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You are at the section Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Sabrina Episode Guide Season 4p2

Season Four Sep 1999 - May 2000

#87: "Sabrina, Nipping at Your Nose"

Main Story: It's the holiday season, and Sabrina magically erases winter so she, Harvey and her aunts can enjoy a Jamaican holiday. But an angry Mother Nature turns Sabrina into a snowman. To survive her rapid meltdown, Sabrina is ordered to cheer up a brooding Mr. Kraft, who wishes he could spend Christmas with Zelda.

Updated: TBA

Original Air Date: December 17, 1999

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, NR, MM, DL

Guests: Danny Bonaduce as a "partridge" in a pear tree. Ed Gale as Powell. Dana Woods as Pressburge. Nancy Lanari as Mother Nature. Mary Bogue as a french hen. Will Jennings as a young Mr. Kraft. Phyllis Franklin as customer.

#88: "Now You See Her, Now You Don't"

Main Story: Sabrina and Harvey are named the finalists for the king and queen of the Snowflake Ball at Westbridge High. Sabrina tries on a gown for the Ball she got from the Other Realm, but it's one size too small. so she decides to go on a diet to lose weight. She eats as little as she can. In Mrs. Quick's class, Sabrina's stomach rumbles loudly for not getting sufficient food. Sabrina is desparate to win the Ball with Harvey as the cutest couple, and becomes too obsessed with her crash diet. She looks in the magic book to cast her spell to make herself lose weight, and makes a salesman appear, who sells her a shake diet. She drinks the shake, loses some weight, then fits in her dress. The salesman comes back to sell her more diet stuff, but Sabrina passes. The salesman casts a spell on the mirror so that when Sabrina sees herself as fat, then buys the diet stuff from the crooked salesman. Sabrina drinks the diet shakes, and getting awfully skinny, but is still convinced that she is fat. Zelda sees a packet of Gaunty Grape shake powder packet she found in Sabrina's bedroom, and tells Sabrina that the salesman's diet stuff is a scam and can cause serious side effects like making her think she has to lose weight when she's too thin. The diet has affected Sabrina psychologiclaly. Though Zelda shows Sabrina that she is thin, Sabrina still thinks she's fat. In her bedroom, Sabrina drinks one more diet shake, then disappears. She looks in the mirror and discovers that she's disappearred! In the second half, Sabrina looks through her magic book and looks for a potion. Salem tells Sabrina that she needs an Other Realm camera. Harvey shows up and the door and an invisible and silent Sabrina opens up the door to let Harvey in. Harvey hears feet going up the stairs but sees nothing as Sabrina going up the stairs is invisible. She enters her bedroom where Salem awaits the camera to show up. When it does, Salem shoots Sabrina with the camera and she reappears. Sabrina puts on her gown and discovers that the camera spell works for only a few minutes. What a cheap camera! She starts to flicker when she's about to disappear, then disappears. Salem shoots the camera and she reappears. Sabrina has to take the camera with her to the Ball. Salem warns Sabrina that not to have anyone else in the picture or else they'll all gain 100 pounds if they're not flickering out. In Harvey's car, Sabrina flickers out then snaps a picture of her. Harvey wonders what's going on. Sabrina tells him Northern Lights. At the Snowflake Ball, Sabrina flickers out and Harvey wonders if his eyes are acting weird. Sabrina gets a picture taken to stop the flickering, but pushes Harvey out of the way so he doesn't gain 100 pounds. Sabrina gets another photo taken by a student, but Mrs. Quick gets in her picture. Sabrina shows Mrs. Quick out the door and into the hall where she balloons up 100 pounds. Sabrina offers to take Mrs. Quick to the hospital but it will be a minute because she had to go back to the Ball because it was time for the dance for the king and queen of the ball nominees. While dancing with Harvey, Sabrina flickers out again. She goes to Dreama and asks if she's seen her camera. Dreama doesn't and offers Sabrina to use hers, which isn't magic. Sabrina disappears again. Sabrina begs Dreama to go look for it. The master of ceremonies announces that Harvey and Sabrina were named the king and queen of this year's Snowflake Ball. Harvey wonders where Sabrina went. A lonely Harvey goes up to the stage to make a speech. When Harvey says that he's thinking of passing on the award to somebody else, an invisible Sabrina shouts out "NO!" and the people look for where the voice came from and see nothing. Dreama finds Sabrina by stepping on her foot. Sabrina tells Dreama to go to the stage with Harvey to stall the folks while she looks for the magic camera. Dreama tells her the people are thinking that she's strange for talking to herself. She looks around and finds nothing. Then when she walks to the doorway, she reappears, thinking that all she needs is a little self esteem. The fat spell also wore off of Mrs. Quick and she returns to normal size. Sabrina finally reappearrs at the Ball and meets up with Harvey. Mrs. Quick finds Sabrina's magic camera, then goes to the ball, looks at Sabrina at the stage, and tells her to say "cheese." Sabrina cries out "NO!" as Mrs. Quick snaps her photo with it. In the closing scene, at home, Harvey tells Mrs. Quick and Hilda that suddenly, Sabrina ballooned out, destroying her dress. After Hilda shows Mrs. Quick and Harvey out the door, Zelda and Sabrina come downstairs. Sabrina learns her lesson never to starve herself again.

Secondary Story: Hilda's bad temper erupts when an unscrupulous competitor threatens to close her clock shop by opening up a Wal-Mart sized competetor called Everything Emporium. Hilda demonstrated in front of the Emporium saying that it's evil. She meets up with the president of the Emporium and turns him into a cockroach. After a few days, Hilda catches him and Zelda tells her to turn him back. The competetor feels invincible, but he acts like a cockroach when Hilda turns the light on in his office.

Updated: February 14, 2007.

Original Air Date: January 7, 2000

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, NR, CS, DL, MG

Guests: George Wyner as president. Jeff Austin as salesman. Mark Wallace as student announcer. Eboni-Keiannia Haynes as girl. Eric Jungmann as boy.

#89: "Super Hero"

Main Story: Sabrina sees Mr. Kraft seeing a career counselor and determines that he wants to change careers. He talked to Zelda about changing careers. The next day, Mr. Kraft announces that he's resigned as Westbridge principal, and the students celebrate. Mr. Kraft gets some pep talk from Zelda about changing careers. Mr. Kraft tries many jobs but none of them stick with him. Mr. Kraft tells Zelda that he's thinking of getting his old job back, but Sabrina talks him out of it. Instead, Mr. Kraft gets a job as an assistant in the coffee house where Sabrina works. Sabrina and Zelda tell Hilda that she has to get Mr. Kraft out of there. Hilda and Sabrina conjure up a Dream-Come-True squirt gun. All she has to do is to squirt him with this and he will become whatever he wanted to be when he was a child. Hilda tries it on Salem and he dons a fireman uniform. Harvey and witch hunter Brad are surprised to see Mr. Kraft working at the coffee house. Sabrina takes a squirt gun and shoots Mr. Kraft with it. Mr. Kraft leaves, saying that he has something more important to do. Brad grabs the squirt gun away from Sabrina, and shoots Harvey with it. A thief grabs a tip jar and runs out. Harvey gives chase and captures the thief; when Harvey returned with the thief, he was donning a superhero uniform with a "T" on his chest. He's Mighty Teen with a jet-powered skateboard! The thief is apprehended and the tip jar is returned. Mighty Teen blasts off on his skateboard. "Mighty-Teen Away!" In the second half, Sabrina and Dreama are in her bedroom and look through the magic book. The Dream-Come-True spell will end when someone lives out their childhood dream. Is Harvey back to normal? Nope. They see Harvey flying on his skateboard as Mighty-Teen. OK, he's not the Greatest American Hero, but better than Once a Hero if you know what I mean. Mr. Kraft enters Sabrina and the aunts' home as an aviator. Harvey wearing glasses goes to Westbridge the next day; he's pretending he's a superhero in disguise. Mr. Kraft shows Zelda a plane that looks like the one Charles Lindburth flew. Sabrina and Hilda look through the comic books to find a story where Mighty Teen saves the world to end Harvey's spell. In one issue, Mighty Teen dies. Zelda asks Hilda if there is a spell on Mr. Kraft. She says yes, but Sabrina put the spell on him. Mr. Kraft wants to fly to Paris, France in the plane. He takes off. The aunts tells Sabrina that she has to protect him and tell her to go with him. Sabrina zaps herself into the back seat of Mr. Kraft's airplane. She tells him that she's a phantom. The plane has engine failure in mid air. Sabrina zaps the engine back to working condition. Mr. Kraft does a loop-de-loop in the plane, and Sabrina injures her magic finger and can't get her finger out. The plane's engine failed. Sabrina's magic finger failed. They're going down in the plane. All of a sudden, they're flying again. Why? Mighty Teen is holding up the plane and are flying again. When they land, back at Westbridge High, Mighty Teen gives Sabrina's finger some teen bactine and her finger works again. Sabrina casts a spell and a student mob greets Mr. Kraft. Sabrina asks Mighty Teen if there's any way she can talk him out of saving the world, and he says that he already did; Sabrina is his world. Then, his Dream-Come-True spell wears off. Mr. Kraft's spell eventually wears off too. Mr. Kraft and Harvey remember nothing about it. Mr. Kraft is back as principal.

Updated: February 14, 2007.

Original Air Date: January 21, 2000

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, NR, MM, JH, DL, CS

Guests: Dennis Bailey as the career counselor. Craig Strong as the fireman.

#90: "Love in Bloom"

Main Story: Sabrina can't figure out what to give Harvey for Valentine's Day. Sabrina is thinking about giving Harvey a ride through the Milky Way (after which, he won't remember where he was except for the feeling of it). Hilda secretly spends her days with Daniel Boone in the attic. Sabrina receives an anonymous Valentine's Day card from a secret admirer that's addressed "To My Valentine". Harvey walks in and Sabrina thanks him for the Valentine he sent, but Harvey didn't send it. He got her a stick of gum and a watch. He was going to walk her to work, but changed his mind and exits. Sabrina gives the card to Hilda, thinking that the card was meant for her. Hilda takes the card up to the attic. Salem is bugged because the mockingbird outside is taunting him. Marnie at the coffee shop suggests that Sabrina might have a secret admirer. When Sabrina hiccups, bubbles in the shape of Valentine's hearts float out of her mouth. Hilda says that she couldn't be happier, but when she and Zelda go to the kitchen, they meet Daniel Boone there. Sabrina is still hiccupping Valentine's candy bubbles. Daniel leaves through the time machine clock in Hilda's clock shop. Zelda vows to find out who sent Hilda the Valentine's Day card. Sabrina can't figure out what's wrong with her hiccups. Her aunts help her out. Sabrina hiccups the heart bubbles again. Zelda says that this is serious. Roland the Troll enters Sabrina's bedroom to help find out what's going on with her. Sabrina's heart is beating loudly. Roland opens up Sabrina's chest to see that her heart has turned into a Valentine's candy statuing "Be Mine, No Be Mine." She has come down with a serious case of Candy Heart Syndrome. In the second half, Sabrina is asking why this is happening to her. Roland says that her problem is very serious, then when he holds Sabrina's hand, she zaps him away. Zelda looks in the magic book and reads that under Candy Heart Syndrome, a witch gets it only around Valentine's Day when two or more mortal people are vying for her heart. There must be someone else. The Valentine's Day card from the secret admirer wasn't meant for Hilda, it was for Sabrina. Sabrina says that her condition is getting progressively worse as her heart beats louder. Zelda tells Sabrina to stop one of the mortals from vying for her heart or else she will become cold, heartless, and unable to love anyone forever. Hilda summons Roland again. The witches demand for Roland to find out who sent Sabrina the Valentine's Day card. It turns out to be Josh, who's her secret admirer. Then after finding out who, Zelda tells Sabrina to stop Josh from admiring her. Sabrina's heart stops beating loudly, then plays Jack Benny's theme song "Love in Bloom." The consensous is that she's not getting better. Sabrina walks into the coffee shop with the heart music still blaring. Josh asks what's with the cheesy music. Sabrina puts on a heavy load of jackets to muffle out the music. Sabrina tells Josh that she's so the opposite of cute and tries to get him to like someone else, but no luck. She keeps singing the song because she's a crazy insane person. Josh tells her to go home and to learn a new song. Sabrina called Zelda and tells her that the heart music has stopped, and tells her to flush the stupid ill mockingbird that Salem fell on down the drain and refers to Josh a pathetic loser and to tell him to move on. She hangs up before Zelda could tell her that she's becoming heartless. Hilda and Zelda summon Roland one more time for help. Back at the coffee shop, Harvey kisses Sabrina while she demands to talk to Josh. Roland enters the coffee shop with the aunts. They join her after Sabrina told Harvey a list of things she doesn't like about him. Harvey asks what's wrong with Sabrina, who asks what's love, and says that she don't love over and over again. Zelda demands that Roland shoot Josh with a love bazooka, but he refuses, saying if he can't have Sabrina, than nobody can. Zelda takes the bazooka out of his hand and shoots Josh with it. Josh turns around and sees Hilda. Sabrina unfreezes and says that she doesn't love...anybody but Harvey. Josh introduces himself to Hilda, who turns to Zelda and accuses her of shooting Josh to admire Hilda on purpose. Sabrina apologizes to Harvey and explains that she had a weird reaction to special sugar at her house. Harvey says that the mean Sabrina couldn't be her because she has the biggest heart of anyone he knows. Roland shoots Harvey with the bazooka and Harvey begins to admire Zelda. Sabrina says that it's time for a Valentine's Day massacre and chases Roland in anger.

Updated: March 8, 2007

Original Air Date: February 11, 2000

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, NR, DL, PFO

Guests: Essence Atkins as Marnie. Matt Battaglia as Daniel Boone. Zach Zelwyn as customer.

#91: "Welcome Back, Duke"

Main Story: Sabrina wants to go to Adams, a prestigious college that has 21st centry concepts in 19th century beauty. Her guidance counselor tells her she has great grades, lots of academic extracurricular activities, and excellentreccomendations, but nothing in the arts. Adams loves the arts but Sabrina is not rounded enough for them. When Sabrina sees her school achievement circle as 3/4ths full, she comments that she won't go to Adams because her resume looks like Pac-Man! Salem gets the message that Duke, an old crony of his and former con man, has finished his sentence as a cat and is ready for rehabilitation into society. Sabrina looks for something in the arts for her to do at school. She tries out several arts activities, but her auditions would have scored all disasterous ratings if Simon Cowell were present in a dozen activities she tried out for. She tries out for a school musicial with Harvey that requires dancing, but she can't dance. Duke zaps himself into the Spellman house and reunites with Salem. Duke finally has the use of his magic again, but after 100 years, his rusty magic could not be as dependent as it once were before his sentence. Duke does some magic and conjures up a foot rest in front of the front door. Sabrina walks in through the door and trips on the door rest. Hilda and Zelda tell Sabrina that she's not really musical, coordinated, or graceful. Sabrina asks her aunts to coach the Marauders basketball team that she's been coaching, but Hilda tells Sabrina that she has to find somebody to mind her clock shop, and she found somebody: Duke. All he has to do is to give them a clock and take their money. Simple, right? Hilda and Zelda can't seem to get the hang of coaching the Marauders. Salem tells Duke to fix a watch with magic, and it's fixed. Salem tells Duke to conjure up a voting booth, but blows up the store. Oops. His rusty magic led to a disasterous result. In the second half, Sabrina stands up for Duke when an old associate of his named Bennie comes in and asked him to join the gang again, and tells Bennie that Duke's a good man and Bennie is not. Bennie leaves. While Sabrina was sleeping, Duke casts a spell on her to make her a better dancer. She didn't explode. The next morning, Sabrina trips up when she gets out of bed, and discovers that she has two right feet. The aunts can't reverse the spell unless Duke can remember what spell he cast to give her two right feet. The aunts walk into Duke's memory to find the spell he cast, but his memory was a mess with cobwebs and stuff all over the place. Harvey walks in and wonders what the door with "Duke's Memory" on it was doing in the living room. Sabrina tells Harvey that it's a tombstone for Salem's old owner. Harvey walks close to the door, and senses that it has a force field around it. Sabrina is hiding her two right feet under a blanket from Harvey. Harvey came to rehearse some dance numbers, but Sabrina can't show him her two right feet. While Harvey turned his back away from the Duke's Memory doorway, the aunts walk through it. Harvey wonders where her aunts came from. Sabrina grabs the folder, saying that Duke's last request was that he wanted a door to cover for the aunts. The folder contains the spell Duke cast on Sabrina. The aunts reverse Duke's spell. Sabrina and Harvey practice dance numbers at school, but he just can't stay in step. The Duke casts a spell on Harvey to make him dance better. Problem? Harvey now acts like a child instead of dancing like an old man. Salem walks in, and Sabrina senses that Duke put a spell on Harvey. Sabrina chases Harvey all over the school. Duke walks in. Sabrina tells him that he runined her chances of getting into Adams, and leaves. At the audition, Sabrina does her dance, but where's Harvey? Duke comes in to assist Sabrina in doing a soft shoe. Sabrina gets the part. Sabrina chases Harvey into the Spellman home. The aunts bring in John Salley from the Los Angeles Lakers to help the aunts reverse the spell on Harvey. Sabrina's rehearsal schedule was so heavy in time that she has to give up coaching the Marauders. It stinks. She decides to pass on the arts and the heck with Adams. The aunts give back to the commuinity by giving Duke to the elderly retirement home.

Trivia: In one of the opening sequences for the Dick Van Dyke Show, Dick enters his place and trips on the foot rest.

Updated: February 17, 2007.

Original Air Date: February 25, 2000

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, NR

Guests: Dick Van Dyke as Duke. Laker basketball star John Salley as himself. Jimm Giannini as Bennie. Pat Lentz as teacher. Harry S. Murphy as guidance counselor. Ming Lo as foreign man, Gracie Charters as girl.

#92: "Salem's Daughter"

Main Story: Sabrina finds out that Salem has a daughter named Annabelle Saberhagen, who is about to get married. Salem is 500 years old and his daughter hasn't been in touch with him for decades. Annabelle blames Salem for being away so much. Sabrina goes to the Other Realm to talk to Annabelle, who wanted him to talk to her father and forgives him. While there, Sabrina is invited to be her maid of honor. Sabrina puts a wedding book in her locker and leaves. Harvey, who shares the same locker as Sabrina (who knows why) opens it up and sees the wedding book fall from the locker. Brad suggests to Harvey that Sabrina could be planning to get married. While Sabrina was working, Harvey and Brad bring Sabrina's wedding book to the coffee shop. Harvey says he has to go think and leaves. Marnie tells Josh that Sabrina and Harvey might be breaking up. Annabelle comes from the Other Realm and enters the Spellman home and meets Salem, her father. In the second half, at the wedding, Sabrina wears a funny looking maid of honor gown. Zelda and Hilda tell Sabrina good luck as she's never been to an Other Realm wedding before. Sabrina has to carry a small tree down the aisle as part of the wedding ceremony. The pastor tells Sabrina to blow up the balloon, but uses magic instead to cheat. The most sacred moment of the wedding: the ring. The father of the bride will wrestle the father of the groom in the ring, get it? The prize? The father of the bride will wrestle the father of the groom to fight for the right of his daughter to marry his son. Since Salem is a cat, he can't wrestle, so Sabrina is forced to wrestle the groom's 280-pound father named Xavier "The Avenger" Prescott. How can a cute girl wrestle a beefy wrestler? She tried. Then Salem enters the ring, and The Avenger is knocked down. Sabrina pins The Avenger and wins. Now, it's time for the ceremony. The bride and groom exchange ring fingers...literally. How gross. The pastor pronounces them husband and wife. Back in the real world, Harvey enters the coffeehouse and tells Sabrina he loves her and bought her a ring. Harvey tells Sabrina that he's not ready to get married. Sabrina tells him that she doesn't want to get married yet. It's a promise ring that he gave her, hoping that someday that he hopes to marry her but not now. Sabrina accepts his proposal to not get married.

Updated: February 14, 2007.

Original Air Date: March 3, 2000

Trivia: Monty Sopp is a World Wrestling Federation superstar.

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, NR, JH, DL, CS

Guests: Victoria Jackson as Annabelle. Essence Atkins as Marnie. Matt Battaglia as Daniel Boone. Vincent Schiavelli as The Pastor. Chip Chinnery as newspaper boy. Corey Michael Blake as usher. John Harnagel as guest. Billy Gunn as father of the groom. Christine Nelson as college kid no. 1. Christopher Francis as Wedding Guest. David LeBell as Leif Erikson. Monty Sopp as Xavier 'The Avenger' Prescott (as Billy Gunn).

#93: "Dreama the Mouse"

Main Story: Sabrina gets Spring Fever and daydreams about Senior Skip Day excessively and vividly. In class, Sabrina daydreams so loud that Duke picked up her daydream that Sabrina and Harvey were at a picnic in the middle of the classroom. Brad's witch-hunting gene picks up daydreams from witches. Spring Fever for a witch causes excessive daydreaming, irresponsible behavior and is highly contagious among other witches. Sabrina asks her aunts for help with her daydream problem. The aunts dignose that she has Spring Fever, which is caused when a young witch is looking particulary forward to something, in this case, Senior Skip Day, which is the next day. Her Spring Fever will disappear after she had her Senior Skip Day. Her aunts warn Sabrina to not perform magic since Brad's witch-hunting gene is hypersensitive, and not to touch Dreama or she will get it too. In the cafeteria, Principal Kraft tells the students that he cancelled Senior Skip Day. The audience boos. Sabrina says she needs the day to cure her in front of a puzzled Harvey. Harvey needs the day to clean his carbureator. Sabrina confronts Mr. Kraft, and daydreams that she's giving Kraft the walk of shame. He leaves. She has to get Senior Skip Day back. Harvey comes in and tells Sabrina that he talked to a high school graduate from last year, and he says that principals always come out against Skip Day; their lips say no but their bodies say yes, and that they really want the seniors to skip. Salem is quarantined by the aunts in a bubble so he won't catch Spring Fever. Sabrina daydreams again in class. Dreama interrupts her, then Sabrina touches her on the ear, telling her that she needs a bit of Spring Fever. Principal Kraft warns that any senior missing from school on Senior Skip Day will spend the next four years celebrating college skip day. Dreama thinks of turning Mr. Kraft into a toad. Sabrina tells Dreama to stay in the cafeteria and not do magic while she leaves to call her aunt Zelda to come over to Westbridge for help. Zelda goes to Mr. Kraft to help get Senior Skip Day back; Mr. Kraft agrees without any argument from him. Sabrina has to look after Dreama. Principal Kraft announces that Senior Skip Day is back on. Dreama is missing. Dreama is in the hallway and conjures up a water fountain in front of Brad. Uh-oh! Brad asks if that water fountain was always there, calls her a freak, then swears that he thinks that she's a witch. Sabrina witnesses Brad taunting Dreama, saying the phrase "you're a witch," but not accusing her of being a witch. Brad leaves. Ten seconds later, Dreama is turned into a mouse because of the phrase, based on the thinking, rather than the accusation that she's a witch. Eek! A Mouse! In the second half, Sabrina gets her aunts to help Dreama who is a mouse. Zelda suggests that if Brad's witch-hunting gene is removed, Dreama's mouse spell could be broken and be turned back. The catch: the gene can only be extracted during the first 60 minutes right after the witch hunter has turned a witch into a mouse. They have 50 minutes left to remove Brad's witch-hunting gene or Dreama will be a mouse for the next 100 years. The aunts and Sabrina leave to find Brad, and leave Dreama in a jar, next to Salem, who is unaware that the mouse is Dreama. In the coffee house where she works, Sabrina asks Brad to come to her house, but Brad thinks she's weird and wants nothing to do with him. She asks Harvey to get Brad to come to her house. He agrees. The clock says 13 minutes left. Back at the Spellman house, Zelda is confident that her theory on removing the witch-hunting gene will work. Harvey brings Brad over to Sabrina's house, explaining to Brad that Sabrina has a big screen TV with sports-only channels to get him over to her house. Sabrina brings Brad in and leaves Harvey outside, telling Harvey that she'll explain later. Hilda gives Brad a piece of gum, saying he must chew the gum first before he sees the TV. The gum is magicial so he can't say that they're witches. Brad is knocked out by the spell. Now for the operation. Zelda brews up a storm and tries to start the operation, when Mr. Kraft rings the doorbell. There's eight minutes left. Zelda goes downstairs to talk to Mr. Kraft, who tells her that he doesn't want to have a Senior Skip Day. The aunts discuss the issue in the kitchen while Mr. Kraft waits. Sabrina agrees to cancel Senior Skip Day. Zelda tells Mr. Kraft that he can cancel Senior Skip Day. Mr. Kraft is shown out, then Zelda is zapped by lightning. There's four minutes left. She can't touch Brad because she could electrocute Brad and it would take her an hour for the shock to wear out. Sabrina gets an idea. Zelda helps Sabrina perform the operation to extract Brad's witch-hunting gene. Sabrina starts daydreaming again, but stops herself from daydreaming to concentrate on the operation. After connecting the wires, Sabrina pulls the lever, and extract the gene, which is a tiny pair of blue jeans. She drops them in the acid wash and Dreama is back as a girl. Time runs out. Dreama is shown out. Sabrina hasn't had any daydreams because she cured herself by snapping herself out of her daydream. Brad is in the house recovering after the operation, enjoying the giant TV with all sports channels. He zaps around and finds hockey, boxing, basketball, and .. General Hospital? What? Guess that's a sport. At the coffee shop, Sabrina explains to Brad that she needed some time alone to discuss why he dislikes her and says that things should be getting better (now that he doesn't have a witch-hunting gene). Brad walks in and acts like a jerk in front of Sabrina. After he leaves, Sabrina casts some magic on Brad and makes his pants fall down.

Updated: February 17, 2007.

Original Air Date: March 17, 2000

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, NR, CS, JH, MM

Guests: Steve Hoffvandahl guest stars as homework elf.

#94: "The Wild, Wild Witch"

Main Story: Sabrina has to work late at her coffee shop but has a deadline to do her article for the school newspaper at 9 that night. In the attic, Salem discovers a flake of magic in the dust. Josh invites Sabrina to go screen a movie in the coffee shop ends at 10, but her curfew is at 9, Her aunts won't budge on her curfew. Salem gets a gold digger to find some more magic dust in the attic, but finds nothing. While screening the movie, Sabrina does her article for Mrs. Quick. Harvey tells Sabrina that it's after ten and she says that her aunts will kill her. She calls her aunts at home at a pay phone, then her aunts zap her back home. Mrs. Quick leaves a message on her answering maching wondering where he article was since it was past due. The aunts ground her for a week, and that means no Sleigh Ride. The next day, Harvey gets the news that Sabrina's been gounded, and Mrs. Quick shows Sabrina the day's newspaper with blank spots where her article should have been placed if she got her article written and sent to her by 9 the previous night. Salem and the gold digger have a fight, and a geiser of magic begins pouring from the opening of the attic. At the coffee shop, Josh suspends Sabrina for giving away free syrup to a customer. The gold digger wheels out a load of magic on a wheelbarrow. Sabrina is fed up with the rules, so the gold digger casts a spell so that when she walks into the doorway leading into her bedroom, she walks into the Wild West. In the second half, a sheriff quits and hands Sabrina her badge, and she is named the new sheriff that can make up the rules of the town. She goes to a saloon where there's a lot of rules to follow inside the place. Sabrina as the sheriff gets to make and enforce the rules, so, she makes up a rule that there are no rules in the town. Mrs. Quickdraw runs with scissors, a reference to the album title of "Weird Al" Yankovic from 1999. Salem the cat comes into town warning that trouble is coming. The Petulant Kid is the trouble that comes to town. The people won't help her with the Kid and they leave. Salem tells Sabrina that hs goal is to destroy the authority, who is Sabrina the sherifff. She can't remove her badge either. She's stuck as a sheriff. Sabrina's no rules rule causes problems in the town. Even the horses don't have to listen to anybody when they tell them to giddy up. The Petulant Kid shows up, who looks like Sabrina. She's her own worst enemy. The Petulant Kid shoots magic with her gun that looks like a finger and chases Sabrina all over town. Sabrina realizes that the world needs rules to protect people from themselves or they will be lawless like the town. The Kid runs out of magic and Sabrina gets her out of town. Sabrina repeals her no rules rule, then is transported back to her time and home. The old gold digger and the aunts came up the Old West spell to teach Sabrina a lesson. "You were there, and you were there...", says Sabrina doing an Dorothy impression from The Wizard of Oz. Salem wonders what happened to the wheelbarrow of magic that the old gold digger dug up, and he tells him that he used it all for the Old West spell for Sabrina. Zelda conjures Salem a snow cone stand to cheer him up.

Notes: this is the last episode featuring Mary Gross

Updated: February 17, 2007.

Original Air Date: March 31, 2000

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, NR, DL, MG, MM

Guests: Mary Gross plays both Mrs. Quick and Quickdraw. David Lascher plays both Josh and Tex. Richard Riehle as Jedediah. Amy Landers as customer no. 1. Greg Poland as customer no 2. Beth Broderick plays Zelda and the sheriff who gives Sabrina her badge and quits. Carlone Rhea plays Hilda and Miss Hildy the a saloon owner. Melissa Joan Hart plays Sabrina and the Petulant Kid. Martin Mull plays Mr. Kraft and Sweet Will. Nate Richert plays Harvey and Deputy Fizz.

#95: "She's Baaaack!"

Main Story: Amanda, Sabrina's bratty cousin, is back to pay a visit, or was it to make them pay? Amanda is now a teenage with just like Sabrina. She's sweeter and more grown-up, but still has tricks up her sleeve. Sabrina and Amanda seem to be getting along at first. At Hilda's clock shop, Zelda is trying to do some work, when Hilda gets a glass genie bottle from the time machine clock. The genie bottle looks something like that stolen from "I Dream of Jeannie. Zelda opens up the glass genie bottle, and the two are sucked down inside the bottle. Zelda says that she could work in solitude inside the bottle. A switch inside the bottle blows them out of the bottle and back into the clock shop. In the coffee shop, Harvey walks in and meets the older Amanda. Amanda gets a crush on Josh. Zelda brings the glass genie bottle into the Spellman house and wants to use it to do her work in private. Her aunts warnn Sabrina to tell Amanda not to play with the glass genie bottle and to not encourage Amanda to have a crush on Josh. Zelda puts the genie bottle outside and it sucks her inside it. Zelda dresses up as a genie. Hilda sucks herself into the bottle and plays with the switches. Zelda flips some switches and breaks the circuitry. Hilda tries to flip the exit switch but it doesn't work anymore. They're stuck inside the bottle. Sabrina, Harvey, and Amanda were playing Twister (the subject of a song "Weird Al" Yankovic covered on one of his albums) when Josh calls Sabrina over to work. Sabrina leaves. Harvey and Amanda are alone in the Spellman house. A brush salesman walks by the bottle, opens it, then gets sucked inside it. Sabrina walks inside the coffee shop and sees nobody inside. Josh walks in looking like Clark Gable and starts seducing Sabrina. Amanda gets a motive to steal Harvey from Sabrina and gives him a love letter. Salem calls Sabrina on the phone and tells her that Amanda likes Harvey. Sabrina rushes off back home. Harvey tells Amanda that he's way too old for Amanda, but Amanda zaps herself and him to Cloud 9. Sabrina demands that Amanda brings Harvey back. Boy, did she really tell her ceiling off! In the second half, Salem tells Sabrina to conjure up a dog named Sherlock Bones to help trace where Amanda took Harvey. A small troup of Boy Scouts get stuck inside the glass genie bottle. Bones lead Sabrina up to Cloud 9. Sabrina sees Amanda and Harvey on top of a convertable. Sabrina and Amanda have a tug of war over Harvey, then Harvey gets pushed off Cloud 9 and falls. Sabrina wheels Harvey back into the mortal world, casts a spell on Harvey, and Harvey wakes up in his bedroom from his nap. Sabrina looks thorugh the magic book to find a spell to deal with Amanda's infaturation for Harvey. Sabrina casts a spell to put six locks on her bedroom door. Amanda burns her way through the door. Sabrina and Amanda cast a freeze spell that runs into each other, then run into Salem and puts him on ice. Talk about a cool cat! More people get sucked up inside the glass genie bottle. Dreama shows up, opens the lid, then is sucked inside the bottle. Sabrina finds a spell that might kill Amanda's desire for Harvey. Harvey runs to Sabrina's house, acting like Stanley Kowanski in Street Car ("Stella!"). Salem tells Sabrina that she accidentally used A Streetcar Named Desire spell on Harvey. Sabrina casts a spell, and Harvey wakes up in his bed wondering how he tore up his t-shirt. Amanda demands to know where Harvey is. Sabrina puts concrete blocks on Amanda's hands. Sabrina walks by Zelda's magic bottle, but doesn't want to disturb her. She doesn't know that the bottle has over a dozen people trapped inside. Sabrina decides to use magic to help her grow up, so she plants Amanda inside a pot and waters her. Amanda realizes that she wants to stay as a kid and doesn't need a boyfriend. Sabrina opens the glass genie bottle and gets trapped inside. Salem runs by, rubbing the genie bottle, demanding the Zelda come out and feed him. Salem knocks the glass bottle off the floor and the bottle breaks. The people are freed. Zelda casts a treehouse spell on the people and tells them to stay out of her treehouse from now on.

Updated: February 17, 2007.

Original Air Date: April 14, 2000

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, NR, DL, CS, EH

Guests: Teresa Parente as Miss Sorecorn. Jamie Torcellini as salesman. Brandon Kaplan as lion scout.

#96: "The Four Faces of Sabrina"

Main Story: Sabrina gets accepted into Other Realm University and receives her first acceptance elephant. At the coffee shop, Josh checks his computer and sees that Sabrina also got accepted into Emerson College. Josh is thrilled about it. Harvey and Sabrina get accepted into Boston College. Hilda suggests taking a year off for backpacking across the country. Salem tells Sabrina that she got accepted into John Adams College. She is pressured by Zelda, Josh, and Harvey to choose their favorite respective colleges but can't decide which to attend. Zelda sees Sabrina looking through the magic of physics course for ORU. Harvey comes to her house and says that Boston College has their own sports broadcating department. Josh comes by to invite her out for a road trip to Cape Cod. Hilda got Sabrina an Uranus road pass. Sabrina is so indecisive and can't please everybody at once with all the decisions she has to make, so she asks "why can't I please all the people I care about?" Her indecisiveness tore her apart, literally, into four different Sabrinas and they each go in four different directions. In the second half, Salem can't believe that he saw four different Sabrinas. One Sabrina meets up with Harvey and tells him that she's made up her mind to go to Boston College. Salem witnesses that, then sees another Sabrina coming down the stairs with Hilda, who is happy that Sabrina has decided to go backpacking for a year. Salem looks out the door and sees another Sabrina with Josh, who is happy that she chose Emerson College. Salem goes upstairs and sees the last Sabrina with Zelda who's happy that Sabrina has decided to go to Other Realm University. Salem goes to Sabrina's bedroom and stands by her magic book, commenting that he hasn't ran that much since the time he pretended that he was in a Benny Hill sketch. He looks in the magic book under "decisions, decisions," explaining how her indecisiveness tore her apart literally. A Sabrina goes to the coffee shop and meets with Josh who wonders why she hasn't gone to her prom that night. Sabrina says she forgot about it. Sabrina invites Josh to go to the prom with her and he accepts. Brad, sitting in the coffee shop, was drinking coffee when Harvey and another Sabrina meet up with him, telling Brad that they decided to go to Boston College, then leave. Brad walks by and sees Josh and another Sabrina walking out, then he gets jolted, wondering how Sabrina could be leaving and leaving again a second later. At home, another Sabrina was learning how to make a potion with Zelda in the kitchen. Zelda wonders if Sabrina should be going to the prom, then she invites Zelda to go to the prom to make Mr. Kraft miserable. Meanwhile, another Sabrina comes down the stairs with backpacking gear and into the living room with Hilda. Sabrina asks Hilda to go to the prom. Salem can't shake this nagging feeling that there's something he should be telling Hilda and Zelda about Sabrina. Upstairs, one Sabrina knocks on Hilda's door and goes to the bathroom to blowdry her hair. Another Sabrina comes out of her bedroom in a ballgown and goes downstairs. A Sabrina comes out of the bathroom and into her bedroom. A Sabrina and Zelda come back from the Other Realm through the linen closet door. While a Sabrina and Zelda were going downstairs, another Sabrina told Harvey from upstairs that she was coming down as soon as she finds her earrings. At the prom, Zelda and a Sabrina arrive and spot Mr. Kraft. They walk over to Mr. Kraft while Hilda and another Sabrina arrive at the prom. They run past another Sabrina dancing with Harvey. Harvey leaves to get a drink, passing another Sabrina with Zelda. Harvey walks over to the drink counter and sees another Sabrina and asks how did she get there so fast. Sabrina says that she's been standing there for ten minutes. He notices that she's wearing a different dress. Sabrina gets her drink and leaves, then Josh meets up with that Sabrina. Another Sabrina arrives at the drink counter and picks up her drink. Harvey standing by wonders how she changed her dress so fast, then the two start dancing. One Sabrina walks by Brad on her way to the ladies' room. Another Sabrina follows a Sabrina and passes him by. Brad does a double take then heads off to the left to meet up with Harvey, then sees him dancing with another Sabrina and freaks out. That Sabrina heads off to the ladies' room. Hilda meets up with Zelda and asks if she's seen Sabrina. Harvey meets up with Josh and asks what he's doing at the prom. Josh says that he's looking for Sabrina. Harvey asks why. Josh says that she's his date. Harvey is stunned. In the ladies' room, the four Sabrinas come out of the stall and meet each other, and say uh-oh as they discover that they all look alike. Harvey gets mad at Josh and warns him that he's crossing over a line. Dreama overhears the four Sabrinas talking to each other in the ladies' room. Harvey says that Sabrina is his girl and Josh's obsession has to stop, then Harvey leaves. The four Sabrinas discuss their decisions to make one person happy by deciding where to go. One asks what does Sabrina want to do. Hilda tells Zelda that Sabrina came with her, but Zelda tells her that Sabrina came with her. Josh and Harvey argue over and meet up with Hilda and Zelda. Harvey asks Zelda to tell Josh that Sabrina came with Harvey to the prom. Josh says that Sabrina is going to Emerson. Harvey says that Sabrina is going to Boston College. Hilda tells Josh that she's going backpacking. Zelda shows Hilda way to discuss in private that there's a spell going on. The four Sabrinas agree do decide what's best for Sabrina, then reunite into one Sabrina wearing a prom dress with patches in four colors mixed together. The four Sabrinas were wearing different colored prom dresses. Zelda and Hilda meet up with Sabrina coming out of the ladies' room and asks if some magic has gone awry. She says yes. Harvey meets up with Sabrina and wants her to tell Josh that she didn't invite him to the prom. She says she did invite him to the prom. She says that she invited them all to the prom so she could make a formal announcement: she's going to Adams College. Harvey and Josh were happy. The aunts were happy, then ask her if she thought otherwise.

Notes: this is the last episode featuring China Shavers

Updated: February 17, 2007.

Original Air Date: April 28, 2000

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, NR, DL, MM, CS, JH

Guests: none

#97: "The End of an Era"

Main Story: At the coffee shop, Harvey walks in when Sabrina was working a shift and talks tough to Josh for coming to a high school prom. Sabrina butts in and tells Harvey and Josh to get along. Harvey tells Sabrina that he doesn't like her spending time with Josh, that he likes her too much, and begs Sabrina to quit her job. Sabrina says no and Harvey walks out. Sabrina tells Salem that Harvey must not trust her. Mr. Kraft walks into the Spellman house and tells her that his car if fixed and is dropping the lawsuit against Zelda for the car accident from the previous episode. Then after Mr. Kraft leaves, a crash is heard. Zelda has hit Mr. Kraft's car. Mr. Kraft is so suing Zelda again. Sabrina wants Harvey and Josh to be friends. Sabrina sees a spell in her magic book and decides to cook up some magic friendship bread to bring peace between the boys. Harvey tells Brad that he's gotta keep an eye on Josh in the coffee shop. Harvey and Josh meet up and argue with each other. Sabrina brings them some magic friendship for them to eat. They eat the bread and decide to have coffee together. Sabrina said that this bread could have brought the Beatles back together. Salem overhears Hilda and Zelda discussing Sabrina leaving for college and gets the wrong idea that they're getting rid of him. Harvey and Josh get so acquainted together that they ignore her as they leave to go out to see a Die Hard movie marathon. Sabrina casts a spell to make them throw up the friendship cake to undo the friendship spell. Josh bans Sabrina from the coffee house for insulting Harvey. Harvey warns Sabrina if she keeps working for Josh, then he is through with her. In the second half, at night, Salem says that Sabrina still likes Josh but can't imagine life without Harvey. She consults her magic book to take her to a Boyfriend Course in the Other Realm. The official zaps in Harvey and Josh to compete. The official put them under a spell so that they don't remember a thing. Sabrina asks how that will help her decide which one would be her boyfriend. The official tells her to choose the one that isn't dead. Huh? It's an obstacle course that is a fight to the death! Sabrina roots for both boys. The official zaps Sabrina into quicksand, but Sabrina doesn't have magic to get herself out of it. The official tells her that whoever saves her wins her. Harvey and Josh arrive to save her, but meet up with some deadly obstacles to negotitate such as swinging axes coming from the sides of the wall. Harvey and Josh push each other around, then Josh blocks the two axes so Harvey could crawl through to the other side. Mr. Kraft decides to drop his lawsuit against Zelda again. Sabrina is halfway down the quicksand. Josh and Harvey meet up with snakes. Josh using a vine to cross over the snakes. Harvey jumps over them and discovers that after four years in high school he should have gone for track. Sabrina is down to her chest. Josh sights Sabrina and a flame of fire shoots at him from the side. Harvey runs to Josh and tells him that he's going to save Sabrina. The two boys argue, then decide to help each other help Sabrina who is up to her neck in quicksand. Harvey and Josh block the flames with a boulder. Salem takes off in Sabrina's car and crashes into Mr. Kraft. Harvey and Josh both save Sabrina. The official tells Sabrina that she's on her own in deciding who to choose. A notice from the Other Realm appears in the Spellman toaster. Zelda reads the notice from the Witches Council to tell the aunts and Sabrina that the friendship spell has caused the mortal Harvey Kinkle to reach his spell quota. This means that after the friendship bread, then no more spells would affect Harvey. Hilda wonders how Sabrina could explain this to Harvey. Sabrina tells her aunts that he bought her "he was just dreaming" explanation as usual. Harvey walks into the Spellman house and asks Sabrina, "could we talk about the fact that you're a witch?" Sabrina is shocked, then the picture fades to black.

Notes: this is the last episode featuring Martin Mull and Jon Huertas. Nate Richert became a recurring star in the following season. This is also the last original episode on ABC.

Updated: February 17, 2007.

Original Air Date: May 5, 2000

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, NR, DL, MM, JH

Guests: Tim Bagley as Mr. Cornwallis the official. Dennis Lipscomb as Mirror Man. Louisa Abernathy as caterer.

Sabrina the Teenage Witch The Complete Series

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Sabrina the Teenage Witch Season 4 (1999-2000)

Read reviews, description, details, and more!

Plot Outline: A sixteen year old high school student finds out she's a witch.

Plot Synopsis: Sabrina Spellman, a perfectly normal 16-year-old, is informed by her aunts, Hilda and Zelda, that she (and they, and her whole family on her father's side) are witches. She lives with them in Massachusetts while preparing to receive her witch's license. Along the way, she gets into many scrapes while figuring out how certain spells work. She also has to keep the secret from her boyfriend, Harvey, friends Jenny and later Valerie, stuck-up nemesis Libby, and her ever-suspicious vice-principal, Mr. Kraft.

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