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Sabrina Episode Guide Season 7p1

Season Seven Sep 2002 - Apr 2003

#142: "Total Sabrina Live!"

Main Story: This episode concludes I Fall To Pieces episode before the opening credits. Recapping the previous cliffhanger, Luke, Josh, and Harvey tells Sabrina, altogther, "Goodbye Sabrina." Luke leaves through the back door, Josh takes the scenic dining room route, and Harvey goes for the front door. Sabrina is shocked that the man she just met has already left. Her current boyfriend quit and is moving to another city. Her past boyfriend who dumped her two years ago after he found out she was a witch is moving to the left coast. Sabrina asks "Goodbye?" as they all leave, then she turns into a statue made of stone, then shatters into pieces. One of them was her true love. Which one?

In the opening scene, Salem walks in from upstairs and sees Sabrina the statue into pieces and says that he'll be $100 that he will get blamed for it. Harvey returns from the living room, wanting to say something to Sabrina, but then he sees the mess on the floor., Harvey then looks at Salem and thinks that he did it. Where is Salem's bookie when he needs him. Harvey looks down and recognizes some of the pieces, and concludes that this statue is Sabrina turned into stone and broken into pieces. After Salem tells Harvey to sweep her up, the pieces of Sabrina go back together by themselves, then the stone becomes human and Sabrina is back to life. OK. Not exactly the way Buffy the Vampire Slayer was resurrected from the season before on another network, but since this is only a 30 minute show, close enough. Sabrina wonders how she got put back together. Then a young kid says that she did it. She appears. It's Zelda who is now an eight-year-old kid. Zelda gave up her adult years in exchange for resurrecting Sabrina from being a statue back into a human being. The now young Zelda tells her that it may be a little strange having an eight-year-old look after Sabrina, who is, technically, still a teenager in witch years, but more adult as compared to six seasons ago. Sabrina tells the young Zelda that she doesn't have to look after her anymore, and now she has to prove that she can get by without relying on her aunts anymore. She's going to be graduating soon and she's going to be looking for a new job as a reporter, so they don't have to take care of anyone anymore.

In the first segment, in the Spellman living room, or whatever living room it's now called, with Roxie and Morgan moving into the Spellman house, but since we're not sure who owns the house anymore since the aunts moved to The Other Realm, so we'll just call it the Spellman house until further notice. Hilda got married to Will and Zelda as a minor are living in the Other Realm. Salem is still in the house, but this time, Sabrina is the one taking care of him. Anyway, back to the story. Morgan receives a letter telling her that she's won the MTV contest. The letter reads, "Based on the essay that you submitted you have been selected to interview a rock band for Scorch magazine." Morgan is supposed to go to Scorch magazine for the details. Scorch? Is that a trade publication for pyromaniacs? Morgan tells Sabrina that she has to come with her to do all the face to face stuff while Morgan writes. At Scorch Magazine, Morgan and Sabrine enter and see a bunch of employees in their mid 20s, sort of the MTV demographic. They meet Annie, who looks like one of the people in charge. She's the senior editor Annie Martos. Annie shows Morgan to her office to go over the details about the contest Morgan won. Sabrina stays behind in the office and meets Cole, Leonard, and James the photographer, the staffers in the office. Morgan comes from Annie's office all excited and tells Sabrina that she gets to go to New York and get to interview the band, Course of Nature, and write a twelve hundred word article about it. Morgan gets to bring two friends. Guess which two. Morgan offers one to Sabrina and she accepts only because she has a very solid connection at The Village Voice. At the Spellman living room, Sabrina is on the telephone asking editors for a followup on her resume for the past 24 hours with no luck. Sabrina better get a jobn or else Salem won't be the only one in the house that's eating cat food. Sabrina dials the office of Mr. Fleming at the Harold Examiner for a followup on the reporter job. With some magic, she gets her resume on top of the pile of paper so that Fleming would find it quickly. He tells her that he can squeeze in an interview the next day at one o'clock. In New York City on Broadway, a black stretch limo cruises on the road. Sabrina, Morgan, Roxie, and Salem in the bag, are in the rear. Sabrina secretly tells Salem that she's not going to MTV. She has that interview at the Herald Examiner and she's not leaving until they give it to her. Roxie plans to go on Totel Request Live to blend in with all the desperate, squealing teenyboppers, cozy up to Carson Daly, and as soon as she's on camera, she will demand that people stop eating meat. Sabrina asks the limo driver to stop and Sabrina opens the door to get out. She tells the ladies that she'll meet them later. Morgan begs Sabrina to not leave her because she has to help her with the interview. Sabrina tells Morgan that her Harold Examiner meeting is in forty-seven minutes and she has to prepare to be spontaneous, then tells her she'll be fine. Morgan tells Sabrina that she doesn't know how to do an interview because she can't write; she stole a sample of Sabrina's work for the contest. Roxie tells Morgan that she totally used Sabrina. Sabrina was pleased to find out that her writing sample won. Morgan tells the driver to MTV... and step on it! The car darts forward. When it does, Salem, whose head was sticking out of the window, is thrown from the bag and limo and lands on the window screen of a passing yellow cab. We're now at the MTV offices. The three ladies reach the security desk in the foyer and meet up with the security guard. The security guard tells Morgan that she won the contest and gets to meet the band, but tells Sabrina and Roxie to wait in the lobby. The feisty Sabrina points her finger at the security guard and his teeth fall out of his mouth. The security guard cluches his mouth and panics as he runs off. Sabrina, Roxie, and Morgan move on to the dressing room to meet Course of Nature, who are reharsing for the show. The band, featuring Mark Wilkerson, plays a piece from their song "Caught in the Sun." Meanwhile, a lost Salem travels around New York. After the reharsal, Morgan asks the band if they know a Britney Spears song, "Oops I did it again?" Very funny. Ha ha. Sabrina helps Morgan by telling her what questions to ask the band for the interview. Sabrina tells Morgan that she has to leave to get to her interview with the Harold Examiner before her dream job gets taken by somebody else, and tells Morgan to ask whatever comes into her head, which should be an extreme challenge for Morgan to handle. Roxie leaves with Sabrina. Morgan tries her best but comes up with some more lame questions. Sabrina and Roxie, wearing jackets over the T-shirts, appear in the TRL studio where Carson Daly was hosting the show. The two have a seat in a row behind Carson. Carson Daly to the TV camera tells the viewers, "Alright! There you have you little favourite Canadian, Avril Levine and Sk8ter Boy at number three. Avril Levine's no stranger to the top ten..." Note: Avril Lavigne will appear in episode #149 later that season. Sabrina agrees to help Roxie give a message with their t-shirts that "Meat Kills" on camera when Carson comes up and interviews them. Roxie's shirt says "Meat" and Sabrina's says "Kills". Carson Daly asks "Anybody wanna give a shout out? Anybody?" Roxie volunteers, but is starstruck at Carson. Carson spots the "Meat" on her t-shirt under her open jacket, then tells her that it's no way to refer to herself. Roxie just smiles stupidly at him. Earlier, Sabrina joked that she should have gotten a t-shirt stating "I'm With Stupid." Sabrina pushes past Roxie to tell Carson that she has a message to get out. Sabrina exposes her t-shirt to read "Kills" to the left of Roxie's "Meat" t-shirt. Carson Daly reads the shirts together and wonders if they're members of the Ted Nugent fan club. Whoops. Sabrina got Roxie's message backwards. Carson Daly walks away to continue his show. Roxie goes off to follow Carson like a fly is attracted to a light bulb. Sabrina checks her watch and has to leave for her interview, then runs off. In some alley, Salem spots a mean looking rat. The rat attacks Salem. Meanwhile, Sabrina enters Mr. Fleming's office at the Harold Examiner at bit late, but Mr. Fleming tells her that he needs someone right away for the job. Sabrina expects to get her first assignment, but Mr. Fleming tells her that he likes his coffee black, his pencils sharp, and someone who's not afraid to ask questions. Sabrina wonders why she would need to know how he likes his coffee. He tells her that it's what any good secretary needs to know. Sabrina, being shocked when she discovers that it's for a secretary job, tells him that she has no secretarial skills, and when she makes coffee, it comes out tasting like witches brew... literally! Sabrina is there for a job as a reporter, but her resume was in the secretary pile of Mr. Fleming's desk. She hands him one of her writing samples for the Boston Citizen, but he tells her that her writing needs to be a little more seasoned. When Sabrina tells him about her being on MTV and Roxie being on TRL, Mr. Fleming thinks that they're on some new kind of drug, then, he tells her to talk again when that wears off, and shows her the door.

In the second act, Sabrina and a wounded Salem are back in the Spellman kitchen. She consoles Salem, then has to leave to take care of her bigger problems. Sabrina enters the living room and meets up with Morgan, who's working on her article. Morgan asks Sabrina to help her write the article about Course of Nature. Sabrina reads Morgan's notes, then hands the notebook back to her. After Morgan complains that being resourceful is a lot of work, Roxie suggests that Sabrina write the article. Sabrina agrees, but she'll take the credit and no more fronting for Morgan. At Scorch Magazine, Annie is reading through Sabrina's article. Sabrina and Morgan are in the office. Cole chats with Sabrina for a bit about her trip to New York. Annie tells Morgan that it's well written. Morgan tries to take the credit, then Sabrina taps her, and Morgan confesses that Sabrina wrote the article. Sabrina then talks to Annie do discuss payment, but Annie shrugs her off, saying that the article was for a contest, they don't pay for it, and in that case, they don't publish it. Then, Annie calls Sabrina's writing bland. She then points to the staff, saying that their writing comes from people who have life experience. She suggests that Sabrina's life comes down to a junior high school certificate for perfect attendance. Annie leaves for her office, leaving Sabrina in shock. A dejected Sabrina and Morgan leave. Back at the Spellman living room, Sabrina tells Roxie and Morgan that everyone keeps telling her that she needs more experience, and at this rate, she'll never find a job. The part-time job she was offered at the The Boston Globe was taken...by her journalism professor. Roxie turns on MTV to watch TRL and gets carried away about her obsession with Carson Daly, then she starts backing away from the TV, then runs to the kitchen to make a sandwich. Sabrina continues to watch TRL, then Salem tells her to move. Salem is sporting some kind of muscle shirt. Someone got into the kibbles and steroids. Sabrina points to the TV and the picture turns to snow. Oops. The cable is out! Sabrina points and takes herself and Salem back to New York. They both have messages to deliver. At the MTV offices, Sabrina and Salem materialize. Sabrina lets Salem wander off so he could turn the rodent that attacked him into ratatouille. Sabrina slips inside the TRL studio. Carson Daly is hosting the show when Sabrina barges in to get next to Carson and tells the audience that she needs a job. She tells the audience that she's a journalist and can't find a job, and concludes that she's an idiot. Carson tells Sabrina that there might be a job in security opening up in there, then leaves. Sabrina follows him. Meanwhile, Salem is back in the alley to meet with the rat who attacked him. A large alligator comes up to join the rat and the alligator shows he's ready to attack. Back at the TRL studio, Carson is trying to get his show off the ground, but a feisty Sabrina keeps coming over to snatch the microphone from him. Sabrina tells the viewers to take a good opportunity when they see it and other stuff, then concludes with Meat Kills. Woo-hoo! Two security guards carry Sabrina away. Later, at Scorch Magazine, Sabrina enters and sees Annie, Cole, James, and Leonard at the table. Sabrina tells them that she's done with the job search and maybe journalism altogether, and just because she doesn't have green hair and little metal things sticking out of her face doesn't mean she's not a good writer. Period. End of sentence. Annie tells Sabrina that she'll tell Jonathan that she's turning down the job. Job? Annie called Sabrina over to tell her that their publisher is offering her a position. Jonathan caught Sabrina on TRL and liked what he saw. Annie says to Sabrina that she'll tell Jonathan that she can't do the job. Sabrina then tells Annie that she can do it. Annie tells Sabrina that the job is not right for her. Sabrina tells Annie that the job may not be right for her but she's right for the job. Annie tells Sabrina that she'll take the job.

In the epilogue, Sabrina, Roxie, and Morgan celebrate her new job. Poor Salem is covered in bandages.

Notes: four new regulars join the series for the final season. Andrew W. Walker (as Andrew Walker) as Cole, John Ducey (who guested in an earlier episode playing Dwayne Kraft in episode #42) as Leonard, Diana-Maria Riva as Annie, and Bumper Robinson as James.

Notes 2: Mark Wilkerson met Melissa Joan Hart during the episode and they married the following July 2003. Also, Alexandra Hart-Gilliams is Melissa's half sister whose father is her mother Paula's second husband.

Updated: September 23, 2007

Original Air Date: September 20, 2002


Guests: Christopher Darga as Mr. Fleming. Chris Dickerson as Himself. Lea Downey as Gothic Receptionist. Alexandra Hart-Gilliams as Young Zelda. John Milldrum as Himself. Rickey Shelton as Himself. Paul Taylor as Security Guard. Mark Wilkerson as Himself. Carson Daly as Himself (uncredited).

#143: "The Big Head"

Main Story: It's Sabrina's first day at work at Scorch Magazine. Scorch Magazine focuses on everything and anything that's cutting edge with an emphasis on music. Annie, the senior editor, doesn't think that she can allow Sabrina, an unproven writer, to interview a major rock star, but after Sabrina convinces her she can, Annie gives her the assignment to write a profile about an overconfident rock star: Strum. At The Cave. Sabrina and James the photographer meet Strum in his personal weight room. Sabrina introduces herself to Strum and begins to ask questions. Strum proves to be such an overinflated ego that he barks orders to his assistants. James could fit Strum's ego in the shot if he can take the photograph from the Hubble Telescope. Sabrina finished her article on Strum at the Spellman house. She handed her article to Annie when she got back to Scorch Magazine. Annie hands her back the article saying that she can't use it becuase it's a puff piece, a love letter. Cole takes the article and says that the article is nice, nice, nice. Sabrina used the word nice three times in one paragraph! Sabrina asks Cole if she's supposed to say that Strum is the most pompous, arrogant jerk she's ever met. Cole tells Sabrina that people want to know what celebrities are really like. Sabirna being brutally honest could be hard for someone like her. She rewrites the article at home. Her article is titled, "The ego has landed by Sabrina Spellman.... Conceit of his pants....Strum's so vain he probably thinks this article's about him." Annie published her article. Sabrina is finally given a desk. Strum enters Scorch Magazine and wants Sabrina fired for publishing the truth about him. He enters with a lawyer behind him.

In the second half, Annie tells Strum that Sabrina isn't getting fired and is standing by her. Strum then says he will sue. Annie asks Strum if it's okay that she prints a retraction in the next issue, Sabrina said she's not writing a retraction. Annie tells her that she's not getting sued. James siggests a public apology. Cole agrees. Sabrina says no. Annie suggests Sabrina do it on stage at tomorrows concert? Strum says it's a dealm, then leaves. At the Spellman kitchen, Sabrina tells Roxie that if she apologizes, then she gives up everything she believes in, and if she doesn't, the only thing she'll be writing is bad cheques. Roxie suggests that Sabrina got up on that stage and let everyone in the world see her grovel. Sabrina would feel demeaned, degraded, de... not very happy. Then she thanks Roxie. Back at Annie's office, Sabrina enters to tell her that she's not going to go through with the apology. Annie says fine, then says she'll let Jonathan know of her decision. Sabrina leaves Annie's office. Sabrina tells the staff that she's not doing the apology. In Strum's dressing room, backstage at the Boston Apollo, Strum talks to Sabrina in his dressing room. Strum has all of the rock star elements: the ego, and the drugs. All that's missing is a brief, loveless marriage to J-Lo. Strum tells Sabrina that he's going to spank her on the stage with a rolled up copy of Scorch magazine. Sabrina then tells him to forget it; she's not doing the apology, and won't let anyone spank her on stage. She also tells Strum that everything she wrote about him was true. He's a narcissistic, arrogant jerk, and she's never met anyone with such a big head! Strum tells her that she's confusing a big head with self confidence, then tells her to move it. As he heads for the door, Sabrina flicks her finger at him, and his head swells five times its normal size. Strum doesn't notice that his head is big until he tries to go through the door but his head hits the top of the door frame. He wonders why his head is suddenly huge. Sabrina tells Strum that his mind is telling him to stop being arrogant and try being humble. After the voice from the outside pressures Strum to come onto the stage, Strum starts to panic and begs Sabrina to help him. Sabrina then tells Strum to start recognizing that there are other people in the world. After Strum starts being more humble, his head shrinks back to normal. Sabrina casts a spell to make him forget the inflated head, but to remember the ego lesson instead. Strum then tells Sabrina that he can let the apology slide. When Sabrina tells Annie at work that she didn't apologize at Strum's concert, Annie wasn't too pleased, saying that the magazine missed out on a ton of free publicity.

Secondary Story: Morgan and Roxie decide to train Salem. They begin with the purchase of a collar, which proves a shock for the magical cat.

Updated: September 26, 2007

Original Air Date: September 27, 2002


Guests: Howie Dorough as Strum.

#144: "Call Me Crazy"

Main Story: Sabrina has many restrictions since Roxie and Morgan live in the Spellman house with her now. For instance, she can't be a witch in front of them; this means no magic, no going through the magic portal to the Other Realm and, no matter how late she's running, no reversing the rotation of the earth like Superman did in the 1978 movie, so basically, she can do some witchcraft only when Roxie and Morgan are not around.

Anyway, at Scorch magazine, Sabrina is still trying to impress her colleagues at work because they think that she's a kid compared to the others with more real life experience in journalism. Annie gives the workers at Scorch an assignment to check out a club where singer Ashanti may be performing. James doubts Sabrina when has asks her if she knows who Ashanti is. Sabrina blurts out that she had the number one album and the number one single at the same time, she's rising faster than Britney Spears, who, by the way, gave her private dance lessons in Paris. The staff look at her like she's crazy. The club is on the docks. Sabrina makes a joke connecting it to the Boston Tea Party, and the staff just stares at her blankly thinking she's weird. Look it up in your history books! At the Spellman house, upstairs, Sabrina finds it to be a mess with cardboard boxes piled all over the floor. Morgan and Roxie are sorting the mess out to get rid of the junk. Harvey empties out the closets, except the one that's a portal to the other realm. Sabrina tells them that she's going out with her co-workers for the first time. Morgan points to the closet that's a portal to the Other Realm and wonders why nobody uses that one. Sabrina tells them that they can't go in there. Roxie wonders why. Then we hear some thunder and flashes coming from behind the door. Roxie concludes that it's a tanning bed in there. Sabrina tells her no. It's a bug zapper. At Pier 38, Sabrina and her workmates find the club. Her workmates go in, but stops Sabrina from getting in, and calls her Mary Kate. Wrong show. Where did he see Bob Saget? James, Leonard and Cole, her workmates tell the bouncer that if all can't get in, then none should get in, then they all walk away from the club. Leonard tells Sabrina that the club is into something like Goth, Vampires, gargoyles, and hepatitis C. Sabrina tells them that her invented Goth. James wonders what she said. Sabrina corrects herself to them and said that her people invented broth. They go to Eve's Diner, a 50's style diner with everything from Happy Days but The Fonz, Richie, Potsie (who's directing), and Ralph. They have a conversation at one of the diner tables. The men talk to Sabrina about them having experience and doubt that Sabrina has been out in the world doing things like they have. Sabrina then gets fed up with them putting her down that she tells them that she's seen the inside of volcanoes in Hawaii, been to the top of Mount Everest, and have ridden the roller coaster on the rings of Saturn. The guys pause and wonder what Sabrina said. Cole says "Excuse me?" Then Sabrina tells tehm that it was an amusement park in Florida? Near Bible Land? The guys think Sabrina is weird and look at her like she's totally nuts. Back at home, Sabrina tells Harvey and Salem that she blurted out too much information about her magical antics in the past several years. She said most of the things except the time she once broke the sound barrier on a Hoover upright. Harvey tells Sabrina that maybe they'll think she were using a figure of speech. Morgan tells Sabrina that she has to have her junk in the car for the shelter in the city the next day. Sabrina tells Morgan that she has go to work to do more damage control than Mariah Carey's publicist. (anyone remember Glitter the movie and Mariah going to a mental hospital in 2001?) Sabrina tells Morgan that she said something to her co-workers and now they think she's all "girl interrupted." Morgan tells them that the next time someone does that just say "Excuse me, I was talking!" At Scorch Magazine, Sabrina uses the phrase being like coasting on the rings of Saturn like it's an expression of a thought, but nobody gets it. Annie comes down the stairs while Sabrina goes to get some coffee. James and Leonard tell Annie that Sabrina may be slightly off and her umbilical cord was wrapped too tight. Then, at near the homeless centre in Boston, Sabrina help Roxie and Morgan get the stuff to the poor. They put the stuff in the cart. Roxie puts a vegetable drainer on top of Sabrina's head. Morgan puts an old green blanket on top of Sabrina's sholders. Sabrina, looking like a homeless person, pushed the cart, but Roxie and Morgan leave her and check into a clothes shop to buy more clothes. Sabrina crosses the road when a car screeches to a halt to not hit her and her cart full of junk for the homeless. Sabrina shouts out to the driver of the car and this is a crosswalk. When Sabrina tips the drainer so that her face can be seen and she can see the driver, she's shocked when she sees Cole and James from work, who are thinking that Sabrina is a homeless woman. Cole and James in the car back up and drive around her. Sabrina shouts out to them as they pass that it's not what they think; she's going to the sheler; she means... Whoops! Sabrina covers her face with the vegetable strainer in embarrassment.

In the second act, at Scorch magazine, Sabrina returns to work after her lunch break from hell. She picked up her mug on her desk and walks into James. James asks Sabrina that she doesn't need to explain about the shopping cart and all the junk, but still thinks that she's crazy. A lady passes by Sabrina and drops a quarter into her mug. Sabrina goes after the girl. Annie comes down. James tells Annie that something has to be done about Sabrina, and tells her that she looked like a bag lady. Sabrina returned to her desk and heard the latter half of the conversation. Cole says to James that he's overreacting and really don't know anything about Sabrina. Leonard comes over to join James, Cole, and Annie. Cole thinks that Sabrina has just got some problems at home. James wonders if Sabrina even has a home. One that doesn't says "This end up" and melts in the rain? Sabrina's had enough of this, jumps up, and tells them that this conversation is ridiculous and they think she's a weirdo. The four tell her that they don't. Sabrina then invites them all, except Leonard, to come over to her house anytime and see her regular, normal home. At the Spellman living room, Salem is wearing a tootie-fruity hat. Roxie is sitting on the coffee table and doing some yoga. Sabrina makes her levitate, but Roxie thinks that the yoga thing is a scam. Morgan comes into the living room while wearing a clip on her nose. Roxie tells Sabrina that she's trying too hard and to just be herself to her for the wonderful, regular girl she is. Morgan and Roxie leave upstairs. Salem starts talking to Sabrina about Cole. Meanwhile, Cole comes over to the house and overhears the conversation in the living room. He looks through the window and sees Sabrina talking to Salem, and couldn't believe what he's seeing. He thinks she's having a conversation with her cat. Salem catches sight of him at the window, then hints to Sabrina to look at the window. Psst! Meow! Sabrina catches on and sees Cole outside, and asks him to come on in. Cole comes into the house, unprepared for what else is to come. Sabrina tells Cole that she'll go get her stuff and runs to the kitchen. Morgan and Roxie come from upstairs and meet Cole. Roxie tells Cole that the two has lived there for a few months. This house used to belong to Sabrina's aunts. Cole asks where the aunts went. Morgan says that they don't know and kind of disappearred. Cole wonders why they never checked out what happened to them. Morgan says Sabrina doesn't like to talk about it. Roxie says that Sabrina doesn't like to talk about things and keeps a lot of secrets. Morgan says that she's very open, except when it comes to that closet upstairs. Roxie imitates Sabrina and says "Don't go in there!" Sabrina arrives in the living room, unhappy with Morgan and Roxie downstairs, and thought she told them to stay upstairs. Cole just stands there thinking she's weird when he's heard what he's heard in the past minute or two. Cole drives Sabrina in his car. Sabrina tries to convince Cole that she's not crazy. Sabrina tells Josh that her roommates and and her get along great except for little things like, Morgan, the way she's always chomping her gum. She could just strangle her. Josh nervously spits out the gum he was chewing. Cole asks Sabrina that her friends said she used to live with your aunts. Sabrina said that they did when she was in high school, but then she grew up, and didn't need them anymore. She does miss them. Cole is sure that they'll come back and visit. Sabrina tells them that they won't be coming back. Cole wonders if anything Sabrina is saying is not adding up to what he's probably thinking. Sabrina asks Cole to pull over at the diner to get something. Cole pulls over, stopping so fast that Sabrina, while applying her lipstick, spreads a bit further than she wants, but she doesn't notice it yet. Cole tells Sabrina that he just remembered that he has a conference call and er, y'know, they're only a couple of blocks from the office, and asks her if she minds walking (in other words, he thinks Sabrina's so crazy that he's scared of her.) Sabrina says no problem, then she enters Eve's Diner. Cole was relieved and drives off. She walked up to the counter and the counter guy asks her for her order. Sabrina talls him she needs a coffee cake for the office. He suggests a fruit cake and a nut loaf, but she insists that she wants nothing nutty. She needs something that says normal, not crazy, not about to have a nervous breakdown. Sabrina steps away at the counter to think about what she wants, and lets the girl behind her to be served. The counter guy fills her order while she turned to Sabrina. The girl brings to Sabrina's attention that she needs to fix her lipstick smudge, Sabrina uses a napkin to fix the problem. The girl notices Sabrina's Scorch promo shoulder bag and asks if she works at Scorch. Sabrina says yes, then thanks her for giving her the heads up on the clown mouth. Her co-workers already think I'm crazy enough as it is. The girl asks why. Sabrina tells the girl that she said something stupid about riding a roller coaster on the rings of Saturn. The girl says it's kinda cool; it paints a nice picture, and tells her that she seems very artistic. The counter guy tells the girl that the price is $1.35 for her coffee. The girl looks for her wallet, but she guesses she left it at the hotel. The counter guy acts rude and tells her that she can get her coffee at the hotel. Sabrina covers the girl's cost of the coffee and pays the counter guy. The girl thanks Sabrina for the help and asks her for a card so she can pay her back for the coffee. Sabrina tells her not to worry about it. The girl leaves. Meanwhile, at the Spellman upstairs, near the closet that's the portal to the Other Realm. Morgan tells Harvey that they need that closet space. Harvey dashes off to the closet to stop her from opening the door. Harvey doesn't beat Morgan to the closet and opens the door, but Morgan is distraced by Roxie as she's coming up stairs. Morgan leaves to join Roxie at the box. Meanwhile, Harvey gets sucked into the closet by some long green tentacles, and the monster closes the door. Back at Scorch Magazine, Annie, Cole, Leonard and James are discussing Sabrina again. Cole says that Sabrina might have killed her aunts and may be dealing with an aunticidal maniac. Annie tells them that they have nothing to worry about with Sabrina. Sabrina enters with a huge grin and tells them that she has a surprise. She reaches into her shoulder bag and pulls out a large knife. We hear the theme from Psycho. The four back away in fright. Sabrina tells them that the knife is for the cake she brought, and tells Leonard to get up from underneath the desk. She puts the cake and the knife down and everybody was relieved. Sabrina starts telling them that they haven't been seeing the whole picture of her life based on the rumors that have been going around and says that there's an explanation for everthing. A horn blasts outside the Magazine. It's a latte cart. Everyone in the office leaves for the cart outside. Sabrina calls out to the guys running out and tells them that she's not a lunatic. Sabrina's alone in the office while feeling dejected and wondering if she's really crazy because of all of the crazy things that have been happening. The girl Sabrina met earlier in Eve's Diner comes into the office to meet Sabrina again so she can pay her back her money for the coffee. The girl hands her back the money. Sabrina tells her that she doesn't have to do that, but thanks her and tells her that she's Sabrina Spellman. She and the girl shake hands. The girl tells her that her name is Ashanti. Sabrina thinks that the workers in Scorch are trying to set her up and Ashanti is in on it. They think Sabrina is nuts and they're trying to push her into the deep end of the crazy pool. She calls out to the crew that it's very funny and they can come out now. Ashanti tells Sabrina that maybe some of her verses of her song "Happy" with dance moves would convince Sabrina who she is. Sabrina then tells Ashanti that she is deinitely Ashanti. Ashanti wonders if Sabrina believes her. Ashanti then tells Sabrina to let her know if there's ever anything she can do to return the favour, gives her a couple of dollars, then turns to leave the office. Sabrina then asks Ashanti to give a few minutes to do an interview with her; the magazine would love it and her reputation sure could use the help around here. Ashanti tells Sabrina that she's in a rush with her tour bus waiting outside, then gives her her manager's card to give her manager a call to set something up. She hands Sabrina her card. Sabrina thanks Ashanti and Ashanti leaves. Tha magazine staff filters back in after Ashanti leaves. Cole wonders if that was Ashanti and asks if someone supposed to have an interview with Ashanti. Annie says that Jonathan didn't say anything to me about it. James asks Sabrina if she said something weird and chase her off. Ashanti came back and walked up to Sabrina. She tells Sabrina to forget her manager, takes the card she gave Sabrina, and writes her cell phone number on the back of her card. She tells Sabrina to give her a call tonight before the show and she can get your interview, then tells Sabrina that she is definitely riding the roller coaster on the rings of Saturn in her book. Ashanti leaves while singing to herself. Leonard is wowed that Sabrina knows Ashanti. Cole says that they misjudged Sabrina. James concludes that Ashanti's the one that came up with this whole rings of Saturn thing.

In the epiligue, at the Spellman house, upstairs, Sabrina comes upstairs and notices that Roxie and Morgan close the closet door opposite of the one that goes to the Other Realm. Sabrina asks what happened to Harvey. Morgan tells her that he bailed on them hours ago. Morgan and Roxie then go downstairs. After they reach the downstairs level, Harvey springs out of the closet door. He is completely slimed up from head to foot and sporting some spectacular sucker welts on his face and arms. Harvey tells Sabrina that it was some giant octopus, tentacles, acid blood, and horror. Roxie and Morgan hear Harvey and wonder if he's up there. Harvey turns and walks back into the closet, closing the door behind him.

Updated: September 29, 2007

Original Air Date: October 4, 2002


Guests: Ashanti as Herself. Lea Downey as Gothic Receptionist. J.P. Manoux as Stan. Damon Standifer as Bouncer.

#145: "Shift Happens"

Main Story: Sabrina is scared stiff to interview a hip-hop diva with a nasty reputation, but her spell to make the superstar more harmonious backfires and the girls end up swapping personalities.

Main Story: at Scorch Magazine, Annie gives out the assignments to the staff at the magazine. She gives everbody else some interesting assignments, but when it comes to the assignment of interviewing Baby K2K at Club Terminus and covering the show. Nobody wants that assignment. Sabrina says she'll do that, but doesn't pick up on the general consensis of what the assignment is about. Annie tells Sabrina she's got it and hands her a folder of the background information. Sabrina was excited, then wonders why it was too easy to score the assignment. James tells Sabrina that Baby K2K is foulmouthed, confrontational and perpetually angry... and that's just from her publicist. Cole says that she is one aggressive chick. Sabrina thinks it's an act, but when she opens the folder for some background information about Baby K2K, she sees pictures of her taken by the sheriff's department. She was going to back out of the assignment, but when Annie arrives wondering what Sabrina is not going to do, Sabrina changes her path and says she's not going to skip work. In the Spellman Kitchen, when Sabrina talks to Salem about her assignment to do an interview with Baby K2K, salem flees out of the house throught the cat flap. Roxie comes down stairs with a handful of CDs of Baby K2K. She's got "Work release", "Rap sheet", and her holiday album, "Coroners Report." At Baby K2K's house, Baby is being rude to her personal assistant, Judy, when Sabrina arrives. Baby K2K demands what Sabrina wants. Sabrina says that she's from Scorch magazine and wanted to ask her a few questions. Baby K2K interrupts her and asks her if none of the reporters know her, then tells her to ask any questions but stupid ones. When Baby K2K stops to take a call on the phone, Sabrina decides it's time for a little anger management, and points her finger at Baby K2K while she's turned away so she can cast her spell on her. Baby K2K calmly tells her caller bye and hangs up, then says she's sorry for the interruption. Baby K2K then tells Sabrina she can ask her anything and starts to be more friendly to her, then leads Sabrina into her private quarters. Later at Club Terminus. Sabrina enters and meets up with Cole and Leonard, and tells them that she charmed her. Charmed? Who does Sabrina think she is? Phoebe Halliwell? Anyway, she tells them that the interview went fine, but was a little rocky at first. Baby K2K enters the stage to to perform after she was introduced by James, but instead of going into a hip hop number, she stops the stage performers and the DJ, turns on her boom box, and begins to sing a Carpenters' song "We've Only Just Begun," a song decidedly so mellow and so adult that none of the people in the scene except for Annie were probably born when this song was released in the early 90s. The dancers try to dance along with the song, but the crowd was confused at why Baby K2K has gone into mellow pop mode. Sabrina's spell must have done some serious damage. I'm not going to type the lyrics of the song. You can google them up yourself and be warned that the lyrics might cause some brain damage. Leonard thinks that this is quite enjoyable. He has brain damage! Annie steps up to Sabrina and asks her if she was like that during her interview. Sabrina says that she was nice and did her Marcia Brady impression on her. Marcia? Well. When Sabrina started back in 1996, she looked like Cindy. Later, she looked like Jan. Now she looks like Marcia. It's Marcia this and Marcia that. Marcia, Marcia, Marcia. Where were we? Oh yes. Annie wants the article first thing on her desk the next morning. Sabrina then gets some kind of spell and starts being rude like Baby K2K was, giving Annie a bad attitude, first saying to her "Whoa! Back it up bosszilla! Do I look like someone who'll be working all night for you?" and continues with all that jive. Annie tells her to forget the article and to see her first thing the next morning. Annie storms off. Sabrina then loses the spell that caused her to have a bad attitude. James wondered where that bad attitude came from. Sabrina looks up at the stage to Baby K2K and tells the Scorch men that she thinks she knows where that came from.

In the second act, Sabrina suspects that somehow, Baby K2K and her switched personalities when she cast a spell on her. Sabrina tells Harvey that she just had to make her like her, not become like her, and somehow, she ended up like her, except without the money and fame. Salem arrives and wondering if it would kill Sabrina if she saved just one brownie for him. Something snaps in Sabrina and then she starts blasting Salem with her bad attitude jive. Harvey grabs Sabrina just after the rude spell stops, then tells her that it has not gone away. Sabrina tells Harvey that she doesn't know what makes this happen but she has to fix it. She's going to call Spell Check on the phone. She punches her magic finger into the air as if she's dialing a phone, then a wall phone appears with no visible means of support. Bob as a recorded message says "This is Bob at Bob's Spell Check. If you need help with a spell, leave a message. Si usted necesita ayuda con un spell, deje un mensaje." Sabrina then answers the phone, "Buen dia, soy Sabrina... Oh wait a minute, I don't speak Spanish." By the way, XEWT 12 from Tijuana once ran some episodes of Sabrina dubbed in Spanish, but I wonder whether they reversed the languages in the previous dialogue so that the part in English was Spanish, and vice versa, with Sabrina saying in Spanish that she doesn't speak English. Anyway, she flips to English (or Spanish if it's on Mexican television) and tells Bob to come as quick as he can. The phone disappears just as the doorbell rings. Harvey says that Bob is fast. Instead of Bob, it's Chip the dip from next door, who has been complaining for the past few days about the noise in the house caused by Roxie and Morgan and where Harvey parked his car. Chip walks in and hands Roxie an envelope, and telling her that he's taking her to small claims court. Roxie confessed that she snook into his yard and mixed his plastic recyclables with his glass. Roxie asks Sabrina to come with her to court and be a character witness. Morgan tells Sabrina that she left a wet towel on the bathroom floor. Sabrina says she'll get to it later. Morgan asks her how hard is it just to throw it in the hamper? Sabrina clicks to rude mode again and talks mean to Morgan. Morgan warns her that she's a kick boxer and storms off. Sabrina clicks back to herself again. Sabrina figures out that everytime someone pushes her a little too far, she switches into Baby K2K's personality. She leaves for work, telling Harvey that she has to get in and to apologize before she sets her off. At Scorch Magazine, Sabrina slips into her desk. So, Sabrina still thinks she has a job, doesn't she? Leonard tells Sabrina that she wants to see her pronto! Sabrina then flips to rude mode and tells him off, and rips off a leg from his Maxi-Man action figure. Sabrina flips back to norman and looks horrified at what happened. Bob arrives at Scorch Magazine by way of popping in by spell. Sabrina tells Bob she cast a spell to make someone like her but she became just like her. Like her? Since when did Sabrina ever like The Carpenters? That wasn't like her. Sabrina must have overdone it. Bob says that it was a syntax error on her spell. Sabrina then says that she's taken on her traits. Bob says that this one may take some time. Sabrina tells Bob to hurry up and put it back the way it was, then Bob disappears. Annie enters, wondering what the words "Right Away" mean in the hood. Sabrina turns her back and casts a spell to keep her lips sealed, just like the Go-Gos, then gives an okay to Annie and runs off. At the Spellman living room, Sabrina enters from the kitchen to find Roxie flipping through the channels, looking for Court TV, until she stops on a channel with a live program featuring Baby K2K. When Roxie sees Baby K2K and says that it's no wonder Sabrina hit it off with her because Baby K2K remindes her of Sabrina, saying that she doesn't have a mean word to say about anybody. Sabrina tells Roxie that she can't testify for her, saying that it would not be a good idea, but can't explain why. Roxie suspects that Sabrina thinks that Roxie keyed Chips car with the word "LOSER". Roxie storms off to the kitchen. Salem says to Sabrina that she's turning on everyone. At Westbridge Small Claims Court, Chip and Roxie were telling Judge Penny Malloy about the case. Chip tells Malloy that Roxie needs to be punished for the good of the community. Miss King asks Roxie if she scratched his car. Roxie tells Malloy that she'd never do that unless she was dating him. Outside the courtroom, Sabrina watched through the door glass. She still can't go in and help because the spell hasn't been lifted yet. The bailiff opens the door and tells Sabrina that she can't stand in front of the door, and gives her a choice to either come in or stay away from the doors. Sabrina and Harvey enter the courtroom. Roxie then calls Sabrina as her character witness. Sabrina tells Malloy that Chip is a neighbourhood menace. He's rude, obnoxious and guessed that his roses didn't die; they took their own lives, then tells Chip that he is a crotchety old crank, a peeping Tom who doesn't like music, children, or dogs and he is the sole reason that the ice cream man doesn't come to their neighbourhood anymore. Malloy tells Roxie to contol her attitude and for Chip the pencil neck to stop complaining to his neighbours about every little thing and accusing people willy-nilly. It could have been anyone who scratched his car. Malloy dismisses the case and bangs her gavel. Roxie tells Sabrina that she knew she wouldn't let her down. Bob from Bob's Spell Check enters, walks straight up to Sabrina with a clipboard, and apologizes to Sabrina for taking so long. Sabrina tells him not to worry about it and to just lift the spell. Bob tells her that he fixed it an hour ago and to sign the clipboard. Bob then tells Sabrina that Baby K2K's spell should be winding down any minute. Meanwhile, at Baby K2K's house, Baby K2K was reading to Judy's baby, being nice, but when the nice spell wears off, she tells the kid "Do I look like I wanna read it again?! I am not LeVar Burton! And this is not Reading Rainbow!". Then, she throws down the book and storms out of the room. Harvey wonders if the spell was lifted, what just happened here? Sabrina guesses that it was all her when she was testifying. Turns out that if she really wants to, and her friends are on the line, shecan kick some serious butt!

In the epilogue, at Scorch Magazine, Sabrina enters and tells Annie that she's sorry and had to bail on the Baby K2K story. Annie wonders that Sabrina isn't going to give her street talk. Sabrina tells Annie that she feels awful about that too. Annie tells Sabrina that it's too bad, and thought for a minute that she might be getting interesting. Then, she tells her to find a personality and stick with it, and walks off to her office. Sabrina says to herself in the style of Baby K2K, "I don't know what makes her think she's all that!"

Updated: September 29, 2007

Original Air Date: October 11, 2002


Guests: Da Brat as Baby K2K. Lea Downey as Gothic Receptionist. Sean Whalen as Chip. Suanne Spoke as Judge Malloy. Matt Winston as Bob. Jossie Thacker as Judy. Mark Craig as Bailiff #1.

#146: "Free Sabrina"

Main Story: At the Monique Boutique, actress Babette Storm steps into the store. Sabrina, Roxie, and Morgan witness Babette shoplifting a scarf and slips it into her shoulder bag. At Scorch Magazine, when Sabrina tells Annie that she saw Babette Storm shoplifting last night at a boutique, Annie tells her to get some proof in order to mean that she's a real reporter. At the Spellman living room, Morgan tells Sabrina that Babette ordered one of her dresses to wear to the press conference for her new film. Sabrina tells Morgan that she may have another shot at that story and just needs proof of her shoplifting. At Scorch Magazine, Sabrina asks James to come with her to the Monique Boutique so that she can prove that Babette is a shoplifter, and tells him to bring his camera. At Monique's Boutique, James and Sabrina enter. James stands nearby while Sabrina browses through the racks. Babette enters to store to pick up he dress. Babette gets Sabrina's attention and they have a chat about what clothers to select, and asks Sabrina to help her pick out a few things. Sabrina gets the idea from Babette to try on some clothes, picks some off the rack, tells James to pay attention, then goes to a changing room. Sabrina and Babette change clothes in changing rooms next to each other, Sabrina zaps her finger to change the clothes. After she and Babette are finished trying on clothes, Sabrina zaps back to her original clothes. She and Babette come out. Sabrina is holding some clothes, but from the cubicle where Babette was changing her clothes, there were three empty hangers left behind. She turns and Sabrina quickly looks into Babette's changing cubicle. Three empty hangers are there. When Babette offers Sabrina to go out to lunch with her, Sabrina blows her cover and tells her that she's a eporter for Scorch Magazine, and James the photographer, who was supposed to take pictures of Babette, was distracted by Monique as he was photographing Monique. Sabrina tells Babette that they're, or at least, she's working on an article about her being a shoplifter. Babette wonders what she is talking about. Sabrina said that she saw her take something from the botique the other day and tells her to put the stuff back and she'll forget about the article. Babette tells Sabrina that the media are all alike and like to tear their lives down. Monique leaves James, approaches the two, and asks Babette if Sabrina is disturbing her. Babette tells Monique she'll be fine. Monique tells Sabrina to no bother the famous people. Babette is quickly and quietly getting rid of her shoplifted clothes from her shoulder bag. Monique tells Sabrina that she better leave. Sabrina asks Monique to let her get her stuff. Sabrina then passes Babette as she goes to pick up her own shoulder bag. Babette acts like she's upset over the thing. Monique hands Babette the dress and tells her to consider it a gift from the store. Babette thanks Monique and leaves the store. Sabrina tells Monique that she's got stuff in her bag and is ripping her off. As Sabrina was leaving the store with James behind her, just as she reached the electronic detectors that sense clothes that have not been paid for, bells go off, and the two security guards seize Sabrina, pull her bag from her shoulder, opens it, and see it full of clothes taken from the botique. Sabrina tells them that she didn't shoplift them (Babette planted them in her bag). The security guuards grab her arms and handcuffed her. Sabrina is under arrest.

At Scorch Magazine, the next morning, Sabrina arrives. Cole suspects that Sabrina is a shoplifter and acts nervously around her. Sabrina shouts out to the staff that she's innocent. Annie comes in to tell Sabrina she got off the phone with the magazine'spublisher about her little escapade. He's upset, for some reason, he wont let her fire Sabrina. It's like she has some kind of spell on him. It's just a figure of speech. Sabrina tells Annie that she really doesn't, as she never cast a spell on him in a literal sense as a witch can do. Sabrina thanks Annie for getting her off the hook; Annie tells Sabrina that she's on borrowed time. Sabrina tells her that she was set up; she pretended to be her friend. Annie ignores her and goes back to her office. At the Spellman living room, Morgan tells Sabrina that if Babette found out that she and Sabrina were roommates and decided not to wear her dress to her press conference, there would be consequences that would follow. Morgan goes off while Roxie enters while wearing a "Free Sabrina" T-shirt. Roxie tells her to get even with Babette. Call up the news stations. Post the truth on her website. Sabrina tells Morgan that maybe she has some other deep, dark secret she could dredge up. What is Babette? A God or something? (note: Clare Kramer played a God named Glory in a few episodes of Buffy The Vampire Slayer.) In the kitchen, Sabrina types on her laptop and surfed the Internet until she fould some information about Babette. It reads like this: "Four years ago she was arrested for shoplifting. Whoa! How do you steal a tanning bed?... Oh, first she stole a truck....The charges were dropped." Sabrina thinks she could use all this to force a confession from Babette. Where is she now? Sabrina taps on her keyboard before she points, and the screen image leaps up in mid air. It shows a trailer from Babette's movie set. They see Babette, made up to look like Elly May Clampett, taking a satellite dish into the trailer. Sabrina points to herself and transports herself to Babette's film set and appears in front of Babette's trailer. She walks up and taps on the door. Babette walks out. Sabrina asks her if she's doing Hee Haw the Movie. Sabrina the tells her that she was trying to keep her from getting into trouble. Now everyone thinks Sabrina is a thief and a liar... and an ‘A' cup. Babette confesses that she was stealing a bra for her sister. Sabrina tells Babette that just because she's a big star, laws don't apply to her. Babette tells Sabrina that she didn't mean to get her in trouble, takes out her cell phone, and asks her if it would help if she called your boss and set everything straight. That's what frightens me. Help in what way? Sabrina says that would be great and asks her to tell her boss that Sabrina wil let her do a feature on her for the magazine. She hands Sabrina her phone. Babette leaves to go to her trailer. Sabrina dials up Annie, and tells her that Babette has has something she wants to say to her. Sabrina knocks on the trailer door. No answer. A security guard enters, and tells Sabrina that he just got a call that someone stole Babette's cell phone, and asks to see the cell phone in Sabrina's hand. The guard takes the phone and Sabrina. Back at Scorch Magazine in Annie's office, Annie tells Sabrina that she's an embarrassment to the magazine. Sabrina tells Annie that Babette set her up again. Annie tells Sabrina that Jonathan has been able to pull a few strings and Babette has agreed not to press charges as long as you Sabrina gets help. Help? Next scene: the Boston Civic Centre. The sign on the meeting room door reads "WELCOME KLEPT-ANON MEETING TONIGHT AT 8:00." Cliff welcomes Sabrina to Klept-anon and introduces her. He starts the meeting and Sabrina tells the people that she's not a kleptomaniac. The group disbelieves her. Sabrina tells the group that Babette is a thief and a liar and she was horrible to the submarine captain in that movie "Courage Under Water." She's the one who belongs here and she's gonna prove it. At the Spellman dining room, At the press conference for Babette's new movie, "Never Always," Babette stands at the podium in Morgan's dress as she gives a speech and the reporters take notes. When Babette answers a reporter that she always try to give more than she takes, Sabrina pops up and asks Babette if she's a shoplifter. Babette beats around the bush and ignores her question. Sabrina points at Babette and casts a spell to make the truth come out of her. Sabrina sits back. Babette confesses taht Billy Pete has limited acting skills and unlimited body odour. Sabrina asks Babette if it's true that she stole several garments from the Monique store. Babette said that for some inexplicable reason, she did. Sabrina asks her if she put clothes in her bag after she warned her that she was a reporter doing a story about her shoplifting. Babette proclaims herself guilty, Sabrina was finished with her questions, then leaves the confernece room. At Scorch Magazine, Annie, James, Cole, and Sabrina saw the delayed webcast of the press conference on Sabrina's computer. Annie shows Sabrina what she missed by leaving the interview prematurely. She looks at the screen that shows that the reporters were still asking questions as they crowded around Babette. Babette confesses that the lead in the film was originally Julia Roberts but she gave her food poisoning, forcing her to bow out at the last minute. She also cheated on her taxes... and her husband... and she altered her father's will when she found out he left all his money to charity. Nice going, Sabrina. Her shoplifting story pales compared to this confession. Cole told Sabrina that her instincts were right as she broke a big story for 20 other writers. James tells Sabrina that he had a rough start too. It took Annie about a year before she stopped pickin' on James. It changed when Sabrina showed up.

Updated: September 30, 2007.

Original Air Date: October 18, 2002


Guests: Bryan Cuprill as Cliff. Clare Kramer as Babette Storm. Ariel Llinas as Security Guard. Mark Satin as Baliff (as Mark Craig). Jonell Kennedy as Monique. Jeanette Miller as Mildred. Dona Hardy as May. Maria Menounos as Reporter #1. Steve Truitt as Reporter #2.

#147: "Sabrina Unplugged"

Main Story: At Scorch Magazine, Leonard has set up web cams around the office. He's going to edit the footage down and put a "Behind the scenes at Scorch" feature on the website. It's his idea. There's a webcam on the top of everybody's monitor at the employee's desk. Sabrina sees the web cam on her monitor and is horrified. Sabrina storms into Annie's office to make an official complaint about it. When Sabrina says that she doesn't want the world watching her every move, Annie assured her that Leonard promised to cut out all the boring stuff, so Sabrina is safe. Later, Sabrina sits at her desk trying to come up an idea for a topic for the magazine, when Annie comes out of her office, and complains to another female employee that peasant blouses are out. Sabrina looks at the peasant blouse she's wearing and feels worried. Annie comments to the employee that the only people wearing peasant blouses are actual peasants. Sabrina walks to the water cooler when nobody is looking, she thinks, zaps herself, and her peasant top changes into a tank top. She changes her mind, saying that she's a writer, not a model, and zaps herself back the way it was with a peasant blouse and walks back to her desk, but on her way, Leonard tells her that he taped some great footage of James tweezing his eyebrows. But when Leonard tells her that he put a camera by the water cooler where Sabrina cast two spells to change her top, she was horrified. The camera caught Sabrina doing magic. In the Spellman kitchen. Sabrina frantically searches through the magic book and has to find a way to get rid of the evidence of what she did by the water cooler. The spell book hasn't caught up with technology. The best it can do is exorcise a demon infested Atari. Sabrina gets the idea of hacking into Leonard's computer and edit out her scene. At Scorch Magazine, Sabrina lets herself into the office after hours. She zaps herself inside Leonard's computer screen to get a password. Inside Leonard's computer screen, Sabrina is standing next to a wall of folders and a trash can. She peeks inside a few folders until she finds one labeled "Web Cam." She opens it and pulls out a videocassette whose label says "Water Cooler." She drops the tape into the trash bin. Then, she hears a "Zoiks!" She walks over to Shaggy and Scooby-Doo, who are inside the computer monitor acting as a screensaver. Meanwhile the worker was polishing the floor with a machine polisher, and was listening to something on his radio headphones. He doesn't overhear the coversation going on inside Leonard's screen. Shaggy begs Sabrina to get him and Scooby out of Leonard's computer. Sabrina tells them she's sorry, she doesn't do windows. Just then, the worker outside accidentally pulls the plug to Leonard's computer with the polishing machine. Inside Leonard's computer screen, everything goes dim. Shaggy tells a panicking Sabrina that they're shut down for the night. Int. Leonard's Computer screen. Scooby jumps into Shaggy's arms as everything goes dim. Sabrina tells Shaggy that she has to get out. She runs up to the glass and puts her hands on it, unable to get out of the computer screen. The next morning, at Scorch Magazine, Leonard enters and turns on his computer at his desk. Sabrina realizes that the computer is back on and freezes in a pose on the screen desktop. Leonard and James spot Sabrina inside the computer, but they think that she's a picture. James decides to have some fun on the computer screen by putting a moustache on Sabrina's face. Leonard removes the moustache from Sabrina's face, then decides to have some fun himself by tweaking Sabrina by adding a push-up bra, bigger hair, a halter top dress, rounder derriere, a smaller waist, the illusion of longer legs, high-healed shoes, longer eyelashes, and lip gloss. Annie yells out "Hello!" to the boys and she tells them that they're supposed to be having an editorial meeting. The three go to Annie's office. While alone, Sabrina zaps herself out of the computer monitor and back beside Leonard's desk. The problem? Sabrina's looks haven't changed back to the way she was. Sabrina tries to zap herself back to the way it was, but it has no effect.

In the second half, Annie calls out to Sabrina to join them in the meeting. Sabrina ducks down and pretends to find a pencil on the floor, but Annie comes over and sees Sabrina's Pamela Anderson look. Sabrina gets to her feet. Annie tells Sabrina that she knows she suggested she change her appearance, but she's not sure the Pamela Anderson look is the image she wants. Sabrina makes her escape and back to her house. In her bedroom, Roxie and Morgan see Sabrina's Pamela Anderson look. Sabrina tells them that she has adopted this outrageous look to make a statement about societies unreasonable expectations of female beauty. Morgan and Roxie tell her about Clive, the man they dated together the night before, Roxie tells Sabrina that Clive has this amazing background and they thought he'd be a great subject for Scorch. The phone rings. Sabrina answers. It's Annie wondering where the hell did that pencil roll. Sabrina tells Annie that she's hot on the trail of a great story about an old drummer and she'll be in later. She hangs up. Roxie tells Sabrina that she and Roxie already told Clive to meet them at the diner, so she really can write that story. The ladies leave the house. At a full Eve's Diner, with the help of Sabrina's Pamela Anderson look, Stan clears a table full of customers so that the three ladies can have a table. They receive free lattes because of the way Sabrina looks. Clive enters the diner and sits by the three ladies. Clive is introduced the writer by Roxie, but he doesn't believe that the lady who looks like Pamela Anderson is Sabrina Spellman. Sabrina starts asking some serious questions to Clive, but Clive belittles her by talking down at her, as he thinks that because of the way she looks, she's a dumb blonde. An annoyed Sabrina tells Clive that she's treating him like a professional and expects him to treat her like a professional! Clive says "Well, that explains the dress." Sabrina leaps and tells Clive that he's way ou of line. Roxie apologizes to Sabrina for not having any idea that Clive is so obnoxious. Sabrina gets on the soapbox and tells to the customers that just because she has a great body, doesn't mean she also doesn't have a great brain, and just because a woman isn't gorgeous doesn't mean she doesn't have a lot to offer. She says that they have to stop judging others by what they look like on the surface. It's what's underneath that matters. The diner patrons applaid her. Clive leaves afterwards. Sabrina jiggles out of the diner and back home. In Sabrina's bedroom, Sabrina says to herself in the mirror and she's had enough of the Jessica Rabbit impersonation and is ready to get back to her old self. Salem suggests that Harvey knows his way around a computer and could put her back the way she was. Sabrina zaps Harvey into her bedroom. Harvey was in the middle of playing a hockey game. Sabrina zaps in Harvey's laptop computer and tells him that she's going inside his computer, and Harvey can use Photo-Tweek to get her back to normal. Harvey helps Sabrina get her old look back. At Scorch Magazine, Annie demands that Leonard disconnect all of the webcams. As Leonard leaves, Sabrina enters to explain to Annie that she was working on a story about body image. She tells Annie that she's back with her peasant blouses and sensibly shoes. This is the way she looks and Annie is just going to have to deal with it. Annie asks Sabrina where is this drummer article that she was so hot about. Sabrina pretends she dropped her pencil, bends down, and crawls out of Annie's office.

Updated: October 2, 2007

Original Air Date: November 1, 2002


Guests: Christa Campbell as Tina. Lea Downey as Gothic Receptionist. J.P. Manoux as Stan. Steven M. Porter as Clive Ryder. Irene White as Plain Woman. Robert D'Asto as Bumbling Janitor (uncredited).

#148: "Witch Way Out"

Main Story: at Scorch Magazine, Sabrina meets Victor, the owner of a record label and was just dropping off some promotional material for the magazine. He tells her that he also owns a gallery and is having an opening that night, and invited Sabrina to come along with him. Sabrina tells Victor that she's supposed to go for seafood with her roomates, but when he offers her a sculpture, she's sold. In the Spellman kitchen, Harvey comes over and wants to watch Canadian Celebrity Hockey on her TV with cable. Harvey doesn't have cable. Sabrina tells him that she's going out on a date with Victor. Sabrina tells Harvey that it looks like she's getting crows feet. She points her finger at the side of her left eye, and instead of crow's feet, she has a whole crow attatched to the side of her face...with its crow's feet, naturally. It even gives a loud Caw! Harvey wonders how that happened. She zaps the noisy bird away. Salem tells Sabrina that she's hardly used her magic and it's pent up. Sabrina tells Salem that she's been doing fine without magic and maybe she'll just give it up. Sabrina takes a clear plastic container, and stores her magic inside it by pointing her finger at the bottom of the container, and letting the magic flow out of it and into the container. The magic gives off a glow of green. She puts a lid on it. She tells Harvey to hold onto the container. Harvey takes it to the living room and turns on the TV to watch Canadian Celebrity Hockey. Sabrina, Roxie, and Morgan leave to go out to Victor's Gallery. At the gallery, Roxie and Morgan slip out while Victor meets up with Sabrina. In the Spellman living room, Salem begs Harvey to share some of Sabrina's magic with him, Harvey tells him no. At Victor's Gallery, Victor invites Sabrina to leave for an after party at his house with a live band and cool people. Sabrina finds Roxie and Morgan to tell them that she's leaving. When Morgan and Roxie tell Sabrina that she needs comeone to come along to watch her back, Sabrina tells them that she doesn't need them. The two ladies feel a bit rejected. Victor arrives and escorts Sabrina out of the art gallery. At the Spellman kitchen, Harvey was worn out from watching Canadian celebrity hockey and was asleep. He left Sabrina's magic on the countertop. Salem tries to open the container with Sabrina's magic inside, but with the help of his contraption, one of the knives punctured the lid on the container, allowing the magic to leak through. At Victor's mansion, the Goo Goo Dolls are playing the song "Big Machine." Victor tells Sabrina that they're his friends. Victor tells Sabrina that she is everything that he has been looking for. An Asian man comes from behind a curtain by the wall. He comes over to Victor to congratulate him on the rarest collection that he has seen yet. Victor tells to the Asian man that they can do business and they walk out. Victor excuses Sabrina. After they leave, Sabrina walks to the curtain and pulls it aside to reveal a solid steel door with a keypad lock at it's center. Sabrina tries to point her finger to use magic, but guess what? Oh, right. No magic. She'll have to do this with smarts. Somehow, there's a redial on the codeed keypad lock. Why? We don't know. Ask the writers why they put that in there. Sabrina gains entry, walks down the steps, and enters the basement. There, she sees a dungeon with stone walls. She walks to the first cell saying "Mermaid." She sees another one for "Sasquatch." She sees another cell. This one is marked "Witch." Inside the cell is a witch's pointy black hat and a broomstick. She can't believe what she is seeing.

In the second half, Sabrina finds another dungeon cell. It has a leprechaun in the cell marked, well, "Leprechaun." Sabrina tells them that when Victor said he was a collector, she had no idea. She tells them the she's going to free all of them after she deals with the sicko. Inside the Spellman kitchen, after getting some drops of Sabrina's magic, Salem tries to turn himself into a human by casting a spell on himself. His right paw becomes a human foot. Back at Victor's mansion, Victor sends his guests and his band off. Sabrina tries to leave past him, but Victor sees her. Victor tells her that since everyone left, this means that they can be left alone. Sabrina tells Victor that she wants some food to distract him. Victor leaves to see what food he could find her. Sabrina calls Roxie on the cell phone while Roxie is doing a radio show on Boston Radio FM where she's hosting "Chick Chat." Roxie's topic: "We're talking about girls who ditch their girlfriends as soon as a guy comes along." A light flashes on her console. She presses the button. Roxie asks the caller "You're on the air. Were you ditched?" The caller tells her it's Sabrina. Roxie tells the audience that it's not the ditchee, it's the ditcher. Sabrina tells Roxie that she needs her help because Victor is nuts and wants to add her to his gruesome collection. Roxie tells Sabrina that she puts down the other girls if it makes her feel better, then hangs up on her and takes another call. Sabrina begs Roxie not to hang up on her. Sabrina hits another phone number on her cell phone. In the Spellman kitchen, Harvey is still asleep. The phone rings. Morgan enters from the living room and wakes Harvey up. Morgan picks up the phone and tells Sabrina that she's Suzy Snooty, the society snob. Sabrina tells Morgan to tell Harvey to come to Victor's party with the Tupperware (the container with Sabrina's magic.) In Victor's mansion, Victor comes and sees Sabrina talking on the cell phone. Sabrina talks like Victor is a good guy and hangs up. Sabrina tells Victor that she should be going, but as she takes a step towards the door, Victor blocks her way. Victor tells Sabrina that he has been searching everywhere for a witch and says that Sabrina is a witch because he saw her make the massage chair magically appear in the office at Scorch Magazine. Victor grabs Sabrina's arm and drags her towards the steel door behind the curtain. Sabrina tells Victor that if she doesn't come home, her friends'll be here in no time to save her. Victor tells her that the girls she ditched at the gallery hardly seemed like they were her friends. He punches the password into the door and pulls Sabrina through and into the dungeon. In the Spellman living room, Roxie enters the house, telling Roxie and Harvey that Sabrina called her at the radio station and she blew her off. She thinks she might have wanted to talk. Morgan tells Roxie that she called the house to ask Harvey to bring some Tupperware to Victor's party. Harvey wonders what they were talking about. Roxie and Morgan get the hint by the "kazoo" code Sabrina was saying that she was calling them for help, and they ignored her. Harvey leaps out of the chair and tells them that Sabrina's in trouble and he'll get the Tupperware! The two girls look confused at his logic. In the Spellman kitchen, Harvey sights Sabrina's magic in the Tupperware, then he sees Salem with a human foot. Harvey gives Salem a tiny bit of Sabrina's magic, and tells him to do something about the foot. Harvey puts the Tupperware container into a paper bag and leaves. Salem casts a spell, but a purple slipper appears on the foot instead of going back to normal. Back at Victor's mansion, down in the dungeon, Sabrina is in the Witch cell. A doorbell rings and Victor goes upstairs. Sabrina tells the leprechaun that this is all her fault. Her friends tried to warn her. All they were doing was trying to protect her and all she did was treat them like dirt. Victor answers the door upstairs. Roxie, Morgan, and Harvey walk in asking if Sabrina is there. When the three conclude that everybody is gone and were about to make their way out of Victor's house, they hear a muffled roar and spin back round. Roxie demands to know what the sound was. Victor tells them that it's the pipes. They accept his explanation, and then they turn once more for the door, but the roar comes again, only longer. Harvey wants to know what that sound was. He lied that it's his Moroccan friend that is getting a bikini wax. Meanwhile, in the dungeon, Sabrina pokes and jabs at the Sasquatch in the cell next door while using a witches broomstick to make him roar in anger. While Morgan distracted Victor, Harvey makes his way to the dungeon door, thanks to the Tupperware being attracted to the door as it drags Harvey towards it like a magnet. He opens the Tupperware, the magic opens the door, and it flows down the stairs and into the Witch cell where it returns to Sabrina via her mouth. Harvey arrives and asks if Sabrina is okay. Sabrina tells him that she's fine. She points at herself and just walks through the bars of the cell. Sabrina thanks Harvey. Harvey and Sabrina try to make their way upstairs, when Victor comes downstairs and blocks the stairway. Sabrina zaps Victor into the Sasquatch cell where the monster wrestles with Victor. Sabrina tells Harvey that she's learned that there are two things she's very lucky to have. Her friends and her magic and she wouldn't give them up for anything. Before Sabrina makes her way upstairs, she zaps the Mermaid, Sasquatch, and the Leprechaun out of the cells and back to their homes. Sabrina and Harvey come out from the dungeon. Roxie and Morgan greet Sabrina. Sabrina apologizes to them for taking them both for granted and she was a lousy friend. Morgan tells Sabrina, it's okay. They forgive her. Roxie and Morgan just want her to be happy and safe. Harvey tells the girls to bolt out of Victor's house. Victor meets them at his doorway with a chainsaw. After Roxie and Morgan leave, he tells Sabrina that he's not impressed by her magic, and Sabrina zaps him somewhere else.

Updated: October 2, 2007

Original Air Date: November 8, 2002

Cast: MJH, NB, ED, SMF, NR

Guests: Michael Deak as Sasquatch. Austin Peck as Victor. Kipp Shiotani as Businessman. Verne Troyer as Angus. The Goo Goo Dolls as themselves.

Sabrina the Teenage Witch The Complete Series

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Sabrina the Teenage Witch Season 7 (2002-2003)

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Plot Outline: A sixteen year old high school student finds out she's a witch.

Plot Synopsis: Sabrina Spellman, a perfectly normal 16-year-old, is informed by her aunts, Hilda and Zelda, that she (and they, and her whole family on her father's side) are witches. She lives with them in Massachusetts while preparing to receive her witch's license. Along the way, she gets into many scrapes while figuring out how certain spells work. She also has to keep the secret from her boyfriend, Harvey, friends Jenny and later Valerie, stuck-up nemesis Libby, and her ever-suspicious vice-principal, Mr. Kraft.

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