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Sabrina Episode Guide Season 5p2

Season Five Sep 2000 - May 2001

#109: "Tick-Tock Hilda's Clock"

Main Story: Aunt Hilda's 650th birthday is fast approaching, but she's not looking forward to it, and she doesn't want a birthday party given by Sabrina. Josh says that Hilda wants a surprise party when she says that she doesn't want a birthday party. Zelda says that she's thrown Hilda birthday parties and she's hated every one of them. Did that stop Sabrina from throwing Hilda a birthday party? No. Looks like she's happy talking with her old friends at the party. Her friends who have kids of their own remind Hilda that she's not a mother yet. Sally was all over Salem. After the party ended, Hilda expressed her sadness that she doesn't have a family of her own yet. She goes to see a doctor in the Other Realm. The doctor tells her that her biologicial clock is running fast and telling her that she wants to have a baby. Hilda doesn't have a man. Her doctor tells her he's going to give her more time by recalibrating it. While her clock is being repaired, Hilda suffers wild mood swings at her coffee shop. She's got more loose screws than Home Depot! Back at the Other Realm hospital, Sabrina picks up Hilda's biological clock in a bag and brings it to the coffee shop to give it to Hilda, but Hilda went home. Sabrina puts the bag on the counter next to another bag that looks like it, then puts some cups on a table. A shoplifter comes by the counter and picks up Sabrina's bag. Sabrina picks up the lookalike bag, opens it, and is shocked to discover that somebody took the bag with Hilda's biological clock. In the second half, Sabrina runs home and sees Salem in bandages because Hilda bit him. She tells Zelda that she doesn't have the clock. Hilda comes downstairs and throws a party, opens the bag, and sees a cheesy novel, hairbrush. and toothbrush, but no biological clock. Hilda needs to get her clock back or else she has to find a man within 48 hours to have a child, and if she doesn't, she won't have a child for the rest of her life. Hilda demands that she find a man right now. Hilda zapped an ad in the newspaper and a half a dozen men come into her house. Talk about a really desparate single woman. She's not a desparate housewife if she's not married. Zelda sent all of the men home. Hilda engages a strange elderly man named Eugene and demands that she conceive a baby with him. Sabrina has no luck trying to find Hilda's biological clock and time is running out. Hilda takes the man to the clerk to get married. Sabrina and Zelda stop the wedding. Sabrina offers Hilda her biological clock, but Hilda breaks off with Eugene. Josh brings the bag with the biological clock to Hilda, and explained that the person brought it back. Hilda leaves. Eugene comments that it isn't the first time he's been stood up for a small appliance.

Updated: March 1, 2007

Original Air Date: January 19, 2001

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, SMF, DL

Guests: Larry Dorf as George. Louan Gideon as Eleanor. Len Lesser as Eugene. Mark Lonow as Dr. Braverman. Holly Maples as Sally. William O'Leary as Policeman. Zack Phifer as Judge. Leslie S. Sachs as Roz (as Leslie Sachs). Julie Satterfield as Receptionist. Susanne Wright as Cashier.

#110: "Sabrina's New Roommate"

Main Story: Zelda is so tightly wound up that she's thrown out of balance when Hilda switches around the salt and pepper shakers on the table. Sabrina, Roxie, and Miles are watching 12 hours of Andy Griffith on TV. Hilda decides to remodel the house, but Zelda objects to that. Zelda shows up at Sabrina's place because Hilda broke the house and wants to stay with her for a few days. Sabrina says that her roommates might feel weird about it. Zelda travels with cleaning supplies. Roxie isn't too happy about it. Later, Sabrina and Roxie watch a Green Acres marathon on TV, but Zelda changes the channel to an opera program. Sabrina and Roxie leave. Miles walks in, unaware that Zelda is staying over. Hilda is working hard to fix the house. Salem begs Hilda to use her finger to get herself out of the home improvement nightmare. Sabrina and Roxie return and see Zelda still up and watching Green Acres. The next morning, Sabrina and Zelda cook up some weird breakfast with candy, gummy bears, chocolate syrup and bread to get Zelda loose. Morgan invites Sabrina and Roxie to a rave club. Josh walks into the rave and tells Sabrina that Zelda arrived at the rave. Looks like Zelda unraveled so much that she adopts a live-for-the-moment attitude, and Sabrina found herself being the responsible one and looking after Zelda. In the second half, Zelda comes home late from being with her friends, and an angry Sabrina tells her that it's 5:30 in the morning, and Zelda has a class in two hours. Zelda leaves a minute later for a date with some boys in a van. Sabrina talks to Hilda about Zelda going off the deep end more than Weird Al Yankovic ever did. A man named Vic brings Zelda into a tattoo parlor. Two tattoos on the wall come to life when Sabrina and Hilda talk through them to Zelda and tell her not to get a tattoo and ruin her life. The tattoo man says that Zelda has some really weird flesh as her skin won't absorb the ink for the tattoo. Zelda gives up on the tattoo and gives up on the loose life; Zelda returns to Sabrina and Hilda and tells them that she can't get a tattoo. Sabrina tells Zelda that she can loosen up but still be herself as a grown-up.

Updated: March 1, 2007

Original Air Date: January 26, 2001

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, ED, SMF, DL, TL

Guests: Jay Bontatibus as Vic. Mike Grief as Michaelangelo.

#111: "Making the Grade"

Main Story: Roxie has a ton of homework to do at college. She has to write a five-page essay on Hamlet. School is killing her. She has to get straight A's for this semester or she will lose her scholarship. Sabrina helps Roxie with her homework as best as she could. Ryan a school athlete seems to get enough time after studying to have spare time to date and do other stuff. How can Ryan party all night and still get great grades? Morgan tells Sabrina that the school is giving preferential treatment to the star athletes by giving them easier courses. Sabrina disguises herself as an eraser to see how Roxie's teacher is grading the tests. The teacher gives Roxie a "B" for her Hamlet essay. Ryan the party boy turned in a paper apologizing for not having time to do the essay because of baseball practice, and gets an "A". Sabrina the eraser takes control and erases the grade and causes the pencil to draw an "F". The teacher doesn't believe what happened and tries to change the grade. It's the last time he buys from Staples. He tosses Sabrina the eraser and the pencil across the room. The next day, Sabrina writes an article exposing the college for preferential treatment to the school athletes. She got the article published. Zelda said that Sabrina did the right thing. But when she got into the hallway, an angry Ryan, the baseball player on the school, confronted her and told her that his coach benched him for the big playoff game until he finishes all of his school assignments. Morgan, his date, tells Sabrina that her article just cost Adams College the championship. An angry Roxie tells Sabrina that because of her article, her scholarship is in jeopardy because Roxie is taking a bowling class. How? It was one of the easy classes she took to prop up her GPA, but because of Sabrina's article, she now has to show up and learn how to bowl and to get an "A" on the bowling final, which didn't exist until Sabrina's essay was published. It's weird how one article can change a college in a day. In the second half, Josh tells Sabrina that what she did was not a mistake, but then again, Josh's college, Emerson, is playing against Sabrina's college for the baseball championship. Sabrina comes back to her place and sees Roxie and Morgan studying and giving her the cold treatment. Miles shows Roxie how to bowl, but Roxie has a hard time learning the sport. Sabrina meets them in the bowling alley, and Roxie tells her that she has a bowling final exam in five minutes. Roxie's scholarship is going into the gutter, so Sabrina casts a spell to make her into a bowling pro for the night so she could pass the exam. Sabrina goes to Ryan's place to help him with his homework. Roxie passed her bowling final so she can keep her GPA up as well as her scholarship. Ryan tells Sabrina that he handed in all of his assignments so he could play in the championship game. Adams beats Edmonton college, and Salem lost the bet.

Updated: March 2, 2007

Original Air Date: February 2, 2001

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, SMG, ED, DL, TL

Guests: Mark Chaet as Professor Dillard. Patrick Cronin as Wayne. Elizabeth Hart as Female Student #1. Howard Mann as Artie, the Profit Prophet. John William Stevenson as Ryan. Allen Williams as Professor Klaveman.

#112: "Love Is A Many Complicated Thing"

Main Story: Sabrina is a tad upset that Morgan is dating Josh. Roxie thinks that Valentine's Day is nothing more than a commercial ripoff, a bogus holiday engineered by the greeting card industry. Wonder if she listened to Tom Leykis's radio show where I heard that from. Morgan and Josh are dating for Valentine's Day. Morgan helps Sabrina set up a date with Kevin. Sabrina concedes to a double date on Valentine's Day with Josh and Morgan. Before she leaves, Sabrina casts a spell on Roxie to make her be nice to Miles. Morgan expects Josh to tell her that she loves her. Sabrina meets up with Josh, who tells her that he's breaking up with Morgan because he's had it with her ordering him around. In the second half, Sabrina zaps herself to the Spellman home and asks Salem for help while he's watching a Love Boat marathon. No help. Sabrina tells Zelda that Josh is breaking up with Morgan but Morgan likes Josh. Does Sabrina shut up and let Josh break up with Morgan and Josh becomes available, or does she say anyting to Morgan to help them stay together. Zelda tells Sabrina to help Morgan. The mailman gives her advice to help Josh and Morgan, so she won't feel guilty if they still break up. Sabrina returns to the double date in the restauraunt. Josh and Morgan still have an argument, and Morgan leaves. Sabrina tells Josh that Morgan is in love with him and tells Josh to talk to Morgan about what bothers him. Back at the place, Roxie is over excitied for Miles. Morgan and Sabrina return to the place. Sabrina tells Morgan that Josh cares about her and doesn't like to be bossed around. Sabrina tells Morgan to meet Josh at the coffee house; Sabrina zaps Josh's mind into thinking he should go to the coffee house. Morgan meets up with Josh and they make up thanks to Sabrina. Josh sees Sabrina leaving the coffee shop with Kevin and wonders if she's interested in Josh as he shows some interest in her while Morgan is hugging him.

Updated: March 2, 2007

Original Air Date: February 9, 2001

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, ED, SMF, TL, DL, MT

Guests: Jorge Luis Abreu as Waiter. Matt McCoy as Calvin.

#113: "Sabrina, The Muse"

Main Story: Sabrina's new boyfriend, Kevin, writes a song about what Sabrina means to him and she is flattered. At Sabrina's place, Kevin sings another song and says that she's his muse. Sabrina later starts bombing out under pressure and starts talking about finding missing socks. In the second half, Sabrina tells Morgan that she's lost her magic touch as a muse but Morgan still demands the secret of being a muse. Salem tells Sabrina to get some advice from some muses, so she zaps them into her place. After some advice, Sabrina invites Kevin to the Spellman house to come up with some songs while she tries again to be his muse. When Sabrina gets a roadblock in her thoughts, she ponders whether she should change majors, but Kevin doesn't pay attention to her. When Sabrina talks about stuff other than song material, Kevin ignores her, then she gets the hint that she doesn't want a one-way relationship with him, and she shows him the door. At the coffee house, Kevin tells Sabrina that she should stick with her journalism major.

Updated: March 2, 2007

Original Air Date: February 16, 2001

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, ED, SMF, DL, MT

Guests: E.J. Callahan as Charon. Estelle Harris as Dora. Darlene Hunt as Erato (as M. Darlene Hunt). Linda Kim as Clio. Sonny King as Banjo Player. Valarie Pettiford as Calliope. Donna Pieroni as Euterpe. J.J. Rodgers as Lady of Justice. Christine Nelson as girl.

#114: "Beach Blanket Bizarro"

Main Story: Sabrina solves her first college spring-break problem taking Morgan and Roxie to Pelican Cove in Florida to have fun at the beach. Morgan takes Josh along. Sabrina asks Kevin to come along. Miles comes along with them. Sabrina's aunts come to Sabrina's college place and are concerned about going to Florida. Sabrina assures them there's nothing to worry about, but her aunts aren't convinced. Her aunts consult a Good Clean Fun consultant and summoned Frankie Avalon, who says that all Sabrina and Kevin will have is good clean fun, then makes himself disappear. So, did he cast the spell? The college gang arrive in Florida. Woo-hoo! Sabrina is stunned that when she's going to check into the Surfside motel, she meets Harvey checking out. Harvey is sunburned from vacationing there, then he had to leave. The clerk says "neato", then we see a Gidget convention of beach goers who must have come from the 1960s beach movie walking out of a nearby room and heading toward the beach. They arrive at the beach where instead of a wild and crazy beach party 90s style, they're at a swinging and cool beach party, 60s style. Looks like they're in the Twilight Zone. Hilda and Zelda watch Sabrina at the beach on a special television transmission. Sabrina's friends were wondering why their college spring break turned squeaky-clean, then after they move ahead, Sabrina suggests that her aunts are to blame for this, saying that her aunts are so-dead. Frankie put a spell on the trip that puts Sabrina and her friends into a Beach Blanket Bizarro straight from the 1960s, with everyting except Annette Funicello. It was even complete with a neat-o beach band fronted by pop singer Aaron Carter (younger brother of Backstreet Boys' Nick Carter). In the second half, an angry Sabrina calls her aunts, who play innocent with her, and tell her that they want her to have good clean fun. Sabrina tells her aunts that her spring break will be so hot that it will melt the plastic sofa in the motel lobby. Sabrina tells Josh that she wants her and her friends to go to a hotel in Ft. Lauderdale to have a hot time, but Kevin wants to stay at the neato beach. Morgan is enjoying her hula hoop. Roxie is having fun helping a few boys wax a surfboard. Kevin is having a good time playing wiht a beach ball. Tell her this isn't happening. Kevin plays at a beach band fronted by a young teenage Aaron Carter who sings "I Want Candy." The beach partiers have fun dancing to the song. After sunset, Morgan is tied for first place in a limbo contest. Sabrina is alone with Kevin and asks him how he feels about her, and he sings a song. Sabrina lipsyncs singing to him, and still vows to kill her aunts for this. Kevin then goes to a hula hoop contest. The next day, the gang go out surfing. Surfing is the niftiest. Roxie is told by one of the boys that chicks don't surf, but she grabs the surfboard to surf again. Morgan is having fun with the boys using a blanket as a trampoline. Groovy. What a crazy trip. Josh says to Sabrina that Morgan has to be the center of attention and wishes he spent more time with him. He wishes that he could talk with Morgan the way he talks with Sabrina. While doing the mashed potato dance at a bonfire party, Sabrina sights Harvey dancing in the crowd. Back at home, Frankie returns to the aunts house and does the swim with them. The Living End.

Notes: former regular Nate Richert makes the first of a few appearrances this season.

Updated: March 8, 2007

Original Air Date: February 23, 2001

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, ED, SMF, DL, TL, NR, MT

Guests: Nathan Anderson as Tad. Frankie Avalon as Himself. Aaron Carter as Himself. Bryan Cuprill as Beachdoggie. Margaret Emery as Zinc Oxide Girl. Chase Hampton as Birdbrain (as Chasen Hampton). Amy Lucas as Girl #1. Joey Nader as Desk Clerk. Chris Woolsey as Guy #1.

#115: "Witchright Hall"

Main Story: Mail from Marigold in the Other Realm comes into the toaster and wishes to send trouble-making teenage cousin Amanda to live with her aunts for a year because her mother got married for the 19th time and Amanda is not taking it well. Hilda is still trying to bag husband #1. Zelda suggests that Amanda goes to school in the mortal world and lives with the aunts, they could straighten her out. Amanda arrives to take over Sabrina's old bedroom. Amanda throw's Sabrina's stuff out of her bedroom and onto the front porch. Amanda is pure evil! Sabrina leaves. The aunts say that they can't send Amanda the monster to a mortal school and decide to home school her instead. A video from Marigold arrives in the toaster. They watch a video for Witchright Hall, a place where rebellious and magically-challenged witches learn to function in a mortal world and teach them how to control their dangerous witch impulses. The aunts ask Sabrina to take Amanda to Witchright Hall. The girls arrive at the hall to convince the headmaster (guest star Charles Shaughnessy) and school director (Jane Sibbett, "Friends") to accept Amanda into Witchright Hall. They are greeted by a talking dog named Phil, who is no relation to a boy named Sue. Phil the dog is the head of the physical education department. James the headmaster arrives to meet Sabrina and Amanda. James had to leave to take care of matters. The school director named Robin heads downstairs to meet the girls. James returns and talks to the girls about accepting Amanda into the Hall. James reviews Amanda's wiccan file. Amanda has been expelled from 12 different schools, force-retired 14 teachers, one of which into a straitjacket, and has problems with dishonesty and greed. In the second half, Amanda turns James' desk into an ice cream stand, then James cancels out Amanda's spell. James leaves to discuss some issues with his staff. Amanda meets some delinquents in the Hall and organizes some trouble for the other students to perform. James interrups the meeting and ends Amanda's plan, then proceeds with his lecturing to the delinquents. Robin tells Sabrina that they will review Amanda's applications and shows them the door. Amanda tells Sabrina that it's the first place that she feels where she really belongs. At home, Professor Hexton calls Sabrina to tell her that Amanda's application has been rejected, so Sabrina goes back to Witchright Hall to fix things. Robin tells Sabrina that Amanda isn't enough trouble for them to take in. Sabrina tells Robin and James that Amanda's a nightmare, but James tells her that Amanda's too nice. The Hall takes in extreme cases of troubled teen witches. Sabrina shows James and Robin by magic what happens when Amanda learns that she didn't accepted. The aunts and Salem tell Amanda the bad news, then Amanda begins to cry. James says that she's the first student to ever cry because she didn't get accepted; they usually cry because they do. James and Robin are finally convinced to take Amanda in, then Sabrina switches places with Amanda.

Updated: March 13, 2007

Original Air Date: April 6, 2001

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, SMF, EH

Guests: Steven Barr as Mr. Martin. Blake Clark as Phil (voice). Charmaine De Grate as Haley. Agatha Drake as Tiffany. Kyle Gibson as Chuck (as Kyle Brent Gibson). Richard Steven Horvitz as Duck Head (voice) (as Richard S. Horvitz). Jerry Lambert as Mr. McBride. Thad Luckinbill as Sean Hexton. Charles Shaughnessy as James Hexton. Jane Sibbett as Robin Davis. Jon Ames as Sam.

#116: "Sabrina, the Activist"

Main Story: Sabrina is having problems sleeping becauseshe is bothered, so much that a rainstorm rains on her. Sabrina arrives at Zelda's house with a raincloud hanging over her. Zelda tells her that Sabrina's having a big problem. Zelda looks at the cloud that she's overwhelmed with school work and her recent break-up with Kevin, lingering feelings for Harvey, and conflicing emotions about Josh. What a mess. No wonder Sabrina is damp. She got rid of the cloud by getting her feelings out of her head. Zelda tells Sabrina to put her energy into doing something positive. Sabrina decides to lead a protest to save a historical building called The Mayflower from demolition and stop the parking structure. Roxie plans to join in, but Morgan plans to sit it out. Josh wants to get pictures of the protest. Miles joins the gang and heads off to join the protest. One of the tenants tells the protesters that a lot of poor people will be displaced and hopes that the protest will attract some media attention. Sabrina tells the tenant that she's the media and can write about the effort to save the Mayflower building in the college newspaper. Back at the college place, Sabrina writes up the article. Josh is paying more attention to Sabrina than he is to Morgan. The next day, Sabrina's article is published with the header "People Before Parking". The Dean arrives to complain about Sabrina's article, tells Sabrina that the board resolved the problem, then leaves. Sabrina wonders why. She goes to the Mayflower and a tenant tells her that the tenants are being evicted and have to leave by next week. Her article must have ticked off the Dean. Was he and the board of trustees connected somehow with the parking lot plan? In the second half, Josh tells Sabrina to stop beating herself up for writing her artcle. When Josh tells Morgan that the people at the Mayflower are being evicted, Morgan doesn't look too concerned about the plight of the tenants. Sabrina gives Josh and idea for pictures of the tenants. Josh snaps the photos of the tenants, and Miles prepares the photos for Sabrina to publish. The plan is to get the readers invloved to see how important that their cause is by seeing pictures of the people who live in the Mayflower. Three TV newscrews call Sabrina to tell her that they're going to cover the demonstration the next day. Roxie returned with some new posters about the demonstration to plaster around the campus. Morgan reminds Josh that they had a date that night, but Josh says that he has to cancel, saying that people losing their homes is more important than seeing Morgan in a new dress. Josh tells Morgan that he's going with Sabrina to work on the protest plan instead of dating Morgan. The next day, a full-fledged protest is staged at The Mayflower. "People Before Parking!" Where are the news crews? They're covering Salem being stuck in a used car hood! Huh? Zelda is trying to buy a used car and Salem was checking out the engine, but got stuck. Sabrina arrives and gets Salem unstuck. The news crews see no more story to cover, then follow Sabrina to the Mayflower to cover the protest. The Dean arrives to make an announcement to compenstate the tenants for the loss, but Sabrina and the tenants aren't buying what the Dean says. When the Dean makes them a better deal, the tenants ask the Dean when do they move. The tenants are happy and the protesters leave. One of the female tenants thank Sabrina for giving them a better home. Josh tells Sabrina that he broke up with Morgan earlier that morning. Morgan says that she was too much woman for Josh and says that he would be better off with someone like Sabrina...not Sabrina...just someone like her. Morgan goes on the rebound and gets a date.

Updated: March 13, 2007

Original Air Date: April 27, 2001

Cast: MJH, BB, NB, DL, ED, SMF, TL

Guests: Steven Anderson as Dean Pitchford. Mindy Burbano as Mindy. Teddy Lane Jr. as Police Officer. Peggy Miley as Mrs. Smiley. Valente Rodriguez as Gustavo. Mark Sivertsen as Chuck.

#117: "Do You See What I See?"

Main Story: Miles tells Sabrina and Roxie that he survived another nightmare dinner with his parents. Miles tell them that his father would rather have him join his accounting business than to study to be a paranormal researcher in college. Sabrina asks Zelda for Hilda to run her astronomy report on her. Hilda returns from a trip after her date from Venus named Elliott drops her off in his flying Cadillac. Miles sights the UFO that looks like a Cadillac in the sky. The next day, Roxie gives her astronomy report orally in class, but the instructor thanks her Internet service provider for the report. Sabrina gives a too simple astronomy report. Miles gives an astronomy report and tells the class that he sighted a UFO that looked like a Cadillac. One student called Miles a nut job. Another told him that it was a rubber padded spaceship coming to take him away. Roxie told Miles that he's so loopy. Sabrina, knowing that it was the car that dropped off Hilda, told Miles that it was a weather balloon to cover up the story. Sabrina tells Hilda to be more discreet when dating guys from the Other Realm. Zelda asks Miles for his mother's matzah ball recipe. Miles shows up back at the college place who tells Sabrina and Roxie that he was called a freakin' fruitcake by Professor Hutchins, who of all people is an instructor of paranormal scientists. Miles decides to evaluate his direction in life and decides to settle in his father's business after Sabrina thought that Miles was delusional when she told him that he thought he saw a spaceship, but she can't tell Miles the truth that it really was a flying Cadillac that he saw. In the second half, Sabrina feels responsible for encouraging Miles, who misinterpreted her wish and told the class about the UFO instead of just referring to the way he dressed, to be daring in the first place. Josh tells Sabrina that it's better for Miles to find another career path instead of wasting $80,000 for a B.S. in UFOs that he might never use since there's not much demand for paranormal studies. While Miles was studying his accounting books, he tells Sabrina that when he sees a seven, nobody calls him a nut job. Miles rejects an invitation on the phone to hang out with the freaks he used to go out with. After Miles tells Sabrina that he could go 50 years doing accounting, he leaves to his room. Sabrina casts a spell to visualize Miles in 15 years. She sees Miles going nuts inside the closet. Sabrina goes into Miles's room and tells him that he will hate accounting in the future and tries to convince him that anybody who collects paranormal objects such as radioactive stuff is not meant to be an accountant. Zelda uses her lab top to cook up the a matzoh ball using the molecular structure of Mrs. Goodman's matzoh balls, but was missing a key ingredient according to Salem: love. Sabrina tells Zelda that she needs to find a way to tell Miles that he know he saw that Cadillac spacecraft without admitting that she has magic powers as a witch so that he would reconsider his career path and give up on his father's dream of being an accountant. Sabrina wishes that she could validate Miles' UFO sighting to let him know that he's not alone. Hilda walks in and tells Zelda and Sabrina that she's going to learn another lesson to drive the Cadillac in a flying lesson with Elliott. Zelda hints that seeing is believing, then Sabrina forms a plan. Sabrina leads Miles to the rooftop to go identify constellations for her astronomy class as an excuse while Miles brings an accounting book. At 9:10pm, Sabrina sights the flying Cadillac and tells Miles to look at it fly by. After Sabrina assures Miles that she saw the UFO, Miles gets some hope of encouragement that it confirms everything that he believes in and he knows he's not deluding himself because he knows Sabrina saw it too. Sabrina tells Miles that he should keep the UFO sighting to himself or else double the scorn. Miles says that he figured out how Sabrina is different than anybody else. When Sabrina thinks that he thinks she's a witch, Miles thinks that she has a crush on her. Sabrina falsely admits that it was that was true, but as long as they're roommates, they must never act upon it. During the episode, Sabrina has been answering the phone call from some mystery caller who keeps hanging up on her. In the epilogue, she answers the phone and warns the caller that she's contacting the FBI. Harvey tells her that it's him on the phone, and hung up every time he heard her voice and he froze up. He tells her that he feels bad about the way he acted after he found out that she's a witch, and just called to apologize to her, then after she accepted his apology, he asks her if that's a flying Cadillac in the sky. Sabrina says that she's going to kill her aunt Hilda.

Updated: March 14, 2007

Original Air Date: May 4, 2001

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, ED, SMF, DL, TL, NR

Guests: Patricia Belcher as Professor Hutchins. Kevin Mockrin as Student #1. Phil Nee as Mr. Willoughby. Larry Poindexter as Elliot. Annalea Rawicz as Student #2.

#118: "Sabrina's Got Spirit"

Main Story: At the college place, Miles thinks that he saw the microwave floating after he gets home after Sabrina levitates it. She tells him that maybe there's a ghost in the place. Miles gets going on finding a ghost in the house. Later, a luau party was taking place in the house. Sabrina invites Josh to the luau to the objection of Morgan. Miles introduces Sabrina to a specialist he hired named Garth, who brought a device called the Ectoplex 5000 to help find some ghosts with an ionized energy detector. Miles says that the device zooms in paranormal energy fields and supernatural phonenom, checking to see if there's any poltergeists, extraterrestrials, and witches in the house. Sabrina panics a bit when he mentions the "witches" part in his sentence. The detector senses something in the house. After the luau party ended and the guests leave, Miles is using the detector to point to Sabrina in the kitchen and it senses paranormal activity. Sabrina covers up and says that the detector is going haywire. Morgan says that this is creepy when the detector senses Sabrina as she moves around Miles. She tells Miles, Morgan, and Roxie that she's ... psychic. Roxie doesn't belive her. Miles suggests that some paranormal parasite is leaching off Sabrina, and says that he will expose it, annhilate it, and blast it out of the house forever. Sabrina tells Miles not to go through the trouble on her account. Sabrina goes home and tells Salem that she fears that Miles will have her exposed and vaporized because the detector senses paranormal activity inside her. Salem tells Sabrina that it's time for the talk. Mortals with paranormal detectors are interested in one thing: she needs protection. So, she gets an anti-detection force field she can get at a drug store in the Other Realm. She goes back to the college place and sprays the anti-detection force field on her. She goes to Miles's room to test it out. She finds the detector and tests it out on her. The anti-detection force field works. When she goes woo-hoo and points the detector toward the ceiling, it senses paranormal activity from above. Then, she hears a voice from above demanding her to put that thing down. A ghost materializes in the living room, telling Sabrina that he's been living in the college place for 30 years and been there for 40, meaning he's been dead for 10 years. Sabrina puts her hand through his stomach, which proves that he's a ghost. The ghost warns Sabrina that he doesn't like Miles using his paranormal detector to take somebody down, and if anybody gets blasted out of the place, it's Sabrina. In the second half, Sabrina shows Roxie and Morgan that the energy detector detects nothing on her. Roxie hands Sabrina her mail, but the ghost is trying to take the mail from Sabrina, who explains that she's practicing improv as an excuse. When the mail on the table flaps and the water from the sink starts going, Roxie tells Sabrina that Miles is right that there's something very weird going on with her. Sabrina says that there's nothing wrong, then her hair gets big and frizzy. Sabrina calls up a paranormal exterminator in her room. Gary shows up at her service, who says that he can't work because it's Other Realm Independence weekend. Sabrina says that she needs work done to get rid of the ghost now. Gary gives Sabrina a kazoo, explaining that funny music can be theraputic, then he leaves. The ghost grabs the kazoo from Sabrina and breaks it in half. Obviously, the ghost is not a fan of funny music. Neither is Clear Channel or CBS Radio, but that's beside the topic of the story. Sabrina enters the living room and meets up with Miles and Garth, who show her a device that's called the EXT paranormal ion eliminator. Whatever is living inside her, it will blast it out of her into smithereens. Sabrina says that she can wait until Monday. When the eliminator self destructs, Miles says that Sabrina caused it to blow up, then she glows bright orange. Miles and Garth run out of the house. The next time, Miles, Roxie, and Morgan return to the college place while wearing anti-contamination gear. Sabrina says that this is getting ridiculous. Miles tells Sabrina that he's arranged to put her in a bubble. Sabrina tells the gang that they don't have to worry about her being contaminated anymore and says that it would be better if she moved back with her aunts. At the coffee shop, Josh told Sabrina that the luau rocked. Sabrina tells Josh that there's something living inside the house without telling him that it's a ghost that's living in the house, and if she can't move in again unless she could get rid of it. Josh keeps guessing her roomates, but none are the correct answer. When Josh tells her that anybody that angry has unresolved issues, Sabrina thanks him. Josh asked if the roomate is male or female, Sabrina tells him that he used to be male. When she leaves, Josh says that he's got a lot of unresolved issues. Sabrina goes back to the house and demands to talk to the ghost. The ghost says that his name is Marv. She asks him what made him so hostile. Marv says that he lost his wife. Sabrina says she's sorry she died. Marv tells her no, he died, and she's still alive. Marv just wants to see his wife again to give her a present that's been collecting dust in the attic for the past 10 years. Sabrina asks him that if she finds her and gave her his gift, Marv would finally leave the house forever. He says deal. Sabrina finds Betty and invites her to the college place. Sabrina hands Betty the present Marv made. She opens it up and sees 20,000 shares of the Microsoft Corporation. Betty thanks her and leaves. Marv shows up and thanks Sabrina for her help. Sabrina asks Marv for help because her roomates think that she's a supernatural freak. Marv has an idea. What if her friends all have supernatural powers. Sabrina says that she could write comic book about them. The next time Morgan, Miles, and Roxie were in the house, the kitchen doors begin opening and closing, Miles' paranormal detector senses activity in the direction of Morgan when cards started flying above the table. Miles says that the ladies are possessed, and freaks of nature too (Marv is causing the weird things to happen). Miles floats in the air, and does somersaults in the air, thanks to Marv. Sabrina witnesses this happening outside the house. Marv returns outside, telling Sabrina that his work is done. Marv then leaves. Sabrina reenters the house. The gang, who are packing up to leave, says that the whole house is possessed and it wasn't just her. Sabrina told them that her aunt Hilda says that the weird activity is due to massive solar flares, misalignment of the planets, and some inflamed asteroids. Miles says that what she's saying is the rare convergence of some cellestrial events that's disrputed some electromagnetic fields. Sabrina says yes and that it won't happen again for another gajillion years. Roxie, Miles, and Morgan are convinced that the paranormal activity will be over soon and they don't have to leave the place. Miles is disappointed that he was hoping to encounter a supernatural entity. Sabrina says that he's a bit closer than he thinks. In the epilogue, Gary enters the college place to flush out the ghost. Miles says that the house never had a ghost, and notices a great rig he has on his back and asks where he got it from. Gary says that he got it from the Other Realm. Miles says that it's code for a covert CIA operation in Central America. Gary asks that Miles isn't from the Other Realm, is he? Miles points the energy detector at him. Gary leaves. Miles throws the detector in the trash, telling it "what do you know?"

Updated: March 14, 2007

Original Air Date: May 11, 2001

Cast: MJH, NB, ED, SMF, DL, TL

Guests: Alan Blumenfeld as Marv. Shirley Prestia as Betty. Eamonn Roche as Gary. Devlin Elliott as Garth.

#119: "Finally!"

Main Story: Sabrina tells Josh and Hilda that she wishes there was a way to bring the singles in the coffee house together when she realizes that many of the visitors look lonely. Josh wants to charge $5 for a singles night meeting place. Sabrina sees a lonely female patron named Pam and casts a spell to make her less shy when a guy walks by. Harvey walks in to talk to Sabrina, but Pam interrupts and asks Harvey to go out to eat. Harvey accepts and takes Pam out. Zelda is mad that Salem spent $3,000 on her credit card to buy World War II memorabilia. Salem tells Zelda and Hilda that it's a mail-order bride that he ordered. Mail from the Other Realm Department of Justice arrives in the toaster. Hilda opens it up and Harry falls out. He tells Hilda that she was pardoned by the Witches Council for the Witch Warden Scandal as a gesture to amnesty. The bottom line, Zelda and Hilda no longer are required to clothe, house, and feed Salem Saberhagen who as a hardened criminal man led a bloody insurrection to take over the world. Salem can be reassigned to another halfway home. Harry cast Salem in a ball and chain, and took him away. Hilda and Zelda are cheering that they're free at last of Salem. Sabrina gets Roxie and Miles to attend the singles night meeting. Salem landed in some home inhabited by a husband and wife. The wife tosses Salem inside a dungeon in the basement where it's a prison labor camp. A foreman tells Salem to get to work on making shoes. The singles night meeting took place later that night where each man met each woman for five minutes to get to know each other, then they changed pairings after five minutes. Roxie wants to meet Josh's friend Bret. Miles isn't having any luck with any of the women, but gets Holly. Roxie plans to go out on a first date with Bret while Sabrina dates Josh, but Josh comes into the college place and tells them that Bret cancelled the date, but Bret doesn't call Roxie because he gota box set for the Red Sox game. Roxie sounds a bit hurt. Sabrina gets into an argument over what exactly Josh said to Bret when he stood up Roxie, and cancels her date with Josh, because he doesn't realize that Bret acted like a jerk. Miles comes into the room and he leaves with Josh. In the second half, Josh, Miles, and Holly go to a movie, while a miniturized Sabrina spys inside Josh's popcorn. Sabrina casts a spell to change some of the dialogue in the movie while Miles and Holly kiss. Zelda and Hilda enjoy dinner without Salem, but realize that they miss him, so they both zap themselves out to find Salem. Roxie tries to tell Sabrina to talk to Josh after he hasn't called to apologize to her for the argument. Hilda and Zelda arrive at the bungalow above the dungeon where Salem was transported to and talks to the husband and wife inside the bungalow. The aunts hear some sounds coming through the door and suspect something strange. The next night was another singles night meeting where Josh and Sabrina have another argument. Miles tells them that he broke up with Holly. Sabrina is still upset about the Bret and tells Josh he needs to apologize, but Josh doesn't mean it. During the singles night meeting, entertainment by the band Eden's Crush from The WB's "Popstars" performing their hit single "Get Over Yourself" was provided. The aunts translate Salem's morse code, saying that he's trapped in the dungeon cobbling shoes. This is an Other Realm prison labor camp. The husband tries to zap Zelda, who then sports a shield to divert away his spell. Hilda makes a cage appear and it falls on the husband and wife. The aunts go to the dungeon to find Salem. The foreman is mad that Salem isn't doing a good job and wants to punish him when the aunts appear and rescue Salem, then they take him back to the Spellman house. Another singles meeting night ends and Miles leaves with a pair of Pop Stars on his arms. Sabrina and Josh make up.

Special Guests: The singing group Eden's Crush: Eden's Crush #1 - Ana Maria Lombo. Eden's Crush #2 - Maile Misajon. Eden's Crush #3 - Nicole Scherzinger. Eden's Crush #4 - Ivette Sosa. Eden's Crush #5 - Rosanna Tavarez

Updated: March 15, 2007

Original Air Date: May 18, 2001

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, ED, SMF, DL, NR

Guests: Nakia Burrise as Female Patron (as Nakia Ra'Shay Burrise). Judy Kain as Doris. Tom La Grua as Harry. J. Anthony McCarthy as Snake. Megahn Perry as Erica. Terry Rhoads as Dick. Angelo Spizzirri as Steve. Jessica Stier as Pam. Tangee as Myoshi. Heather Young as Cute Girl.

Sabrina the Teenage Witch The Complete Series

Read reviews, description, details, and more!

Sabrina the Teenage Witch Season 5 (2000-2001)

Read reviews, description, details, and more!

Plot Outline: A sixteen year old high school student finds out she's a witch.

Plot Synopsis: Sabrina Spellman, a perfectly normal 16-year-old, is informed by her aunts, Hilda and Zelda, that she (and they, and her whole family on her father's side) are witches. She lives with them in Massachusetts while preparing to receive her witch's license. Along the way, she gets into many scrapes while figuring out how certain spells work. She also has to keep the secret from her boyfriend, Harvey, friends Jenny and later Valerie, stuck-up nemesis Libby, and her ever-suspicious vice-principal, Mr. Kraft.

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