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You are at the section Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Sabrina Episode Guide Season 4p1

Season Four Sep 1999 - May 2000

#76: "No Place Like Home"

Main Story: It's Sabrina's 18th birthday, and she gets the good news that Libby parents had sent her to boarding school. The aunts agreed to let Valerie come live with them, but she moved to Alaska with her parents. Sabrina gets a visit from her father for her birthday in a package. He says that he's semi-retiring from the Other Realm Foreign Service, so he's going to be settling down in Paris, and wishes Sabrina could join him there. The aunts are torn apart over thinking that Sabrina would be leaving. Harvey gives Sabrina a pair of parking lot passes so they could listen to Britney Spears playing at the concert. Sabrina is torn between staying home and going to Westbridge for her senior year, and joining her dad and his family in Paris. Mr. Kraft is no longer vice president. The bad news? He's now been promoted to principal! Harvey's friend, Brad, returns to town and meets Sabrina for a second, then leaves abruptly. Does Brad like Sabrina? He leaves when she comes near. Does he have some problem with Sabrina? Sabrina and Harvey have a argument about Brad and decide not to go out. Sabrina finds out that Mr. Kraft has been promoted. Her senior year is turing into a nightmare. Sabrina gets a call from Valerie...in a plane; she's going with her family to Alaska. It was going to be the best year of her life; now it's the worst. With all that, Sabrina decides to move to paris with her father. In the second half, Sabrina is in Paris at her father's place. Her father and his wife decide to go to Euro Disney. Back at Westbridge, Harvey is bored. Hilda and Zelda are devasted. Sabrina is bored watching television in Paris. She tunes into several channels where Harvey is laughing, but is really being tickled by Mr. Kraft, who she doesn't see. She tunes into another channel and sees her aunts laughing. She thinks nobody cares about her anymore. Her father senses that his daughter isn't very happy in Paris and is homesicl. She tells him that she's supposed to be going to a Britney Spears concert, and he zaps in Britney dancing and singing to one of her songs named "Drive Me Crazy." Her father says he's glad to see his daughter smiling again, but Britney senses that she's not really enjoying this. She's says it's not much fun alone. Britney tells her that she's been having a lot of one-on-one dreams lately; they ... drive her crazy. Britney shows Sabrina some dance moves and gives her advice that she moved to Paris for all the wrong reasons. Sabrina is taking the easy way out by running away from all her problems. Then Sabrina zaps Britney back home, and said that she had great poise, but had to work on her dance moves. Her father comes back into the room and tells Sabrina that a civil war has broken out in Pluto and will be gone for a while, and says that she would be much happier...and Sabrina interrupts her father and says "back home." Sabrina comes back home to a surprise party. Salem calls her Sabriny. Sabriny? Zelda coaxes some information out of Salem that he might have anything to do with the civil war on Pluto. Zelda thanks Salem for placing some phone calls. Back at Westbridge, Harvey hugs Sabrina and says he missed her, then when Brad comes and goes again, Harvey interjects and tells Brad to be nicer to Sabrina. Mr. Kraft walks in and wonders why Sabrina is back, then she casts a dancing spell on Mr. Kraft who dances while Britney Spears' song "Drive Me Crazy" plays. After the concert, Britney walks by Sabrina and looks at her a bit as if she recognized her, then waves at her, and leaves. Sabrina says that it's as if Britney knew her...in her dreams. In the end, she realizes that there really is no place like home. In the closing credits, the video of "Drive Me Crazy" was played with Melissa Joan Hart as one of the extras.

Note: Jon Huertas joined the cast as Brad for season four.

Updated: February 5, 2007.

Original Air Date: September 24, 1999

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, NR, MM, JH

Guests: Jerry Hauck as Custodian. Jeremy Maxwell as Student. Jacqueline Schultz as Gail. Doug Sheehan as Edward Spellman. Britney Spears as Herself. Holly Towne as Girl. Daniel Hansen as Donald.

Movie: "Sabrina Down Under"

Main Story: Sabrina and her British witch friend, Gwen, take a vacation in Sydney, Australia, where Sabrina hopes to meet a world famous oceonographer. While studying the sea life for research, they come across a merman who's washed up on the beach. In an attempt to prevent an incident, Sabrina casts a spell to give the merman legs for 48 hours, so they can consult the oceanographer about polution in the area the mermaids live that's causing them to become sick. Unfortunately, the scientist becomes suspicious of their story and plans to look for himself, forcing the withces to take action to stop the mermaids from becoming tabloid fodder. Meanwhile, Salem has snuck into Sabrina's hotel, posing as a reclusive wealthy guest, and falls in love with another talking cat.

Original Air Date: September 26, 1999

Note: China Shavers joined the cast as Dreama for season four.

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, NR, CS, MM, JH


#77: "Dream a Little Dreama Me"

Main Story: The cuckoo clock strikes 13 O'clock. Hilda's clock is driving Zelda cuckoo. Hilda is 620 years old and needs a new direction. Salem eats up the cuckoo in the clock. Zelda tells Sabrina that the Witches Council chose her to be a mentor to a new witch student named Dreama for the year so she can get her witches' license. Sabrina is no Quizmaster, that is, unlike the Quizmaster, she doesn't get paid. Sabrina creates an audition page for the position of the senior yearbook editor, but Mr. Kraft tries to prevent that from happeing. In school, an accident-prone Dreama arrives, causing accidents to happen to the students, as well as Sabrina's audition page. In a classroom, Sabrina meets up with Dreama, whose in the same class as she. In the hallway, Dreama causes Sabrina to rip her sleeve on the locker room door, and leaves. When Sabrina secretly repairs her sleeve with magic in the locker, Brad passes by and senses something weird. He asks what it was. Sabrina tells him that her stomach was grumbling from fish cakes. Brad suggests to Mr. Kraft that there's something strange about Sabrina. Brad tells Mr. Kraft that he might be interested in the position of the job of senior yearbook editor. Dreama arrives at Sabrina and her aunts' house, and discovers that Dreama is Sabrina's student she must tutor. In the second half, Dreama zaps Sabrina some flour instead of flowers. Zelda says that Dreama is bright, but has been negecting her magic. Sabrina says she can't work with Dreama or she will kill her. Zelda tells Sabrina that she has to improve Dreama's magic or Sabrina will lose her own magic and be deported. Back at Westbridge, Sabrina tells Dreama not to use magic in front of mortals, then causes a locker door to explode open. Harvey is having a hard time remembering to help Sabrina with her auditon page. Meanwhile, his friend Brad worked on his audition page and Mr. Kraft was impressed. An accident prone Dreams blurts out loud to the students that Sabrina's a witch, and Sabrina tells Dreama to stop with the name calling to get out of a possible jam. Dreama causes a spell when she and Sabrina wishes that Brad went back to texas, and the girls went through a classroom door, and walked into Texas. Sabrina zaps them back to Westbridge where they materialized behind Brad, who demands where they came from. Sabrina tells Brad that he needs to have that conversation with his parents, and runs away. Sabrina leaves her audition page and Dreama in Mrs. Quick's class, then leaves. Dreama tried to cast a spell to make some students appear on the poster, but makes students from the 40s materialize, and ask what happened to the radio where they were listening to Jack Benny. Sabrina can't reverse Dreama's spell, though Dreama knows how to seal them. Brad follows Sabrina and Dreama as they go outside. Sabrina, Dreama, and two kids from the 40s arrive at Hilda's magic clock shop. Dreama senses that Brad is nearby. Sabrina tells Dreama to show Brad some clocks to distract him. The 40s kids meet up with a high school football player, and the witches show them back to 1946 through the magic clock. Zelda and Hilda feel strange. Zelda says that Brad is the boy who dislikes Sabrina for no reason. Hilda senses that Brad is a witch hunter. A very small amount of mortals were born with a witch hunting gene. Brad senses magic and it makes him suspicious, but he doesn't know that he was born a witch hunter that makes him want to ferret out witches. The real danger is when a witch inadvertently reveals herself to a witch hunter, then a witch gets turned into a mouse for a hundred years. Dreama disappears from the magic clock shop. At Westbridge, Sabrina sees Brad carrying a mouse. Sabrina thinks that Dreama turned into a mouse, so she grabs the mouse out of his hand and talks to the mouse. Mr. Kraft walks in, thinking that Sabrina is committing crimes to nature. Dreama walks in and Sabrina was relieved. Brad explains that the mouse is a science project with a tumor, and Mr. Kraft gives Sabrina detention. Harvey gives Sabrina some vintage yearbooks and a letter of reccomendation for the senior yearbook editor, saying "pick her and watch Sabrina work her magic." Dreama wants some water, so she accidentlly casts a spell, and Dreama and Sabrina are sent to the Niagra Falls. Brad made the job as senior yearbook editor. Salem is forced to live in the cuckoo clock.

Secondary Story: a bored Hilda gives up the violin by blowing it up and impulsively purchases a magic clock shop.

Updated: February 5, 2007.

Original Air Date: October 1, 1999

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, CS, JH

Guests: Nicole Nieth as Gretchen. Paul Blake as Billy. Jordan Belfi as John. Joe Ochman ans Shop Owner. Ross Gottstein as Teacher. Wayne Trask as Student (as Wayne Randel Trask). Russell Young as 6th Student.

#78: "Jealousy"

Main Story: Brad's witch hunting gene is dormant, which could be good news temporarily for a witch living in a mortal world. At Westbridge, Harvey agrees to write a sports article for Sabrina, but gets surprised when Harvey asked Brad to help him. When Harvey and Brad become best friends, Sabrina begins to percolate Zelda tells Sabrina that a way to keep her from getting a case of Jealotosis, is to be happy for Harvey, the person she's jealous of. Jealotosis is an intense green-eyed witch envy where jealousy gets out of control. At Westbridge, Sabrina fakes being happy for Harvey, but she still percolates. Sabrina begins wearing shades when she arrives at home. In her bedroom, she takes off her glasses, and her eyes turned green with envy. She's got Jealotosis. In the second half, the magic book said that Jealotosis must run its course. Sabrina's green eyes light up her bedroom. The next morning, Sabrina zaps in Tara Lipinski in her bedroom so she won't feel so jealous that she doesn't have a friend. She brings Tara to class, and the students in a classroom mob her, then Sabrina gets jealous again as her eyes turn green. After the school day, Sabrina tells Tara to find her new best friend and zaps her back to where she was. Zelda and Hilda make Sabrina show her green eyes, then tell her to go back to Westbridge and encountering people with things she wants and make her case of Jealotosis run its course. She gets jealous of everybody, and Mr. Kraft, then she winds up in the Jealous Sea. It's a place where Sabrina has everyting and everybody has nothing. The other students dropped out of school so that she will be the only student to get good grades. Harvey and Brad appear. Salem tells Sabrina that she can't be happy as long as Brad is happy, so Brad disappears. Harvey wonders where his best friend is. Sabrina wishes she could have been happy for Harvey. Then, Sabrina wakes up after fainting, then seems to have overcome her Jealotosis. Sabrina as editor of a student paper tells Brad that she will publish an article Brad and Harvey wrote that she rejected earlier during her jealous tirade.

Secondary Story: Zelda becomes jealous when Mr. Kraft's brother showers attention on Hilda.

Not-so Inside Joke: Salem has to use the telephone so he can call ESPN to talk to Nick, who talks about the Buffalo Bills a lot and his noise is annoying.

Updated: February 6, 2007.

Original Air Date: October 8, 1999

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, NR, JH, MM

Guests: Kasie Kelly as student. Elyse Ashton as Emily Dickerson. Tara Lipinski as Herself. Gary Sandy as Wally Kraft. David Stifel as Shakespeare. Drew Wilson as Mark Twain.

#79: "Little Orphan Hilda"

Main Story: Sabrina's fussy grandmother wants to visit, but her aunts don't care to see her. Sabrina is putting together her family tree and could use her grandmother for help in her socialology class. Lydia is the mother of Hilda and Zelda. Lydia comes to visit and chats with her daughters and her son Edward's daughter Sabrina. Her aunts get tired of listening to their mother's memories and they escape to Hilda's clock shop. Sabrina tells Lydia about Hilda blowing up her violin and buying a clock shop, then Lydia excuses Sabrina and walks into another room, closes the door, then an explosion is heard. I guess she didn't take the news too well. Hilda and Zelda look at an old photo, but Hilda says she doesn't remember fighting with Lydia at all. Salem suggests to the aunts to look for someone from the past to help them remember. Sabrina looks for Lydia all over the house. Looks like she disappearred. Sabrina goes to Hilda's clock shop and sees Salem in a monkey suit doing a spinning plate on a stick trick, and tells him that Ed Sullivan has been off the air for years. Salem said that Joe Franklin is still interested. Sabrina sees her aunts trying to get a pig from the past to reenter the time machine clock, but the pig won't go. Hilda is mad at Sabrina for telling Lydia that Hilda gave up violin. Lydia arrives at the clock shop and shows Hilda how much she paid on 200 years of violin lessons and Hilda tells her that it's 2/3rds of what she spent on 300 years of therapy, and accuses her of being a control freak. Lydia tells Hilda that she won't be bothering her again and goes home crying. Sabrina looks in Lydia's treasure chest and makes a discovery she never knew of. Sabrina brings the paper to Hilda's clock shop and tells her how she can be so unforgiving to a mother who loved her enough to adopt her. Hilda looks at the paper and learns that she was adopted. Sabrina thought Hilda knew she was adopted. In the second half, Hilda loses her identity and doesn't know who she is. Her reflection disappears in the mirror. Zelda says that when a witch loses her identity, her reflection disappears, and if nothing is done, Hilda will disappear forever. Sabrina goes to the Other Realm to see what she can find for her adoption records. She learns that both Hilda and Zelda were both adopted by Lydia. None of this was the family secret. Sabrina goes back home to Lydia's treasure chest and finds Zelda's adoption papers. Zelda arrives home. Sabrina shows Zelda her adoption paper. Zelda then loses her identity and, like Hilda, feels fruitless and empty. Zelda sees no relection of her in the mirror. So much for scientists being stable. Zelda returns to Hilda's clock shop and tells her she's adopted too. Salem tells Sabrina that her father Edward might also be adopted. Sabrina asks Salem who is she anyway? She's upset because she's got no family and sort of loses the rational side of her mind. Harvey arrives at the door, them Sabrina hugs him worred that she will never see him again. Harvey tells her that he's upset about his family tree and that the only think he's learned about the Kinkle clan is that they're all exterminators. Sabrina gets upset. Then Harvey finishes by saying that they're attic exterminators, killing rats with stones. Harvey leaves. An upset Sabrina arrives at Hilda's clock shop and sees that her aunts have partially disappearred from the waist down due to their feelings for lost identity. She gives them a bag of Lydia's memories and tells them that it's a reminder of who they are and never surrender, then she leaves. The aunts open up the bag and see big fluffy yellow dresses they hated wearing. They destroy the dresses and talk about memories of the past, and said that they were always there for each other. Then their lower halves stopped disappearring and are not faded. They realize that they don't care who their parents were or weren't, they're still sisters. Sabrina goes back to the Other Realm to get more copies of her family's adoption records. Salem tells the aunts and shows them that the birds and monkey on the table are adopted and are not whining or fading because they're loved, and that Lydia loves the aunts even though she's a crazy shrew. The aunts look in the mirror and see their reflections once again. Sabrina asks if her aunts want to see their biological mother she brought back. They go to the living room and see Lydia who owes them all an explanation. Lydia explains that their sister Vesta was terribly jealous for all the attention they got when they were little. So Vesta, being the scamp, turned Lydia and her husband, who is Hilda, Zelda, and Vesta's father, into pigs. The Witches Council got wind of it and determined that people with pigspeak couldn't raise children and Vesta refused to change them back, so Lydia adopted them out to a family on a farm. No wonder they liked that farm; Vesta wasn't there. The pigs also lived in the barn in the farm. After a month, Lydia finally got Vesta to turn her and her husband back by head-butting Vesta, but afterwards, Lydia had to get Hilda and Zelda back legally by readopting them back.

Trivia: Shirley Jones played the mother Patridge in the Partridge Family.

Updated: February 7, 2007.

Original Air Date: October 15, 1999

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, NR

Guests: Shirley Jones as Lydia. Audrey Wasilewski as clerk. Robert Noble as city inspector. Andy Siegel as customer. Tom Fahn as pedestrian.

#80: "Spoiled Rotten"

Main Story: Sabrina receives a credit card with no bills and a lot of catalogs from the Other Realm. Zelda warns her that if she gets everything she wants, she won't learn to appreciate the things that are important in life. She first zaps in a manicurist, and insists that it's a necessity and she's not enjoying this. Zelda warns her to not abuse the card as witches are suspectable to catching a case of Getitis. When Zelda leaves, Sabrina begins to go overboard by zapping in a big wardrobe. Salem bugs Zelda and Sabrina for a pet. Sabrina finds a charm bracelet in the attic that her grandmother had given her years ago. Hilda decides to grant Salem his wish to get a pet. At Westbridge, Mrs. Quick announces that the school will be holding a rummage sale, and asks Sabrina to be her assistant. Hilda gets Salem a dogman as a pet. The aunts look at the mess of stuff Sabrina bought with the Other Realm credit card in her bedroom, wake her up, and remind her that the rummage sale started a half hour ago. They suggest Sabrina donate some of the stuff she got with the credit card to the rummage sale, but Sabrina decides to offer her aunts stuff from the attic for the rummage sale. Mrs. Quick tries on an Olympic gold medal Sabrina brought from the attic and gets some kind of magic power, making her more aggresive. Sabrina unwittingly donates her aunts' goods with magic powers. Meanwhile, her aunts still think that Sabrina donated some of her own stuff instead of her aunts' stuff in the attic. Brad suggests to Harvey not to take it the wrong way, but Sabrina is reeking. Sure enough, Sabrina literally begins to spoil rotten when she indulges in too much shopping. Sabrina is giving off a rotten odor. Sabrina calls Zelda on the phone, but Hilda shows up at the rummage sale and offering brownies. Hilda meets up with Sabrina smelling bad. One lady puts on Hilda's aardvark earrings, which cause her hair to turn a different color every 10 minutes. Hilda doesn't see this and doesn't know that Sabrina has sold her aunts' stuff yet, but informs Sabrina that her stuff in the attic is magical. Sabrina's feet begin to rot. In the second half, a panicking Sabrina grabs her aunts stuff from the rummage sale and takes them home. Harvey tries on one of the aunt's hard hats and gets more aggressive with women. Sabrina looks in her magic book to reverse the spoiled rotten spell by getting back all of the stuff she gave away from the attic without her aunts' permission. Brad brought a bronze lion, which turned into a real lion. Mr. Kraft bought Zelda's replicating box, which replicates his gold bars. Sabrina leaves, wearing a ton of flowers and odor eaters to mask the spoiled rotten smell. Zelda says that the medla that Mrs. Quick is wearing is her competetive spirit medal that she has, and she's unaware that it's Zelda's that she's wearing. Mrs. Quick takes it off and Zelda gets it back, unaware that Sabrina sold it in the rummage sale. Sabrina brings in Salem's pet dogman to Hilda's clock shop. Her aunts wonder why she's wearing a coat of roses, but she leaves. She meets up with Harvey, and takes the hat back from his head. Sabrina goes to Mr. Kraft's office and asks for the replicating box, but Mr. Kraft refuses to let her in. Sabrina barges in anyway. Mr. Kraft hugs the replicating box, and a begging Sabrina is spoiling so rotten that her legs are literally melting. Sabrina quizzes Mr. Kraft on things that are special, and realizes that she's become a spolied brat, losing her appreciation for what's really important: people. Sabrina's spoiled rotten spell is reversed. Mr. Kraft gets spooked and tells her that she's one of the space aliens that's out to get the replicating box. Sabrina spins her head around fast and an alien head pops up in place of hers, pretending to be an alien pretending to be Sabrina, and gets Mr. Kraft to return the replicating box and is told to donate all of the gold bars to the charity drive. Sabrina brings her own stuff to the charity drive, and gives her grandmother's bracelet to Mrs. Quick. Brad returns the bronze lion he bought from the charity drive, having enough of the lion that ripped his clothes and ate the legs of his chair.

Updated: February 9, 2007.

Original Air Date: October 22, 1999

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, NR, MM, JH, MG

Guests: Spencer Beglarian as Sparky the dogman. Faith Salie as Waitress. Marcy Goldman as Customer #1. Steven E. Daniels as Customer #2. Angella Kaye as Customer (uncredited). Bryan Kirkwood as customer.

#81: "Episode LXXXI: The Phantom Menace"

Main Story: In an attempt to avoid Halloween, Sabrina works the night shift alone in her new job at the college coffeehouse, but with hair-raising results. Meanwhile, when Hilda and Zelda are dying to be scared out of their wits, they summon Edgar Allan Poe (Edgar Allan POE IV) to do the honors.

Note: David Lascher joined the series as Josh for seasons 4-6.

Updated: TBA

Original Air Date: October 29, 1999

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, NR, CS, JH, DL

Guests: Gabriel Carpenter as College Guy (as Gabe Carpenter). Tom Novak as Customer. Edgar Allan Poe IV as Edgar Allan Poe.

#82: "Prelude to a Kiss"

Main Story: Sabrina has a small crush on Josh but won't admit it. Dreama learns to cast a spell on an object, but lacks enough magic glue to make it stick. Josh is the boss at the coffee shop that Sabrina is now working at. Lenny Friedman is the folk singer nobody has heard of that is playing in the coffee shop; he looks like Carrot Top. Josh asks Sabrina for help to study for his big exam. Harvey gets a bit too busy to see Sabrina on Thursday. That night, Josh aced the Oliver Twist exam that Sabrina helped him out the night before. Josh asks Sabrina to help him study on Friday, but it's the same day that Harvey expects Sabrina to attend the high school football game vs. Eastbridge. Josh expects Sabrina to help him study that same night. Sabrina is torn between doing two things at once. In the second half, Sabrina asks Salem and the pirates for help. Should she hurt Harvey or inconvieience Josh? The next day, Sabrina tries to tell Josh she chose to attend Harvey's game, but when Josh comes in and saying that his grade depends on her help, she can't get it out. Harvey runs in and tells Sabrina that he has a chance that he might get to play and his best girl will get to see it. Sabrina comes up with a plan and tells Dreama how the plan should go. On Friday night, Sabrina goes to help Josh study for a big test, and Dreama attends the high school football game. Sabrina tells Dreama before the night began that she contact Sabrina when Harvey gets to play for Westbridge. When Dreama sees Harvey stand up, she contacts Sabrina, who leaves the coffee shop, then zaps herself into the audience stand, but they see Harvey standing up to take a drink. Sabrina zaps herself back to the coffee shop. Dreama sees Harvey go to the field, and Sabrina comes back, then Harvey is chasing is gum wrapper. Bye again. Dreama calls Sabrina again. False alarm. Sabrina finally turns off the communicating device she has been using to get Dreama's calls for Sabrina to pop in to see Harvey, and thinks that since there's two minutes left in the game, Harvey won't have a chance to play. She returns to the coffee shop, and each time she does, brings in a pinecone. Then, Harvey is announced that he will take the place of a player and goes onto the field. Harvey looks for Sabrina and doesn't see her in the audience stand. Meanwhile, Josh walks Sabrina home. After Westbridge defeats Eastbridge, Dreama makes herself look like Sabrina. Harvey glances and sees Dreama as Sabrina, and heads up the audence stand. Dreama's spell doesn't stick because she doesn't have enough witch glue to make it stick and she returns as Dreama. Dreama explains to Harvey that Sabrina had to go home fast because she got sick. After walking Sabrina home, Josh gives her a kiss on the cheek, then on the lips, but Harvey comes walking nearby and seeing them kissing and says that Sabrina doesn't look sick to him, then runs away dejected.

Secondary Story: ARRR! The pirates that Hilda and Zelda kept as prisioners for 100 years have returned, and they are hired to clean house, but they leave a few loose ends -- like Ed McMahon locked in their closet. Looks like they won't get the check for $10,000,000.

Updated: February 9, 2007.

Secondary Story: Salem takes Tae Bo lessons from Billy Blanks.

Original Air Date: November 5, 1999

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, NR, DL, CS

Guests: Robert Bauer as Hook. Brian Seeman as Nemo. Mark Blankfield as Blackbeard. Billy Blanks as himself. Ed McMahon as himself. Lenny Freidman as folk singer. Ali Burns as Teresa. Patricia Place as Queen. Home styling expert B. Smith as herself. Zach Selwyn as Announcer.

#83: "Aging, Not So Gracefully"

Main Story: Harvey is still upset over seeing Sabrina and Josh kissing from the night before, and tells her that he's been second string in football and doesn't want to be second string with her, then when she says that she likes Josh, he hopes she and Josh are happy together as he walks away. Sabrina discovers that she and Josh like sci-fi movies, and hints about a date with him for Saturday night, but Josh just wants to be friends with her. Sabrina wants to make herself more sophisticated, so she uses an aging potion to make herself more mature to Josh to impress him. She arrives at Josh's coffee shop, still applying the aging potion to her. Josh then asks her out to see a sci-fi movie Saturday night. In the second half, Dreama tells Sabrina to look in the mirror, but Sabrina sees herself as a teeanger in the reflection. She keeps applying the aging potion. In a few days, she looks like a granny when she goes to Westbridge. She's applied too much of the potion and acts like an old lady. At work, Josh doesn't recognize Sabrina who now looks like a old lady in her 70s, but her reflection in the mirror is still a teenager. Harvey brings Sabrina as the old lady back home; he doesn't recognize Sabrina under the old age spell. Her aunts take a look at what Sabrina did to herself. Sabrina looks in the mirror, sees her teenage reflection, and says that she looks cute, then Zelda casts a spell on the mirror so that it reflects her old age reflection, then Sabrina freaks out. Sabrina was trying to apply the old age potion to her to make herself more interesting to Josh, but used too much. She's learned that if Josh wants her, then she has to be honest and be wanted for herself. Zelda gives Sabrina some prune juice for her to drink, then the old age spell is vanquished. Sabrina agrees with Josh that they're better off as friends. Josh says after she leaves that she's cute, funny, and smart; he also says that he's an idiot. Sabrina sees Harvey kissing Colette, and he tells Sabrina that he's seeing her. Sabrina fears that she's lost Harvey forever.

Secondary Story: Salem falls madly in love with dancer/singer Paula Abdul

Another Minor Plot: and Hilda and Zelda frantically try to reunite Madame Curie and her playboy husband before it's too late.

Updated: February 10, 2007.

Original Air Date: November 12, 1999

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, NR, DL, CS

Guests: Paula Abdul as herself. Pamela Dillman as Marie Curie. Alastair Duncan as Pierre Curie. Ginger Williams as Colette. Jorge Pallo as student. Pat Lentz as teacher. Eduardo Flores as college guy no. 1. Christopher Rob Bowen as college guy no. 2. George Katt as Boyfriend.

#84: "Love Means Having to Say You're Sorry"

Main Story: Sabrina tries to win Harvey back by rewriting the past. When she tries to eliminate the fateful kiss from Josh that broke up her relationship with Harvey, her plan backfires. To help heal Sabrina's broken heart, Hilda and Zelda decide to host their first Thanksgiving dinner with the assistance of real-life pilgrims.

Updated: TBA

Original Air Date: November 19, 1999

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, NR, DL, CS

Guests: Christopher Rich as John. Jennifer Butt as Mary. Ginger Williams as Colette. Kasan Butcher as Bitter Man. Tim Thomerson as Mr. Alcorro.

#85: "Ice Station Sabrina"

Main Story: Harvey and Brad arrive at the coffee shop when Sabrina was working. Harvey gives Sabrina a romantic surprise: a romantic ski weekend. Remember that Brad is the man with the witchhunting gene, but he doesn't realize it. When Sabrina sees a waitress dropping a mug by accident on the floor, Sabrina casts a spell to intercept the fall and it bounces back up to the hand of the customer. Brad senses it and asks what happened and accuses Sabrina of doing something. Harvey tells Brad that Sabrina is all the way across the room. Of all the coffeehouses in town, Brad has to walk into the one where Sabrina works. The next day, Harvey picks up Sabrina to go to the ski trip, but he brings Brad along, and says that Brad is just going to drive the two to the mountains, drop them off, then drive all the way back. Brad tells them that he has a date with a Susan that night, and if he gets back home in time, he will be with her for 20 minutes before her 10:30 curfew. Sabrina runs upstairs to talk with her aunts. She fears that if she accidentally uses her magic, and Brad sees proof that she's a witch, she will turn into a mouse for 100 years. The aunts consult the Witch Weather channel for answers, and the forecast says unless things shift drastically, Brad's witch hunting sense will be active for 72 hours. Is it time for Sabrina to really panic? The aunts tell Sabrina to take Salem with her. While driving to the ski location, Sabrina casts a spell underneath the hood to fix the radio. The guys listen to Sox talk, weeks after the baseball season ended. Sabrina zaps the heater to fix it to make it work. Brad sees sparks coming out of Sabrina's finger and freaks out, then drive off the road and hit something in front of them, and can't get the car restarted. Brad accuses Sabrina that she did something with her finger, and Sabrina tells Brad that she can't pick her nose or talk? While Harvey and Brad were looking under the hood, Sabrina argues with Salem, then Brad comes by the window and demands to know who she's arguing with, and she answers that it's the radio. While hiking in the woods looking for help, Salem cries, and Brad asks if the cat is crying. Sabrina says that it's how it meows and she got the cat from a really cheap pet store. Sabrina keeps coming into close calls with Brad, fearing that he will discover her secret. Sabrina sights a fire tower and goes up the ladder. The boys hear some wolves howling and follow her up. A sign falls down below, saying "Comdemned. Unsafe. Keep Off." In the second half, the three and Salem arrive in the fire tower. Brad remembers that he's afraid of heights. Meanwhile, Brad's father arrives at the aunts' home. Hilda wants to zap herself to where Sabrina is to save the teens, but Zelda intercepts her finger, and tells her that Brad's father has the witch-hunting gene where Brad got it from, so Hilda can't use magic near him, and he's already suspicious of them. Harvey finds a radio and tells Sabrina to fix the radio. Brad is watching her. Brad's dad decides to drive up to the ski resort to rescue them, and he leaves. The aunts decide to go with Brad's father on the trip. Sabrina bangs the radio with a screwdriver, and gets the radio to work. She uses it to call for help to whoever is listening to it, but the voice on the other end thinks that the radio caller is a prank call and refuses to help. The fire tower gets some snow flurries inside as well as chilly as it's basically condemned and windowa are missing. The condemned fire tower rocks back and forth as it's getting ready to fall. Sabrina can't use her spell to save them or she'll turn into a mouse. She sees Harvey and Brad panicking as the tower begins to rock harder and harder. Just as the tower was beginning to fall for good, Sabrina uses her magic to get them all out of the fire tower, which comes crashing down to the ground. They land on the ground and are fine. Brad demands to know how they can be fine if they fell 50 feet and says that it's all too weird. Brad adds up all of the weird events Sabrina caused recently, swearing that he heard the cat talk and Sabrina had sparks flying out of her finger. Brad says it's as if she has magical powers. Meanwile, Hilda and Zelda learn that Brad's father is actually his stepfather, meaning that he doesn't have the witch-hunting gene, so Zelda uses her magic to save Sabrina. Just as Brad was going to say that "I know what you are. Sabrina Spellman, you're a wi...", then a moonshine pops up from out of nowhere and Brad is blinded by the light of the moon, meaning that the weather is clearing up, then forgets what he's going to say as his witch-hunting gene goes dormant just in time. The aunts and Mr. Alcerro arrive. Brad complains that he can't remember what happened with Sabrina. Close call.

Updated: February 10, 2007.

Original Air Date: November 26, 1999

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, NR, JH

Guests: Tim Thomerson as Mr. Alcerro. Ivan Borodin as customer.

#86: "Salem and Juliette"

Main Story: Sabrina as the editor of the school newspaper needs a story that is explosive for her first issue as editor. Sabrina sees Dreama casting a kiss-me spell on the students and Mrs. Quick. Principal Kraft gives detention slips to Sabrina and Dreama for loitering in the hallway. Harvey notices that the cafeteria food has gotten worse this year, and hears someone throwing up in the background. In the hallway, Dreama casts a spell to put a cast on her leg to make friends, but Sabrina cancels out her spell. Sabrina brings Harvey's hamburger from the cafeteria home to show her aunts how bad it looks. Sabrina also notices that Principal Kraft has just come up with an expensive pen, shoes, and a man purse. Sabrina gets an idea for a story for the front page. Sabrina suspects that there's no ham in the burger, no meat in the loaf, and no sloppy in the joe, an idea she calls cafeteriagate. Is there a meat scandal? There's no meat in the salisbury steak either! Mrs. Quick sees Principak Kraft's helpers bringing in some new expensive furniture into his office. If there's no school money for the cafeteria food, then could this mean that the money is all going to the Principal Kraft to pay for his expensive stuff? Mr. Kraft catches Mrs. Quick and Sabrina rummaging through his papers, then Sabrina snaps a photo of Kraft, then the ladies leave. Dreama and Sabrina conjure up a truth potion for Mr. Kraft to take when Dreama slips it into his juice. Sabrina gets a tape machine and talks to Mr. Kraft. When he was asked if he wants to confess something about the cafeteria food, he whinnies like a horse, the excuses himself. Mrs. Kraft comes in and informs Sabrina about a man named Sore Throat, a secret informant who works in the school cafeteria. They were going to meet up with Sore Throat later, but he was done in with a ... well ... sore throat. What irony! The next night after Salem's high school reunion, Sabrina and Mrs. Quick meet up with Sore Throat. Sore Throat describes Dreama changing from one outfit to another, her crutches disappearring, a talking cat, and he can't take it anymore; he then runs away. Guess he cracked up. Paranormia...the lead story. Nope. Sabrina goes with Harvey's suggestion: Kinkle Might Make First String. Dreama meets up with Sabrina in the hallway, then the two disappear. Sore Throat sees them disappearring and freaks out, running out of the school. In the closing scene, Sabrina tells Harvey that he wasn't dirty dealing. In the background, we see reposessors taking back Mr. Kraft's stuff he bought with the school money, except for the man purse. One of the repossessors tells Kraft that he told them it was T-bone meat, and didn't tell them that it was school meat.

Secondary Story: Sabrina helps Salem find a date for his high school reunion. Sabrina sees Dreama in the hallway with a talking kitty named Juliette, and they bring the cat to Salem Salem falls head-over-heels for Juliette, who was a witch turned into a cat for trying to take over the universe. Problem is that Juliette is using Salem to meet another guy at the high school reunion. An operator tells Sabrina and Dreama that Salem plans to propose the Juliette, so they go to the high school reunion. Sabrina breaks the news to Salem about Juliette and Salem gets crushed. Billy Lulto shows up at the table and meets up with Salem, and acts like a complete inflated ego he was in high school when he and Salem were once teenagers, and in Salem's case, a human. Juliette comes back from a break and tells Billy off, calling him a bully Lulto. Sabrina zaps Billy and he flies to the wall and sticks to it.

Updated: February 14, 2007.

Original Air Date: December 10, 1999

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, NR, MM, CS, MG

Guests: David Fickas as Father Time. Maurice Chasse as Thug. Mark Colson as Security Attendant. Patrick Ecclesine as Teenage Billy. John Ganun as Billy Lulto. Manu Intiraymi as Sore Throat. Eric Jungmann as Teenage Salem. Gerry Lock as Little Old Lady. Bebe Neuwirth as Juliette Jingleheimer (voice). Leslie Olivan as Hallie Tosis (as Jeana Leslie Olivan). Brandie Rocci as Student. Marc Colson as Security Attendant.

Sabrina the Teenage Witch The Complete Series

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Sabrina the Teenage Witch Season 4 (1999-2000)

Read reviews, description, details, and more!

Plot Outline: A sixteen year old high school student finds out she's a witch.

Plot Synopsis: Sabrina Spellman, a perfectly normal 16-year-old, is informed by her aunts, Hilda and Zelda, that she (and they, and her whole family on her father's side) are witches. She lives with them in Massachusetts while preparing to receive her witch's license. Along the way, she gets into many scrapes while figuring out how certain spells work. She also has to keep the secret from her boyfriend, Harvey, friends Jenny and later Valerie, stuck-up nemesis Libby, and her ever-suspicious vice-principal, Mr. Kraft.

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