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You are at the section Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Sabrina Episode Guide Season 6p1

Season Six Oct 2001 - May 2002

#120: "Really Big Season Opener"

Main Story: Sabrina tells her aunts that Miles is directing a horror movie and Sabrina agreed to produce it. Zelda and Hilda are recruited to do Other Realm Scare Duty, sort of like Jury Duty, which uses experienced witches to tell the inexperienced witches how to scare people. Sabrina offers Roxie a cheerleader part in the movie. Sabrina and Miles then look for an actor to play a vampire, but they have a hard time finding a good one who can believably play one. Sabrina puts an ad in the paper to find an actor who can play a vampire. One actor named Vladimir Kortensky (guest star Sisqó, "Thong Song") arrives directly from the Transylvania Turnpike to audition for the part of the vampire. After meeting Miles and Sabrina, he gets the part. Now that was one great actor who acted like a vampire, or was he really being himself? Zelda and Hilda have a hard time trying to scare the kids at Scare Duty. Sabrina plays cheerleader #2 in the movie. Vladimir shows up again to practice some lines. Sabrina offers him some garlic bread, but Vladimir freaks out and ducks. Miles says that he doesn't want garlic breath. Roxie gets a paper cut and Vladimir offers to help her when he sees her blood. Sabrina borrows Morgan's mirror and shoves in front of his face, but Vladimir turns away and runs away from his seat. Sabrina goes to her room after getting suspicious and logs onto the Witch Wide Web, and found out that Vladimir is a real vampire when a hologram of him says that he enjoys feeding on the blood of mortals. Vladimir is after her friends' blood. When Sabrina sees Vladimir ready to feast on Morgan's arm, Sabrina shoves some garlic bread in front of him, and he runs out of his seat. In the second half, Sabrina has to do her impression of Sarah Michelle Gellar, another three-named actress who plays a vampire slaying babe in another show Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which moved from WB to UPN after a rights contract dispute with Fox Television production led to a bidding war with UPN winning the bidding war, but that's beside the point. Anyway, in the second half, Sabrina shows Vladimir the door to talk to him outside. Sabrina tells Vladimir that he wants to drink some blood. Vladimir admits that he's a vampire who needs some acting work because there's an actor strike in the Other Realm. Sabrina tries to zap him back to the coffin he crawled from, but her magic powers don't work on vampires. Vladimir reenters the college place. Sabrina wonders why she and Miles didn't do a silly surfing movie like Beach Blanket Bizarro II? Sabrina zaps herself into Scare Duty to talk to her aunts for advice on how to stop a vampire from sucking someone's blood. Since Sarah Michelle Gellar was busy working for UPN, Zelda tells Sabrina to dive a stake through a vampire's heart to kill him. Sabrina gets back to the college place and reads a note that Miles, Morgan, and Roxie are heading over to the school to shoot some schenes. Sabrina zaps herself over to the school and intercepts a screaming and running Roxie playing a cheerleader. Sabrina offers to save her. Miles yells cut! Sabrina ruined his pivotal scene. Miles tells Sabrina that Vladimir is rehearsing a scene with Morgan. Sabrina runs out. Zelda and Hilda can't figure out how to scare the entire Scare Duty children in order for them to relieve themselves of any further Scare Duty requirements. The desk in front of the room starts to shake, then we see two fire breathing monsters rise from behind the desk, and scare the entire kid class out of the room. Back at the school, Sabrina hears a blah blah sound. She enters a room, and it's a parrot saying blah blah. She tells the parrot to put a cracker in it! Vladimir tries to bite Morgan's neck, when Sabrina intercepts and takes her out of his arms. Morgan complains that Sabrina butted in and leaves. Vladimir tries to bite Sabrina's neck, but she takes out a stake, and tries to jam it in him, but he inercepts her arm and stops her from jamming the stake into his chest. Vladimir gives chase to Sabrina, chasing her into another room, and they have a fight, Matrix-inspired moves and all. Eventually, Sabrina shoves a steak (not a stake) inside his heart, and he is anhilliated. Sabrina meets up with Miles and Roxie in another room, explaining that she drove him away. The aunts still as fire-breathing monsters enter the room and scare the crew. Then, they turn themselves back, telling Sabrina that they got their scare back and they're ready to be in her movie. Sabrina casts Hilda to play a vampire that looks like Vladimir, and Zelda gets a part of a fire-breathing monster.

Updated: March 15, 2007

Original Air Date: October 5, 2001 (originally scheduled for September 14, but due to the attacks on the east coast on 9/11, the season premiere was pushed back to this date)

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, TL, ED, SMF

Guests: Sisqo as Vladimir Kortensky, the guy who turns out to be a real vampire. Elizabeth Hart as Actress #1. Ron Lester as Wally. Jesse Plemons as Bigger Kid. Winston Story as Joe Fensterblau. Chris Carver as Miles' Friend (uncredited). Ryan Kirk Buechler as Actor #1. John Heffron as Actor #2. Chelsea Dobson as Student #1.

#121: "Sabrina's Date with Destiny"

Main Story: Josh returns from his summer in Europe. Sabrina was overjoyed until he tells her that he plans to accept a job offer in Prague as a photojournalist. Sabrina thinks about trying to keep him in Boston by finding postive reasons for him to stay in town. Salem gives Sabrina a nightmare plan. While Josh was sleeping, Sabrina makes him dream about how bad life is in Prague. The next day, Sabrina cools up a meal for Josh to have dinner at her college place. Josh answers a voicemail message from a newspaper editor in Prague, who tells him that he got a job that starts in a week and he will be working in the Czech Republic. He plans to take the job. In the second half, Josh asks Sabrina to move to Prague with him and can't give up an opportunity of a lifetime because of a bad dream he had about Prague. To say the least, Sabrina, who isn't happy about the whole situation, lies to him that she wants him to go, and shows him the door. Salem suggests to Sabrina that she get a date with Destiny so she can see what her future with Josh would be like. Destiny arrives to Sabrina's place on his chariot. She keeps asking him what her future would be like if she moved overseas with Josh, but Destiny doesn't have a clue because he no longer decides these things. Destiny tells Sabrina that she should create her own destiny. Destiny shows her a preview on some of Sabrina's different scenarios with Josh. After the date with Destiny ended, Sabrina tells Josh that he can follow his dream job but it's not her dream to move to Prague. The next day, Josh tells Sabrina that he's not going Prague because he decided that he found a better opportunity in Boston: the opportunity is to be with her; Sabrina is his destiny.

Updated: March 24, 2007

Original Air Date: October 12, 2001

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, DL, ED, SMF, TL

Guests: Brian McFayden as Destiny. Geoffrey Pierson as President Wayne Banning. Barry Vigon as Professor Spork.

#122: "What's News"

Main Story: Josh arrives in the coffee shop and tells Sabrina and Hilda that he's landed a job as a photojournalist for the Boston Citizen newspaper. Hilda's life is ruined. Mike Shelby, the editor of the Citizen, is Josh's new boss. Josh shows Sabrina his new jobsite at the newspaper office. Josh introduces Sabrina to Mike who tells them some of his foxhole stories during lunch. Sabrina's patience is tested when the job consumes so much of Josh's time because his boss Mike doesn't have a life of his own. Josh tells Sabrina via phone that Mike needs him to hear his life's woes because he can't stand to be alone. At Sabrina's college place, Harvey shows up at the door. Harvey asks what's Sabrina doing there? She lives there. Why did Harvey arrive. Morgan runs down to meet her new boyfriend, Harvey, which shocks Sabrina. Harvey tells Morgan that he used to date Sabrina a lot during high school. Harvey tells Morgan that they're just friends. Harvey met Morgan at a fraternity party and plans to go to a concert with her. Harvey, Morgan, and Sabrina without Josh go out to dinner. Josh finally arrives and meets Harvey, this time, dating Morgan. Mike shows up. Morgan says that he's Josh's new boyfriend. Josh insisted that Mike join the four and he goes on telling his woeful stories about his wife. In the second half, Josh secretly tells Sabrina that he plans to quit his job and tell Mike that he can't live with him after his wife is giving him trouble at home. Back at home, Salem sights a spell in Sabrina's magic book called "I Got You Babe". The spell turns Sabrina and Salem into Sonny and Cher. Get it? Mike moves into Josh's place. Mike's wife calls, but when Mike is about to tell his wife off, the song "I Got You Babe" starts playing from nowhere, and Mike is spellbound enough to talk to his wife...at 3am! Josh hits the ceiling with his broom wondering who is playing that blasted song so loud. Back at the college place, Salem shows Sabrina the "Get a Life Spell." OK. I see another gag prop coming. The spell is intended to give Mike a meaningful existence and to help him reform his priorities. It comes in a cereal box form called "Get-A Life." The next day, Mike eats the cereal. Mikey likes it. Hey Mikey, let me have some. Too late. It's all gone. Mike decides to take the rest of the day off and to do some living. Josh calls Sabrina over to his office. Then Mike returns, telling Sabrina that he already has a life as a newspaperman. Josh tells Mike that when he's not on the clock, he's out of here because Josh has a life, and he escorts Sabrina out of the office. Back at Sabrina's college place, Josh thinks that he lost his job at the Citizen. After he was packed up, Mike tells Josh to he needs him to cover an industrial job. Of course, Josh still has his job. Josh tells Mike that he loves working but won't hang with Mike when he's off the clock. Mike tells Josh that he's proud of him and he's taking his wife out.

Notes: George Wendt ("Cheers") makes the first of a few occasional appearrances as Mike Shelby for season 6.

Updated: March 24, 2007

Original Air Date: October 19, 2001

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, NR, ED, SMF, GW, DL, TL

Guests: Jim Hanna as Reporter. Betty Okino as Mary.

#123: "Murder on the Halloween Express"

Main Story: Sabrina plans a special Halloween for her friends on a murder mystery train unaware that the train has been sent from the other realm and will magically transport the passengers back in time as characters in a real murder mystery. While on the train, Sabrina scrambles to solve a murder that is the link to get her friends back to the real world.

Updated: TBA

Original Air Date: October 26, 2001

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, ED, SMF, DL, NR

Guests: Douglas Sills as Will. Martin Charles Warner as Grandpa.

#124: "The Gift of Gab"

Main Story: Sabrina tells Roxie that the campus radio station accepted their proposal to start their own talk show called "Chick Chat". When their radio talk show started, both drew blanks on what topics to talk about. When the first caller calls the station, Roxie gives out some good advice to break the ice. After two hours, Roxie is the only one that seems to click with the audience, while Sabrina dozes off as their show ends. Sabrina says that she stunk on the radio while Roxie is the natural one. The next day, Sabrina tries some topics she typed on some cards on the Chick Chat radio show, but Roxie has all the answers for the callers in her head, while Sabrina can't seem to find the answer for the callers in her massive book "Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Everything." When one caller referred to the Chick Chat show as the Roxie King show, Sabrina knew that she was finished as a talk show host. The callers are not interested in index card topics. In the second half, Sabrina finds a "Gift of Gab" spell to use on her radio talk show. Back at WAC 98.9, the college radio station, Sabrina arrives and talks up a storm while under the gab spell, but just talks too much and insults the callers. While on music break, Sabrina takes out her gab spell teeth, and after the break, she tells Roxie and the audience that she's quitting and letting Roxie have the show.

Secondary Story: a stray pooch from the Other Realm tries to take over the Spellman women and drive Salem out of the house. The pooch is Phil the Dog from the Witchright Hall episode from the previous season. Phil is here to sponge off the aunts, but after being tricked too many times, Salem declares war on Phil. Salem gets help from Even Steven to get revenge on Phil. Even shows up at the aunts' house posing as Phil's owner. When Phil starts talking after Even tells Phil he was going to leave him with the aunts, Phil refers to the aunts as losers, and the aunts realize that Phil was just using them as Salem was trying to tell them. Even takes Phil back to the Other Realm Obedience School.

Updated: March 24, 2007

Original Air Date: November 2, 2001

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, SMF, TL

Guests: Adrienne Barbeau as Herself. Blake Clark as Phil The Dog (voice). Robert Torti as Even Steven.

#125: "Thin Ice"

Main Story: Harvey needs Sabrina's help after he injured his ankle playing hockey for Boston College and he's desperate for her to use her magic on him to help him, but she tells him that her fingers are tied up, and tells him to see a doctor. At the hockey game, Sabrina, drags Josh against his will. Miles, Morgan, and Roxie join them. While playing hockey, Harvey trips and falls. The coach decides to bench Harvey. Sabrina leaves the audience stand to cast a spell on Harvey to help him win a hockey game by going to the Other Realm to visit Mercury to borrow a special pair of skates for 24 hours. Sabrina returns to the hockey game and tells Harvey to put on the skates. Sabrina disappears and Harvey accidentally kisses another hockey player. Harvey sets a scoring record to help win the game. The next day, Harvey took Sabrina to the college where he showed her the skates that she gave him by the trophies, but the skates were bronzed. Harvey said that the coach was so impressed by his performance that he secretly took the skates out of his locker and had them bronzed. Sabrina tells Harvey that she borrowed the skates from Mercury She tries to unbroze the skates, but breaks the glass instead. In the second half, Sabrina returns the bronzed skates back to Mercury, but he has no use for bronzed skates, and tells Sabrina that she has to face the consequences. Mercury calls up Zeus, who tells Sabrina that destroying a property of God is a serious offense, and has to come up with an appropriate punishment. Sabrina's punishment is to make deliveries for Mercury as a courier delivering packages for a month. Josh arrives and wonders why Sabrina has been so busy she hasn't been returning his calls. Harvey shows up to thank Sabrina for her help the previous night. Josh wonders what's going on as Sabrina leaves after being paged by her beeper and leaves to make another delivery. Sabrina returns to her college place where Harvey tells her that Josh left. Harvey says that it's all his fault. Sabrina gets an idea about being in two places at once, then zaps herself out. Sabrina asks her aunts for advice after ruining Mercury's only pair of skates. Hilda, who used to date him, showed Sabrina a section full of Mercury's skates. Sabrina and Hilda show up to bust Mercury after he lied about having only one pair of ice skates. Zeus arrives to punish Mercury for lying. The ladies leave and return to Sabrina's colelge place. Hilda leaves as Josh arrives at the door. Sabrina tells Josh that nothing is going on, but Josh suspects that Harvey and Sabrina are sharing a secret. Sabrina tells Josh that he's his future, not Harvey.

Secondary Story: Zelda creates a cloning machine, but when she goes out to answer a phone call, Salem enters the cloning machine and clones himself. Two Salems can drive Ninny and the Professor crazy in the house. After days of mischief, the aunts later find out that Zelda's cloning machine cloned Salem into two cats. The aunts try to figure out which one is the real Salem and which one is the clone. Zelda later destroyed her cloning machine. Hilda uses the eeny meeny miney mo to get pick the clone to get rid of.

Updated: March 24, 2007

Original Air Date: November 9, 2001

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, NR, ED, SMF, TL, DL

Guests: Dion Anderson as Zeus. Slade Barnett as Hockey Player. Patrick Bristow as Mercury. P.J. Marino as Tom.

#126: "Hex, Lies and No Videotape"

Main Story: Josh arrives at Sabrina's college place. Josh tells her that his boss Mike wants him to find a writer's intern who has to be a journalism major with some college experience, then tells her that Mike is hiring Sabrina, who tells Josh that she doesn't anyone to know that they have a relationship and she wants to be treated professionally and not as a photographer's girlfriend. Mike assigns Sabrina to his top reporter Rebecca. Sabrina uses magic to make the copy machine collate and staple. which puzzles Mike because it can't do that. Sabrina tells Miles and Roxie that she's using lies to keep her relationship with Josh a secret. Sabrina gets a call from Rebecca that she likes her work on animal testing. Secrecy and deception will haunt Sabrina later on. At Hilda's coffee shop, Morgan throws away the dishes because they've been used instead of having them washed in the dishwasher. Hilda tells Morgan to cut out and do some shopping in ancient Rome, then takes her to the Other Realm for shopping (she won't remember a thing when she gets back). Rebecca tells Sabrina that she thinks Josh is a babe, then things get sticky for her. Sabrina lies to give Rebecca a hint that she's not interested, then Rebecca tells her that she plans to ask him out. In the second half, Sabrina gives Josh a heads up on the situation, then leaves as Rebecca comes by and asks Josh if he has a girlfriend. Josh says that he does, then he walks out. Rebecca suggests that he's not serious about his girlfriend, but Sabrina tells her that he's already taken. Rebecca puts Sabrina on an assignment to find out what girl he's dating. Sabrina says that all this research is a waste of time. In the Other Realm, Hilda loses sight on Morgan when she goes out with Caesar. Sabrina tells her problem to Miles, who tries to get in a word, but she keeps talking, then gets an idea and leaves. Sabrina came up with an idea for Josh's girlfriend to thwart off Rebecca. Roxie will be his girlfriend to Rebecca. Roxie shows up faking to look for Josh. Roxie finds Josh and gives him a hug. When Josh tries to kiss Roxie, she flings him to the floor, and storms off. Rebecca witnesses this and concludes that Roxie broke off with Josh and is now free. Hilda asks Zelda for help in finding Morgan and getting her back to the real world. Back at the coffee shop, as Sabrina and Josh were making up and kissing, Rebecca comes in and is shocked to see this display. Sabrina tries to come clean, but Rebecca tells her that it won't be an issue anymore, and leaves. The aunts return to the Spellman house and see Sabrina literally tangles up in a web of lies. Help me! Help me! The aunts tell Sabrina she needs to go to the people she lied to and tell the truth in order to break the spell, but Sabrina tells them she'd rather stay in the web and start her own website. Cute. Sabrina and Josh go to work at the newspaper and discover that Rebecca has cleared out all of her stuff. Sabrina tells Josh she needs to get herself out of the jam she got herself into. Oh no, Lucy, not another plan. Sabrina announces to the working staff that she lied about her relationship and tells the truth that she and Josh are dating, and blames herself for Rebecca quitting, but Mike steps in and tells her that Rebecca quit because she got a better job working as a foreign correspondent for the Washington Post, and was going to stop by at the coffee house to give her the news the previous night to say goodbye. Roxie was right. Secrecy and lying come back to haunt you.

Updated: March 24, 2007

Original Air Date: November 16, 2001


Guests: Dorie Barton as Rebecca Scott. Tom Beyer as Staff Member #2. Gregg Brinkley as Staff Member #1. Lori Jo Hendrix as Female Guest in Coffee Shop. Patrick Roman Miller as Cassius.

#127: "Humble Pie"

Main Story: A mystery man shows up at Sabrina's college place and tells her, Roxie, Morgan, and Miles that the housing office said that there was going to be a vacancy since somebody did not pay their rent in time. The man leaves. Morgan tells Sabrina after Roxie and Miles also leave that she didn't pay her rent because her dad put her on a tight budget, then she shows Sabrina her new pumps. Looks like Morgan doesn't have her priorities right. Sabrina convinces Roxie and Miles to pitch in to pay Morgan's share of the rent. Morgan shows up at Hilda's coffee house with her new expensive alligator purse. Looks like she hasn't learned her lesson yet. The next day, Morgan gets sushi delivered at her college place. Sabrina tells Morgan that she's worrying about Morgan wasting her money on so much expensive junk. Morgan called her father who told her that he was going to send her a big fat envelope the next day. The next day, the mailman arrives with a big fat envelope for her. Morgan opens it up and is shocked to see a hundred bills. Her father financially cuts her off because he's tired of paying for her junk with his money, and now Morgan is broke, and she won't get any more of his money until she learns how to manage it. In the second half, Morgan wishes that someone told her how to stretch a dollar. Sabrina asks Morgan for her last dollar and tells Morgan to get a job. Sha-na-na-naaa. Sha-na-na-na-naaa-naaa. Sabrina takes Morgan's dollar to the Other Realm to stretch the dollar. A thousand dollar bills popped loose after the bill snapped. Sabrina takes the bills back to the college place. Sabrina hands Morgan and Miles the cloned dollar bills. A pizza delivery man arrives and charges $11.50. Sabrina hands him the cloned dollar bills, which shrink down to 1/10 the size. Very funny. How about some real bills. Miles hands him the cloned dollar bills, which also shrink. Roxie hands the man the bills, which also shrink. Roxie and Miles realize that the dollar bills are fakes. The pizza man splits. Morgan comes back from an unsuccessful job hunt because of her too high standards. Sabrina tells Morgan to work on her attitude while she deals with the money mess back in the Other Realm. Sabrina hands the money clerk the mini dollar bills. He explains that that's how much it's worth in the mortal realm, and tells Sabrina that Morgan needs a helping of humble pie. Sabrina takes the humble pie back to her college place and convinces the stubborn Morgan to have a slice. Morgan gets humble about her attitude and humble enough to go look for work. Morgan got a job...in Hilda's coffee house and will work with Sabrina. Problem with that? Hilda tells Sabrina that if someone who eats Humble Pie meets someone who takes the cake, it cancels out everything. Morgan meets a man who wants to take the cake, then she tells him to get it himself.

Updated: March 24, 2007

Original Air Date: December 7, 2001

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, ED, SMF, DL, TL

Guests: Sara Ballantine as Other Realm Creature. Raffi Di Blasio as Alan (as Raffi Le Di Blasio). Keisuke Hoashi as Delivery Man. Ron Lester as Wally. Paul McKinney as Pizza Man. Geoffrey Pierson as President Wayne Banning. David Starzyk as Arthur Carlin. Leslie Stevens as Patty. Jeff Witzke as Customer. D. Elliot Woods as Professor.

#128: "A Birthday Witch"

Main Story: The icy cold terrifying matriarch of the Spellman clan, Aunt Irma (guest star Barbara Eden, "I Dream of Jeannie"), makes an angry visit to the aunt's house, complaining that Sabrina had revealed that she a witch to a mortal named Harvey, and holds the aunts responsible for the error. Irma plans to interrogate Harvey the next day on Sabrina's birthday. The bad news, the aunts have to tell Sabrina that she can't bring Josh to her party since Irma will be there to put Harvey on trial. Technically, Harvey found out on his own that Sabrina was a witch when she ran out of spells to cast on him at the end of Season four, but Irma thinks that she told Harvey. Irma turns people into things when they dissapoint her. Sabrina tells Josh that they can't see each other at her party and tells him that Irma is a loony. Harvey planned to spend the night with Roxie and her ex-boyfriend Isaac and was told by Sabrina that he has to be at her birthday party to be put on trial by the demented Irma. The next day, Irma arrives on an ice cold throne. Sabrina and Harvey arrive to meet Irma. Irma tests Harvey to see if he can keep a secret to his grave. Josh decides to drop off her birthday present at Sabrina's house while, unbeknownst to him, Irma is in the house. Just as he arrives at the front door, he sees Sabrina and Harvey hugging. He concludes that Harvey must be why Sabrina told Josh not to arrive. He leaves. In the second half, Josh tells Morgan that Harvey and Sabrina are together again. Morgan is also shocked. Irma is torturing Harvey by quizzing him on whether he would tell people if a witch is a witch. Irma asks Harvey if she's an attractive woman. Should he tell the truth or lie? He tells her that she looks good on the outside but hideous on the inside. Irma is finally convinced that Harvey won't tell everyone that the Spellmans are witches. Sabrina zaps Harvey a mink substitute to give to Morgan. Sabrina calls Josh at the soup kitchen for the needy, and Josh tells Sabrina that she's dead to him, and hangs up. Sabrina calls again, and Josh tells Sabrina that he saw her hugging Harvey. Isaac arrives at Morgan's place, then they take off. Sabrina enters the soup kitchen and explains that everybody hugs at her party and makes up with Josh, then they arrive at the Spellman house. Irma turned the aunts and Salem into pigs as punishment. Morgan takes Irma to the soup kitchen and meets up with his ex-girlfriend Roxie. Sabrina calls on Irma who was barbecuing her brother-in-law and orders her to change them back. Irma tells Sabrina what a brazen little witch she turned out to be, and with a attitude like that, she will become the next matriarch of the family dynasty, and has earned her respect. Irma turns the aunts and Salem back as she leaves. Hanson performs a song in the soup kitchen.

Updated: March 29, 2007

Original Air Date: January 11, 2002

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, SMF, NR, TL, ED, BE, DL

Guests: Barry Cutler as McGeorge. Isaac Hanson as Himself. Taylor Hanson as Himself. Zac Hanson as Himself. Joshua Wheeler as Baxter.

#129: "Deliver Us from E-mail"

Main Story: Nastygirl keeps sending spam to Sabrina and Salem on their own computers. Turns out that Nastygirl is Sabrina's evil twin Katrina. Sabrina is close to getting her own column at the local newspaper and will get one when she gets a writer's position there. Katrina sends Sabrina a supernatural virus that turns her into a ditzy. Roxie wonders if Sabrina's brain fell out of her head. Mike the editor and Josh are doubting Sabrina's intelligence due to Katrina's virus she caught as Sabrina gives them inane ideas centering around cute guys. Josh hears wind going through Sabrina's ears and tells her that he hates her ideas and she made a fool out of him. Josh tells Sabrina that she'll never be a writer, then Sabrina breaks up with Josh, and leaves. In the second half, Morgan tells Sabrina that Josh is worried that Sabrina has gone insane. Harvey is worried that Sabrina's not herself. When Morgan leaves, Harvey suggests that Sabrina is under a spell, and takes her out for a drive. Harvey takes Sabrina to her aunts house. Harvey tells the aunts that Sabrina is under a spell. Zelda suggests that Sabrina has some kind of Airhead virus. The aunts look at each other's eyeballs through Sabrina's earholes. The virus must have drained her head of all brain substance, making her an airhead. Sabrina tells the aunts about an e-mail from some witch who did the strangest things with her pinky. Zelda suggests that the e-mail came from the Other Realm prison, then zaps herself into the prison cell where Katrina was doing some nasty work with her laptop. Before there was a hurricane Katrina in 2005, there was a witch Katrina! Zelda accuses Katrina of sending Sabrina an airhead virus, and demands an antidote. Katrina tells Zelda that there is no antidote. Jezabelda tells Zelda that Sabrina has to relearn all of life's lessons by daybreak or else she will be a peabrain for the rest of her life. Zelda zaps herself out. Harvey and Hilda were cleaning the inside of Sabrina's head with a scarf. Zelda helps Sabrina by playing a game called "We Put Everything You Used To Know Back Into Your Head And You Commit It To Memory And Then Apply It To Memory In Every Waking Moment Of Your Life." Salem tells Sabrina "Don't Eat Yellow Snow," in a reference to one of the late Frank Zappa's songs from 1974. There was some encouragement when some things about checks and balances made it to Sabrina's head. After spending all night reeducating Sabrina, Zelda, Hilda, and Harvey were relieved when by daybreak, the airhead virus had disappearred. The next day, Sabrina apologizes for the airhead virus she had yesterday. Later, Sabrina sends Katrina a "Kill Them With Kindness" virus.

Updated: March 29, 2007.

Original Air Date: January 18, 2002

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, ED, NB, SMF, GW, DL, TL, NR

Guests: Melissa Joan Hart as Sabrina and Katrina. Brian Jacobs as Eddie. Mary Ellen Lyon as Connie. Beth Broderick as Zelda and Jezabelda.

#130: "Cloud Ten"

Main Story: Sabrina just wrote an article that could give herself her first newspaper column. She asked Mike the editor to read her work, but so far he hasn't read her work about credit cards ripping off students. Roxie began her "Chick Chat" radio show just as Sabrina was returning to her college place. Has Roxie gone mad? She's interviewing her roomate Morgan on the show and after an on-air argument, they start becoming good friends, which makes Sabrina depressed. The next day at work, Mike talks to Sabrina after hearing Roxie and Moregan on the radio show "Chick Chat" and he wants another reporter to do an article on it. Sabrina looks around on the Internet and connects with an old friend named Cathy to forget the present. Sabrina zaps herself over to Cathy's place. Seth arrives there to invite Sabrina to Cloud Ten with Cathy. They arrive at some kind of trance dance club on Cloud Ten. Sabrina meets Andy, who helps her forget her worries about a thankless job and friends who don't care. Is this some kind of esctasy that you take supernaturally on Cloud Ten? Everybody's hooked on Cloud Ten. Must be some weird kind of drug witches could abuse. In the second half, Mike the editor at work read Sabrina's place and tells Josh that he likes it and wants some edits before he publishes it. Josh calls Roxie's radio show and asks her where Sabrina is. Nobody knows that Sabrina is still in Cloud Ten. Sabrina wants to stay at Cloud Ten even though Kathy is charging her for overstaying there as she is as high as a kite where no kite has ever reached. In the meantime, Hilda looks at a house being shown by a real estate Agent from the Other Realm, but during his presentation, Sabrina falls down the ceiling and into the house. The agent tells Hilda that the house is adjacent to Cloud Ten. Sabrina must have been dancing too hard and fell through the cloud. Sabrina tells Hilda that she's depressed because she thinks she's the odd lady out. Hilda tells Sabrina that Hilda never fits in anywhere either, and tells her that she must look inside herself for validation instead of looking from the outside. So, Hilda reached inside Sabrina and pulls out Sabrina's inner self, who is her. After telling to her inner self that she's a worthy human being, stamps herself, and her inner self returns inside Sabrina. Andy falls through the ceiling. Sabrina tells Andy she's through with Cloud Ten. Sabrina returns home. Roxie tells Sabrina that Morgan isn't replacing her as her best friend. Roxie turns on Sabrina's answering machine where Josh tells her that Mike is publishing her article.

Updated: March 30, 2007

Original Air Date: January 25, 2002

Cast: MJH, CR. BB, ED, NB, SMF, GW, DL, TL

Guests: Ron Fassler as Agent. Jay Michael Ferguson as Andy. Kyli Santiago as Claire. Parry Shen as Seth. Coleen Ann Fitzpatrick, aka Vitamin C, as Cathy Winters.

#131: "Sabrina and the Candidate"

Main Story: Zelda supports Robert Russell for city councilman at a campaign rally. Sabrina is shocked when Mike the editor at work shows her a poster announcing her aunt Hilda running against Robert for the same office. Hilda explains to Sabrina that Robert thinks that her coffee is too expensive and wants to stop him from taking office and somebody has to look out for the small business owner, i.e., Hilda, who owns a coffee shop. Salem tells the ladies that Russell is an undercover slimeball and found some dirt as he observed Russell with some shady characters. Salem, Zelda, and Sabrina arrive at Russell's house to observe him from inside the trash cans. Russell greets a man sucking on a toothpick at the door. Sabrina comments about Salem eating fish heads out of a trash can, in reference to a Barnes and Barnes song "Fish Heads". How many of the writers listened to Dr. Demento? Anyway, Russell hands the man named Louie some money and Sabrina concludes that he's buying votes. Sabrina videotapes it while she and Zelda were disguised as dolls. Sabrina returns to work the next day and shows the film to Josh and Mike. Mike tells Sabrina that the man is an ex-con. She explains that a cat tipped her off...and she's jiggy with that. Is Russell a crook? Mike wants to interview Russell to get his side of the story before Sabrina jumps to conclusions. The next day, the newspaper published Sabrina's scathing expose on Russell, who gives a no comment statement when asked if he was bankrolling an ex-con. Hilda encourages Sabrina to spy on Russell. She disguises herself into a $100 bill, which Russell hands to Louie. Louie hands the $100 bill to a Mother who needs the money. Sabrina realizes that she wrote a scathing article about Russell. In the second half, Sabrina, who's still disguised as Ben Franklin on the $100 bill, walks home, telling some bystanders about a car sale from the dealer. Mike the editor wants Sabrina to show proof that Russell's dealings of the Benjamins are actually going to the poor. Why would Russell want to hide that fact? Sabrina goes to Russell's house and wants him to explain why he wants his money going to the poor being kept a secret. She damaged his reputation and wants to help him set the record straight. Russell says that the media would spin the news about his dealings unfairly and didn't want them to think that he was buying votes. Sabrina prints an article clearing him of any misunderstanding. Zelda is pleased to read that his money was a gift for the poor, but the latest polls still think that Russell is still guilty. It's a lot easier to destroy a reputation than to build one up. Morgan doesn't realize that it costs nothing to register to vote. Sabrina casts a spell that gave Roxie an idea to announce to Sabrina that she's having a public debate on her radio show between Russell and Hilda. At the debate, Russell has the answers but Hilda goofs off with answers that don't make much sense. Sabrina asks Hilda at the debate that if she was okay with the fact that her life would be an open book if she was elected to city council. Hilda answers yes that her life would be an open book. Sabrina asks Hilda if she's okay with the fact on how old she is? Hilda tells Sabrina that it's no problem, then blurts out "27" as her age. It's an age with a "Weird Al" Yankovic number. The next day, Mike announces that the pre-election polls for Russell went back to 84 percent of the vote. Mike asks Sabrina what her next project would be. Sabrina says that's it's her resination paper because she made a mistake on Russell. Mike says that he made the mistake when he run the article on his own judgement and thought it was the right call at the time. Sometimes you do make mistakes and if tells Sabrina not to quit and get back to work. Mike tells Sabrina that no matter what you write, you will offend somebody. Tell me about it. I write stories about how bad radio is in San Diego and I get creton music directors and programmers blasting me about it. That means I'm doing a great job. Sabrina shouldn't worry about ticking off somebody when she writes stuff either. The final vote tally: Robert Russell: 12,782 votes. Hilda Spellman: 1 vote, but that vote has been disqualified since Salem voted instead of a human being. Hilda has sights for running for governor.

Updated: March 30, 2007

Original Air Date: February 1, 2002

Cast: MJH, BB, CR, NB, ED, SMF, GW, TL, DL

Guests: Bob Bouchard as Louie. Mark Dobies as Robert Russell. Carnie Wilson as Mother. Mindy Burbano as reporter. Gary Bullock as Abraham Lincoln. Richard Voigts as Theodore Roosevelt. Joel Anderson as Thomas Jefferson.

Sabrina the Teenage Witch The Complete Series

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Sabrina the Teenage Witch Season 6 (2001-2002)

Read reviews, description, details, and more!

Plot Outline: A sixteen year old high school student finds out she's a witch.

Plot Synopsis: Sabrina Spellman, a perfectly normal 16-year-old, is informed by her aunts, Hilda and Zelda, that she (and they, and her whole family on her father's side) are witches. She lives with them in Massachusetts while preparing to receive her witch's license. Along the way, she gets into many scrapes while figuring out how certain spells work. She also has to keep the secret from her boyfriend, Harvey, friends Jenny and later Valerie, stuck-up nemesis Libby, and her ever-suspicious vice-principal, Mr. Kraft.

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