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Sabrina Episode Guide Season 5p1

Season Five Sep 2000 - May 2001

#98: "Every Witch Way But Loose"

Main Story: Sabrina is in therapy trying to get over Harvey dumping her when he found out that she was a witch. The therapist helps Sabrina gain some closure to her relationship with Harvey by giving her a test to see if she can watch Harvey without her heart aching to be with him for one last time. Her heart doesn't ache. The therapist says that she's over Harvey and is ready to go on with her life. After letting Harvey go, Sabrina decides to make some drastic changes in her life. Sabrina tells her aunts that she's finally over Harvey. Sabrina decides to move out to live on the college campus to live like a normal freshman. Sabrina plans to move into her new dorm over the weekend. Josh tells her that her chances of getting a room are slim to none at a time this close to starting college. Sabrina tells her aunts that there was no room at the dorm and has to put her name on the waiting list. Her aunts tell Sabrina that she still has a room at the Spellman house. Sabrina tells them that she has to find an apartment to live in. They go around looking for an apartment but find one dump after another. Hilda and Zelda were rigging up the apartments to make them undesirable for Sabrina to live in because she doesn't want Sabrina to move out. Sabrina gets a phone call for a place for her to live in near the campus and decides to take it. In the second half, Sabrina and her aunts arrive at her new place and meet Morgan, the resident advisor, who invites them in. She looks hot. Wow! Morgan says that Sabrina will be sharing a room with Roxie. The aunts leave the place. Morgan then leaves the place for a date. Sabrina turns on the radio and dances to rock music. Roxie arrives at the place and meets Sabrina, not shaking hands with her, then goes to her room. Roxie says that Sabrina sleeps on the couch and to lose her perky thing. Sabrina meets Miles who lives in the bedroom across the hall. Miles says that he's using some electric gear to monitor signs for inteligent life in some quadron in the universe. Sabrina tells Salem that she can't use her magic in her new place to make her roomate like her. Salem tells Sabrina to use her magic to solve it or lose it and to not let the mortals walk over her. Sabrina zaps Salem back to the Spellman house. Sabrina tries to sleep on the couch, then asks Morgan for advice, who slams the door before she could get a word out. Sabrina tries to sleep on the couch. Her aunts spy on Sabrina, who materialize into humans after spying on her as small appliances. Her aunts push Sabrina to Roxie's door, then leave. Sabrina uses magic to open the door and walk in and meets up with Roxie who lied that she was sleeping. Sabrina wants half of the room, and Roxie laughs. Roxie says she knows Sabrina's type and doesn't like it: perfect, well-adjusted, and no weird bone in her body. Sabrina makes her wrist rotate around. Roxie says that she's a freak. Sabrina says that she hasn't seen her mother in years, her father lives in some other realm, and has two aunts who are total witches. Roxie, thinking that none of this is real, says that she has a clinically derranged stepmother. Sabrina just tells Roxie that she's moving in. Roxie agrees and says she doesn't have to get nasty about it. Sabrina tells her aunts through a blender that she's worked things out with Roxie. Her aunts are glad to see that she's blending in.

Secondary Story: Back at home, Hilda and Zelda struggle with "empty nest syndrome."

Notes:: new cast regulars are Soleil Moon Frye as Roxie King, Elisa Donovan as Morgan Cavanaugh, and Trevor Lissauer as Miles Goodman.

Updated: February 18, 2007.

Original Air Date: September 22, 2000 (moved to the WB beginning with this season)

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, DL, SMF, TL, ED

Guests: Dan Gilvezan as Dr. B. Witchfield. Cathy Herd as Sheila.

#99: "Double Time"

Main Story: It's Sabrina's first day of college, and is shocked to see her aunt Zelda taking a job as a professor at Adams College. Sabrina meets up with Roxie at the coffee shop where she works. Josh invites Sabrina and Roxie to a college party at Emerson. Sabrina tells Josh she can't make it because she has a load of academic demands to perform for college. Hilda's clock shop has gone under and spends the day doting for Salem. Sabrina gets help from Plato to do some of her homework, but still has too much studying to do. Morgan tells her that Adams college values life experiences as much as it does academics, and advises her not to neglect the social arena; the key is balance, so she encourages her to go to the party for an hour to rejuvinate her spirits. Sabrina goes to the party at Emerson with Roxie and Morgan, then meets up with Josh after partying for five and a half hours. She meant to leave at 10pm, but it's 2:30am. She's got a paper due in six hours. She leaves and returns back to her pad to do her homework on her laptop until she dozes off on the Z key. In the second half, Miles wakes Sabrina up with 30 minutes to do her homework. She's having a lot of academic and social demands already and is running behind. All she typed for her paper was Sardina Smellman. Running short on time and in a need for pick her up, Sabrina zaps into her old bedroom to look through the magic book for a spell. She uses a Double Time spell to get things done twice as fast. She returns to her place, zaps herself the spell, types the paper and eats at warp speed. She finished the paper with 20 seconds to spare. She turns in her paper and runs towards the coffee shop. She moves so fast that she looks like a speedy blur as she passes Zelda in the college, then Hilda in the coffee shop. While under the Double Time spell, she cleans the bathroom in ten seconds. Josh goes out for a break and puts Sabrina in charge. She polished the espresso machine in five seconds, then speeds out of the coffee shop. What Josh could give to be 18 again! Salem is being spoiled by Hilda so much that he's five times his size. He's a real fat cat! Zelda tells Hilda that she's spoling Salem because Sabrina has moved out and created a void for her. Sabrina returns to her place and ends the Double Time spell. Salem appears through the window, then sees Miles and Roxie moving really slow. Salem asks Sabrina where she thought the extra time comes from when she used the Double Time spell. Sabrina can't use her magic to get them back to normal, so she has to find some way to speed them up, but pushing and pulling them, and putting a motor, windup, and rocket on the slow moving two didn't work. Sabrina communicates to Professor Zelda by having chalk mysteriously write a help message for her. Zelda comes up with a potion, but she put too much of the supersonic tonic ingredient in the potion, so Miles and Roxie are running fast. Zelda cancels out the spell and says that it would take days for the two to return to normal speed. Hilda gives the two some espresso and they're back to normal, and they ask where the aunts came from. Sabrina zaps them back to their bedrooms with a spell that makes them think they were dreaming it all up. Roxie overslept and Miles' alarm didn't go off. They both race for the bathroom. Hilda tells Sabrina that it takes a while to balance her college life. Hilda surprises Sabrina with the news of what her new venture will be: she bought the coffee house where Josh and Sabrina works!

Updated: February 18, 2007.

Original Air Date: September 29, 2000

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, ED, SMF, DL, TL

Guests: Shakiem Evans as Student. J.G. Hertzler as Plato. Barry Livingston as Professor.

#100: "Heart of the Matter"

Main Story: Hilda takes over the coffee house on her first day, but her people skills leave something to be desired. Josh asks Sabrina for a date on Saturday night, but she turns him down saying that she wants to date different people. Sabrina has been turning down guys here and there since her breakup with Harvey. Sabrina gets help from Roger casts a spell to turn herself into a dating machine so she would say "yes" every time she gets asked out. She gets asked out by a football player at 9pm. Then she asks Pete to go out with her at 6pm. Sabrina is out of control! While sales are going down, Hilda gets an idea from Josh to dress him up like a giant cappacino and is paraded down the street. Saturday night comes and Sabrina is dating 12 guys on the same day. It's the Sabrina Open where she dates anybody she wants! The spell is working out great so far, but when she takes off her jacket, her head and neck are out of line with her body. Salem suggest for Sabrina to check in Pep Boys for an alignment. The dating spell shifted her neck and head to her left. She gets Roger to remove the dating spell, but it did nothing for her misaligned head. She has to go to her aunts for help. Zelda gets to the roots of her misalignment problem by turning on an X-ray where Sabrina's heart tells Sabrina that it's not yet ready for dating again until it feels something. That fixed the alignment problem. Josh shocks Sabrina by taking Morgan out on a date. Hilda gets customers back into the coffee shop by telling jokes.

Secondary Story: Miles develops a student-teacher crush on Zelda.

Updated: February 19, 2007.

Original Air Date: October 6, 2000

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, SMF, ED, TL, DL

Guests: "Blind Date" host Roger Lodge guest-stars as himself. Josh Blake as Pete. Chris Emerson as Adam. Brian Gross as Joe. Joseph G. Medalis as Justice of the Peace. Mark Rickard as Bob. Donnell Keith as customer #1. John O'Brien as customer #2.

#101: "You Can't Twin"

Main Story: Hilda introduces Sabrina to her new candidate for Mr. Right, Alec, who is an Other Realm soap star of "Another Realm". Alec takes Hilda to Saturn for a carnival visit, with Sabrina tagging along. At a meteor toss stand, Sabrina tosses one towards Earth when Miles was stargazing and thought that the meteor was aimed at him. Hilda discovers that Alec has a big head and he thinks mostly about himself. Sabrina meets up with her evil twin Katrina, who had a good lawyer to get her out of her lifetime confinement; she is doing community service to get a reduced sentence. Sabrina's life isn't all fun and games. Roxie won't talk to her, Miles is trying to freeze her out, and Morgan is dating Josh. Rough life for Sabrina, isn't it? While Sabrina's back is turned, Katrina steals Sabrina's passport and gives Sabrina her's. Sabrina leaves Katrina unaware that she lost her passport. Katrina, posing as Sabrina, meets up with Hilda and Alec, and the three return to the mortal world. In the second half, Katrina returns through the linen closet and tells Salem that he's an ugly cat. While Sabrina was trying to leave the Other Realm, a guard stops her because he says that her passport is no good. Sabrina says that she always uses it every time she visits the Other Realm and has never been stopped before. She grabs that passport and discovers that Katrina switched her passport with Sabrina's. The guard doesn't believe that Sabrina is not Katrina, and sends her back to the Other Realm prison with Jezebelda, Zelda's evil twin. Hilda tells Zelda that Alec is not the one because he's a self-centered arrogant egomaniac. Hilda talks to Katrina for advice, tells Hilda that Zelda is planning to steal Alec from her and to not dump Alec. Hilda then zaps Katrina to Sabrina's place at college because Katrina doesn't have the use of magic. Miles thanks Katrina for letting her run his cables into her room. Katrina says that any friend of Sabrina's is an enemy of hers, so she unplugs the cords and locks the window, locking Miles outside. Sabrina can't use her magic in prison. Jezebelda admits that she started the Bubonic Plague. Katrina looks through Roxie's diary while laying on Roxie's bed, which makes Roxie livid. They have an argument about it. Miles tells Katrina that it's not like her at all for acting the way she does. Morgan asks Katrina for what she thinks about her dress, and Katrina asks her what she's going to wear, then Morgan goes back upstairs to change. Josh comes by and greets Katrina. Katrian lies to Josh that Morgan got very sick suddenly and can't go out on a date. Josh says that Morgan seemed fine a while ago. Katrina offers Josh to be her date. Josh tells Katrina that he thought she didn't want to go out with her. Nobody in the mortal world realizes that the Sabrina they think they're talking to is evil twin Katrina. Meanwhile, in the Other Realm prison, Sabrina discovers a meteor and suggests that it could be a way out of prison. Hilda accuses Zelda for planning to steal Alec, then a meteor smashes into the Spellman home. Hilda opens it up. It's a message from Sabrina, who writes that Sabrina is trapped in the Other Realm, Katrina has stolen her passport and has switched places with her. Hilda realizes that it was Katrina that lied about Zelda trying to steal Alec and told her she shouldn't dump Alec. Hilda talks to Alec who's watching TV and dumps him, then zaps Alec out of the house. Katrina and Josh kiss on the lips after the kiss. Josh couldn't believe it. Salem counterfeit's a new passport for Sabrina and Zelda sends it to the Other Realm. Morgan tells Katrina that she can't believe that she stole her boyfriend. Boy, wait until the real Sabrina returns and see what a mess Katrina caused! After Morgan tells Katrina that what she did was plain evil, she was frozen. Then, Sabrina gets zapped into her college place and confronts Katrina, who demands that she hand over her passport. Katrina refuses. Sabrina realizes that she has her magic back, then zaps her passport back to her. Sabrina tells Katrina that she spoke to her parole board and Katrina will be in the big house for the long haul. Katrina tells Sabrina that she is so evil. Sabrina tells her that she learned from the best, then zaps her back to the Other Realm prison. Sabrina zaps Morgan back to normal, and Morgan asks Sabrina when she changed. Sabrina tells Morgan that she's no longer evil. Morgan tells Sabrina, unaware what Katrina has done, that Sabrina went out with Josh. Sabrina asked Morgan that she was going out with Josh? Morgan tells Sabrina not to play dumb with her as she saw who she thought was Sabrina, actually Katrina, kissing Josh. Sabrina tells Morgan that they were just rehearsing, then says that she's with worst liar in the world and apologizes and didn't know what she was doing. Roxie comes towards Sabrina in the living room and she's reading Sabrina's diary out loud, then comments that she's leading an exceptionally dull life. Sabrina tells Roxie that she read Roxie's diary so Roxie's reading her diary to even the score. Sabrina sees Miles and apologizes for whatever she did, but Miles complains that Miles missed the meteor shower. Sabrina zaps the sky and creates a meteor shower for Miles to take pictures of. The nexty day, Sabrina apologizes to Josh for the date. Josh tells Sabrina that they should just be friends.

Trivia: Charles Shaughnessy was a star in the soaper "Days of Our Lives," and the prime-time series "The Nanny".

Updated: February 20, 2007.

Original Air Date: October 13, 2000

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, ED, SMF, DL, TL

Guests: Matt Boren as Lance. Kelly McNair as Ramona. Kal Penn as Prajeeb. Corey Pepper as Mirror Man. Charles Shaughnessy as Alec. Jody Wood as Inspector. Melissa Joan Hart doubles as Sabrina and Katrina. Beth Broderick doubles as Zelda and Jezebelda.

#102: "House of Pi's"

Main Story: Sabrina and Roxie are forced to get teamed together to write a story in an effort to land a coveted spot on the Adams Advocate school newspaper. Sabrina gets an idea for a story about sororties and why shallow people would do anything to join a sorority. Roxie and Sabrina get the scoop by posing undercover as sorority rushees. Roxie isn't too excited about the way she dresses. Sabrina helps out by zapping Roxie into the spirit of the sorority. The two meet up with Morgan who is wondering what they're doing at the sorority. Roxie would rather have a colonscopy than to sing some silly sorority songs. Sabrina and Roxie start their secret tape recording machines, then mingle with the other sorority sisters. The two run out of luck about getting some real dirt for their story. While leaving, one of the sorority sisters tells them that they will meet again Thursday for study night, but, they're not there to do their own homework, but they're there to do the senior's homework for them, helping the seniors cheat. If they don't do it, then they don't get into Pi. Sabrina and Roxie have a story. They discover a homework cheating ring. In the second half, Sabrina and Roxie discuss the scoop they stumbled upon and make a plan to get a story out of it. On Thursday night, Sabrina and Roxie are packing two D's (laughter) to power their secret tape machines. One of the sorority sisters hands Sabrina and Roxie their assignments to do a senior's homework, then discovers a clicking sound of the tape recorder that's in Sabrina's chest. Sabrina tells her that she has click jaw, and says that in school she was once called Click Jaw McGraw. When Sabrina bends over, the tape recorder falls out in the sorority sister's lap. The sorority sister shows it to the other sisters. Roxie helps Sabrina get out of the jam and Sabrina grabs the tape recorder from a sorority sister and puts it back in her chest. Sabrina talks to the other sorority rushees who tell her that they have to do the senior's homework or they won't get in. Sabrina and Roxie get all they need and write the story. After Roxie types up the dirt, Sabrina has a change of heart and says she doesn't want to write to story because a lot of people could get hurt and kicked out of college. Roxie tells Sabrina that she can't handle the truth. Sabrina says she can't handle the guilt. Sabrina and Roxie discuss the whole article thing half the night, then in the next morning, they decide to write the story. Morgan pops into the place and tells them that Lynn rallied the other rushees to take a stand and not do the seniors homework. Morgan shows them a Boston Times newspaper article exposing the dirt and comments that she's glad that Sabrina and Roxie weren't involved in the story. The Boston Times outscooped Sabrina and Roxie and now they got nothing to use for the Adams Advocate. Looks like Sabrina and Roxie inspired the rushees to refuse to do the senior's homework, which might have hurt their chances of getting their sorority cheating ring published before the big paper in town did that day. Sabrina convinces Roxie that she has the credit in her heart that she made the big differene rather than to get the story out. Roxie is convinced that Sabrina and she did the right thing to not publish the article while the big paper outscooped them. Sabrina and Roxie ended up getting an article published on Hilda's coffee house showcase. Just as she thought that Sabrina trashed Hilda's reputation, she reads on that Hilda was charming to the last drop.

Secondary Story: back at the coffeehouse, Hilda refuses to give Salem a spot in her Friday night showcase, so he turns on her by becoming a cutthroat talent agent handling performers from the Other Realm.

Updated: February 20, 2007.

Original Air Date: October 20, 2000

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, SMF, ED

Guests: Brett Beardslee as Guitarist. Tara Buck as Nancy. Natalia Cigliuti as Mindy. Emy Coligado as Felice. Ernie G as Balloon Guy. Keri Lynn Pratt as Lynn. Mark L. Taylor as Professor Hopkins. Jennifer Elizabeth Davis as Hope (uncredited).

#103: "The Halloween Scene"

Main Story: After she learns Hilda and Zelda won't be home for Halloween, Sabrina decides to throw a party at their place, and soon regrets the decision when she must repair the love of two monsters Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein when Roxie get's in the way of their meaningful relationship.

Secondary Story: Salem stalks a college girl and Hilda Zelda's outfits may not seem to be all that for the galaxy opening. This episode is used to celebrate the series' 100th episode.

Updated: TBA

Original Air Date: October 27, 2000

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, SMF, ED, DL, TL

Guests: Tisha Campbell ("Martin") guest-stars as Joyce (as Tisha Campbell Martin). Van Epperson as Janitor. Hunter Garner as Ghoul #1. Jason Graae as Nigel. Robert A. Lane as Ghoul #2. Delaina Mitchell as Muffy. Douglas Tait as Frankenstein. Charlie Weirauch as Guy in Coffee Shop.

#104: "Welcome, Traveler"

Main Story: Miles is spending too much time not being around people, so Sabrina and Roxie nudge him into getting some kind of social life by escorting him to an alternate reality group he wanted to attend. Miles sees a video and is amazed by how much the video thoughts match his thoughts. Sabrina and Roxie meet a cult member named Chuck who tells them that Jim-Thom has a forbidden zone (actually, a room) that they must stay clear of that is his innerspace, a place of mystery and magic. Sabrina was wondering why Miles didn't appear in the philosophy class for the next few days. Sabrina returns to the alternate reality group and tries to take Miles back from being missing from class for days. Miles tells Sabrina that Jim-Thon is a witch. Jim-Thon comes out and meets Sabrina, then reenters his magic room. In the second half, Miles tells Sabrina that Jim-Thon has appearred out of thin air and made things disappear. Sabrina tells Miles that witches do not announce that they're witches to the mortals. Miles asks Sabrina how she would know. Sabrina tells him that even if she was a witch, she wouldn't be blabbing it all over town. A pair of doors open up to Jim-Thon's innerspace and we see Jim-Thon levitating. Sabrina zaps herself to Zelda in the bleachers watching a game. Zelda tells Sabrina that there is a way to tell if the person is a witch, and that's the knuckle test: you steal a hair from the alleged witch's left-pinky knuckle; if the hair curls, he is not a witch. Sabrina zaps herself inside Jim-Thon's innerspace. She disguises herself as a fly. Jim-Thon enters the room. He talks to a person on the phone and tells the other person that Miles is his early retirement package. We know he's a crook. Sabrina the fly flies over to Jim-Thon and pulls out the hair from his left-pinky. It bends; he's not a witch. Jim-Thon comes after Sabrina the fly with a swatter, and misses as she flies away. Sabrina zaps herself back outside the cult meeting and back to her normal self and reenters the assembly. She learns that Jim-Thon is a vegetarian and a nutritionist. Miles returns to the cult assembly with a telescope he's going to give to Jim-Thon. Sabrina announces that Jim-Thon is a liar and a thief. The cult members don't believe her. Miles says that he feels like being part of the cult is home to him. The caterer, who catnapped Salem from the Spellman house because he could talk, brings it to Jim-Thom, who sees Salem calling the caterer an idiot. Jim-Thon buys Salem for $10,000. The double doors opens and Jim-Thon brings out Salem in a cage as proof that the mortal challenge has been met, and thinks that it's a prophet who communicates as a cat. Sabrina casts a spell to take away Salem's human voice so he can't talk. Jim-Thon couldn't prove to the cult that the cat can talk. The cult members accuse Sabrina for causing the cat to not talk because she is a non-believer of the cult. Sabrina zaps on the video and the cult sees proof that Jim-Thon is a crook who refers to his flock as idiots and losers and his levitation is nothing but a trick. Sabrina tells Jim-Thon that is innerspace is nothing but a bacherlor pad. Jim-Thon in the video is seen eating Mongolian beef while he told his flock to become vegetarians. The fed-up cult members quit and leave the assembly. Sabrina enters Jim-Thon's bachelor pad and shows him some magic tricks to scare him up and tells him that he's out of the cult business. Jim-Thon is forced to quit and find another line of work and he leaves. Sabrina cancels her spell on Salem so he can talk again. Miles is grateful for Sabrina exposing Jim-Thon as a phony cult leader. Jim-Thon was last seen delivering pizza to the Spellman house. He sees Sabrina, gets scared, and leaves the pizza without getting paid for it.

Updated: February 21, 2007.

Original Air Date: November 3, 2000

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, TL, SMF

Guests: Michael Caldwell as Caterer. Dave Engfer as Jason. Leslie Jordan as Chuck. Richard Kline as Jim-Thom. Jerry Sroka as Professor Burke. Gedde Watanabe as Kenji. Danni Wheeler as Heather. Michael Beardsley as Cult Member (uncredited). Geoffrey Gould as Cult Member (uncredited).

#105: "Some of My Best Friends are Half-Mortals"

Main Story: After Zelda returns from her trip to her dentist named Dr. Axelrod in the Other Realm, she sets Sabrina up with a male Boston college student who is a witch named Derek, and the dentist's son. Derek first meets Sabrina in Hilda's coffee shop and get into a conversation. Derek meets Salem in Sabrina's college place. Sabrina and Derek go out at a restaurant where she tells Derek that she is half-mortal, which surprises him. The next day, Sabrina meets Derek's parents in the Other Realm, but Derek tells her not to mention that she's half-mortal because it bugs them. Sabrina has a family dinner with Derek and his parents. The father, who is Zelda's dentist, tells a mortal joke, which secretly offends Sabrina. The father says that when mortals moved into his neighborhood, property values dropped like flies. Sabrina thought that mortals can't live in the Other Realm. The father says that some of his best friends are half-mortals, but he doesn't want them living in his neighborhood. Sabrina isn't too happy to discover that Derek's father is basically a purebred witch supremacist. It's not a racism issue; it's an issue of being intolerant of people who are at least partially mortal. In the second half, Sabrina arrives back home and tells Salem that Derek's father is a bigot and she had to hide the fact that she's half-mortal. She's thinking of breaking up with Derek. Derek calls Sabrina on the phone and apologizes to her for his parents. She complained that Derek didn't stand up to Sabrina when his father told mortal jokes. They decide to go on another date. Josh at the coffee shop wonders what's so special about Derek. Zelda is back at the dentist to discuss Sabrina's trip to his house the day before, and tells a half-brained mortal joke, which insults Zelda, who asked him if Sabrina found it funny. The dentist asked who wouldn't. Zelda tells him that the answer is somebody who is half mortal. The dentist says that he doesn't associate with people like that. Zelda tells him that it's been a painful afternoon in more ways than one, and leaves. Zelda zaps herself into Sabrina and Roxie's room to discuss Dr. Axelrod the bigot. Sabrina tells Zelda that Derek is okay with the fact that she's half-mortal and he's not like his father. Zelda tells Sabrina that she should use the portal to the Other Realm in the Spellamn house so they can help Sabrina. Derek meeets Hilda and Zelda in the living room. Sabrina pressures Derek to admit falsely that he enjoys living in the mortal realm with mortals. Zelda tells Derek that some witches want to start a country club that excludes mortals and what he thought of that. Derek says that it's the last club he'd ever want to join. Derek and Sabrina go to the concert in the Other Realm and leave. They go to a juice bar afterwards and drink tsunami juice, which spills itself upwards on her. She leaves to clean up. Derek tells two creatures that she's half-mortal. They ask Derek that he doesn't have a problem dating Sabrina because she's cute, but then Derek engages in some mortal joke telling with the creatures. Sabrina comes out of the ladies' room and catches Derek telling the idiotic mortal jokes. She wonders if that's how he feels about mortals and ends the date by zapping him away. The creatures morph back into Hilda and Zelda who were undercover to seek the truth about Derek who proved that he was basically a jerk. Sabrina tells Josh that Derek is history.

Updated: February 21, 2007.

Original Air Date: November 10, 2000

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, SMF, DL

Guests: Debra Engle as Mrs. Axelrod. Greg Fitzpatrick as Bartender. David Garrison as Dr. Axelrod. Bryan Kirkwood as Derek Axelrod. Ric Sarabia as Creature #1. Adam Vernier as Creature #2. Cameron Bender as Jesse.

#106: "Lost at 'C'"

Main Story: Sabrina receieves her first "C" ever on an English class assignment and panics. She envisions a future of hosing down the Slurpee machine. Sabrina confronts Professor Carlin (after locking the bathroom door) about her grade, and he tells her that her paper lacked depth, originality, and punch. The next day, the entire class of Carlin got a "C" grade. Roxie tells Sabrina that it doesn't matter how hard you work, "C" is the best grade he gives out. Sabrina shows Zelda her "C" grade report. Zelda goes in to bat for Sabrina and talks to Carlin. Zelda and Carlin begin to get some kind of crush on each other. Zelda tells Carlin that he's being so tough that he's destroying morale, but Carlin tells her that he's raising the bar for the students so they should think about doing better. Zelda tells Sabrina that if she works harder then she will get a better grade from him and that she's dating Mr. Carlin. Thanks for nothing, aunt Zel-out! The next day, Carlin gives "A"'s to Sabrina, Roxie, and Miles, then they see Zelda and Carlin chatting. Is Zelda influencing Carlin to just give out "A"'s because Carlin is dating Zelda. In the second half, Miles accuses Sabrina of ripping up the moral fabric of academia because Zelda is dating Carlin. Roxie is on Sabrina's side. Sabrina is wondering if her "A" was earned or just given out because he's dating her aunt, and searches for another opinion. Salem shows up as a salesman in the doorsil. Salem offers Sabrina a home spaying kit. The next day, Sabrina talks to Mr. Carlin, whose classroom door is jammed when she casts a spell on it. She complains that he's too soft on the grades, wants him to reread her assignment and to give her the grade she deserves. Mr. Carlin arrives at the Spellman house to date Zelda, who complains that he criticizing everything. Sabrina arrives at the Spellman home and hears Zelda breaking up with Mr. Carlin. Sabrina fears that she's so getting an "F!" The next day, Sabrina meets up with Mr. Carlin to apologize for the who debacle with Zelda. He reread her paper and changed her grade to ... "A+", saying that she deserved a better grade.

Updated: February 22, 2007.

Original Air Date: November 17, 2000

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, SMF, DL, TL

Guests: Tim Haldeman as Professor. Hiram Kasten as Lou Packard. David Starzyk as Professor Arthur Carlin.

#107: "Sabrina's Perfect Christmas"

Main Story: Sabrina opts to spend a picture-perfect Christmas with Morgan and her family rather than endure the annual insanity with Hilda and Zelda, but soon discovers the ugly secrets under that flawless façade.

Updated: TBA

Original Air Date: December 15, 2000

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, ED, SMF, TL

Guests: Molly Cheek as Mrs. Cavanaugh. Arturo Gil as Male Elf. Riley Schmidt as Dream Guy. Cindy Lue Sorensen as Female Elf. Tom Virtue as Mr. Cavanaugh. Craig Zimmerman as Chip.

#108: "My Best Shot"

Main Story: Josh gets a class on photography and takes pictures of the people in the coffee shop, then has visions of making a career out of it in the future. Later, Josh arrives at Sabrina's pad to date Morgan, but she's in New York shopping. Josh's professor tells him that he has no talent for taking ho-hum pictures. Sarbina gives Josh a pep talk and encourages him to get out and go after his passion of taking pictures. Sabrina gets an idea and tells Hilda about it: let local artists display their work her coffee shop to bring in business. They first get Josh to display some of his pictures in the coffee shop, but his displays proved to be a bust. Sabrina casts a spell on the patrons and they start dealing out the dough to buy Josh's pictures. Josh's ego gets swelled up. He turns down an offer for a paltry $50 for one of his pictures. He begins to think about his photography so much that he walks out on his job at Hilda's coffee house. Sabrina's spell backfired on her. In the second half, Sabrina admitted to Hilda to use a spell to sell one of Josh's pictures for $1,000 the night before to boost his confidence, but it over boosted it as it causes Josh to quit and go out on his own photography venture, unaware that he won't have much luck if any trying to sell his pictures as he doesn't realize that he sold his $1,000 picture with the help of Sabrina's spell. At Josh's picture display, Ethan from a photo magazine meets Josh. Ethan tells Josh that he lacks conveyance of emotion through his pictures. Josh is devasted when he doesn't sell any pictures. Sabrina makes a point to Josh to work harder on his photography and he will eventually succeed in his direction. Hilda offers Josh his job back and he takes it.

Updated: February 22, 2007.

Original Air Date: January 12, 2001

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, DL, SMF, TL

Guests: Morgan Brittany as Mrs. Scott. Todd Eckert as Customer #4. Stephon Fuller as Guy. Danny Goldman as Director. Neal Matarazzo as Customer #2. John Mooney as Customer #3 (as John C. Mooney). Elayn Taylor as Casting Director. James Michael Tyler as Ethan. Mari Weiss as Customer #1. Devin Elliott as Guy #2. Lisa Foxx(?) as Girl #1.

Sabrina the Teenage Witch The Complete Series

Read reviews, description, details, and more!

Sabrina the Teenage Witch Season 5 (2000-2001)

Read reviews, description, details, and more!

Plot Outline: A sixteen year old high school student finds out she's a witch.

Plot Synopsis: Sabrina Spellman, a perfectly normal 16-year-old, is informed by her aunts, Hilda and Zelda, that she (and they, and her whole family on her father's side) are witches. She lives with them in Massachusetts while preparing to receive her witch's license. Along the way, she gets into many scrapes while figuring out how certain spells work. She also has to keep the secret from her boyfriend, Harvey, friends Jenny and later Valerie, stuck-up nemesis Libby, and her ever-suspicious vice-principal, Mr. Kraft.

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