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You are at the section Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Sabrina Episode Guide Season 3p2

Season Three Sep 1998 - May 1999

#64: "Mrs. Kraft"

Main Story: The growing intimacy between Mr. Kraft and Zelda are disturbing Sabrina and Hilda. Mr. Kraft tells Zelda that his grandmother is doing a massive renovation on her house, so Zelda said that he could use the apartment above their garage. But they don't have an apartment above their garage. So, Zelda zaps one into existance. Sabrina says she'll go mad with Mr. Kraft staying over. A recruiter from Burger World University visits the high school. Mr. Kraft stays over Sabrina and the aunts' house, with Zelda having fun, Hilda trying to tolerate it, but Sabrina disgusted with the visit. Mr. Kraft tells Sabrina and Hilda that they can call him Uncle Willard. Now Hilda says that Mr. Kraft must be destroyed! The two decide to find a way to get Mr. Kraft out of their house by looking for some dirt on him through their magic book. Sabrina zaps in Lucy Kraft, Mr. Kraft's ex-wife, and is shocked when she discovers that she is a witch! In the second half, Lucy tells them that Mr. Kraft didn't know she was a witch when they married. She gets to use her magic again in the mortal realm because she lives in the Republic of Infinite Horror where women are forbidden to use magic. She married Mr. Kraft so that she could emigrate to the mortal realm, but since the divorce, she had to move back. She turned Mr. Kraft into a beast of burden years ago and made out with his best friend, so Mr. Kraft divorced her and she got deported back to the RIH. They go downstairs where Mr. Kraft is draining his ears. Sabrina, Hilda, and Lucy come down the stairs to meet him, but he gets frightened and runs out of the house. Lucy has cast some kind of spell on Mr. Kraft to make him obedient to her, but he still has a crush on Zelda. The plan to split Mr. Kraft from Zelda seems to be working. Mr. Kraft tells Zelda that he's decided to move out of the garage and plans to move to Lucy's place. Zelda is crushed that he is leaving her. Hilda and Sabrina tell Zelda that they brought Lucy back to the mortal realm and that she's a witch, and she is using magic to get him back. They open up Zelda's lab top to create a spell, but they get transported to the Witches Council where they meet with Lucy and the Judge. The Judge tells them that cases like these must be settled in an appropirate forum... The Jerry Springer Show! The ladies tell their stories. Mr. Kraft gets transported into the show. A fight breaks out. Jerry drained Mr. Kraft of Lucy's spell so that he could return to normal and decide which woman he could choose. Mr. Kraft chooses...Lucy? Just kidding. It's Zelda. Lucy gets mad and gets into a fight with Zelda. Back at home, Zelda took Mr. Kraft home and gave him a spell to forget the recent witch incident. Valerie whisks Sabrina out of the house and into a photo studio school for a surprise. A beaten-up Sabrina gets her picture taken with Harvey. Mr. Kraft gives Sabrina detention for watching Jerry Springer instead of doing her homework.

Updated: January 29, 2007.

Original Air Date: January 29, 1999

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, NR, LS, MM

Guests: Julia Duffy as Lucy Kraft. Mary Gillis as Judge. Barry Nolan as Host. Jerry Springer as Himself.

#65: "Sabrina and the Pirates"

Main Story: Zelda and Hilda receive a letter from the Other Realm via their toaster that their magic is due for a 25-year overhaul and had to surrender their powers...immediately. Hilda forgot to give Zelda the three warnings she got in the past few weeks, This left Sabrina to be "the most powerful woman in the house" temporarily since the aunts don't have magic for a couple of days. Sabrina zaps in an ice cream sundae for breakfast! Zelda and Hilda go to their attic and found the family secret board used to display the family secret and to solve the message. They also discovered three pirates Hilda froze 100 years ago. Valerie tells Sabrina about a new nightclub that's opening that night. Sabrina's not interested until Valerie tells her that 'N Sync was performing. Salem plays with the tassle attatched to the family secret board too much and causes it to fall and to break into pieces. The aunts try to rehabilitate the three pirates, but since they don't have magic, they can't do much. Salem works on putting the family secret board back togther. Sabrina and Valerie try to get into the new nightclub by buying fake IDs because they're 17 and the club is 18 and over, but their fake IDs don't match their faces, and the bouncer wouldn't let them in. Sabrina goes back home and gets advice from Salem to go to the Other Realm for fake ID cards that match their faces. Sabrina and Valerie get in with fake IDs Sabrina got from the Other Realm and see 'N Sync singing "Tearing Up My Heart." Sabirna gets home and sits on her bed, and hears some pieces of the family secret board make a noise. None of the witches know that Salem broke them into pieces yet. Sabrina zaps her sweater into the closet, but her spell cancels out and the sweater comes back. The picture in Sabrina's fake ID card tells her that since she has an Other Realm fake ID, her magic is also fake. In the second half, Sabrina decides she has to get rid of the Other Realm fake ID card, so she tosses it away, but it keeps coming back. Hilda summons Sabrina downstairs. One of the pirates stabbed her through the stomach. Sabrina zaps the sword out of Hilda's stomach and ito the hand of the pirate who stabbed her, but the sword returns to Hilda's stomach. The magic books says that Sabrina needs to return the two Other Realm fake IDs to their place of origin to reverse the spell. It's 1am and she can't visit Valerie. Sabrina opens up her sheet from her bed and sees the broken pieces of the family secret board. The next morning, Sabrina leaves early for school to find Valerie, who tells her that Valerie's mom confiscated her fake ID. The aunts' magic is ready to be picked up, but they can't leave the sleeping pirates alone in the house. Sabrina comes home and the aunts tells her to stay while they go to the Other Realm to pick up her magic. The phone rings. Valerie calls Sabrina and tells her that her mother is freaking out because the fake ID is talking! Valerie offers to bring the fake ID over, but Sabrina nixes it and tells her to meet each other at school. Sabrina leaves the house. The pirates wake up and are all alone in the house and wreck Sabrina's bedroom. The aunts are told that their magic is being delivered to their house. The pirates hear a reverse door bell coming from the linen closet. They open up the door and a delivery person hands them the aunts magic. The pirates use a spell to break apart the family secret board that Salem glued back together. Sabrina and Valerie meet at school and Sabrina gets the other Other Realm fake ID back. After Valerie leaves, Sabrina zaps the two Other Realm fake IDs back so that her magic will be real again. Sabrina returns home and discovers that the pirates magically tied up the aunts. Sabrina can't untie her aunts. The pirates have taken over the house, turining their living room into a pirate ship replica complete with a firing cannon. Sabrina makes herself into Peter Pan and flies into the room. The wire that was holding her up breaks and she falls to the ground. Sabrina runs to her bedroom where Salem put the family secret board back together. Sabrina wonders why her magic is still fake. Salem said that returning the fake IDs doesn't necessairily fix things. The pirates rig up the living room with an ocean with sharks, and make the aunts walk the plank. Sabrina tells the aunts that she got a fake ID from the Other Realm and that her magic is fake. The pirate pushes the aunts off the plank, then Sabrina zaps the floor and the ocean disappears while the regular floor reappears. Looks like she's fine now. Sabrina has to fight the pirates with a sword to get the aunts' magic back. Salem brings down the family secret board down the stairs. Why did Sabrina's magic come back? Because she confessed to adults and has to accept their punishment pending the aunts' survival. Sabrina zaps one of the pirates into a cage. Sabrina fights with another pirate and Zelda manages to grab her magic from him, gets it back, and causes him to freeze. A third pirate grabs Hilda's magic, then Sabrina punts it away. The kick is up. Hilda tries to intercept it to get her magic back but the kick is off to the right. It is high. And it is....good! Unfortunately, it goes through the family secret board on the stairway and causes it to break into pieces once again. Zelda freezes the third pirate. Sabrina's punishment is taking down the pirate boat that's in the living room...by hand! Salem puts the family secret board back together with duct tape. Zelda tells Sabrina that she has to use the other board. There's another board? Salem faints. Sabrina places her clues to the family secret board. The fire is another clue to the family secret.

Note: members of 'N Sync play themselves. 'N Sync is composed of Lance Bass, J.C. Chasez, Joey Fatone, Chris Kirkpatrick, and Justin Timberlake.

Updated: January 29, 2007.

Original Air Date: February 5, 1999

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, NR, LS

Guests: Lance Bass as Himself (as James Lance Bass). Robert Bauer as Hook. Mark Blankfield as Blackbeard. J.C. Chasez as Himself. Ric Coy as Clean-Cut Person. Brian Donovan as Older Kid. Joey Fatone as Himself. Chris Kirkpatrick as Himself. Billy Rieck as Seedy Guy (as Bill Rieck). Brian Seeman as Nemo. Isaac C. Singleton Jr. as Bouncer (as Isaac Singleton Jr.). Justin Timberlake as Himself.

#66: "Sabrina the Matchmaker"

Main Story: Somebody has made Cupid angry. He sends her a message that because meddled in the laws of love and tried to break up Zelda and Mr. Kraft, she has to help two people fall in love before Valentine's Day or else she will be spending weekends picking up trash on the Other Realm interstate. At school, Sabrina asks Harvey for help in getting two people to fall in love. At home, Ally and her mother Marigold show up to discuss the family secret, and her aunts leave before they arrive. Cousin Amanda, who is Ally's sister also arrives with them, and Sabrina goes into defense mode. Amanda and Ally wreak havoc on Sabrina, causing a toilet to overflow. The plumber arrives to fix the plumbing. The plumber gets Marigold to help him, then they have a water fight. When the plumber and Marigold come to the living room, they act like they could be falling in love, which pleases Sabrina who needs to find to people to fall in love. The plumber leaves. Sabrina panics and tries to get Marigold to see the plumber again. Sabrina zaps the plumber's toolbox back to the house, and he returns to pick it up. Sabrina suggests that the plumber ask Marigold out, but he doesn't think that could happen, so Sabrina sets the two up on a date and gets the plumber to pick Marigold up for a date later. Sabrina has to turn down Harvey for a date so she could babysit Amanda and Ally, who tell each other that the plunger boy is going down as they don't want the plumber to be their stepdad. In the second half, when the plumber, who's name is Emil, shows up at the door for a date with Marigold, Amanda zaps an iron on top of his head, and Sabrina pushes him out of the way before the iron falls on Emil's head. Sabrina serves chicken to Eric and Marigold for dinner, but when she opens the lid after Amanda zaps, it, a live chicken appears instead of a dead one. Marigold walks to Sabrina in the kitchen and she's wondering what he's talking about with pitching and catching and red socks. Sabrina tells her that he's talking about baseball and the Boston Red Sox. Marigold zaps in one of the Red Sox baseball players into the house. Harvey shows up at Sabrina's door and he demands that she be with him on Valentine's Day to help her babysit. Marigold shows up and tells Sabrina that the girls can be little angels if she asked them to be. Sabrina asked her why she hasn't asked them before. When Amanda and Ally are led by Harvey into her bedroom, after the door closes, Sabrina erects a brick wall to block the door. Sabrina goes upstairs to check on the girls, but they break down the brick wall and turn Harvey into a dog. Harvey the dog runs around the house, then chases Salem. While Sabrina is chasing Harvey and Salem upstairs, the girls zaps a fire on Eric's chair and he jumps up. Marigold zaps up a watering keg and uses it to put out the fire. He asks where the watering keg she used came from. Sabrina chases Harvey outside. Marigold confronts the girls and asks where Emil is. Sabrina catches Harvey and orders the girls to go to the kitchen. Emil is in a bottle because the girls zapped him there. Sabrina breaks the bottle and he reappears. Emil gets spooked up. Marigold tells Emil that he's a witch. Emil runs out of the house. Sabrina tells Marigold that she has to go after Emil because if he tells anyone that she's a witch, she and her daughters will be thrown be thrown into the Other Realm and lose her magic, then be mortal and have to live in the mortal world. Marigold is afraid to go, os Sabrina goes out after Emil for her. Marigold and her daughter's magic wear off and Harvey is back as a boy, the baseball player disappears, the swingset vanishes, and a chair falls down onto the floor. Did Emil use a car phone to tell his friends that Marigold is a witch? He only told his brother. Sabrina tells Harvey that he slept the whole time he was a dog. Sabrina tosses a ball outside, and Harvey chases after it. Sabrina apologizes to Marigold for losing her magic. Emil returns to the house, and he tells Marigold that his brother think's he's crazy...about her. He wants to keep seeing her. Sabrina has done it. She made two people fall in love so she doesn't get banished into the Other Realm picking up trash. Marigold gives Sabrina a clue to her family secret: a red heart. Amanda and Ally get dressed sloppily because they had to dress themselves up the mortal way. Marigold is happy that she lost her magic.

Updated: March 3, 2007

Original Air Date: February 12, 1999

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, NR, LS, MM, EH

Guests: Brian Cousins as Emil. Michael Goetz as Waiter. Alexandra Hart-Gilliams as Ally. Emile Hirsch as Darryl. Frankie Muniz as Angelo. Hayden Tank as Robbie. Hallie Todd as Marigold. Martin Mull plays Mr. Kraft and Carlton. Steve Sax as the baseball player.

#67: "Salem, the Boy"

Main Story: Roland the Troll resurfaces in a new guise as a leprechaun, and chaos predictably follows. Having three wishes, Sabrina unwisely uses one of them to grant Salem's desire to be human again for a day.

Updated: TBA

Original Air Date: February 19, 1999


Guests: Henry Gibson as Witch Judge. Mary Ann Mobley as Herself.

#68: "Sabrina, the Teenage Writer"

Main Story: Sabrina's creative writing assignments aren't going well until she accidentally uses Hilda's magic typewriter to plot out a James Bond parody using her friends and foes as character models.

Updated: TBA

Original Air Date: February 26, 1999

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, NR, LS, JLG, MM, MG

Guests: Michelle Kwan as Herself. David L. Lander as Postmaster. David Wells as Mr. Franco.

#69: "The Big Sleep"

Main Story: Sabrina studies for the Brain Buster competetion. Valerie, with the help of Sabrina, deal cheese puffs for the cheerleader bake sale to several students, but during Mr. Kraft's rehearsal quiz for the competetion, her cheese puffs cause the students to get sick and fall ill due to food poisoning. An angry Mr. Kraft accuses Sabrina and Valerie for poisoning their competetors, and orders her to find another team ready for the Brain Buster competetion by Saturday. Sabrina asks Valerie and Harvey to compete for the Brain Buster competetion, but they refuse, then accept reluctantly. Sabrina tells Mr. Kraft that Libby, in front of a disagreeing Libby, has volunteered to be a Brain Buster, tricking her into being part of the team. Sabrina needs a spell to help fill Harvey and Valerie brians with...brains, but Zelda tells her that such a spell is illegal, but reccomends a "Find Your Full Potential" spell, but that requires a Witches License, and she can't get it until she solves her family secret. Sabrina calls up the reclusive Aunt Dorma, the "black sheep" of the family, on her crystal ball, and awakens Dorma from her ten-year nap. Dorma gets very angry, then Sabrina quickly hangs up. Her aunts warn her not to wake up Dorma since she's not part of the clues to the family secret anyway. At high school, Mr. Kraft is giving a quiz to the students in rehersal for the Brain Busters competetion, but Harvey, Valerie, and Libby can't answer most of his questions. A disappointed Vice Principal Kraft tells Sabrina that detention is awating if Kraft doesn't win and keep his hope alive that he will be promoted to Principal. Sabrina gets home and sees Hilda asleep. She tries to wake her up, but can't. She notices a bouquet of magic poppies for Sabrina, and brings them to Zelda, who sees them and falls asleep. Dorma retaliated with a household of Other Realm magic poppies, stolen from The Wizard of Oz, fatal to Spellmans. Sabrina drags Zelda into the living room, but by then, it was filled with magic poppies. Sabrina tries to use her magic to make them disappear, but Dorma put a spell on her so that she can't make them disappear. The doorbell rings. In the second half, Libby, Harvey, and Valerie arrive at the house. They're supposed to be studying with her. Sabrina tells them to meet her in the back. Salem tells Sabrina to remove the poppies from the house or everyone affected by the poppies will sleep into eternity and their minds and bodies rot slowly into nothingness. Sabrina began to get drowsy, but since she's half mortal, might just be drowsy for a hundred years. Salem tells Sabrina to move her aunts around to delay the decaying process. Sabrina's friends demand to get in the house. She lets them in. They wonder where the poppies came from. Sabrina tells her that the greenhouse broke. Sabrina casts a spell to make her aunts move around, but they're still asleep while moving around. Sabrina looks in the magic book to find a way to get rid of the poppies. She finds a poppy cleanup service. We next see a shepherd and a herd of goats in the living room eating some of the poppies. Mr. Kraft comes into the house. Sabrina tells Mr. Kraft that her moving aunts are suffering a case of dementia. then leads him out of the house. Sabrina's friends try to study in her kitchen, while Sabrina uses Hilda's forklift to clean out the poppies. Sabrina worked all night cleaning up the house, drinking coffee to keep her awake, but as soon as the house was clear of poppies, Dorma zaps the poppies back into the house. An exhausted and overcaffienated Sabrina goes mad as her friends take her to school. It was the day of the Brain Busters championship. A jittery Sabrina chimes in with the questions Mr. Kraft asks, but gets them wrong. Sabrina gets a question wrong by answering "snow" and remembers the Wizard of Oz movie. She casts a spell to have snow fall inside her house and to fall onto the poppies. After Sabrina crashes, Harvey, Libby, and Valerie chime in and answer some of the questions correctly to get them out of the goose egg score. After the score is tied 99-99, Mr. Kraft asks one more question to determine the championship for the Brain Busters competetion. What country is the largest producer of soybeans? Sabrina wakes up and buzzes in, but Harvey puts his hand on her mouth and answers it himself. "America" is the correct answer. Westbridge High wins. Mr. Kraft gets the trophy and sings that he's going to be Principal. Back at Sabrina's house, the aunts wake up out of their sleep. Sabrina's friends bring a sleeping Sabrina home, and the living room is filled with snow that covered the poppies. The aunts bring in Aunt Dorma, who really is a black sheep. She came in to apologize to Sabrina for waking her up from her ten-year nap and to thank her for waking her up to turn off her oven or else her house would have caught on fire. Dorma also gives Sabrina another clue to the family secret. The house gets filled with a hundred birds.

Updated: January 30, 2007.

Original Air Date: March 12, 1999

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, NR, LS, JLG, MM

Guests: Rosalind Ayres as Aunt Dorma. Sean Laughton as Policeman. Hap Lawrence as Shepherd. Timothy Everett Moore as Sheldon. Roz Witt as Woman.

#70: "Sabrina's Pen Pal"

Main Story: Harvey gives Sabrina a two-year anniversary presnet: a necklace. Sabrina goes to the Other Realm to meet her shy Pen pal Martha in a library. Martha can't travel into the mortal realm. She's a magic-free witch; she was too timid to use them, so the Witches Council took them away. Martha suggests for Sabrina to turn her into something small so she can be smuggled into the mortal realm. Sabrina turns her into a cat, then takes her into her house, but when she gets into her bedroom, she couldn't turn her back into a human, until the next morning after her finger is readjusted from jet lag from traveling. She takes Martha into Westbridge and she meets Harvey. Sabrina wanted to show Martha her necklace, but it was gone. She tells them that she left it at home. Mr. Kraft walks in and tells Martha that she can't be in the school without a visitors pass. Mr. Kraft's emerald tie pin was stolen. It turns out that Martha is a jewel thief who goes on and steals the jewels from the school and Sabrina's house. Martha causes a fire drill when she activates the fire alarm, and while the students leave the building, Martha steals the jewels from the student's backpacks. The aunts seal the linen closet door (the entrance to the Other Realm) shut, and they tell Sabrina that a jewel thief has escaped from the Other Realm. Nobody knows that the thief is Martha yet. A WANTED poster comes in from the linen closet door; Sabrina says that it looks like her Pen pal Martha. She goes to her bedroom, and sees a pile of jewels on her bed. In the second half, Sabrina explains how she smuggled Martha into the mortal realm. The aunts tells Sabrina that her Pen pal with a capital "P" is the one in a penetentuary, not an ordinary pen pal. Martha escapes with the jewels from the house. The aunts suggest that Martha stole the jewels so she can buy potions on the magic black market, then use the potions and continue her evil ways on an unsuspecting world. At Westbridge at night, Sabrina opens her locker door and, while talking to Harvey, some jewels fall out. Mr. Kraft oversees this and thinks that Sabrina is the jewel thief. Martha comes out from hiding, opens Sabrina's locker, and gets the jewels out. Mr. Kraft thinks that they're working together. The aunts search the Witch Wide Web for information about Martha, and find some information. Martha was once in prison for trying to steal The Star of Orion gem once worn by Elizabeth Taylor; it's the jewel that could steal powers from other witches. The aunts think of going to the Other Realm Museum of Cosmic Debris where the gem is displayed to find Martha. The aunts go to the Other Realm. Sabrina chases Martha into her house. Mr. Kraft chases them both. Martha and Sabrina enter the Other Realm through the linen closet. Mr. Kraft, unware of what the linen closet really is, opens the door, goes in, and notices a black hole on the wall. He goes in, closes the door, and is transported into the Other Realm. Sabrina meets up with her aunts in the Other Realm Museum where the Star of Orion is protected by laser beams. Mr. Kraft walks into the Museum. Martha is running around the museum. Zelda and Sabrina help turn off the control box that's powering the laser beams. Zelda casts a Cookie Jar spell on the Star of Orion gem to nab Martha. Sabrina turns the beams back on and she and the aunts hide. Martha comes into the room, turns herself into fire, bypasses the beams, and reaches the Star of Orion. She touches it, then her hand is caught inside a cookie jar by Zelda's spell. Martha turns herself into fire to remove the cookie jar from her hand. Mr. Kraft walks in, then gets arrested by the security men. Zelda and Hilda also get arrested. The security men turn off the laser beam. Martha grabs the Star of Orion. Sabrina confronts Martha, who hands over the Star of Orion to Sabrina. The gem then absorbs Sabrina's magic. Martha grabs the gem and tells Sabrina that now she has all of her magic, then runs out. Sabirna and Martha chase each other in flying vacuum cleaners. Sabrina tosses a penny into Martha's vacuum cleaner, which gets jammed and causes it to fail and fall. Sabrina gets Martha to turn over the Star of Orion gem and give Sabrina's magic back to her, then drags her over to the Interrigation Room where her aunts and Mr. Kraft are being tortured by feathers tickling them hysterically. The security men see Martha, who's wanted, and grab her. They conclude that the aunts and Mr. Kraft are not guilty. Back in the mortal realm, the Mr. Kraft wakes up in the living room and Sabrina explains to Mr. Kraft that the EPA found methane in his office which causes halluciations and needs to take some more sulfur. Mr. Kraft is happy that he's not crazy.

Updated: January 30, 2007.

Original Air Date: March 26, 1999

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, NR, LS, MM

Guests: Lisa Darr as Martha. Alexander Folk as Detective. David Getz as Security Guard.

#71: "Sabrina's Real World"

Main Story: Salem pitches some TV show ideas for the TV producer from the Witch Channel after Salem complains that the shows on the channel blow and could think of better ideas. The producer comes out of the TV and chases Salem upstairs and demands some ideas. Sabrina becomes a Safety Monitor at Westbridge, and she was appointed by Libby. The TV producer gets an idea about broadcasting a reality TV series about Sabrina's life on the Witch Channel. Cameras follow Sabrina everywhere she goes. A visitor from the Other Realm comes...The Grim Reaper? No. It's aunt Zelda in a Grim Reaper uniform; every witch has to do this as a public service sometime in their lives. In Mrs. Quick's class, Salem, to make Sabrina's reality TV show more exciting, tricks Zelda into zapping in a barrel of nuclear waste into the classroom. Sabrina, has been wearing a Safety Monitor hat and ribbon during the entire episode so far. Salem tricks Zelda into removing Sabrina's grey dress by saying that her dress needed to be taken to the dry cleaners. Sabrina, who still doesn't know she's on the Witch Channel, enters her house wearing shrubbery, and catches herself on television live. She blames Salem. In the second half, Sabrina goes upstairs and sees a mailman handing her some fan mail. Sabrina sees Salem getting a massage in her bedroom, then Sabrina takes over and tells him she found out her life has become a reality show. Sabrina demands an end to the show, but the TV producer says that Sabrina is his forever because Salem signed an iron-clad contract. Downstairs, the aunts tell Sabrina to make her show unbearably dull so that her reality TV show can get cancelled. Harvey shows up at the house, who tells Sabrina he rescued a family from a burning building. Sabrina and Harvey talk. The TV producer starts to get bored. A bunch of fans come downstairs to meet Sabrina, who decides to exit and go to Westbridge. The TV producer tells Salem that he has to do something to liven the show up. Sabrina bores Harvey as she counts ceiling tiles in the cafeteria. The TV producer casts a spell and causes a blizzard in the hallway. The students and staff exit, but Sabrina stays in the cafeteria. The TV producer causes an earthquake at Westbridge. The TV producer causes the building to shake and cause some tiles to fall. The power then goes out. Sabrina leads the students and staff near the exit of the building. A walking dinosaur passes the doorway. Mr. Kraft shoves Sabrina out the door to face the dinosaur with a fire extinguisher. Sabrina casts a spell to speak Japanese to talk to the dinosaur, and the dinosaur turns out to be French. She changes her language to French to talk to the dinosaur, and convinces the dinosaur to walk away from Westbridge. Sabrina comes home upset that her reality show will never be cancelled. She turns on the Witch Channel and sees Hilda telling jokes. Zelda, dressed as the Grim Reaper, paid a visit to her TV producer, who got so nervous that he thought he was going to die by her hand, so he cancelled Sabrina's show and put Hilda on.

Secondary Story: Hilda turns into a compulsive standup comedienne after wearing a Borscht Belt, which won't come off until she tells a million jokes.

Trivia: Caroline Rhea is a standup comedienne in real life.

Updated: February 1, 2007.

Original Air Date: April 9, 1999

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, NR, LS, JLG, MM, MG

Guests: Sonya Maddox as Publicity Person (as Sonya Y. Maddox). Sean Moran as Mailman. Stu Nahan as T.V. Announcer. Adrian Neil as British Guy. Steven M. Porter as Bryce. Alex Rocco as Sid Wolf. Hope Levy as Contest Winner.

#72: "The Long and Winding Short Cut"

Main Story: It's Election time in the Other Realm. Uncle Roy hands out the voting booklets to the ladies, but not Salem since he's a convicted felon and cannot vote. There's a proposition on the ballot that will make it legal to tell her mortal boyfriend about her magic. The voting age is 17 in the Other Realm. Harvey tells Sabrina that his mother is in the third trimester of her pregnancy. In the Other Realm, Uncle Roy tells his audience including Sabrina that in order to vote, they have to solve their family secret, which Sabrina hasn't, and cannot vote legally. Sabrina is the only one in the audience who hasn't solved her family secret. The aunts tells Sabrina she could use a tutor to help solve her family secret. Salem becomes her tutor. The family secret puzzle looks like this:

Birds, M + Fire, Heart minus L, ABC man, blank plus blank plus Robert-E.-Lee, snake, B+ horn, whip, A, blank minus E.

I wonder if the Spellmans ever watched the game show Concentration.

Sabrina tries to solve the family secret in the school cafeteria, but a passing Mrs. Quick solves one part. Heart means love and Love minus L would be "of". Sabrina tries to trick Mrs. Quick to solve the family secret by inviting her to her house to play a game. Mrs. Quick accepts her offer. Another proposition on the Other Realm election would prohibit witches from using mental floss to clean their heads. Sabrina comes home with Mrs. Quick, her algebra teacher. Sabrina zaps up a game show setting for "Guess the Family Secret" hosted by Monty Hall. Sabrina and Mrs. Quick are the contestants. Mrs. Quick gets awestruck by the game show setting and stalls, so Sabrina speeds things up by having Monty enter the game show setting to walk to his podium. Monty tells the two to begin playing the game, and offers Sabrina to start first. She passes. Mrs. Quick sees the birds in a cage and says that it's an aviary, which doesn't make sense, so she thinks of a word that sounds like aviary, which is "every", buzzes in, and scores one point. Next clue. Sabrina passes. Mrs. Quick sees M plus Fire, then the whole setting freezes. Aunt Zelda shows up. In the second half, Sabrina shows Mrs. Quick out the door. Zelda tells Sabrina that it's illegal to use a shortcut to help her solve her family secret, so Zelda punishes Sabrina by outlawing shortcuts for 24 hours, and warns her not to do it again or the Witches Council will punish her even worse. That means no modern day convieiences. She can't use the car, bus, microwave, or a clock radio. She wakes up late and runs to school tardy. She enters Mrs. Quick's algebra class. Mrs. Quick allows the class to use a calculator for a complicated equation, but her calculator vanishes. Harvey and Valerie wonder why Sabrina is on an anti-modern convieience mood. Mrs. Quick tells Sabrina that she solved the family secret, but Sabrina doesn't want to know. Mrs. Quick opens up the paper and tries to show it to Sabrina, but she refuses to see it. Then Mrs. Quick relaxes, and Sabrina runs to her, grabs the paper, then runs out of the classroom. In the hallway, she opens up the paper to read it, but then she is transported to a lone prarie era. A voice from the Other Rrealm tells her "no shortcuts". She's a woman on the prarie. Mrs. Quick likes to watch reruns of Little House on the Prarie, but what do I know. I have every VHS tape of Eight is Enough and had a website about it since 1997. Well, back to Sabrina's episode, Mrs. Quick in a prarie dress walks to Sabrina, also dressed in a prarie dress, and wonders what she's doing in the cabin. Mrs. Quick tells Sabrina that she's dreaming and that Michael Landon should be there any minute. Side note: Landon died eight years before this episode was made. Sabrina realizes that she's been sent to the Wild West badlands for using a shortcut during her 24 hours of punishment. Back in the days of the prarie, shorcuts didn't exist. Sabrina decides to make bread and butter from scratch in hopes to return to her time and place, but has a hard time getting it right. She finally gets it right. The old man eats her bread and says he likes it. Nothing happens to Sabrina. She gets mad. Then some amber shot out from the stove, and Sabrina gets a clue that the clue in the family secret isn't fire, but ember, so M plus Ember equals Member. Nothing happens to Sabrina yet. Valerie shows up in the cabin to have a church meeting called...Prayer-ee days? Groan. I'm glad I didn't make that joke. Harvey shows up outside in a bonnet and in a prarie dress. The old man is a tour guide and shows his visitors what the cabin looks like. Sabrina concludes that she could have just walked home. Sabrina had enough of Mrs. Quick and casts a spell make her disappear from the cabin by making her pretend that she's dreaming of the whole thing. Mrs. Quick disappears, then is next seen waking up from a nap and dreaming of Harrison Ford instead of the cabin episode. Sabrina walks home, and meets up with her aunts, who tell Sabrina that her prarie punishment cast by the Witches Council was a shortcut from the real punishment because they were so busy with the Election time in the Other Realm. Now Sabrina has solved part of the family secret: "Every Member of the Spellman...". The election results were on the Witch Channel. The proposition about witches telling their mortal boyfriends about their magic has failed. The proposition for witches using floss to clean your brains passed.

Updated: February 1, 2007.

Original Air Date: April 30, 1999

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, NR, LS, MG

Guests: William Bassett as Uncle Roy. Ritch Brinkley as 50 Year Old Man. Carmen Filpi as Old Guy. Monty Hall as Himself. Dave Nemeth as Reporter. Evan O'Meara as Hank.

#73: "Sabrina the Sandman"

Main Story: Sabrina goes to the Other Realm for a job, but she's also under pressure to solve the family secret. Since she has no skills, the employment agency suggests that Sabrina get a job as a sand-inducing sandperson. Sabrina goes to a little boy's bedroom, where the boy won't go to sleep. Sabrina sprinkles some sand on him, and he falls asleep. When she touches him, she goes into his dream. She goes into Valerie's dream, where Valerie suddenly gets a surprise test and loses her clothes in class. She goes into Mr. Kraft's dream, where he's counting peas. She goes into Libby's dream where nothing unusual happens; just everyday stuff she experiences when she's awake. Her aunts warn Sabrina after she goes into Zelda's dream that could influence the decisions of another person's life. At night, Sabrina as a sandperson sprinkles Harvey into going to sleep, but Salem tags along. She enters his dream where he is slowing running but getting nowhere. She zaps him so he can run and get the book at the end of the hall. The next day, Harvey tells Sabrina he passed his French test, and tells her to stop asking him to go with her after school. In the second half, Sabrina wonders why Harvey has been acting weird towards her. Salem suggests Sabrina summon Sigmund Freud for help in interpreting dreams. Zelda walks into her bedroom and hands her a box with another clue. She doesn't open it yet. Sabrina, Salem, and Freud go to Harvey's house at night where he is having a disturbing dream. They enter Harvey's dream. They see Harvey trying to carry a half-a-dozen luggage bags. He has a lot of emotional baggage. His inner child is running around him. There's a giant banana floating in the air. Harvey is overwhelmed by the pressure in his life. Sabrina zaps Harvey a luggage carrier and his inner child an ice cream cone. They leave his dream. Later, the aunts tell Sabrina that she would have to live with the consequences of messing with other people's dreams. The next day, Valerie didn't spend any time on homework, and Mr. Kraft is committed and is taken away by two men in white coats while he is taken away in a straitjacket. Valerie said that he lost it when the drama club wanted to stage "The Princess and the Pea." Harvey tells Sabrina that he wants to break up with her. What? She gets mad. Those were the consequences for manipulating other people's dreams. All during the episode, Sabrina has been getting hints of reminders by her aunts such as a squeaky door that says "solve the family secret" and letters in her soup that spell it out, but hasn't been doing it. The Warning Man comes and tells her that the time to solve the family secret has expired. Sabrina begs for time and goes upstairs to solve the family secret. She opens up the box and sees a picture of her in a very cheap frame. Here's what the puzzle looks like:

Birds, M + Fire, Heart minus L, ABC man, blank plus picture-of-Sabrina plus Robert-E.-Lee, snake, B+ horn, whip, A, blank minus E.

Every Member of the Spellmans...are related to me? WRONG! Now for the consequences. The consequences will be dire. She won't get her Witches license...and...worse than that...she's no longer a witch. Has she lost it all already? The Warning Man tells her aunts that Sabrina can't stay with her anymore since she's a mortal. The Warning Man hands her a $20 bill and as soon as she hugs her aunts, she's transported into some strange place. She asks a man for help, but he takes her $20 bill and runs. She tries to zap him to stop, but she has no magic. She lost her magic, her boyfriend, her home, her family. Then, a giant floating banana hits her head. Wait a minute! It was all a dream! Harvey didn't break up and she still has her magic and her home. Her aunts altered Sabrina's dream by entering her dream to teach her lesson to see how destructive dream dropping can be, and to motivate her to solve the family secret. The Warning Man comes in and gives her aunts a citation that they help Sabrina solve the family secret in three days or else pay a $25 fine. The next day, Valerie found out what Harvey has been doing every day after school. Brace yourself. He's got a job selling hot dogs.

Updated: February 3, 2007.

Original Air Date: May 7, 1999

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, NR, LS, JLG, MM

Guests: Nick De Gruccio as Passerby. Kathy Jensen as Sylvia. David Kirkwood as Bum. Steven Anthony Lawrence as Little Kid. Mason Lucero as Little Boy. Timothy Oman as Freud. Fred Stoller as Warning Man. Stan Yale as Stinky's Friend. Harrison Young as Vagrant. James Kelton as British Merchant. Deonte Gordon as Student.

#74: "Slient Movie"

Main Story: Zelda thinks that Mr. Kraft is going to propose to her. Sabrina, Hilda, and Salem then take the car, train, airplane, spaceship to the moon and scream in horror. Zelda heard that. At Westbridge, Valeire tells Sabrina that she's getting a job at the school store, but Mr. Kraft will be her boss. Sabrina's not excitied about Mr. Kraft becoming her new step uncle. Harvey almost talks to Sabrina about something important, but the schoolbell rang. Hilda said "number two" and Salem laughs. Heh-heh. Hmm-hmm-hmm. Libby wants a notebook that doesn't clash with her sweater, but writes an IOU to Valerie at the school store. Anyone really think Libby will pay her back? Mr. Kraft cashes in on used computer science books dating back to the 50s. Are public schools that far behind in textbook updates? Another student gives Valerie an IOU at the store that's signed O.B. 1 Ken...Hey! Harvey tells Valerie that he wants to tell Sabrina that he loves her, something he never told a girl before, but can't get the words out. Harvey tells Valerie not to tell Sabrina anything, but at the cafeteria, she tells it to her anyway. Sabrina says that she will say it back, but Harvey thinks she won't. Hilda gets a hangnail on her magic finger and can't use it. An angry Mr. Kraft demands that Valerie get the deadbeats to pay up or it's coming out of her own paycheck. Sabrina and Harvey agree to go out on Friday. Zelda zips Hilda up by zapping a zipper across her mouth instead of zipping up her dress. Salem tells Mr. Kraft that he plans to propose to Zelda that night. Hilda and Sabrina have to imagine Zelda and Mr. Kraft as one big happy family. Then we see a Brady Bunch opening mockup where the squares look like this.

First row: Jan, Zelda, Greg. Second row: Sabrina, Salem, Hilda. Third row: Peter, Mr. Kraft, Bobby.

I'll take Jan Brady to block. Sabrina and Hilda make a pact to not say a word no matter what Mr. Kraft says. Mr. Kraft arrives. In the second half, Sabrina and Hilda look through the magic book and cast a silent spell on herself so she can't respond to anybody, and cast a silent spell on Hilda, who just says "mum" to respond. Bad timing. At the family dinner with Mr. Kraft, Harvey arrives to tell to Sabrina that he loves her, but since Sabrina's self-imposed silence spell is working, she can't say that she loves her back. Harvey feels dejected and leaves. Then we see Sabrina turned into a silent movie actress when she enters her house. Salem is playing an old style piano. She takes Salem out of the house, then is transformed back to the current time and Salem can tell her that since she cast two silent spells under one roof, everything in the house has turned into a silent movie. She reenters the house and turns back into a silent movie actress. She then has to stop the spell and proclaim her love to Harvey. She goes to the dinner table and sees Mr. Kraft as a villian and her aunts. She enters her bedroom and a a storm breaks out. She closes the door, looks in the magic book, and finds a spell to end the silent spell. Mr. Kraft walks in, rears out a page in the magivc book and rips it up. We then see Sabrina tied down to a railroad track inside her bedroom. Mr. Kraft leaves. Harvey knocks in the door, wondering where his car keys went, then enters the house and becomes a silent movie Mountie. Harvey gets Sabrina untied from the railroad track. Valerie walks into the house and turns into a silent movie actress. Mr. Kraft demands money from Valerie. She has no money inside the money bag, so he ties her up on a railroad track in the living room. Sabrina and the aunts see what he's done and chase after him, then the three are too tied up to the railroad track by Mr. Kraft. Zelda finally begins to think that he's not a very nice man. Then, a train begins to round the corner. Yikes! Harvey arrives back in the house as a Mountie. He and Mr. Kraft engage in a fight. The Keystone Kops arrive with clubs and circle the railroad track, then we see Harvey tied up, but the ladies are freed. Mr. Kraft takes Sabrina hostage. The ladies throw pies at Mr. Kraft. One throws a pie in his eyes. He's blinded. Harvey takes Sabrina in his arms and kisses, then the silent spell wears out and everything is back in color again. Then Sabrina can finally tell Harvey that she loves him. He says that it's cool. Valerie tells Mr. Kraft that she's selling her kidney on ebay to pay off the IOUs she owes Mr. Kraft. The aunts tell Sabrina that silent movies always end with a kiss, and that ended the silent spells. Sabrina's mistake showed Zelda that Mr. Kraft really is a villian. Then Zelda gets Mr. Kraft out of the kitchen. Mr. Kraft proposes to Zelda to do...his taxes? Zelda gets upset, picks up a flower pot, and...CRASH! Zelda later tells the ladies that she's just going steady wiht Mr. Kraft. A visitor from the Other Realm arrives through the linen closet. It's Faye Raye sitting on King Kong's hand with another clue to the family secret. King Kong is related to the Spellmans. Faye Raye is the clue. Let's take a look at the board:

(Every) Birds, (member) M + Fire, (of) Heart minus L, (The Spellman) ABC man, Faye plus picture-of-Sabrina plus Robert-E.-Lee, snake, B+ horn, whip, A, blank minus E.

Sabrina figures out Faye plus Sabrina plus Robert E. Lee, then it becomes Faye, Me, Lee, then, "Family."

Note: this is the last episode with Lindsay Sloane and Jenna Leigh Green

Updated: February 3, 2007.

Original Air Date: May 14, 1999

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, NR, LS, JLG, MM

Guests: Sean Laughton as Policeman.

#75: "The Good, the Bad and the Luau"

Main Story: First, let's take a look at the family secret puzzle.

(Every) Birds, (member) M + Fire, (of) Heart minus L, (The Spellman) ABC man, (family) Faye plus picture-of-Sabrina plus Robert-E.-Lee, snake, B+ horn, whip, A, blank minus E.

It's the season three finale, and it's her last chance to solve the family secret. The aunts and Sabrina go to Hawaii for a family reunion. We need one more clue for Sabrina to solve the puzzle. At Westbridge, Sabrina sees Harvey sleeping while leaning at his locker. He's tired from running errands for his pregnant mother. Sabrina gets Harvey to look after Salem and a pregnant cat named Lola while they're away. Sabrina studied the magic book and put a Dr. Doolittle spell on Harvey so that he, who is a mortal, can talk to the animals, and Harvey and Salem can talk to each other. When the spell wears off, Harvey won't remember that Salem can talk. Sabrina gives Harvey a farewell drink tainted with the Dr. Doolittle spell. Harvey asks Salem what's on TV. Salem tells him "SportsCenter". The witches leave the house, then zap themselves into Hawaii. Sabrina gets her own room where she is confined to during her trip, that is, until she finally solves her family secret board in her hotel room. The aunts tell her that she can't enjoy the beach until she solves it. A relative zaps herself into the room and gives Sabrina the final clue to the puzzle. A ball of string. The aunts leave to enjoy Hawaii's scenery. Hilda didn't read her homework: the family newsletter. Last time she didn't read it, they made her eat sand. Back to Sabrina's room, she solves most of the puzzle:

(Every) Birds, (member) M + Fire, (of) Heart minus L, (The Spellman) ABC man, (family) Faye plus picture-of-Sabrina plus Robert-E.-Lee, (is) snake, (born) B+ horn, (with) whip, (a) A, blank minus E.

All she needs is the last word. Born with a ball of string? With stringy hair? Sabrina gets phone call from Salem for advice. Sabrina goes home to Salem and shows him the ball of string. Salem tells her that it's not string; it's twine. Meanwhile, she has to stay hidden from Harvey who is babysitting, and then his mother arrives. Sabrina makes the female cat stop meowing until she gives birth, then returns to Hawaii and in her hotel room. She adds the ball of twine to the board. It's twine, minus the E, equals twin!

(Every) Birds, (member) M + Fire, (of) Heart minus L, (The Spellman) ABC man, (family) Faye plus picture-of-Sabrina plus Robert-E.-Lee, (is) snake, (born) B+ horn, (with) whip, (a) A, (twin) twine minus E.

She reads "Every member of the spellman family is born with twine, minus the e, equals, twin. That's it! Every member of the Spellman family is born with a twin!" Sabrina has finally solved the puzzle, then is zapped to her family reunion location to join her aunts, who congratulate her on finally solving the family secret. A twin? The aunts introduce her to her twin, Katrina. But remember, there is one more clue that figures in on this. Suzie gave Sabrina this clue back a few episodes ago: "we all have good and bad parts." In the second half, Sabrina and Katrina hang out together, having fun at the beach. Then the aunts return to the hotel room and told Sabrina that their twins turn out to be evil. In all witch twins, one twin is good and the other twin is evil, and the evil twin is not allowed to live in the mortal world. Sabrina wonders if she's the evil twin or if Katrina is. A trial at the beach is in order to find out who is good and who is evil. Which witch is which in the case of Katrina vs. Sabrina. Will the series become Katrina the Teenage Witch next season? A judge asks the twins a trick question. Sabrina wins the question portion for caring more about living things than to get points for herself. On the witches' use of magic, the tribunal view films of Sabrina and Katrina casting spells. Sabrina failed, but Katirna passed that test. Katrina has won the life review. The judge has one more review to make or break the twins. He wanted the witches to tell the tribunal they used their magic for good in the last 24 hours. Sabrina made a pregnant animal feel good. Katrina got her and Sabrina dates. Sabrina still wonders if she's the good or evil twin. Salem calls her and demands she come home and said that Harvey's mom is in labor at the hospital. The doctors said that they examined Harvey's mother's stomach and heard a heartbeat and something that sounds like purring. Looks like Sabrina's misspelled spell has struck again. When she made the pregnant cat stop meowing, it was because her unborn kittens were transferred over to inside Harvey's mother's stomach. Sabrina goes into the hospital disguised as a orderly, and brings the pregnant cat into over the delivery room where Harvey's mother is about to give birth. She needs to get the cat and Harvey's mom together to reverse the spell or else Harvey's mom will give birth to kittens. She gets the surgeons out of the hospital, puts the pregnant cat on top of Harvey's mother, casts the spell to reverse the spell, then the unborn kittens returned to the pregnant cat. Sabrina takes the pregnant cat out of the deliver room. Salem gives Sabrina the bad news: in the past 24 house, Sabrina helped the pregnant cat just so Salem could help her with the clue, which is a selfish trait of a witch. Sabrina thinks that she's the evil twin and is doomed. Harvey recognizes Sabrina in the hospital hallway, and she tells him that she won't be able to see him anymore...because she won't be allowed to live anymore...in Westbridge, and tells him that she's moving to Hawaii. Harvey's mother calls out to Harvey in the delivery room. Back in Hawaii at the witch trial, the judge finds out about Sabrina's selfish deed and he finds that the evil twin is Sabrina. The aunts, twins, and the judge go to the top of a volcano. The death sentence? The evil twin has to fall into the volcano to her death. Lava is the only substance that can destroy a witch. Give her the ACLU! The judge says that the good twin to push the evil twin down the volcano. Katrina, thinking that she's the good witch, happily pushes Sabrina down the volcano without any hesitation. Sabrina falls in, but catches a root branch from inside the volcano and hangs on for dear life. The judge asks Katrina why she pushed Sabrina down the volcano, and Katrina replies he told her to. Duh! The judge says that good witches don't have the heart to do away with the evil twin. This proves that Katrina is the evil twin. Sabrina, still hanging on, answers her cell phone. Salem calls her to say that Harvey's mother delivered a girl and Lola had five kittens. The aunts shout out to Sabrina that she's not the evil twin. Sabrina loses her gripa and falls. Zelda casts a spell on Sabrina to lift her back up. At home, Zelda tells Sabrina that Katrina was sent to live in the twin cities in the Other Realm where all the evil twins go after the volcano test. They said that the evil twins couldn't live in the mortal realm; they didn't say anything about death. No one has actually been thrown to their death during the volcano test, except for Sabrina. Aunt Ruby comes in to the house to finally hand Sabrina her offical Witches License; it will give her more power than ever possible, as well as more trouble. The baby kittens were named Harpo, Chico, Zeppo, Groucho, and Pepe. Pepe was Salem's father's name. Harvey's new sister is named Una. Harvey is glad that Sabrina is not moving to Hawaii, but wonders why he thinks he can watch Robocop the movie with Salem.

Trivia: Nick Bakay was often seen on ESPN during SportsCenter with his sports commentaries, and on a few occasions, hawked a Salem cat toy.

Updated: February 3, 2007.

Original Air Date: May 21, 1999

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, NR

Guests: Melissa Joan Hart doubles as Katrina. Susan Angelo as Dr. Merchant. Henry Gibson as Witch Judge. David Alan Graf as Uncle Danny. David Moreland as Doctor #2. Kellye Nakahara as Pele. Rick Negron as Orderly. Lisa K. Wyatt as Aunt Ruby.

Sabrina the Teenage Witch The Complete Series

Read reviews, description, details, and more!

Sabrina the Teenage Witch Season 3 (1998-99)

Read reviews, description, details, and more!

Plot Outline: A sixteen year old high school student finds out she's a witch.

Plot Synopsis: Sabrina Spellman, a perfectly normal 16-year-old, is informed by her aunts, Hilda and Zelda, that she (and they, and her whole family on her father's side) are witches. She lives with them in Massachusetts while preparing to receive her witch's license. Along the way, she gets into many scrapes while figuring out how certain spells work. She also has to keep the secret from her boyfriend, Harvey, friends Jenny and later Valerie, stuck-up nemesis Libby, and her ever-suspicious vice-principal, Mr. Kraft.

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