alumini money should have gone to...", Sabrina has a change of heart and removes the vein from her brain and reconnects it back to Libby's, saying that it's up to Libby to change and Sabrina can't manipulate her. Mrs. Quick tells Libby that she was going to say something, but Libby says she doesn't think so. Another problem: Salem has to go to his catbox! Insert your own joke here. Sabrina puts an irritant inside Libby's brain to make her sneeze: Salem's fur. She rubs Salem against Libby's nerve that leads to the sinuses. They get back into the spaceship. Libby sneezes. The spaceship leaves. Sabrina and Salem zap themselves out of the spaceship just in time as it flies through Harvey's mouth. The students stare at Libby as if something was wrong. She says that the throne made her do these things and that it's evil. Finally, Libby tells the men to take the throne back. Looks like Sabrina gets the poetry bash after all.

Updated: January 25, 2007.

Original Air Date: November 20, 1998

Cast: MJH, CR, BB, NB, NR, JLG, MM, MG

Guests: Ahmad Stoner as Phil.

#60: "Sabrina and the Beast"

Main Story: At the pizza place, Sabrina and Harvey read a flyer that the Westbridge Chamber of Commerce is looking for a couple for a cover for an brochure to attract tourists. Libby gets a new boyfriend. The two couples compete, but Sabrina and Harvey won the Westbridge Chamber of Commerce choice for the title of the cutest teen couple. Cousin Suzie drops by Sabrina and the aunts' house for another clue to the family secret. Cousin Suzie looks like a stereotypical witch: green with warts on her face, with a Jay Leno chin! Suzie and Sabrina talk about beauty coming from within. Salem has to deal with Hilda's Domin-a-tron robot/treadmill machine that's controlling the appliances in the house. In the hallway, Harvey shows up with a long lone eyebrow, a hump, a wart, bad teeth, and hair on the face. He's turned into a beast. In the second half, Harvey explains to Sabrina that his dad sent him to an incriminologist. Inside a classroom, Sabrina summons up Suzie and tells her that she learned the lesson that she put too much emphasis on appearrance, but Suzie tells her that only she can fix Harvey. When she truly learns her lesson, Harvey will change back. Harvey sees a nurse who tells him that he has to see an orthopedic doctor and a dentist. Sabrina suggests to Salem that she kiss Harvey to break Suzie's spell on him. Hilda's Domin-a-tron controls everything including forcing Hilda to overexercise. Sabrina goes to Harvey's house and Harvey looks more like a beast. She kisses him. Nothing! She runs out. They go to the pizzeria, and he goes to the watering hole after getting pizza on his hands. Salem takes a bite of some of the electric wires to shut down the Domin-a-tron. Harvey as the beast visits Sabrina to give her a rock he carved from his bare hands. They go out and have fun. Harvey scares Libby away from him while playing foosball with Sabrina. They come back. Jake, who was at the pizzeria earlier, visits the house. Sabrina tells Jake that Harvey is the best boyfriend she could ask for. Jake transforms into Suzie. Sabrina learned a lesson. When you stop caring about looks, you enjoy the person for what they are. True beauty is what is inside. Suzie disappears. Harvey comes back to the foyer to see Sabrina and he's all cleaned up; Suzie's spell is removed. Suzie gives Sabrina a whip as a clue to the family secret. Here's another clue; we all have good and bad parts. Harvey tells Sabrina that he saw a doctor who told him that it was just hormones that caused him to look like a beast. Libby calls her dad, saying that they have to move.

Updated: January 25, 2007.

Original Air Date: November 27, 1998

Cast: MJH, CR, BB, NB, NR, JLG

Guests: José Eber as Himself. Sonje Fortag as Cousin Suzie. Beth Grant as Mrs. Grant. Taso Papadakis as Jake.

#61: "Christmas Amnesia"

Main Story: It's Sabrina the Grinch, increasingly grumpy in the face of her aunts' unflagging efforts to get her into the holiday spirit. When Sabrina accidentally erases Christmas from the world's memory while partying in the "Other Realm", she has just 24 hours to restore the holiday before it's gone for good.

Updated: TBA

Original Air Date: December 11, 1998

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, NR, LS, MG

Guests: Daveigh Chase as Little Girl. Josh Holland as Harrison. Kay E. Kuter as Father Christmas. Buddy Lewis as Policeman (as Roland Buddy Lewis). Gary Morgan as Doorman.

#62: "Whose So-Called Life Is It Anyway?"

Main Story: A bulletin from the Witches Council comes in, saying that witches under the age of 21 should refrain from using "charitable magic," which can have disasterous long term consequences. Sabrina uses it anyway by transforming Salem's cat bowl into a crystal bowl. At school, Sabrina sees Harvey trying to open his locker. She uses it again and gets his locker door unjammed. Valerie asks Sabrina to come over to her house for dinner. Sabrina asks Valerie's father and mother to make a wish with a wishbone. She casts another charitable magic spell for the parents to take whatever they wish to make it come true. In the meantime, Sabrina zaps some of the food from Valerie's parents over to her house and into Salem's dish. Valerie's mohter wished for a happier daughter. The next day, an upbeat Valerie walks into the high school. In Mrs. Quick's class, Valerie beats Sabrina when the teacher asks the class questions. Valerie then finds herself too busy to spend time with Sabrina. Sabrina goes to Valerie's mother's house and she asks her the exact wording on what she wished for, She said that she wished that Valerie could be just like Sabrina. Just like? Valerie walks into the foyer wearing the same thing as Sabrina. In the second half, the next day, Valerie walks into school with blond hair and a hairstyle that looks like Sabrina's. Harvey walks in and kisses Valerie. He thought she was Sabrina. In her bedroom, Sabrina looks for a wishbone spell in her magic book to reverse the spell, but Salem has been cleaning his brush on the page she needed. She suggests to Salem that she start acting more like Valerie used to be. Sabrina acts insecure, but Valerie acts like Sabrina, even referrring to her parents as her aunts by mistake. The next day, Valerie suggests changing her own name to Sabrina, then asks Harvey for a date. That does it! Now it's time to play hardball. She's not stealing her life or her boyfriend. She casts a spell on herself to look like a punk troubled teen. Sabrina enters a classroom, then Valerie enters the room and shows Sabrina her new magical powers, and zaps up a sundae. Valerie also casts a spell on Libby, and sported some weird looking ears. Sabrina zaps the sundae and it catches fire, and says that she doesn't quite have a handle on her magic. Sabrina leads Valerie into her bedroom, then goes downstairs to ask her aunts for advice, saying that she got into trouble for using charitable magic. The aunts tell Sabrina how to reverse the spell. Sabrina changes back from her punk look to her regular look, takes Valerie home, and convinces her parents to say "we're happy Valerie changed" by playing charades, but not before Valerie zaps herself into her home and turns her brother into a dingo. The parents say the phrase one word at a time, then Valerie returns to her normal insecure self. Her brother returns to normal.

Updated: January 27, 2007.

Original Air Date: January 8, 1999

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, NR, LS, JLG, MG

Guests: Michael Albala as Delivery Guy. Marika Casteel as Student #1. Daniel Hagen as Mr. Birkhead. Robert Lee Jacobs as Brock. Justin Jon Ross as Warren. Myra Turley as Mrs. Birkhead. Jo Eric Mercado as Student #2.

#63: "What Price Harvey?"

Main Story: Zany cousin Zsa Zsa visits the house to share another clue to the family secret. She annoys the aunts with practical jokes such as materializing a snake in the refridgerator. Zsa Zsa gives Sabrina some blush, which changes into purple, making her look like a clown. Harvey tells Sabrina that he's not going to college, then has visions of the future that Harvey is watching NASCAR in a greasy auto uniform. She tries to convince him to reconsider. Zsa Zsa gives each of the aunts their own pair of her magic "walk-a-mile-in-my-shoes" booties, which switch their personalities. Salem used too much of Zsa Zsa's concealer and he turns invisible. Zsa Zsa gives Sabrina a cologne called Pure Ambition. It also smells awful. The next day, Sabrina gives Harvey Pure Ambition as a present and he opens up the bottle and puts on the rancid cologne, then he gets a thought to overhaul the car engine in auto shop. In the cafeteria, Sabrina sneaks up behind Harvey and gives him another dab of Pure Ambition, and he decides to take the SAT test. Zelda and Hilda act like each other. Zelda makes a prank phone call. Hilda walks in and tells an invisible Salem that he may be invisible but "these cans aren't." Was that a double entendre I just saw? Zsa Zsa causes Hilda's nose to run...literally. At class, Harvey forgot about the SAT test and went back to other stuff like designing a race car. Sabrina tells Zsa Zsa that the cologne only made Harvey more ambitious about cars. Zsa Zsa convinces Sabrina to buy the entire Pure Ambition line which includes soap, shampoo, aftershave, lotion and perfume. Sabrina decides to put the products on Harvey the hard way, sneaking them in whereever and however she could. A few days later, Harvey tells Sabrina that he's going to achieve his full potential. He's clearing out his locker and dropping out of school. In the second half, Harvey wants to be an owner/operator of a garage. Sabrina tells Zsa Zsa that she needs to reverse the effect, but Zsa Zsa tells her that the Ambition spell needs to run its course. Since Sabrina used lots of the Ambition spell, it may take a lot longer. Harvey comes to Sabrina's house and tells her he put his money into pork bellies and its net worth goes to $11 million on paper. At high school, Harvey tells Sabrina that he plans to raze the entire block including the high school to put up a headquarters for his empire, and tells Sabrina to drop out of school to be a trophy wife. Salem suggests a spell for Sabrina to cast. At night, Sabrina as a ghost wakes up Harvey to show him what his future will be like, a plan stolen from Charles Dicken's "A Christmas Carol." Harvey sees his third wife, a ditsy woman. Then he's inside a building full of people wearing gas masks. Then sees pollution spewing out of factories his business caused. Then he sees a lone tree in the city; Sabrina tells him that's the entire state park commission. Then he's back in his house where a party is taking place. Sabrina tells Harvey that in the future, he is dead and they're celebrating his funeral. They're glad he's dead because he wiped out everything that is good and right with the world. Harvey feels bad...that the state park is a waste of space! Sabrina's plan backfired again. Sabrina's aunts get the news that Harvey plans to demolish the high school to put up a "industrialist Harvey Kinkle's new chemical plant." Hilda has a talk with Zsa Zsa, complaining that she sold Sabrina not Pure Ambition, but Blind Ambition. The ingredients include no perspective. Hilde demands that Zsa Zsa import some perspective: an eyeball in a box! Yuck! At the high school, Harvey's demolition crew was just about to break ground when Sabrina tosses the eyeball onto Harvey's forehead, and it sticks. Harvey tells a reporter that he changed his mind and decides not to tear down the high school, he likes the food at the school and hears good things about the educational stuff. The eyeball shrinks. Harvey announces that he plans to donate all his money to the orphans and old people, then the eyeball disappears, and Harvey is back to his old self again...and broke! Harvey decides to get back to working on the engine. Sabrina shows Harvey the SAT classroom, and Harvey asks to join Sabrina for the test. The aunts personalities are switched back as Zsa Zsa's boots disappear from their feet. Salem is visible again once Sabrina unwraps him, but too fast. Zsa Zsa gives Sabrina a clue to the family secret: a snake springing up from a box. The snake is a clue to the family secret. Zsa Zsa returns to the Other Realm via the linen closet.

Updated: January 27, 2007.

Original Air Date: January 15, 1999

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, NR, LS

Guests: William Dennis Hunt as Boris Lermontov. Sheryl Lee Ralph as Zsa Zsa Goowhiggie. Karen Lynn Scott as Trixie. Brian Smith as Flunky. Michael McClure as Prince Albert (in a can as part of a prank phone call).

Sabrina the Teenage Witch The Complete Series

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Sabrina the Teenage Witch Season 3 (1998-99)

Read reviews, description, details, and more!

Plot Outline: A sixteen year old high school student finds out she's a witch.

Plot Synopsis: Sabrina Spellman, a perfectly normal 16-year-old, is informed by her aunts, Hilda and Zelda, that she (and they, and her whole family on her father's side) are witches. She lives with them in Massachusetts while preparing to receive her witch's license. Along the way, she gets into many scrapes while figuring out how certain spells work. She also has to keep the secret from her boyfriend, Harvey, friends Jenny and later Valerie, stuck-up nemesis Libby, and her ever-suspicious vice-principal, Mr. Kraft.

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